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Matt Bomer's 'White Collar' Ending After Upcoming Sixth Season

Matt Bomer's 'White Collar' Ending After Upcoming Sixth Season

We have some super sad news – Matt Bomer‘s hit series White Collar is going to end after the upcoming sixth season, according to Deadline.

The series will get a six episode final season that will pick up after the major cliffhanger of last season’s finale that saw Matt‘s character Neal Caffrey get abducted.

The reason for ending the series is that it is very costly for the USA Network as the network is responsible for all of the show’s budget, though it does not own the series.

To help ease the pain of the show ending, check out some shirtless photos of Matt from an episode from last season in the gallery below!

ARE YOU SAD that White Collar is ending?

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matt bomer shirtless sexy in recent white collar episode 01
matt bomer shirtless sexy in recent white collar episode 02
matt bomer shirtless sexy in recent white collar episode 03
matt bomer shirtless sexy in recent white collar episode 04
matt bomer shirtless sexy in recent white collar episode 05
matt bomer shirtless sexy in recent white collar episode 06
matt bomer shirtless sexy in recent white collar episode 07
matt bomer shirtless sexy in recent white collar episode 08
matt bomer shirtless sexy in recent white collar episode 09
matt bomer shirtless sexy in recent white collar episode 10
matt bomer shirtless sexy in recent white collar episode 11
matt bomer shirtless sexy in recent white collar episode 12
matt bomer shirtless sexy in recent white collar episode 13

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  • Akward

    Gay men cannot play straight men. Not believable.

  • Nooooooo

    One of my favorite shows, If not my favorite.

  • commonsense

    @Akward: Don’t you ever get tired of that ancient, passe, dead argument? Everyone’s moved on. Time for you to come out of your closet. Millions of people watching the show are able to differentiate between fiction and reality! Join the club!

  • Amy

    I’m glad it’s the last season because they need to wrap up the storyline but I’m surprised it’s only going to be 6 episodes. 10 would have been better, imo.


    A 6 episodes Season is far from enough, we say! And so does all the fans of White Collar. Yes, we’ll appreciate a decent closure, but only SIX episodes?? Simply not good enough…

    Apparently USA Network hasn’t been listening to their fans, because we’ve even yelled CROWDFUNDING to ensure that FULL Season 6 that we’re craving.

    Besides… White Collar still has too many open story lines for 6 episodes to be enough to wrap it all up in a decent way.

  • Kate Potter

    Boy, USA Network jettisoning their quality shows for crap like “Chrisley” and “Sirens”.

  • dontwantittoend

    Sad one of the best shows is ending. Season 5 was really good as you can see in those pictures above, lol! They should just bring back Rebecca and tell us she was good all along. Neal would certainly be happy.

  • mln

    boooo six episodes is no where near enough!

  • Vendetta Chronicles

    Too bad that the show will end. I think Matt Bomer is great.
    As far as the comment about gay people not being able to play straight right … I don’t agree. We’ve had half a life of practicing how to fool people before coming out of the closet :-)

  • OK


  • bart

    One of my favorite shows on TV. I can’t believe it’s ending. I hope a major network picks it up and let’s it continue.

  • Eni

    the serie was very good at the beginning. after season 4… just suck

  • Emma

    The USA Network have been really destroying themselves. The network use to be good, now they have crap like “Chrisley Knows Best”. How embarrassing. I will miss White Collar. It was a fun show,

  • Hildy

    @Akward: fcking troll, you are a joke.

  • Zoe

    This is actually great news! 6 years is a great run. White Collar was holding him back. Matt’s talent and looks belong on the big screen. Can’t wait to see him soar compared to the mediocre talent that is in films today.

  • Joelle

    Sad? I never saw it.
    @Zoe @ 03/21/2014 at 1:45 am: I don’t think the show was holding him back, they don’t film ALL year. He could have worked out movie deals unless he has some clause in his contract that says he can’t. Since he was in Magic Mike, that throws out the contract being the problem. I’m thinking no one asked him to do any other major films. Good looks does not mean you’re a shoe in to be a movie star.
    @ Vendetta Chronicles @ 03/20/2014 at 10:33 pm
    I don’t think most gays fool anyone, but themselves. Most people don’t care and just let them be. The problem of a Gay being believable in films is not with them, but in the heads of the people watching and knowing they’re gay. Obvious the more effeminate Gays can’t work a love scene with a woman and be believable in any sense.

  • Max

    @Akward: haha barney in HIMYM. Millions of fans would differ about that honey.

  • nina

    joelle@Joelle: That’s not entirely true. He could do small roles here and there, roles that don’t demand too much departure from his Neal Caffrey looks, or are locally bases and so on. But for a comic book character where he has to put on 50 lbs, and months of prep/shoot as Matt said in an interview, would’ve been impossible. So there are definite limits. It’s anyone’s guess but mine is that Matt will start doing bigger roles in movies once WC is over. I mean, just look at the guy’s popularity — his name is brought up in almost every movie casting discussions, starting form superhero characters, disney adaptations, to romantic sexy roles.

  • Doris Hudson

    Matt can’t play straight or gay or bi guys .! He just can’t act .

  • Doris Hudson

    Matt can’t play straight or gay or bi guys . He just can’t act

  • Nanna

    I don’t believe this :( One of the best shows ever… I’m gonna miss Neal, Peter, Mozzie and the rest of the gang

  • Nanna

    @Doris Hudson: Have you actually watched WC? He’s amazing, and I’m not just talking about his looks, he’s a really talented actor

  • Liz

    I’m sad that it’s ending, but it’s fine. 6 seasons (although the last one will be way too short) is a good run, and I don’t want them to go on and sucking the last drop out of it. One of my favourite shows, and definitely one that I’ll be watching over and over again, and I definitely believed him as a straight man. All the best to every actor/actress on the show!

  • Maxima

    6 episodes is just a huge brashness. I never heard of USA network before White Collar and I will definitely not watch it ever again. WC has done a lot for the network and it deserves a proper ending. And with all the open storylines it’s not possible to do that in 6 episodes. Characters are obviously NOT THAT WELCOME on USA network !!!!!

  • sissy

    Trolls are stupid

    Matt Bomer is an amazing actor. White Collar is amazing show.

  • joanne t

    6 episodes is not enough, we got cheated last season now we going
    to be cheated once again.
    But! am happy at least we getting 6, it’s better than none.
    My favourite show, going to be a very sad day when they air the final
    Love Neal Caffrey, brilliantly played by Matt Bomer

  • Emanuela Italy

    Nooooooo !!!!!! Io amo questa serie. Propongo di girare le scene in Italia e non in NYC !!!!

  • Ryan

    NOOOOOOO! That’s it! After those 6 episodes air I’m giving up on television series forever. Well, that is, until Matt and/or Tim get a new series, lol. 2014′s definitely turning out to be a complete suckfest with all of my favorite shows either having their final season or getting the axe.

  • Rocky


    I’m with you! Gonna miss him and Peter.

  • Rocky


    Are you jealous because you can’t either. If you didn’t know he was gay, you wouldn’t have made this comment. Idiot!

  • apsara

    NOOOOOO Very Sad

  • kelli

    this sucks. one of my fave shows, if not my favorite. I will really miss it. I think bomer has a lot to do with it ending too; he is doing more big screen projects and being openly gay which makes it harder to see him as straight in white collar. maybe let him reunite with sarah in Europe or something. :-(

  • Harley

    Doris, Joelle are Matt’s competing actor PR hacks knowing Matt is loose and will trounce his acting competition for roles. No lead actor in a TV series can manage a large film career, glad he is free. Already a big film announcement to come. Kills the haters the the hottest actor alive is gay and also one of the most talented. Matt out does them all. No acto

  • http://@shoegirless Shoegirless

    @Akward: He just did. For 5 seasons, about to be 6. Your argument is invalid.

  • http://@shoegirless Shoegirless

    @Akward: Sorry, but he just did. For 5 seasons, about to be 6. Your comment is invalid.

  • Alan S

    I like the show a lot and he is totally believable as a straight men. Like most gay men, I hoped he was gay when the show premiered.

    I have not watched it lately–nor the just ended Necessary Roughness– for a while now for this reason: why does there have to be a over riding story arc for an entire season? It gets tiring. Can we have a show where the crime gets solved and we move on. These cliff hangers just got to be too much. OK, one crisis solved, but wait, there’s more! OMG, as the kids used to say. Bring back Leverage, or better yet, Remington Steel! : )

    I too will be sad to see PSYCH end, but happy because I don’t have to watch those inane reality shows they keep forcing on us.

  • Joel

    I love the show and I’ll miss it but I’m not sorry to see it end. The reason being that it’s still entertaining and relatively clever so I’d rather see them close it out voluntarily then when it’s become flat and plodding. They’re not quite at the golden 100 episodes but probably close enough to be able to syndicate which is where a great deal of the profit comes from. Tim DeKay, Willie Garson and Tiffani Thiessen had successful careers before the show and Matt Bomer has a happening one now so they all probably have options they wish to pursue. Hope the writers do right by the show and end it properly.

  • Kim

    @Akward: It’s amazing how you were able to navigate your way here…being BLIND and all. Do you even watch the show? It’s called acting for a reason, and he does a very convincing job.

  • Isa

    Love White Collar and feel really disappointed !

  • Alfred

    @Akward: yea… I wonder why don’t all the shows be about waiters/waitresses…

  • ARobbins

    I loved this show. Smart & endearing……of course it’s being cancelled :/ grrrrrrrr

  • ARobbins

    I am SO sad – this was a ‘smart’ show, great dialogue, history, arts, fashion, ETC. What a shame to see it go away – grrrrr

  • Kitty

    I love White Collar and love Matt Bomer. I am SO disappointed- such a good show, with good actors, always enjoyable to watch. Nothing that I can think of could possibly replace it. I am so sick of all the filth that it on TV, and this show has never succumbed to that programming. This is a terrible injustice to all WC fans by the USA network -six episodes- not enough.

  • Emi

    It’s a pity. The serie is very, very good!

  • http://Website Emi

    What pity! The serie is excellent!

  • Kat

    Sad to hear its ending but I’d be totally ok with it if they got a full 6th season, Matt needs to move on to movies. That being said, have to say Matt’s drop dead gorgeousness will be sorely missed! Ugh…he is just so darn beautiful it makes me want to cry.

  • Shirley Bolstad

    White Collar is one of the few shows I really like. Most of the series are not worth watching. I am so sick of shows like Survivor The great Race, etc. I know they are cheaper to produce but no reason to watch. I’ll go on watching NCIS and JAG reruns. Thanks to the WHITE COLLAR cast for some great stories.

  • Janet Cooper

    @<a href="/2014/03/20/matt-bomers-white-collar-ending-after-upcoming-sixth-season/comment-page-1

    Was Rock hudson believable as a straight man?? Is Richard Chamberlain believable in "The Thorn Birds"?? Is Victor Garber believable in "ALIAS"?? How about Jim Nabors, George Takei, Neil Patrick Harris?? It occurs to me that you have the problem here.

    Matt Bomer is thoroughly 100% believable as a straight man. The problem is that USA is run by a bunch of small-minded bean-counters who only want crap shows instead of high quality.

  • PatsyAnne

    6 episodes are ridiculous, and nowhere near enough to bring this amazing show to an end that it truly deserves. I wish Matt, Willie, Tim, Tiff and all the rest of the cast and crew the very best of luck for the future. As for the exceptionally talented Matt Bomer, he wont be short of work. The offers will be flooding in and he will be such a huge star after The Normal Heart and Monty Clift. I predict plenty of awards coming his way. If people cant say anything nice about the show or the actors then they shouldnt say anything at all. Jealousy is an ugly thing and these pathetic homophobic idiots should learn to STFU. We, Matt’s fans will always be there for him and continue to support him in whatever he chooses to do in the future. If there were more people in the world like Matt then it would be a much nicer place to live.