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Gisele Bundchen Flaunts Bangin' Body For Sexy Lingerie Shoot!

Gisele Bundchen Flaunts Bangin' Body For Sexy Lingerie Shoot!

Gisele Bundchen is in the spring spirit while visiting a friend on Tuesday (March 11) in Santa Monica, Calif.

“Backstage of a special project with my lingerie Gisele BĂĽndchen Intimates shot by @_kevinobrien 👙📷💄,” the 33-year-old Brazilian supermodel wrote on Instagram the day before with a pic of her sexy self in a bodysuit.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Gisele Bundchen

A few weeks ago, Gisele and her husband Tom Brady celebrated their fifth anniversary as a married couple.

In case you missed it, Jennifer Aniston recently shared to Self magazine that she would love to trade bodies with Gisele.

FYI: Gisele is wearing Yosi Samra flip flops.

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gisele bundchen flaunts bangin body for lingerie shoot 02
gisele bundchen flaunts bangin body for lingerie shoot 03
gisele bundchen flaunts bangin body for lingerie shoot 04
gisele bundchen flaunts bangin body for lingerie shoot 05
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27 Responses to “Gisele Bundchen Flaunts Bangin' Body For Sexy Lingerie Shoot!”

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  1. 1
    georgie Says:


  2. 2
    Drats Says:

    She sure hightailed it out of Boston fast. Despite the fact that her husband plays for the New England Patriots, she’s never there.

    A complete self-absorbed, un-self aware narcissist.

    Get thee into psychoanalysis, Bundchen! You are going to need it when your husband’s football career is over and your looks are gone.

  3. 3
    frozoid Says:

    @Drats: wow you really worry about where she and her husband lay their heads down at night? freaky!

    hunny dont worry about when modeling is done. Unlike most vapid panty models Gisele owns her own sandals company in Brazil since age 21. Shes had her back up plan. She is now opening her own lingerie stores in Brazil. Please dont worry about her future. She could retire from modeling today and still out earn her peers, because of her branding in Brazil.

  4. 4
    whocares Says:

    @Drats: umm 6 months of the year in Boston during his football and 6 months in LA where they built a home for their growing family. Shall they ask your approval to go #2 as well?

  5. 5
    Free at last! Says:

    No wonder Jennifer Aniston wants Gisele’s body.

  6. 6
    Jewess Says:

    Gross narrow hips..looks like a dude..also her dude-face was photoshopped to hell and back. She wishes her face looked like that.

  7. 7
    Nope Says:

    NOPE.. She looks tranny and she has an ugly face. she’s the ugliest model there is, I can’t be the only one who sees this.. or am I?

  8. 8
    love Says:

    @Drats: You need help, Drats. Always so angry.
    She is always there. Sometimes she works there. But I think Tom Brady loves LA. Remember when Gisele went to NYC and she saw his son? Tom was in LA.
    Her looks? She doesn’t care about it. Read her interviews!
    When her husband’s football career is over? I think she will love it.

  9. 9
    cindy Says:

    @love: Tom is from California. His family lives there as well. People are so weird acting like this family cant leave Boston. FYI theyre building a new home in Boston also.

  10. 10
    cindy Says:

    @Jewess: Its a making of /behind the scenes picture, not a final photoshopped one. so no. Thats what she looks like dolled up at photoshoots….thats why she is paid the big bucks to do photoshoots, and you’re not.

  11. 11
    bodybuilder Says:

    manly bod… boxy and not sensual. couple that with her intimidating and cold face… yikes

  12. 12
    Ha Says:

    @Nope: Nope I do too. I never got the hype for Gisele. She’s manly to me. And not that pretty. I really don’t understand how she can be the highest paid model in the world. She’s average at best. And I’m absolutely not speaking out of jealousy (pffft).

  13. 13
    Bonitto Says:

    @Drats. Why are you worring about Gisele?

  14. 14
    cindy Says:

    @Ha: you dont understand? she is not just a model. she is a business brand and humanitarian. Her haters remind me of cinderella’s step sisters. so nasty to poor cinderrella too. This is why shes highest paid:

  15. 15
    JustChill'n Says:


    Nope, you’re not. I agree with you. I never thought Gisele was attractive. I still shake my hear about it. I just figured that there must be something wrong with my eyesight that makes me unable to see what it is about her that others find attractive. But then again, I’m always one to root for the underdog anyway. It’s kind of nice to see an ugly girl be so popular & rich based off her looks. All I got to say is, “You go ugly girl!! You go make all the money!!”

  16. 16
    cindy Says:

    @JustChill’n: you sound REAl UGLY. do you visit cancer patients? or donate millions to charities? superficial vapid people thinking all you need to make it to be famous is a fake plastic nose and plastic surgery faces. Her face is beautiful to many. INcluding Tom Brady and Leonardo Dicaprio. go get pretty child.

  17. 17
    Glen Says:

    The wonders of makeup for this She-male….eeeeeww

  18. 18
    Lol Says:

    The Walking dead

  19. 19
    Off Says:

    Horse face with scary long legs! i wonder how far her G spot is

  20. 20
    lol Says:

    @JustChill’n: Yes, that’s what you can do. You can cry and complain about your life. Waste of time. But I think you have too much time on your hands.

  21. 21
    jealousy Says:

    yall fat faced double chinned girls have to visit a plastic surgeons office for her face. Ive seen her haters, they should NOT be judging beauty. its hilarious. No you do not look better than her. and your boyfriends do not look like Tom Brady.

  22. 22
    funny Says:

    @Glen: She’s so much prettier without makeup. Lets see how many celebs can go on a red carpet with their freckles shining through and their hair messy. Only she can pull it off. Looking effortlessly natural is part of her appeal. I guess you think fake plastic playboy playmates with layers of makeup on are amazing looking.

  23. 23
    Gwendoline Says:

    She runs a company in Brazil, ok. How many times per year does she go to Brazil?? It’s obvious she has tons of help. Another model who just gives hope to those who aren’t so attractive by nature.

  24. 24
    love Says:

    @Gwendoline: Home office. Read this article. Drats should read this article. She is not self-absorbed.
    “When you’re by yourself you only make decisions for yourself. But when you have a family, you’re making decisions for your whole family.” She now turns down multimillion-dollar jobs if they require her to leave the country or have obligatory personal appearance days in the contract.

  25. 25
    Gwendoline Says:

    @love: She has everything she wanted in life. She has such amount of money that she could live 5 lives like that. Then we have celebs like Kim Kardashian who is abnormal just to make these ones bigger when what they say is nothing unusual. She used to be so fake in her photoshoots too.

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