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Alexander Skarsgard Strips Down at the South Pole in New Pic!

Alexander Skarsgard Strips Down at the South Pole in New Pic!

Alexander Skarsgard strips down to his boxer shorts in this hot – and yet cold – new picture from his trip to the South Pole late last year.

The 37-year-old actor, who was the VIP member of the US Team, joined his teammates in stripping down and putting on their beards for a celebratory photo upon reaching their destination on December 13th.

Alex went even further that day with his nudity and took his boxers off to pose for a photo butt naked on a random toilet sitting out in the open. Make sure to check out the photo if you haven’t seen it yet!

Also pictured inside: Alexander grabbing lunch at M Cafe on Wednesday (February 19) in Los Angeles.

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alexander skarsgard strips down at the south pole in new pic 01
alexander skarsgard strips down at the south pole in new pic 02
alexander skarsgard strips down at the south pole in new pic 03
alexander skarsgard strips down at the south pole in new pic 04
alexander skarsgard strips down at the south pole in new pic 05
alexander skarsgard strips down at the south pole in new pic 06
alexander skarsgard strips down at the south pole in new pic 07

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  • Chrissy

    Wow, Alex looks great and his usual goofy self. Good to see that he didn’t waste away while on the trek! Those abs and thighs – he’s gonna be a great Tarzan!!!

  • Elodieee

    Oh that body… I need to sit on that!!!!

  • Warped

    This man is perfect! His body, his heart, his voice, his goofiness, his talent…..perfection! God I adore this man!

  • Slinky the Cat

    ^^^This, ^^this and ^this, but what in the polar bear hell??? Aw, who cares! Just lookit him! Ridiculously perfect. Yessss, bring on Tarzan!

    VIKING!!!! RAWR!!!!

  • Sabrina

    Oh my. My heart. Wow. Perfection.

  • NickyAngel

    He can strip down any time he wants :-) HOT

  • Yeah


  • 0:-)

    Amazing body with a mountaneer tan. I love that. The outfit is awesome.

  • Nadja

    That man, that body thos abs… Oh my, perfection :)

  • Janire

    Oh la la! What a body and what a man!

  • Ouch!

    Damn Swedes, why do they have to be so hot?!

  • Hmm

    Well,well Tarzan working undercover at the south pole.
    I’ll bet Margot Robbie looking forward to begin shooting that Tarzan movie they are gonna do together.

  • hamada


  • Perfection

    He has one of the most perfect bodies I have ever seen. He’s not too bulky and over muscled like some of the guys in HW. Everything is perfectly toned and defined as well as being proportionate. No wonder they grabbed him as Tarzan, he’s going to be wonderful running through the jungles barefoot and barely clothed. He’s got great feet too:)

  • samira

    he looks cranky when a photograph is taken by the tabloids . he wants to be seen more than just a sex symbol but a picture where you can see his sexy body is okay . I find that hypocritical.

  • loli27

    this guy has problems? His mother did not give him too much attention when he was a child? grow up brother you’re close 40 years old. It´s embarrassing

  • BJ

    WONDERFUL! This picture is great! Got to love the whole team for keeping their sense of humor under difficult circumstances. Not just Alex there, stop focusing as if he did this alone to get attention. It was just good clean fun! ROFL!

  • Cari

    @loli27: Did your mother not teach you to have a sense of humor? Should he have turned to the team he was motivating/mentoring and said ‘okay guys you can strip off, but I’m not gonna do it?” This is a right of passage in the South Pole. No matter what your age you are encouraged at least once to grin and bare the cold.

  • Paula

    Ohhhh my…!

  • @#16

    @loli27: Who knows if his mom gave him enough attention or not, but that’s irrelevant. He is in great shape and looks AMAZING for his age, so why should he be ashamed of his body? He was celebrating in a fun way with his team and more power to all of them for braving the elements and staying motivated.

  • Oh boy!!

    Oh boy he looks gorgeous and perfect and that body, those abs and thighs!!!! I will love to be his Jane and sit on that body!! That tan plus that athletic body is just perfect!!

  • Swoon

    Skarsgard is officially the sexiest man in the world! There is no room for debate on this, lol <3

  • Lala

    @Swoon: I so agree with you! He’s perfection!

  • Lala

    Also the girl who stands on the right, has a lot of scars. It’s very brave of her to undress in front of so many people. I respect such people, they’ve been through a lot, and in spite of that continue to live on. I love Alex even more!))

  • TGIF

    He should be forbidden from wearing clothes, I do declare.

  • funny9

    I love it. Man, he is hotter than McD’s coffee. What fun!

  • Go Team Alex!

    Alex looking incredibly sexy as always, and everyone else in the team looking great as well. Congrats guys :-)

  • DVD


  • Z

    Sex on legs.

  • Z

    Whats that dumb magazine that named that scrawny short unattractive Adam Lavigne sexiest man alive?? Skarsgard is 100x sexier.

  • uptight grannypants

    @loli27: sry “loli”, the only one who’s embarrassing here is you. Oh and maybe your mother too for making you such a humorless, uptight and judgemental person.

  • Hminogue

    OMG he’s tall and hot. He’s perfect, sit on my face ;)

  • Tara

    hope he finds someone as pretty as Kate again.

  • mandella

    download the new movie mandela a walk to freedom in hd for free !! yes for free get it righr here right now

  • Madeleine dreaming

    @Tara: Margot Robbie is even prettier than Kate IMO, but maybe too young for him? He needs a good Scandinavian woman to keep him grounded and all. I don’t believe in cross-cultural marriages. Nothing good has ever came from them. Besides I think American women are too uptight, demanding and shallow or that’s an impression I’ve got when reading forum and fan page comments on internet. Now, the problem is, how will he find such a good Scandinavian girl when I’m here in North Sweden and he only occasionally visits Stockholm? :D

  • Fashionista

    he dodged that bullet love. “as pretty as Kate” she is not that pretty on the inside. Quite betchy really. he need someone more real looking like his mom.

  • @#35

    @Madeleine dreaming: Not all American women are uptight, demanding, and shallow. Some are, but not all. It’s not fair to judge all Americans based on fan page comments.
    Cross cultural marriages can work, it just depends on the personalities and compatibility of the couple. I used to live next door to a married couple where the husband was Swedish and the wife was American. They got along really well and were very happily married with nice, well adjusted children. In my opinion, it depends on the couple themselves rather than the countries they come from.
    I think Alex could easily find a nice easy-going American woman if that’s what he is looking for. Maybe not so easy in Hollywood though, lol. Ultimately, it’s up to him what type of woman he dates.

  • lc

    Whoa, how come his tan didn’t fade in the time it took to get there? Two weeks I think? I would have been pale as snow.

  • yessup

    beautiful man but its all spoilt when he smiles…loos like goofy when he does.

  • sexy pants

    There you have it the North Pole has been werk sexually by none other than Alexander Hot Skarsgård you are welcome peguins and mammals

  • sexy pants

    I mean South Pole either ways a Pole was werk tolerably by Skarsgård