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Gerard Butler Crashes a Bachelorette Party in Australia

Gerard Butler Crashes a Bachelorette Party in Australia

Gerard Butler keeps himself hydrated with water while out and about on Wednesday (March 19) in Sydney, Australia.

The 44-year-old Scottish actor was joined by a male pal, while taking some pics on his cell phone.

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A few weeks ago, Gerard was spotted grabbing a bite to eat in Bondi Beach.

It was recently reported that Gerard crashed a bachelorette party in Australia.

“We thought it was a stripper, because it was a hen’s party. But then we saw [Gerard] standing on the boat. We all just started screaming,” Dragana Ogorelica, a close pal of the bride, shared.

She added, “His accent, oh my goodness, it was so beautiful. You couldn’t understand him half the time, but you didn’t care because it was just gorgeous.”

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  • Kris

    Madalina also gave an interview at the end of June where she said she and Gerry were back together and dating again, after having been “estranged” during the spring. You can’t believe what she says in interviews because she contradicts herself something terrible.

  • Events

    stayed away. she was trying to catch up with him to do it again. Toronto – no 300 buttttttt Fassbender was there……black art

  • Jade

    @What???????: Not only her weird post of that ESPN thing but she also posted that pic of her a s s e n d and legs. Gerry is an a s s and leg man, he’s said that a few times before. I don’t think I”ve ever seen her posting a back end pic of herself so that’s suspect too.

    Maybe they’re all FWBs. Maybe she’s still checking out AB and LD too hahahaha.

  • FassOscarBender

    She did wear creepy black clothes with Fassy. That man got nominated for an Oscar. Did he win? No. Wonder if he would have dropped the w.h@.r. In time if he would have won. If he is not with her, he probably got a clue and thought of his Oscar loss? Lost my Oscar – B.:.c.h. Gotta go.

  • What???????

    I agree, the backend photo is suspect. Gerry is known for loving long, long, long legs on a woman and he’ll take a great as a secondary prize LOL! We all know that Mada, physically, is Gerry’s dream girl, so maybe she is trying lure him back. I’m a Scorpio and the stars do talk about an old flame returning this year. Mine did, but it was on good terms.
    And with Gerry’s recent comments that his one and only “princess” may be someone from his past, also raises eyebrows, I think.

  • Willing and Ready

    Gerard has a live in piece during movies to be hot and ready for him. She was it for OHF. Maybe she is auditioning to be his GOE live in piece. She wants a free trip to Australia.

  • Is it me or…

    Has she had her nose done again. Would explain why she dropped out of sight and didn’t post anything.

  • hugo boss, legs and heels

    @Jade: in the hugo boss post fashion show interview, he was asked by a female journalist what he thought about the lack of heels in the show, and gerry replied that he definitely saw heels and that he thought it was funny that he focused on the heels and the journalist didn’t. yep. he sure does focus on the legs.

  • hugo boss, legs and heels

    @Jade: in the hugo boss post fashion show interview, he was asked by a female journalist what he thought about the lack of heels in the show, and gerry replied that he definitely saw heels and that he thought it was funny that he focused on the heels and the journalist didn’t. yep. he sure does focus on the legs.

  • Kris

    I wouldn’t be surprised if all these new beach pics have been photoshopped, as well. Miranda Kerr, among others, has been caught photoshopping her pics on her instagram. I’m sure MG does it.

  • The Truth – Life Is A Journey

    @What???????: There was more than her……that’s what people do not know. It’s code. People and her may think its her. There were others before her and deep. not like either.

    July was important.
    December was important.

    She interfered with all that. Hmmm? What did Madi do? Why did he not work for Madi? Madi used the arts that’s why.

    He should be married now.

    He met his wife. Foolishness interfered.

    She is on the rise. He wants to be forgiven. Will she take him back?

    Where was he for the holidays? Answer – In love.

    Trying to reconcile.

    —— seer

  • Jade

    @What???????: Yes, I think we should always be suspicious where she’s concerned. Nothing she does shocks me. It’s weird how many games she plays. She’s not smart enough to know “yet” but men don’t like being played. She’ll learn if she hasn’t already.

  • Jade

    @Kris: True. It was def confusing.

  • @Proof

    @Proof: “He looked aged and sunken when she was around.
    He would say one thing and do another (Hogmanay)
    His films did not do well and lost parts. Slim appearance on OHF (did well – only he and Eckhardt toured, she was not around)
    Helooked aged and sunken – known proof when someone has done something to a person
    Rift caused among a good family.
    Now – looks good blessed and healthy. So much work and films. Family getting along and happy.
    People know what she did. People know her.”
    It certainly looks like she put some kind of spell on him and way back last year there were posts to that effect. Fassy also looked terrible when he was with her and some of his fans were saying the same thing.
    I think she is evil. Anyone who tells as as many lies as she does, including claiming her father was dead, is a bad person.

  • Not her

    @What???????: “And with Gerry’s recent comments that his one and only “princess” may be someone from his past, also raises eyebrows, I think.”

    This is mad Maddie at her best. She has read what GB said is playing her childish and immature games to make people think he was speaking about her. When GB spoke about someone from his past he meant the far distant past, not last year.

  • I think

    @What???????: “Someone on the Fassy thread took a screen shot of her Facebook post where she took a selfie with a man, whose face was mostly covered. It looked a lot like Gerry and someone in the comments section even asked her if it was. She replied, no, and that they broke up seven months before, but remained friends. On closer inspection, the nose of the man in the photo was definitely Fassy, not Gerry.”

    I don’t think it’s MF either. Look at her, that’s a young picture and definitely not taken while she was with MF as she has looked all of her real age (35) lately. It’s an old picture and she playing games again.

  • it is true

    @Not her: “And with Gerry’s recent comments that his one and only “princess” may be someone from his past, also raises eyebrows, I think.”
    He is very regretted saying it, it’s just stupid. He was not thinking….

  • Sassafras

    She played her games and disgusted Fassbender and HW. Jude Law and cast are keeping their distance. Butler will not jeopardize his career to hook-up with her. That is all she is good for. A great one night. He took her to a Buddhist temple. Opposite of the occult. If she is into that stuff, it is not something Butler would be interested in.

  • Sassafras

    @The Truth – Life Is A Journey: Seer? Is that twin flame s($&@ back for more nonsense.

    The only thing that makes sense is it is definitely not the Ro he considered his girl that got away.

  • Sassafras

    @it is true: Why is he never thinking? He seems to be always unintentionally toying with his audience. He is not mindful off the camara so it trickles into his interviews. He has to learn to edit his statements and keep the focus on the work. If they ask about his love life, why can’t he just give some generic and respectful statement about the subject and move on? All the crazies come out to play when he is cryptic.

  • Proof

    What I saw was hideously childish footage of how immature and ill-suited his EX is for acting or promoting herself!! All that horrible footage does is painfully highlight how unprofessional and insecure his EX is.
    Any casting director who saw that appallingly ridiculous bit wouldn’t even consider his EX in a non speaking walk on extra!!

  • Motives

    @it is true: Maybe he regrets it. Maybe because the cray cray Ro is taunting him. I read somewhere some in the know poster stated she placed pictures on fb and instagram before the Oscars to taunt . And It works for her as the attention seeking fool she is.

  • Motives

    @Proof: A little over the top.

    She can get bit parts for her looks. She fooled her men. Type casting her as a prost1tute is easy. That is what she can only do well.

  • Proof

    Good point. Any promotions of Dom Hemingway fail to mention her at all. Jude isn’t immune to what is said about his co-stars on the Internet so is being wise to distance Butler’s EX. Jude Law is a big star whose films do well. He is no fool with enough scandal of his own in his background.
    When will his self-promoting talentless twat EX ever learn to stop using people like she does? If his EX keeps on his EX will only make it worse for herself.
    Good, bad or indifferent Just Jared gets a cursory glance so she better reconnect with her “modeling” agency if she still has one.
    Fassbender wasn’t a fool. At least he caught on much faster than the Scot. Score one for Ireland!!

  • phannie fiction

    @Not her:
    “When GB spoke about someone from his past he meant the far distant past, not last year.”

    Oh stop. You’re just as bad as Madalina with your lies. You have NO IDEA who he meant and don’t pretend that you do. P-iss off.

  • Proof

    Maybe so.
    Yes, of course you’re right!! Their IS always the coveted role of prost1tute all actresses fight over.

  • Proof

    I think his EX posted the video primarily to remind everyone and Gerry how much his EX has on him? Whether she does or not?
    His EX loser girlfriend who cant find any work on her own to keep her busy after failing with another star could be using silly innocent footage as an extortionist plot to get more hush money from his camp perhaps?
    Does anyone think Gerry curses the day he met his EX?

  • Sassafras

    @phannie fiction: His cryptic and flirtatious style of speaking has kept these threads going for years! Have you heard other bachelor 40 and up actors speak like this? Clooney, Pitt, depp all keep it on the low when interviewers pose those types of questions. “Deep like” translates to “lust”. “princess from the past” translates to ” crazies should chase me down some more. “

  • Motives

    @Proof: Yes. But I think he can squish her like Fassbender did if it becomes a problem.

  • Proof

    I totally agree. It DID become a problem with Fassbender. Boy, oh, BOY! No one deserves what Butler’s EX did to him. How STUPID can a woman be??
    On second thought I most likely gave the twat EX an idea!! LOL Kinda not funny though. :(

  • The Truth – Life Is A Journey

    Substance – being there longer than the Pinkett-Smiths

    His woman.

    —- seer

  • Proof

    Guess I have a twin. Have at it. Will change moniker. Do understand your words.

  • Just a fan

    I’ve been reading all the comments. Whenever the media focuses on gb a little to much, the hen party made big headlines, the upcoming filming of goe, she always trumps it to get the subject off of him and back to her. Unfortunately you all fall for it and give her all and more attention. I can’t tell you to stop talking about her, but what you are doing to gb is so sad and feel bad for the way the dialogue is going for his sake. I could care less about her and her manipulating this thread, just feeling really rotten for him. She did it again and don’t ever call her stupid or dumb. She knows exactly what she is doing and you are helping her and feeding into it just like she knew you would.
    There is something dark and sinister about her latest photos imo. That is enough for me and wish it was enough for you all

  • just because

    @What???????: Just because you don’t believe in dark witchcraft and spells doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist. The devil helps those who want to delve into the dark magics – in order to bring false hope – you know snare you.

  • Proof2

    Never open this persons photo. It breathes negativity.

    She really has no importance everyone. It’s lame.

  • Keyvani’s Kathryn

    Whatever she’s doing it’s exciting for a change. I get tired of having no news about him. At least this is good for laughs don’t you think. My lug won’t be impressed. He still likes sixty year old hags like me.

  • Nice mixture of pictures
  • Throw back thursday
  • captain

    I just don’t understand why gerry was attracted to her, she had a boob job and her whole face done; lip injections, nose job, face lift , how can he be attracted to a plastic surgeon’s work? i thought gerry was a natural guy.

  • CNNdoesntgetit

    CNN has gone bat$hit crazy over this stupid jetliner story. It’s on 24/7. How embarrassing for the once great news network. They no longer report “the real news” which is that Obama and his sick cabal are killing the economy with Obamacare and by the continuing hemorrhaging of jobs nationwide. Fewer people working means chaos. You can’t feed and shelter everyone when 1/3 of the people aren’t contributing in any way whatsoever.

    America and its media have died, sadly. There’s nothing left that’s great anymore except great sorrow by anyone who loves this country. I miss American pride and American grit. We used to be able to build and to create and Obama has stifled all of that.

  • Yeppers

    Attraction is hard thing to define and understand. One thing we know is that he loves tall women with long legs. Maddie has legs for days. And she’s also got dark skin that he loves as well. I don’t think guys notice the plastic surgery part as much as women. To us, it’s obvious that she’s filled her face to brim, but I doubt guys see it that way.
    They are programmed to like big lips, big busts and so on.
    It’s been said time and time again about Maddie. That it’s pointless asking why Gerry finds her attractive. That’s his type.

  • Go away now, thanks.

    @CNNdoesntgetit: you hate obama so much that you’re posting your views on a gossip site? ummm, do you have for brains or are you just trolling?

  • Throw back thursday
  • Throw back thursday

    click to enlarge above photo

  • Great Article

    Amazing article
    Wish Fassbender could read this and take note!
    Especially these quotes
    “I learned as Men, we must realize that ONE woman who holds us down and stays by our side, after we cheat on her, lie to her, hurt her, use her and disrespect her over & over & over, she is NOT loyal. She is WEAK. She is poisonous. She will hold back your growth as a Man. Don’t be fooled & think a girl telling you what you want to hear is loyalty.”
    “I don’t need to have sex with every beautiful woman I meet to prove how much of a “man” I am. My loyalty, monogamy, spirituality & mental maturity proves that.”

  • captain

    @Yeppers: well in that sense i find gerry very superficial. he only finds cliches to be nice and worth his attention. this guy will never be able to love normally.

  • Yeppers

    He is nearly 45 years old, and has had beautiful models throw themselves at him for over ten years now, so I wouldn’t say that he’s superficial as much as spoilt for choice. There is nothing wrong with dating beautiful women as long as they are there to love him, not his fame.
    Maybe he doesn’t give average looking girls a chance because standing behind her, there is a line of stunning women. Maybe he’s hoping that one of those stunning women is his “princess”?

  • Motives

    @Just a fan: ” Whenever the media focuses on gb a little to much”
    …she becomes the center of topic on jj. (as you stated)

    It is driven by her. This Ro w;()( should not be even mentioned anymore.

  • captain

    @Yeppers: are you serious?

  • Yeppers

    What about?