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Leighton Meester & Adam Brody Married in Secret Ceremony?

Leighton Meester & Adam Brody Married in Secret Ceremony?

Leighton Meester and Adam Brody have reportedly tied-the-knot in a super secret ceremony, Us Weekly reports!

The 27-year-old actress and 34-year-old actor have been very quiet about their relationship in the past.

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It was only revealed about one year ago that the duo were dating, and revealed late last year that they were engaged – now sources are saying that they got married in secret! No other details have been made available, but stay tuned to Just Jared for the latest.

Congratulations to the happy couple, if the news is true!

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  • kel

    They make a cute couple, congrats to them!

  • LOL

    She and Blake had secret weddings. Congrats GG girls!!

  • Carolyn

    What a cute couple! Best wishes.

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  • tick

    2 hasbeens….no one cares.

  • hella

    Crazies… More Adam than Leighton

  • Jamie

    Cutest couple ever!!!

  • jess

    too early…

  • Eric

    Adam Brody is a lucky man…

  • Marie

    Congrats! Love them both so much!

  • Cutie

    They’ll make very cute babies.

  • Divictlerner

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  • jen

    I think she looks just like Summer from the OC , with whom he used to date for years… If I was Leighton I would think I’m a rebound.

  • Lindsey

    I get nervous when I see guys my age (im 33) settling down with 20 somethings. I feel like I’ll never get a guy my age now. (well at least normal guys)

  • Michelle

    Such an adorable couple, they will have the cutest kids ever!

  • Cool


  • Yes

    Cute couple.

  • kris

    OMG! Most beautiful couple. we want pics

  • amber

    Always though Leighton was prettier than Blake. They make a cute couple, congrats to them!

  • LOL

    Cant wait for their kids.

  • Brittany

    Those records are amazing! I can’t believe that those Asians can read minds omg!!!!!!!!

  • esmayl



  • adambrodyrocks

    Congrats mr and mrs brody

  • Melissa

    Wow he looks so much younger than 34. Time has treated him well.

  • eliza

    @amber: waayy prettier!

  • Miranda


    I thought that too! Doe eyed angels.

  • Annonymous

    So cute. Congratulations guys.
    But I wonder how Rachel Bilson must be feeling. She’s being engaged to Hayden forever

  • TKS GOD NO MORE Bilson


    Well it’s not like bilson and Vader look a great match….They were engaged , split up and reconnect as it’s better to have a f..buddy in Hollywood than no one.
    They milked the “engagement think”, “baby thing” too much and now she is muted as no one believes and wants to hear about it.

    Brody is real to himself. He married leston as he loves her )for real)..

    bilson and Christensen should re think their “love” relationship deeper. Vacationing, dinning out , being just buddies does not make a “real love couple” ready to marry.

  • reidell

    Thats becoz Leighton hooked-up & married a REAL man!

  • jeannaire

    love those celebs who could get married in secrecy.

  • ciaran

    Has beens?! Leighton got a movie w/ Robert Downey Jr. huh!

  • marcel

    Congrats. Both look perfectly match.

  • guest

    Leighton Meester is much prettier, w/ talent & marriageable while Rachel Bilson is soo NOT.

  • Melissa

    Rachel and Leighton are BOTH beautiful and talented :) Adam married the right one for him. I hope they are so happy together forever!

  • rheis

    Fact is… if you all been an ardent visitor of this blog; Bilson already got hooked-up, engaged, married & pregnant only here in Just Jared “all-gossip” thread news.

  • piper

    Congrats Adam… you’re such a /the man!

  • frankel

    where’s the pics?! though that’s very commendable of them evading the paps w/ their secret wedding – congrats & best wishes!

  • @15

    @ I think she looks just like Summer from the OC

    A better looking, tall & w/ talent version (LM) that is!

  • Liz

    Wish them all the best! They both seem like they have a good head on their shoulders, and I commend them for keeping it private.

  • @30

    Interesting are they still engaged?
    It must be odd for Rachel cause it seems like she’s been engaged to Hayden forever, while now her ex actually went with it and married the girl

  • just me

    @TKS GOD NO MORE Bilson: You are right that’s all they do now days. She run behind him when he come around. She said that she didn’t want to get married are engaged anymore or get married. She broke the so called ebngagement years ago. She thought hayden was going to be this big movie star and he was not. When he quit acting for three years then he start acting again. His movies don’t have a start date. Rachel dump adam when he didn’t have nothing going for him like making movies. Hayden is the same way and she still hang around him. They are just buddies that hang around enough other from he is in town or she follow him on vacation when she suppose to be audition for a movie.Adam really did love Rachel but she wanted something bigger and she didn’t get it.Knowing she was dating adam when she start messing with adam. She suppose to went and made a movie not start dating hayden on the set. Adam dated other ladies before marrying this girl. He didn’t stay in a relationship for attention and fame. Rachel have not grown up yet at all. She don’t be with other guys. She wait for her buddy hayden to pop up before she go out. jared they got married a year ago after their engagement. Rachel really don’t care about this marriage or anything else. All the lies she can tell about her and hayden relationship to these talk shows. They could be broken up and she wouldn’t tell nobody. As long as hayden keep showing up and visiting California. She wanted a movie actor to date to keep her in limelight and so far nothing good has happen to hayden at all. Don’t think they are dating anyway. The way he keep leaving back and forth and not Rachel not telling people he still doing that. She never be in magazines until they go the beach which she does to keep her show. Why can’t she see it still not working with hayden by she doing that? Date other guys and stop running around hayden when he come to California.

  • @43

    I thought Adam cheated on Rachel?

  • @

    I think this comment was meant for here
    “Was wrong for Blake to have a fling with a married man while she was dating her boyfriend on gossip girl. Marring ryan is not going to make your career any better. Don’t blame it all on Blake. Ryan is at fault too. No one gave the reason for their break up. You can’t trust Ryan either. Ryan broke up their marriage for Blake to. He still no better actor than anyone. Like Rachel broke up with Adam and Hayden still no better at all. So why these crazy women break up with their boyfriends for something better when its still not better at all. And she was with leo and had a fling with him too. Ryan ran behind Blake ok until gossip was almost finish. Didin’t try to work out his marriage at all. Wonder what Rachel going to do if hart of Dixie is cancelled or they give her a few shows to do? Still run behind or dump him entirely when he come visit California?Raychel needs some news about a break or on the rocks!”

  • Janire

    I liiikeee this couple, congratulations!

  • Cascia

    Cutest couple ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I Love them

  • LOL

    LMFAO, beautiful Rachel is mentioned here more than Brody’s bride!

  • mercks

    I like when celebrities keep things low-key and private. Take note, jobless mediawh0res!

  • TKS GOD NO MORE Bilson


    Yeah yes were engaged a super short time (time to pick up a ring and show it off, then split as it was going nowhere (if you consider gossip mags nowhere).

    Christensen has a younger sis who is already proudly engaged to a soon to be bald kind guy.

    Hayden Christensen is just oh welll…..whatever kills time with Bilson