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Chris Pine Arrested for Drunk Driving in New Zealand

Chris Pine Arrested for Drunk Driving in New Zealand

Chris Pine was recently arrested for drunk driving in New Zealand, according to THR.

The 33-year-old actor was stopped for driving under the influence in the early hours of March 1, after attending a wrap party at a bar for his upcoming film Z for Zachariah.

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Chris Pine arrived here and had his girlfriend [Iris Bjork Johannesdottir] with him and he spent most of his time with her — she flew in that day someone told me,” bar manager Casey Crawford told the Herald.

According to sources, Chris is scheduled to attend Ashburton district court on Monday (March 17) for the drunk driving charge.

ARE YOU SURPRISED that Chris Pine was arrested?

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  • commonsense

    Celebrities drinking and driving is especially annoying to me because they can certainly afford a cab.

  • Lilja

    Not surprised because his girlfriend is also a bloody drunk as well. Hmm..Chris, are you picking up Íris’ bad habits as well??

  • dacey

    Before anyone jumps on the bag him waggon who here has not ever made a mistake in there life iam one that has i have not done drink driving but alot of other people have and sametimes it is not knowing that u are over the owner said he was fine and it might also come down to also the differance between new zealand lawsvand american laws is there a differance becouse i think the legal limit in new zealand is the same as australia .05 but iam not condoning drink driving just u caint judge him on samething that a lot of other people around the world get court for every day iam just sooooooo glade that he is okay and his girl friend is to i would hate to have seen a nice guy leave with samething like killing her or sameone else or himself helooks so much like paul walker and also not to long after his death i just hope and iam sure he has learnt his lesson and he will be carefull next time love nah chris iam glade u are safe keep being safe okay

  • roronette

    I agree with you @commonsense.

  • Jane

    Chris Pine is an idiot. He’s in NZ. He abides by NZ drinking laws. There were drivers provided. Wonder why he didn’t use them?? It does matter how many people get caught drinking and driving, what’s wrong is wrong. Dumb stupid excuses some of his fans make!
    When did that cheap nobody become a “Supermodel” ? LOL

  • Lolz

    Now they both have arrest records!
    He for drink driving and she for domestic battery!
    Great pair. They should get married.

  • Ouch!

    Man, this news got here fast! Bet it wasn’t Pine’s PR who sent it!!
    So this happened on March 1st? Oh my, how they can keep things hidden when they want to eh?

  • yasmin

    They say shes gone to Iceland to protect from the media! If so IBJ is going to be around a long time. Chris is a big boy and he should use his head. Do not blame her. Chris is 33yrs old and should know better he did not even have to pay for a cab because drivers were provided. No excuse at all

  • dacey

    I know it is not smart but things happen we all make mistakes no one is perfect and he is not the first person or celeb to get court iam pretty sure he feels bad about it and hey maybe same people can look at it and say i will not do this or do it again the only thing he will proberly get is a fine and warning and that is enough knowone was hurt thankfully i also think people get upset when it is a person that has not been in trouble before than sameone that gets into trouble alot id be harder on them than sameone who makes one mistake have u not i bet u same of have been court either speeding or even talking on your phone while driving which is worse than drink driving

  • Ella

    She’s gone to Iceland?? I thought she would be around to support her boyfriend? Isn’t that what a normal gf would do? And isn’t it odd that she arrived the day of the party? Why wasn’t she there during filming? Not as if she’s working or has anything else to do? Weird.

  • Delusions


    Trying to create an interest that doesn’t exist for that girl? No one cares who she is and no one would follow her.

  • Ridic


    Silly, just trying to create artificial interest for a nobody. No one cares and no one would follow her.Ridiculous.

  • dacey

    I do agree with that if that was me i would not leave him but hey thats her i hope he leaves her and finds a good girl but just saying anyone think the cops new they where pulling up captain kirk just saying

  • Beardy Beard

    I doubt anyone is blaming IBJ for Pine’s DUI.
    I wonder why he didn’t use the drivers offered by the pub? Maybe he had to drop IBJ off at her place before he went home and THAT would have been embarrassing. Can’t have the gossip spread by the driver right? Whole purpose of getting her to the party lost!
    Btw he probably got drunk cos he had to spend the whole evening with her! Ah, the cost of keeping up pretenses!

  • Lore

    @Yasmin May I ask where you heard that IBJ is gone back to Iceland, I’m always curious how people find out these little things? :)

  • oh dear

    Agree. It’s been a bad year for CP so far. Jack Ryan was not a big hit like at all. “Stretch” unreleased. “Line” director saying he only spoke to CP on the phone. His gf comes up with an arrest record, his romantic vacation in Paris laughed at as a “mini movie” now a DUI associated with Z for Zachariah. sheesh!

  • Maddy

    I’m sitting here thinking how the hell a dead man gets pulled over for drunk driving. And then I thought oh maybe this was before his death but then I was like no it’s march. I clearly need to go back to bed because I just mistook Chris Pine for Paul Walker.

  • awwwww

    I’m sure his ever loving boy friend is there to console him!

  • oh dear

    Chris Pine is very generic looking. He gets mistaken for a lot of actors. Poor Chris!

  • damnnit

    MUST they keep saying “Star Trek Actor” and “Capt Kirk” in all the articles relating to this? Paramount & Trek fans must be sooooo happy. :(

  • Beardy Beard

    “He said Mr Pine and other cast and crew were “subdued” throughout the night, …”
    Told ya. It was the strain of having IBJ there, that did him in!

  • prudence

    if she was sent to iceland, it is because he and his team do not trust her. simple, she likes the attention too much.

  • eyeroll

    ALL Chris Pine’s girlfriends want too much attention non? wonder why?

  • m

    No excuse for this. What a dumba**.

  • dacey

    Just reading same of your comments and just thinking that maybe she is the one who let this out becouse whoelse but her his pr are not the police cant they cant even release his name and the pub manager seems to have herd about it much later so it only leaves her this should never have gotten out he should be able to deal with this in private and not for any one else to judge she diffenantly needs to go

  • Vendetta Chronicles

    Chris seems like a really decent guy. I’m sure this was just a slip up. I really hope he doesn’t go all Justin Bieber and start stumbling over and over and over again.

  • No

    Absolute idiot.
    Drunk drivers kill people. He deserves no sympathy for being stupid.

  • Oh yeah

    Oh, Chris, do be careful… :( You could have hurt yourself or someone else…Wouldn’t want you to have to live with that pain. So sorry this was plastered all over creation on a gossip site, no one deserves humiliation.

  • dacey

    Vc he is a good guy and it is just a slip up we all make them it does not make him a bad person people do alot worse things in the world than this but they dont have to deal with thousands of other people judging them i think people need to focus on those sex ofenders that get released and they get to move into a town and know one knows what they did so they kill of rape another child now thats wrong. From what i do gather from him he would proberly himself be eating himself up inside as to what could of happened and think he would be thw one that will not do it again

  • dacey

    (Oh yeah) you are 100% right u just neiled it right on the head ive been trying to get the right words to explain that and u just did it will blow over hopefully sooner for him sameone else will come into the bad spotlight pretty soon he has a great year ahead for him and plenty more to come

  • What a jerk!

    NZ like Australia takes drink driving arrests very seriously.
    If he had been from NZ he could have lost his license or demerit points from his license depending on how far he’s over the legal limit.

    Because he’s American it will not effect his license in the US but he will probably be banned from driving in NZ.

    Either way he’s an idiot as he could have seriously hurt himself or someone else.

  • Living in a box

    Drink and drive is never cool, it dangerous. You could get hurt or someone else could get hurt. Don’t drink and drive.

  • Oh yeah

    @Living in a box:

    Chris Pine should go easy on himself…It happens to the best. Obviously, God was looking out for him. Just carelessness, not recklessness.


  • Shivani Yadav

    I’m extremely shocked. What the hell??

  • we the public

    All you Chris Pine fans trying to make excuses for him should be ashamed of yourselves. How much education is there on the dangers of drinking and driving? Don’t come up with BS like “it is just a slip up we all make them” (yes dacey I’m referring to your stupid comments) Tell that to the innocent people who get injured or killed because of irresponsible idiots like Chris Pine and see how well it goes down!!

  • Isabel

    @dacey: A “mistake” that can have potentially fatal consequences for others who have to share the road with the intoxicated idiot. I have no sympathy for drunk drivers.

  • Diane Arini

    Really? I believe it wasn’t Pine. Besides it occurred on 1st March and the news just come up today, 12 day later? It doesn’t make any sense.

  • another one

    He’s an idiot.

  • !!

    @Diane Arini:
    What? you think it’s a publicity stunt dreamed up by his PR??!!!


    Is there a PR handling happening?Are they also trying to make some money out of it for the Icelandic skank?Why is it leaked just now?
    She got a cut from the Daily Mail’s Paris and Lax pictures that were sold by his PR.
    Who told the New Zealand press just now and why are there links to these local articles in the Daily Mail?

    I guess money is money and you get it where you can!

  • ***?

    my bad for *****?
    it rhymes with S_kank

  • Petra

    Looks like the pub people talked to you have to have someones permission to use pictures from their facebook. Question is who leaked it to the press in the first place?

  • Zee

    Is this why he didn’t show up at the Oscars? His a** was drunk? Did his co-workers have to bail him out before they left the city?

  • Zee


    You mean they trusted her at some point when she had a criminal record?

    I wonder if Paramount will recast Kirk?

  • hi

    I hear that in New Zealand the alcohol level for driving is like 0 because they don’t tolerate that behavior like here. So I wonder if he was truly under the influence or was it by their standards that he was under the influence after having maybe a drink or two? Either way he should follow the laws of where he’s at

  • Hollywood

    You mean recasting Jack Ryan?more likely….

  • Zee


    They’re showing pictures of Captain Kirk being arrested, which is why I asked the question. I guess it’s a good thing that Reboot Kirk isn’t exactly an upstanding citizen.

    I think I’ll go and monitor the tweets to William Shatner. Reboot Kirk haters are probably having the time of their lives right now.

  • Seth Lavine

    Tsk tsk, DUIs are bad.

  • WeSawIt

    Concert photos and videos from the Macklemore concert in New Zealand:

  • Maja Juhl


    Hahahaha! So truuuuuue!!!