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Nicole Kidman Runs Errands Around Town Before the Oscars!

Nicole Kidman Runs Errands Around Town Before the Oscars!

Nicole Kidman picks up her morning coffee from her local Starbucks on Saturday (March 1) in Studio City, Calif.

The 46-year-old actress was later spotted shopping at the James Perse store in West Hollywood. She left the shop carrying a small shopping bag.

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Nicole is not on the presenters list for the Oscars tomorrow evening, but as a past winner we would not be surprised to see her at the show. We sure do hope to see her there!

10+ pictures inside of Nicole Kidman running errands around town…

Just Jared on Facebook
nicole kidman runs errands town before the oscars 01
nicole kidman runs errands town before the oscars 02
nicole kidman runs errands town before the oscars 03
nicole kidman runs errands town before the oscars 04
nicole kidman runs errands town before the oscars 05
nicole kidman runs errands town before the oscars 06
nicole kidman runs errands town before the oscars 07
nicole kidman runs errands town before the oscars 08
nicole kidman runs errands town before the oscars 09
nicole kidman runs errands town before the oscars 10

Photos: FameFlynet Pictures
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  • Ella

    Thank you Jared!

  • Karis

    I really doubt that she’ll be at the Oscars. She would be getting ready today instead of out and about doing errands and shopping.

  • Jane

    To be honest, she attends a lot awards. She doesn’t really have to be present this year. She’s not nominated, she hasn’t won in a while, therefore she should just stay home with the kids.

  • Quick, ring the paps

    Granny is desperate for attention.

  • Oh dear

    Where are the girls? Oh that’s right, they are with the nanny.

  • duh

    @Jane: Nicole attends them when she’s asked to present or nominated or when it’s something for Keith. Most actors don’t attend awards ceremonies ”for the heck of it” because its too big a hassle. There’s enough Oscar parties in town on the night without all the work if you are so inclined. She doesn’t attend any more than anybody else in a 2 artist household. The reason she and the kids are in LA for a while is Keith has American Idol shows.

  • Grungy Granny

    The celebrated fashion icon has obviously dressed herself to go shopping.

  • duh

    Sorry 4 and 5, same person better known as The Crazy One who will continue to post under other names….Thanks to JJ’s new policy he can out you as a fraud. Many pictures from yesterday and in this set today were not posted because Nicole’s kids were in them. We know what that means don’t we? Photos were not authorized by Nicole.

    Go take your meds now.

  • x

    @Oh dear: now that Just Jared have enforced a NoKidsPolicy and Kidman can’t use the girls for PR, I think you will find she spends even less time with them.

  • x

    @duh: that is complete crap @duh. We know if the girls are with Kidman, she makes sure she is always carrying Faith for the paps.

  • duh

    @x: What I think is you are a mental case and you are hopeless in trying to hide it. A tip…having a ”conversation” with posts you wrote yourself does not help.

    Thanks JJ for making it even easier for the skeptics to look like total liars and morons.

  • duh

    I guess JJ’s new policy has frozen out the cuckoo board. For some crazy reason Tara hasn’t posted her usual updates. Could it be they can’t post the links to Fridays and Sats photos of Nicole with the kids because they aren’t on JJ? Oh no! And unfortunately for them the photos are on sites they visit all the time so they can’t say they don’t know where they are. Sucks to be a lying skeptic!

    Sorry x, I won’t be posting links to violate Jared’s policy either. Have a good night, if you can ever get to sleep!

  • x

    @duh: get a grip @duh. The only one I am having a crap conversation with is you and are you saying Sunday and Faith, when in the company of mom(?), are now obliged to walk behind (out of pap range) so Kidman can still get her PR fix?

  • tan

    why nicole so sneaky ?

  • I’m sorry

    I don’t know anyone who goes shopping looking like that hideous mess.

  • http://comcast Joni

    @ comments from 4, 5,7, 9, 10, 13, 14, 15, also known as THE CRAZY ONE. Go out for a run, get out from behind your computer, get some blood flowing to your brain, then you won’t have to worry about the happy Keith Urban Family. Make sure you check and see if Katie and Suri are doing fine before you go out for your run. Nicole and Katie really bother you I wonder why ?????

  • Holly

    Whose the male that she took their clothes from their closet and wore them? It definitely is not her husband’s clothes because he is a Justin Bieber wanna-be. On her own, she is not a fashion icon. She owes it all to her glam team.

  • Carolyn

    I think Nicole looks fine. Faith looked adorable in her dancing outfit walking with Mom to/from class.

  • Helen

    As we have seen time and time again, when it comes to dressing herself stylishly and fashionably, Kidman has no idea.

  • @ The Crazy One

    Helen aka Holly aka x aka tan aka The Crazy One is good for a laugh. She thinks there’s something wrong with Nicole’s clothing for a cold rainy day running errands and getting her kids to and from activities. Look inside The Crazy One’s closet and it’s exclusively from The People of Wal-Mart line.

  • x

    @Holly: Kidman has astonishingly bad taste when dressing herself and her hit and miss red carpet look depends totally on the stylist.

  • maclen

    This “new’ policy by JJ and People mag…and one other source…are simply a FRACTION of the outlets that celebs use to pimp their kids for public consumption. RIght now JJ wont post phots of kids…so kidman simply went to the Daily Mail to pimp her PR kids. Knowing full well that other outlets…like Baby Celebrity scoop…will pick it up and distribute the photos. Of course sites and magazines who shill for celeb hype will agree to this just gives the control of exploiting the kids from the paparatz to the celebs themselves. Again, JJ stated they will post PR children WHEN the celebs give”consent”…and People mag claims they only post “authorized” photos of celeb kids. As People mag put out in their statement on this issue…

    “And there’s always the tough balancing act we face when dealing with stars who exploit their children one day, and complain about loss of privacy the next.”

    …and believe me, once all the current “furor” over this dies down…JJ and People will go right back to posting papparatz photos…it’s all part of the “biz”…and when money talks they ALL listen.

  • maclen’s a fraud

    Oh maclen what a web of fraud you weave. When it comes to skeptic manipulation it’s about what you don’t post. TL fails to post ANY links to photos after the new policy because all of you know none of those photos were authorized. When you try to backpedal it’s one lie after another. DM buys from photo agencies, not Kidman. She has no control over photos. Each site must pay for photos. They can’t be ”picked up” for free. The Nokidspolicy was started because the CA bill in effect Jan 1st of this year has done nothing. Remember skeptics went on about the law when they didn’t understand that it did not stop photos being taken of kids without parental permission. The stories running with the photos are always taken from recent interviews because they can’t write more than a paragraph about how Nicole picked up her kids or went to Starbucks. The sites have to stay current and fill space with more than just the captions the photographers provide on their electonic proof sheets sent to media outlets. You are clueless. Maybe you need to start over, scrap the content on your 4th failed attempt at getting back at Keith Urban, you know the blog you abandoned and figure out where to get better lies to sell us.

  • maclen

    So, while the celeb “worshipers and idolators” will be checking out the Oscars telecast…and no doubt gush and coo over the “dresses and shoes and…hair ribbons”…of the pre telecast broadcasts…I will be following nikke finke’s “Live Snarking” on twitter. Get a clearer and truer view of the show OTHER than the shameless panderers and shillers… and sycophants.

  • Louise

    Nicole Kidman is just darling in her dressed down clothes. She is physically beautiful, and I believe she is internally equally as beautiful. As far as the cheap shots re her parenting……what a bunch of hogwash. She and Keith are great parents. When Keith toured Canada, he had the girls with him. When he finished in New York, he took the girls to Morocco to be with their mother while she was filming. She returned with the girls to LA. Keith is in Australia today for a performance. Those little girls are well cared for. I don’t know any mother who goes shopping that takes their children with them all the time. She was probably passing time while Faith was at ballet class (as shown in pictures on other sites). Hooray for the Urbans for being fabulous people and parents. The Oscars will be boring without the gorgeous, classy Nicole Kidman not being present.

  • Maxine

    Gorgeous woman, and cute as a button in her casual clothes. Her profile pictures are breathtaking; show her true beauty. So many people jealous of Nicole (and Keith).

  • maclen’s a fraud

    @maclen: Of course you’ll follow Nikki and read Lainey tomorrow, who make money off of lies and a certain portion of the population who need to make themselves feel better through gossip. If you want transparency why don’t you tell us exactly how many made-up stories the skeptics sent to Lainey and when did she finally block you when she figured out she’d been had by middle-aged housewives and grandmas.

    Oh and you also should ask large sites like Jared and the Daily Mail why they watermark their photos and use metadata. They won’t tell you but I will. It’s so the distribution of photos you claim happens, to small sites with no money, doesn’t. But then again skeptics have never been picky about swiping things.

  • Eve

    The haters can never hide their jealousy. Not surprised at all the lack of kid pictures has no effect on them posting. Jared won’t lose any revenue where The Urbans are concerned.

    Some very beautiful gowns tonight but very classic and safe. Lots of one color. So far my favorites are Lupita, Kerry, Naomi, and Laura Dern.

  • maclen

    So now here is orb’s SMALLER piece of that PR hype pie…that got kidman NOT only one article exploiting her kids for personal PR yesterday from the Daily Mail in 24 hours, but TWO…orb gets his little piece as well…

    ‘Adelaide you kept my heart racing all night!’: Keith Urban touches down in Sydney ahead of his turbo charged Australian V8 Supercars performance”

    …again you’ll notice the article is quite short…compared to kidman’s pieces…but then orb is usually content to simply settle for the “scraps” he can get from the lap dog sites. Surely explains why his career is in the dumps…as in this to the Daily Mail MUST seem like a real PR dump.

  • maclen

    Ha…so they’ve this “prearranged” and covered from EVERY angle here. So the Daily Mail has kidman “taking her kid to dance class”…

    …and the website Celebbabylaundry has got “coverage” of kidman “picking up her kid from dance class”…

    …although they are the same picture sets. But it does “portray” what a “doting” mom kidman is right? Isn’t that the WHOLE purpose of this BS is for?

  • Lillth

    kidman is gorgeous in plain clothes, haters can bash their heads in the walls

  • Oh my

    Fancy walking into the James Perse store looking like that.

  • Sally

    Nicole looks great. I love the sweater.

  • bahahahahahaha

    @Sally: Oh my and her other personalities wear a ball gown to Kmart.

  • tan

    why nicole dress like man ?

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