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Vanessa Hudgens Gives Austin Butler a Look of Love at Pre-Oscars Gala!

Vanessa Hudgens Gives Austin Butler a Look of Love at Pre-Oscars Gala!

Vanessa Hudgens stares lovingly into her boyfriend Austin Butler‘s eyes while attending the 2014 Hollywood Domino and Bovet 1822 Gala during the Oscars Week on Thursday (February 27) at Sunset Tower in West Hollywood, Calif.

The 25-year-old actress served on the event committee for the event, which benefited Artists for Peace and Justice, a non-profit organization that encourages peace and social justice and addresses issues of poverty in communities in Haiti.

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On the red carpet, Vanessa was given a pink grapefruit mint hello breath spray, while Austin was given a blue mint breath spray to have fresh breath for their interviews.

Earlier in the week, Vanessa was spotted with two iced coffees from the Coffee Bean while heading back to her car.

FYI: Vanessa is wearing a Jenny Packham dress and a Swarovski clutch.

We can’t wait to see if Vanessa will be attending any of the Oscars parties on Sunday night!

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Credit: Jason Merritt; Photos: Getty
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  • anney

    love them so much

  • Maki

    Looking lovely, happy that they are happy and so humble

  • Jessie

    as I say.. she is not invited to the gala but anyway she is going to be at the after party and others events while the people who is REALLY invited isn’t even at the event.. like Emma Watson. stop comparing that girl with Emma!

  • tim

    annoying as hell………………………………

  • Lauren

    Not a hater or anything but I do not see the attraction with him whatsoever. But nice to see them happy.

  • Amy


    I think he’s gay and she’s his beard.

  • Samia

    He looks disproportioned! His bottom half to his top half is wayyyy off!!!

  • Aryanna

    @Amy: I think Austin is gay also I agree with you

  • Anon

    @Jessie: Didn’t you read the article? She was on the event committee so obviously she was going to be there. No one was comparing her to that basic ass Emma. What the hell have you been reading?

  • Xo

    They’re adorable. Austin could use a haircut though lol

  • tee

    i wish AnnaSophia had as much exposure as this guy

  • lol

    After 6 yrs since leaving HSM, Zac Efron is presenting at the oscars whereas his ex and the female lead is ..ah..well, at the pre oscar gala! *sigh*

  • Hudgensfan

    Ha! Id love to hear her say anything remotely intelligent about the cause. Jus memorized stuff and then childish talk out of lame lame azz

  • sara

    presenting at the oscars because he know the producers lol or you actually think they called him for his HIT movies i bet they called him becuase of TAM right ? you guys are sooo embaracing him preseting at the oscars wouldn’t change the fact that his latest movies are floping sooooo hard and no one is checking for him anymore
    vanessa looked gorgeous but i wish she stop wearing those ugly dresses she has a body to die for butand her cheekbones are just WOW she is aging so well if only all of those disney celeb aged like her not like a potato but whatever i guess the drugs make you looks like that tooo bad

  • Trina

    Well Sara, it’s the people like such as yourself that are no help in an actors world, let alone Zac’s.,..He is a great actor and yes, it’s a bit of a disappointment to see his movies not doing so well..but thanks to you for your bitter criticism….I think Vanessa is beautiful and an awful actress and all her movies are bad…and the kudos for her role in Spring Breakers….AWFUL!!!! How could that movie ever make it to the cinema…I’m glad Selena Gomez got out when she did….So, I like Vanessa for her beauty, not for her acting….Zac has beauty, acting skills and a mean set of abs…so, he gets my unbiased vote. He actually does act…it’s too bad he’s looking to please Hollywood.

  • sara

    Zac has beauty, “acting skills ” LOL yea his acting is sooo good i can guarantee you that i watched parckland and he was soooo awful in that i’am glad the critics are just releasing how awfull he is lately and stoped kissing his ass the only movie who i ffound him not that bad was 17again and his acting got WORSE than ever

  • http://Shanice15Xo Amoore @Jessie:How is she not invited to anything?get you facts straight before you make up nonsense. Stop comparing Vanessa with other actresses. I’m not a fan of Austin Butler it seems like he is using her for fame. Austin aint that attractive. He and AnnaSophia suit more together but if he and Vanessa are happy I’m find with that. Hudgensfan why are you here commenting?

  • lol

    @sara: since it’d be a world record the time you get a fact correct i am not surprised. Just for you to know TAM is actually a HIT. For the record it’s doibg BETTER than SB. Lmao
    And it doesn’t still change the fact that Zac is PRESENTING at the oscars. Did I hit a raw nerve

  • Hudgensfan

    @Amoore: puhleez get lost before u go all jesus freak on us again

  • Hudgensfan

    Get a freaking job hudgens. Try starbucks

  • sara

    TAM did better than SB oh i didn’t know that must be a new information to me and yes he still preseting at the oscars so ? jessica biel is also preseting at the oscars and his movies are STILL a FLOP the paperbor was among the the movies who flored in 2012 and parckland was among the movies who floped in 2013 and now it’s TAM turn to be among the movies who floped in 2014 and btw i got thoseinformations from the site who classed SB mong the most succesful movies in 2013 :)

  • em

    @sara: u kidding me. Just cuz ur world revolves around hudgens and hudgens alone doesnt mean that the crap ur sayin bout zac is correct. Brace urself but Zac did get as good reviews for parkland and aap as much as hudgens did for gs or w/e. It wouldn’t hurt to come above the ground once in a while u know. Lmao

  • sara

    ok……. now can you and the other zac’s fans who think he is the perfect A list celeb (even better that leo dicaprio) leave vanessa’s thread and never come back ? that would be sooo good

  • lol

    @sara: Didn’t you find the place ‘where forbes’ said TFG was one of the biggest flops in 2013 and the chart on box office mojo listing machete kills as the 8th worst openings EVER. lmao And yup TAM is doing better than SB worlwide : D : D

  • sara

    ok cool and machete kills lol ok thats’ enough so maybe its time to leave
    if you only you guys go and watch his movies like you are always chasing vanessa they wouldnt flop that much

  • sara

    and who told you all vanessa’s movies are succeful but the fact that some them did better or in the same level as za’s movies is pretty funny to me because after HSM everyone said zac is next leordo dicaprio and vanessa will fade away and they were so sure about that like then everything is proved wrong

  • lol

    @sara: Yup it’s better that you leave. Your only gonna make yourself a fool. If you take your advice vanessa’s would be having more than just 2 box office hits in her career despite HSM not to mention woul no longer be playing subordinate roles in every film.

  • sara

    ok good still doesn’t change the fact that the next leonardo dicaprio latest movies FLOPED SOOO HARD :) you better save his other movie or your boy will come back to rehab again he really doesn’t seem to like how his career is going right now

  • maria

    @lol: Can you get this through your thick skull? WE DON’T CARE. The ex can do whatever the heck he wants. WE DO NOT CARE. Leave her alone. She is OUT of his life, thank God, and bragging about his lame movies and walking across a stage to read a cue card because he paid somebody, is just asinine. Puh-leeze. You all sound so ridiculous. Go gush SOMEWHERE ELSE.

  • maria

    Back to the real topic, Vanessa and Austin look great! Her look is simple and lovely. Love red on her! The only thing I would have added was a hint of red lips. Not a fan of nude lips. Nice to see them out together!

  • Nightwish

    Holy crap her jaw looks scary

  • Jaz

    @sara: I don’t understand how a movie can flop so hard if it is making profit…

  • sara

    just like i don’t undersatnd how a movie who was out in 2800 theathers and had a HUGE promo only costed them 8million$ :)

    her jaw looks perfectly fine her cheekbones are insanely beautiful and you know it and i think you need to have your eyes checked just like your brain

  • sara

    oh sorry i just figured out that you don’t have a one (brain)

  • Jaz

    @sara: well I guess your going to just have to believe that. And wishing ill on someone and hoping someone fails just makes you seem like a bad person with no ethics.

  • Kelly

    He looks like a girl. Get a haircut. Augly couple. His”s a Dog!!!! This is all she can do to get work. Pretty sucking.

  • sara

    when did i wish him to fail ? i don’t remember that ?

  • Kelly

    Huygens get a job at a coffee place or McDonald”s or something. Your parents wasted them time driving you around to acting classes

  • Jaz

    @sara: well it doesn’t seem like you want him to succeed, does it?

  • Kris

    Why does it seem like I only see them together at events? Weird.

  • Renee

    I guess a party is all she could get into since she will never be invited to the Oscars. She’s turned into a no-list celeb along with her less than no-list boyfriend.

  • lilia

    why is this so hard for you to understand you can pay and present at the oscars it about who have the best PR team not about about if you are an A list celeb 80% of people who are preseting this year are just B or C list celeb but sooo many A list are not preseting its just so simple

  • West

    You know if Vanessa was presenting at the oscars, everyone on here would saying how proud they were of her and how she deserves this etc. etc. No one would be talking about if she paid someone or not.

  • k

    Vanessa looks good. Not a fan of them as a couple or Austin but they both look good.
    As a fan of Zac: Yeah, TAM didn’t do that well (even though it more than cover it’s production and marketing costs) but it’s ok… Life goes on.. We’re not gonna cry over it.. But before some of those V fans/Z haters (not all of them) brag about it let me remind you the neither is V a person who brings box office success. (If you want to bring up SB let me remind you again that Selena Gomez was in it, a celeb who was on the spotlight that period). Also neither Zac nor V are A-list actors. They have a long road ahead before reaching that point. As for talent it’s a matter of opinion. For example I like Zac’s performances and think that he’s imroved a lot since HSM. V though has a problem with line delivery.. That means that she doesn’t convince me in her performances when she talks. Of course that’s a personal opinion. Others may think the exact opposite.
    Now, moving on to the Oscars: Yes Zac gets to present an award and his fans are excited (even though it’s not the first time). Some are exaggerating though with this excitement. But, when/if Vanessa gets to present an award there I bet that all of you will be 10 times more excited. So, I don’t get the attack to Zac for that reason. If he has those connections then good for him. But don’t attack him because V doesn’t have the same ones (I’m sure she would use them too.. Don’t pretend she wouldn’t). It’s Hollywood people.. If you think that none of them has ever used their connections then you’re stupid.
    To end this really long comment, (this goes to the person who made fun of Zac’s addictions) I’d like to say that people who make fun of someone’s (serious) problems and wish them failures are the one’s who are horrible and unethical not the person they’re making fun of. This kind of behaviour/way of thinking is one of those that make the world worse.
    Thank you!

  • Sammy

    @k: that was on point…

  • lilia

    we will absolutely be proud of her as should zac’s fans but trying to put vanessa’s down by this presenting at the oscars thing is NAGL
    no one is attacking him if his fans didn’t come here i don’t see why did they choose vanessa’s post to talk about zac i just don’t get it she is not the only one who is attending an oscar pre party and this vanessa vs zac need to stop

  • Nightwish

    @sara: lol insanely beautiful but nobody respectable will endorse her, no decent film roles and no new projects. She looks common, actually

  • lilia

    and you gotta know it’s not fair to say vanessa’s doesn’t have any hand in sb succes i mean selena and vanessa and james all helped the movie together i would say it’s because of selena if her moive after SB did good like sb and do not actually wait from v’s fans to not say anything at all when zac’s fans are always trying to bring her down they have facts they can share it it’s fair enough to me

  • @#13

    @Hudgensfan: Here is what that interview would look like ( I stands for Interviewer, V stands for Vanessa )
    I: So, Vanessa, what was your inspiration for getting involved in this cause?
    V: Totally Angelina Jolie, cuz she does all these charities and then gets to go to all these glamorous parties and wear, like, THE BEST clothes
    I: Ok, moving on, what was it about Haiti that inspired you?
    V: I wanted to help poor children, cuz, like, kids are so cute and all, especially when they’re not yours, right? (giggles)
    I: What would you like to say to the people of Haiti?
    V: Hola Haiti! mwah kisses
    I: The official languages are Haitian Creole and French
    V: Oh my goodness I LOVE french food soooo much! Croissants are my fav comfort food!
    I: (sighs) Moving on again, I have a map here, can you show me where Haiti is located?
    V: (blank stare) ummm I thought you were gonna ask me who I’m wearing. Isn’t my dress TO DIE FOR?
    I: (sighs) Well, can you at least tell me what other countries are near Haiti?
    V: OH! I can find Italy. It looks like a boot. I LOVE shoes!
    I: (gets up and walks out of interview)

  • West

    @lilia: I did not read all this putting down of Vanessa and it did seem like Sara was attacking him and she does it without any of his fans coming here first. I’m neutral but both sides are wrong.