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Johnny Depp Supports Amber Heard at the Texas Film Awards

Johnny Depp Supports Amber Heard at the Texas Film Awards

Johnny Depp joins his fiancee Amber Heard on the red carpet at the 2014 Texas Film Awards hosted by the Austin Film Society on Thursday (March 6) in Austin, Tex.

The 27-year-old actress, who is a native of Austin, is being honored at the event for helping the state earn some notice in the film world.

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Amber recently chatted with Moviefone about her movie All the Boys Love Mandy Lane getting a release seven years after it was completed.

“I haven’t seen it in a long time but, I mean, I’m super proud of that movie,” Amber said. “I feel really lucky to have been a part of it, and I am very happy it finally got its day. I thought it would never come out…It’s a very weird experience to do something so long ago and then finally see it come to fruition in the way it deserves.”

FYI: Amber is wearing an Ulyana Sergeenko dress and Stephen Webster earrings.

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  • Meg

    He is going to become the laughing of the profession and apparently his fortune is not going to stay in his hands for a long time with this gold digger ! Winona, help ! Tell him it is not appropriated !

  • xls

    Perhaps a GOLDEN GLOBE for great actress Amber next time !

  • Mejay

    LOL! You are comedy gold my friend.

  • Nona


    I wouldn’t touch this guy with a ten foot pole. He is disgusting. Hanging out with people like Marilyn Manson and the West Memphis Three also doesn’t help.

  • may

    Honestly you lot are stark raving mad. I really do not understand this reaction from the haters. It is just over the top. These are real people for heaven’s sake, LIVING THEIR OWN LIVES!! It has nothing to do with you at all. She is NOT a child, neither is he. They are both consenting adults. Leave them alone to live their lives and date or marry whoever they want i.e. each other. It is the same basic right that everyone of you have so they deserve that too. Some people are just getting too involved and digging into things that do not concern them and making stupid accusations without knowing the real facts. Its ridiculous. Its sheer madness. Have you all gone insane? You do not have to like that they are dating but its not your AT ALL!!

  • http://google fatima

    estes dois arrepiam parecem saidos dum filme de terror

  • Ivy

    @may: Amen to that!!!
    I’m surprised how many nutjobs without a life are hanging out here. If these hateful people are actually Johnnys fans I feel very sorry for him…

    @Rose and Dick: you are raving mad. Get a life and mind your own business instead of spreading your insane accusations and fanfictions on the net.

    Mind you: he is going to retire in a few <years from acting-he said so in a recent interview..
    I guess if he really marries Amber some of the haters will crack up completely (lol)

  • dgft

    she had a nose job, she can’t act, she’s phony. she wants his money. she only likes vagi nas. before johnny , who really knew her? it wont give her talent.

  • xls

    Yes probably a nose job and when she smiles to full mouth, it looks as she has a denture ! Her make up seems very hard, no sweetness on her face !

  • JDF

    @Nona: Don’t worry he wouldn’t touch you too you cheap dirtbag.

  • JDF

    @Meg: Are you crazy or something? Get some help and leave him alone! Becoming the “laughing of the profession” because of a personal relationship of his? She is rich herself and is not after his money so mind your own business.

  • JDF

    @Anya: Shut up you jealous ho. The only joke here is you. Amber is being awarded, eat your heart out.

  • JDF

    @age difference: Nothing weird about being in love and there are many couples with bigger age gaps. She is almost 30 years old and is not a child.

  • JDF

    @gigibeee: Say that to the hundreds of couple that has 20+ age gaps. Love doesn’t know age.

  • JDF

    @@138: I hope she takes your soul out of your cheap body too! She is a bisexual and not a lesbian you moron and she is not after Johnny’s money, she is with him since 3 years only because she loves him.

  • JDF

    @hjdschscdzb: No she wasn’t you clueless idiot , She is a bisexual and she dated more men than she dated women.

  • JDF

    @hmmm: I hope your partner dump you too! How about that? Would you like strangers saying your partner is gonna dump you soon? She is with him since 3 years and she is madly in love with him. They won’t break up any time soon.

  • JDF

    @Good Point: He needed her by his side when he was working but she wasn’t there because she was too selfish to support him while making money for her and their children and instead went to work on her dead career.

  • JDF

    @Nona: You mean how she can touch this sexy gorgeous man? She can because she adored him and he is the sexiest man alive and he would not give you a second look you ugly unpleasant b*itch. I bet kissing him feels like heaven to her.

  • JDF

    @Angelfish: B*itch STFU he looks great for his age. You met him in 2005? That was f_cking 9 years ago and you expect him to be the exact same as he was back then? People change and he changed for the better. I’m sure that he was very nice and kind to you which makes me sad because you totally didn’t deserve that treatment. I don’t understand how can you talk shi_t about someone how was very nice and kind to you! What are you an animal?

  • JDF


  • Bette

    He is gorgeous!

  • Meg

    Yes, a big gold digger ! She was perfectly unknown before she met Johnny and has no talent at all ! Johnny is a fool to stay with her and he will be soon over. His films have no succes since he is with amber ! Again one or two films without succes and it will be finished for him and amber will go away from him with another more younger actor or actress with more succes !

  • brenda

    @Nona 154..I’m pretty sure that he dosen’t want you touch him..yuck! You must be an Fat woman sitting in your computer all day! You are so funny saying that he is way hater! I’m talking about his look..he is a beautiful man and you can’t deny it ,in the other hand…his friends aren’t pretty in any way! I don’t like his friends either..and they aren’t good people”

  • Krista

    The only award that Amber Whored deserves is “Home wrecker of the year” !

  • Bella

    I seriously do not get what in the world she is getting an award for? She has only been in a few flops and has never been a lead in anything. The only reason anyone even knows her name is because she is F*cking Johnny Depp! Their relationship is so creepy. I mean, he could be her father! So gross! He looks so horrible lately too, it is as if as soon as he got with her she has literally sucked the life out of him. It is disturbing to watch. Just about 3 years ago he looked like a different person, I mean for real. This is bad for Johnny’s health and his reputation. He should run!

  • Ralluka

    I love him sooo much… and this is so disappointing. Why? Because I really thought he was different from the others… he was supposed to be special because the things that he stood up for, were special (love,family, freedom etc.). I don’t hate her! I have no reason to do that, but even though I don’t know her, I’ve made my own opinion about her… like everybody else. Honestly, before the rumors came out (that she was having an affair with Johnny because at least officially, at that time, he was still dating Vanessa) I’ve never heard her name. And this is the true… no one cared about her. She can’t act (seen some of her movies… horrible), she is a selfish person (obsessed with Ayn Rand – “all I ever needed in my life was myself”), saying that her true love is her car… Really? like… Really? oh, and she wants to play with guns instead of marrying her man. Her fake smile and pretty face don’t get to me. She is also a big liar: she said she doesn’t have a twitter account when she actually has. And from this I just realized how low is her level of intelligence. She wrote: “When is a magazine and a place for interviews, the cameras fill the place for then go outside. xoxo cute interview” is this English? ( looks like reading books doesn’t help). She is rude to her fans also. So, so different from our Johnny… or maybe is this his true face? He is like her now?… I refuse to believe that. He fell for her because she likes guns, cars and Hunter, and he just forgot about the other things. It’s true that Vanessa was not always with him but at least she acted like a lady and was a loving mother for his children. This woman doesn”t deserve him but if Amber turns out to be this sweet girl that you think she is, then I will accept that I was wrong. A woman who made his fans turn against him… she is the reason why people fight here. And he also looks worse than before… I am so worried about him. Anyway… sorry for my poem :)
    “I don’t even know how to read something on Twitter. I don’t have Twitter. I don’t have Facebook, I don’t have Instagram, I don’t have that ability to even engage in that conversation, nor do I want to. I don’t really participate in it.” She is a “private person”. :)))
    This is her official twitter account:

  • Nona

    @ Brenda

    I think you need help, Depp looks disgusting.×350.jpg

  • JDF

    @Nona: He looks amazing in that picture. You are the one who looks disgusting and you need some serious help and you also need to get your blind eyes checked.

  • JDF

    @Meg: Hahahahahah, Johnny will never be finished (unless he wanted to), all the people are excited about his upcoming films and they are going to be a success. She will never leave him because she is with him because she loves. Perioud.

  • JDF

    @Bella: Maybe you should have read the article to know instead of jumping to write a nasty comment? Nothing creepy about their relationship, nothing creepy about love. Do you find every relationship with age gaps creepy? Because there are so many! He could be her partner and unless her mother and him had sex, he could not be her father. Is that what you call looking so horrible? Wow! He looks healthy and great for 50.

  • Morgan

    Johnny depp looks like shit and ambers dress is an atrocity. Johnny depp is a disappointment and really has only done one role well..jack sparrow, and the rest were just him being a weirdo, playing along to the ideas of Tim burton and other great directors….he gets way to much credit, and this relationship is nothing but a cry for help.

  • Nona


    You are beyond nuts, you have no idea what I look like. Depp has been looking like nasty sourpuss shit for years. Serves him right for being the greedy douche he is.

  • JDF

    @Nona: You are the one who is beyond nuts, If you actually followed him in the last few years you would know that he mostly looked great especially around The Lone Ranger and Dark Shadows promotion time but you most likely haven’t even seen those appearances. I know that you look like ****, he wouldn’t give a second look to a miserable cow like you. Does being the nicest to the fans makes him a douche? Does visiting children hospitals and giving money to charities makes him a douche? No he is not a douche but you are you useless hateful mentally ill Bi*tch.

  • JDF

    @Morgan: Didn’t you comment here already you piece of ****? Or you can’t stop hating on someone who has done nothing to you? If he looks like **** then what do YOU look like you piece of ****? I’m pretty sure that he is x10000000 times better looking than you. Johnny did all of his roles well and Jack Sparrow is just one of his iconic and memorable roles. The rest were him being a weirdo? Not really, 90% of his roles were normal and they are all meaningful. You really know nothing, do you? If you knew anything about the process of him playing his roles you would know that most of them were his ideas and he had a say in everything so yes he should get the credit that he deserves. You also know nothing about this relationship! Cry for help? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! You like dramatizing everything, don’t you? He is with Amber since 3 years and they are in love and she loves the kids and they love her. No drama there but you do need some professional help. All the hate in your black heart can’t be good.

  • Kate

    @Morgan: @Nona: Same person?

  • Mandy

    @Nona: Looking not so good in one appearance doesn’t mean he looked bad in all of his appearances in the last few years. He looked amazing in all of his last appearances expect this one which was not supposed to be an event for him, it’s for his girlfriend and he is there to support her and not to look his best. Did i forget to say that he looks amazing in his upcoming movie Transcendence? You probably didn’t see the trailers and the posters because you obviously don’t follow him at all and you are just talking sh#t for the sake of it.

  • liz

    I think Johnny is going to retire soon and wanted a woman who would give her time to him, she seems to do that more than Vanessa did. Yeah, she’s great looking and into him so why should they not be together. I wish she would get him dress better, she used to have good taste in what she wore now it seems she’s going down to his level. She will regret that dress one day it’s really bad.

  • JDF

    @liz: He’s a fashion icon and there is nothing wrong with his dress sense, he’s just wearing an elegant suit and a coat to keep him warm, what’s wrong with that?

  • JDF
  • brenda need help for being so stupid ,by the way..why don’t you upload a picture of you and let us look your beautiful face! You must be gorgeous to insult Johnny Depp, ..Johnny maybe doesn’t look his best lately but you and everybody known that he is really cute and a handsome man ..PEOPLE MAGAZINE NAMED HIM THE SEXIEST MAN ALIVE THREE TIMES..3 times because Johnny Depp was named the SEXIEST MAN ALIVE OF ALL TIME AND HE WAS THE ONLY ONE WITH THAT TITLE…!!! FACE IT HATER!!! And if JOHNNY wants he can change the bad look he has now and be the sexy guy that all we everything HAS SOLUTION!

  • brenda

    To @Nona (the hater) : and so you see I’m NOT a fan who denies the reality I’m agreed in PART with @Bella 176:..she is right about 3 YEARS AGO He looked like a different person…I’m NOT saying tha Johnny looks Horrible ..NO WAY..but he looks not so good like before..and he Has to RUn from this woman because it’s bad for Johnny’s HEALTH and His REPUTATION!

  • alice

    it’s very sad johnny goes to destroy this girl like winona, kate, vanessa and more

  • Denise


  • JDF

    @alice: Destroy? umm how did he destroy them?

  • Nick

    Nice to see Johnny has 1 fan left…. JDF! I am so worried about you JDF , I am afraid you are on the verge of a 4 state killing spree. I mean, drop the nets! WE GET IT, you disagree with anyone that has an opinion differing from yours. o.k. so calm down my sweet JDF. Now i will make my point. First, Johnny Depp has had substance abuse problems his whole life. He has always had a drinking problem and used to have a coke habit and a heroin habit. He got cleaned up from drinking to win Amber back, after she broke up with him. However he is back to the drinking..predictably. I do not know for sure, but it does look as if he is doing drugs again. He is for sure drinking.I do know this for a fact, . I am only sharing some knowledge. Johnny’s drinking was one of the main reasons for the discourse in the relationship with Vanessa. Also, his cheating of course.. Amber was the straw that broke the camels back, so to speak.Amber is an opportunist. Johnny truly thinks he is in love with her, but I think, and his friends think he is only enjoying the chase Amber is giving him. She is not in love with Johnny. She is in love with all the gifts and attention and money and potential fame coming her way. She is like a shark.She , like any other young kid, is partying, and Johnny had his druggie days as well, but it is not good for Johnny to do this again at his age. That is why he looks so bad. He knows in his heart that Amber would not be with him with out all the goodies, so he keeps on buying her huge gifts to keep her interested. he is acting ridiculous because there are many women who would love him for him and not what they could get out of him.It bugs me that Amber is really only using John to advance that d-list career of hers. I wish he would find another. He is gonna learn the hard way i am afraid.He is really into her, and she is ONLY into herself. Now calm down JDF. I know you do not like what I wrote, so no need for a rebuttal. Peace, Nick

  • JDF

    @Nick: All of the fans on here and you think I’m the only one? Hahahahahahaha, Johnny’s got millions of fans everywhere and go to his fansites and tumblr and twitter and facebook, etc if you wanna see how many fans are still there for him but I guess you are living in a delusional world where what you think is the truth. All of the crap you said is just what anyone can read in any gossip rag that makes up stories. God what you wrote is just so early 2013! Do you really think that Johnny’s friends would say bs about him in his back? They love Amber. Johnny and Amber never broke up, sweetie, they are together since more than 2 years and no there haven’t been big gifts as you want to think. She is with him only because she loves him and refusing to talk about him and their relationship is a big evidence of that but of course you don’t want to believe that! There has to be drama and he has to be on drugs and messed up right?

  • Ralluka

    just couldn’t agree more :) I am really worried about him too… this bimbo with no talent doesn’t deserve this whole attention… Before John, there was no J. Kimmel, no Letterman, no awards… well: a comment was made that her speech for her award was only 16 seconds long, but at least she brought Johnny with her. That tells me, that’s all they wanted anyway. JOHNNY DEPP!

  • Denise

    @Ralluka: Amber won her FIRST AWARD IN 2008! Way before Johnny! It was at the Young Hollywood Awards! Then she won in 2010 her next award at the Dallas International Film Festival! And in 2011 she won her THIRD award at the Hollywood Film Festival! THIS AWARD IS HER 4th!!! SO SH*T UP IF YOU DON’T KNOW WHAT TO SAY AND TELLING LIES!

  • Ralluka

    Sorry, I wanted to say that no one really gave a f*ck about her (stupid) awards or about her before John came in, and if you deny that, you must be just another fan, who likes her because she is so beautiful and pretty ( like all the other 1000 actresses in Hollywood) because her acting is …. well… horrible.

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