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Ian Somerhalder, Nina Dobrev, & Paul Wesley: Perfect Blood-Sucking Trio at 'Vampire Diaries' PaleyFest Panel!

Ian Somerhalder, Nina Dobrev, & Paul Wesley: Perfect Blood-Sucking Trio at 'Vampire Diaries' PaleyFest Panel!

Ian Somerhalder, Nina Dobrev, Paul Wesley hit the red carpet at the 2014 PaleyFest Panel for their hit series The Vampire Diaries on Saturday (March 22) at the Dolby Theatre in Hollywood.

Earlier in the day, Ian (not pictured) and Nina were both seen arriving at LAX Airport in Los Angeles on the same flight.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Ian Somerhalder

“Wheels down in LaLa Land. No sleep-shooting till 5AM, ready to work w/ Ivana Chubbuck, #PaleyFest @paleycenter, meetings-back to Atl. Wow…” Ian tweeted to his fans that day.

FYI: Ian is wearing a Z Zegna suit, shirt, and tie. Nina is wearing a Michael Kors dress, Aperlai shoes, an Edie Parker clutch, and Lina Noel jewelry.

20+ pictures inside of the cast of The Vampire Diaries attending the panel…

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vampire diaries paleyfest panel 01
vampire diaries paleyfest panel 02
vampire diaries paleyfest panel 03
vampire diaries paleyfest panel 04
vampire diaries paleyfest panel 05
vampire diaries paleyfest panel 06
vampire diaries paleyfest panel 07
vampire diaries paleyfest panel 08
vampire diaries paleyfest panel 09
vampire diaries paleyfest panel 10
vampire diaries paleyfest panel 11
vampire diaries paleyfest panel 12
vampire diaries paleyfest panel 13
vampire diaries paleyfest panel 14
vampire diaries paleyfest panel 15
vampire diaries paleyfest panel 16
vampire diaries paleyfest panel 17
vampire diaries paleyfest panel 18
vampire diaries paleyfest panel 19
vampire diaries paleyfest panel 20
vampire diaries paleyfest panel 21
vampire diaries paleyfest panel 22
vampire diaries paleyfest panel 23

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  • Roo

    Ian is beautiful <3

  • Sally

    The Boys look good

  • TVD

    I don’t think the cast is getting along. They look so awkward together. The solo shots are great but together. A disaster

  • Frany

    Ian looks HOT!!!

  • Frany

    @TVD: have you seen the Trio pic? It’s so weird. What happened to them? I think they have a Problem with eachother

  • Elma

    Love Ian, he’s awesome and gorgeous ;)

  • pup

    Smolderhalder looks perfection as usual.

  • Sam

    Ian Somerhalder is a hottie! Adore him. The Outfit is super classy and perfect shoes!

  • Paula

    Don’t like Nina’s Hair or dress, Ian and Paul are dapper in their suits. Wish they would take more pics together. We had one and it is aweful. I agree with you guys…something is awkward between the three of them.

  • lah

    they arrived on the same flight….breaking news *rolls eyes*

  • Yvonne

    Ian’s eyes are so pretty, omgggg <3

    @lah: but no pics? Hahaha nice try JJ

  • Ray

    The cast used to be my fave thing about TVD but now they’re all…different….not really friends. What a shame :(

  • Kyla

    For working until 5am Atlanta time and then going to Paleyfest, they looked amazing

  • maria

    Ian is so stunningly beautiful and them eyes are to die for. He looks so elegant, love the Suit

  • Mimi


  • sarah

    Love watching Paul and Nina, they’re such great actors. Doesn’t matter that Ian can’t act, he looks pretty fine.

  • Gabi

    Ian is a GREAT actor and damn he’s beautiful *-*

  • Melanie

    Ian is the best with his Fans, he’s so sweet and kind! Awwwwww!

  • cherie

    Ian looks gorgeous as always, Ian and Nina’s acting ,throughout all of last Episode was fantastic, especially Ian’s’ , which is great all the Time , Ian is a fantastic Actor and the backbone of The Vampire Diaries that holds everything together.

  • Hera

    Paul! <33 Looks soo good in that grey suit!!

  • Katya

    they are beautiful but I love Nina

  • Conrad

    It is not Nina’s best style, but she is lovely anyway. It looks like she did not have much time to pick even though Ilaria should have thought about it better. Never mind, she is lovely. Seeing her at Paley was the best. She signed my magazine. It is not true they are not friends anymore. They seemed very friendly, just like every year at Paley. They joked a lot, but it was noisy and often i did not hear them.
    Ian and Nina would talk to each other a lot. When they were signing he’d pull her back and tell her something and make her laugh a lot, and come back to us and then hug her and tell her something and smile again. They laughed a lot while signing and talking. it was madness this year. It felt like there were more people and it was crazier than other years. But what an incredible experience. i went with my niece and brother and we had a blast! i will never forget it.

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  • Mimi

    Arrived on the same flight?? Check flight times from ATL to LA. Nina was spotted at the ATL airport RUNNING to catch her flight about 3 hrs BEFORE Ian arrived in LA. She wouldn’t have arrived for another hour or so. The media needs to stop lying. How do they arrive on the same flight, but there’s NO pics of him and several of her?

  • Dani

    @sarah: ian can’t act? Do you want me to sent you some clips and scenes of him that are amazing to prove u wrong?

  • Danny

    The TVD cast is weird, sorry :( Ian looks gorgeous tho!

    @Mimi: interesting! Thanks for sharing.

  • Maria

    They all look tired but awesome, love to see them all together!

  • TVD

    @Maria: yes but there is something off. The Panel was awkward and the Trio pics were even more awkward. The show and it’s Cast isn’t the same anymore. For me it looks like they aren’t even Friends.

  • Helen

    Ian worked till 5am in the Morning, how can he look THAT good after no sleep and a long flight? Don’t get it. He’s STUNNING!!!

  • Need Jesus

    Oh my gawd, what have I been reading? So now they are soo super close. Boob watching, hand holding, touching, loving looks. I can’t wait until Nina’s Summer vacation and all hell will break loose with the deluded fans again. If Ian wants to move on with his life, he will have to stop this fan pandering crap he has going on for Nian shippers. That will never be a respectable option for any future love interest. Sorry from the photos I see, Ian feeds it and the fans will only get filthier the longer they’re deceived.

  • Grey

    @Need Jesus: i almost agree with u, just i see Nina feeds Nian fans more and makes situations like piss fans off before play fest so TVD producers force Ian to be especially nice to her and do the damage control

  • Leiney

    @Need Jesus: sorry but THEY GET TOLD what to do on the Panel. It’s not Ian, not Nina….THE NETWORK tells them! It’s to promote the show and delena is recently their main Couple. As soon as the thing was over they all run off in different directions. Those Panels are WORK nothing else! Nian is over, Ian is happy, Nina is happy! Move on guys!

  • Mimi

    @Leiney: thank you! FINALLY someone said it! Those panels are completely staged as they have been every year! I believe there’s more acting at Paleyfest than on the TVD set!

  • Ally


  • Jenn

    This at Paley Center! They must be scraping rock bottom. Ian’s new weave looks ok I guess.

  • Amy

    @Need Jesus:

    Ok, that’s an over reaction. They dated, broke up and are friends now. Are they supposed to ignore each in public? They have to work together on a regular basis so it’s good that they get along well.

  • brenda

    Wow Ian…so gorgeous like always and looks good in that suit!

  • yivi

    amazing Nina

  • san

    Paul, beautiful!

  • KarinL

    Ian is so gorgeous as always!

  • LOL

    Nah, there was no need for Ian to be leaning over and looking down Nina’s top, damage control, staged PR or not. He needs to grow up and leave peeking down at boobs and sticking his hand between 25 year olds legs in photos alone.

  • …….

    Ian is so handsome! <3

  • ilona

    Ian is so beautiful and rocked the Paley fest!! He is even more gorgeous in Person.

  • zumaria sadiq

    ian z too hot..i just lov him..he ztoo coool n amazng person with caring heart..:)