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'American Horror Story' Season 4's Freak Show Cast Confirmed!

'American Horror Story' Season 4's Freak Show Cast Confirmed!

We already learned that the upcoming fourth season of American Horror Story will be titled “Freak Show,” but now we also know which cast members are returning!

Jessica Lange is set to lead the season as “a German ex-pat who is managing one of the last freak shows in the U.S.,” according to EW.

The season will be set in 1950 in Jupiter, Florida and will feature Kathy Bates, Sarah Paulson, Evan Peters, Angela Bassett, and Frances Conroy as carnival performers that have been rescued by Jessica‘s character.

Also in talks to return are Emma Roberts and Denis O’Hare.

ARE YOU EXCITED for the fourth season of American Horror Story?

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  • chris


  • SaadGKhan

    Emma Roberts should return … she was the best part in Season 3 . And acted damn well.

  • annabelle

    I’m so happy my queens Jessica and Sarah are back! But ugh I didn’t want Emma back! Why isn’t Taissa back?!! I love her. I rather have her than Emma -.-

  • F

    No more Emma Roberts pleaseee!

  • Jennay


  • ForMe

    @SaadGKhan: Emma Roberts was the worst part of the show. She took me right out of the show every time she was on screen.

  • paxton

    Where’s Quinto??!

  • Sabine

    Hopefully this will be better than season 3.

  • laly

    She was playing herself lol

    and Taissa needs to comeback

  • Janire

    I miss this show, can’t wait!

  • Beaumont

    Cant happen American Horror Story without Jessica Lange !

  • Livia

    no more Emma Roberts please

  • Bettedavisfan

    I agree. Season 3 was not nearly what it was hyped up to be. I grew incredibly bored, very early into the season. And why did they keep killing off characters and bringing them back to life? Once, twice, three times I can handle, but every single episode? Come on! Lol.

  • Bettedavisfan

    @ForMe: really? I thought her character was refreshingly hilarious, unlike the others.

  • Living in a box

    Freak Show. Interesting title.

  • Moira O’Hara

    I hope Alex Breckenridge will be back.

  • http://@shizuka_dm Kalafino

    @annabelle: Emma is so much better than Taissa, get out!

  • Reagan

    I dont like or dislike Taissa so I have no opinion but I dont like Emma Roberts. Ive noticed she is only good at 1 role: b*tchy and annoying. Every movie Ive seen her in where she didnt play this role she got bad reviews. I have a feeling thats her personality in real life based on her DV incident and the vibe she gives off. She is not good enough for the show. I wish Alexandra Breckenridge and Kate Mara would come back.

  • Beto

    I need Emma for sure, she’s the reason I watch this show!

  • http://@kyle_t_noble Kyle Noble

    Kathy Bates as the bearded woman!!!

  • Marlee

    @paxton: I need him to come back.

  • Kevin

    If Taissa does not come back in season 4. I am done with AHS! Emma Roberts stinks she can only play a bitch because she is in fact one in real life

  • Kevin


    yeah in an alternate reality maybe. Taissa has acted 2 years now and already now Emma can’t reach the level Taissa is on. Taissa need to return. AHS is nothing without her

  • Mike


    yeah in an alternate reality maybe. Taissa has acted 2 years now and already now Emma can’t reach the level Taissa is on. Taissa need to return. AHS is nothing without her

  • jen

    I’m sorry , but I won’t watch this season if it doesnt have taissa cause she is the sh**! And she is sooooooo much better than emma and let’s look at it this way taissa is younger than emma and she still keeps landing roles in every movie you can think off! Plus she’s done the bling ring , mindscape , jersey boy , and so much more and now she’s doing a horror/comedy flick ….wow she just amazed me. I have a feeling she will be one of those top stars cause I see that’s were she’s heading , hopefully she will get that big break , cause I def see a bright future for her :)

  • Tiffany

    I actually hoped Gabourey Sidibe would be back. She kicked ass as Queenie.

  • Carly

    I would love to have Taissa back so much more than Emma! Taissa each season she was on has been a character you love.

  • dellis2


  • Jordan

    I want Taissa Farmiga to be in the 4th season!! :(

  • Daphne

    Taissa is filming a movie. So she might not come back. Lily Rabe is also filming a new TV show

  • jenny

    As long as Jessica Lange is there, I’ll watch!

  • nicki1965

    Jessica Lang IS American Horror Story….she can’t leave after season 4! It won’t be the same!

  • Matata

    You have got to be kidding. She is the only terrible part of AHS since season 1. It has been amazing until she came