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Gwyneth Paltrow Breaks Her Silence on Chris Martin Split: Thanks Fans for Support

Gwyneth Paltrow Breaks Her Silence on Chris Martin Split: Thanks Fans for Support

Gwyneth Paltrow has broken her silence on her recent split with husband of ten years Chris Martin.

In a blog post on her Goop website relating to chicken recipes, the 41-year-old actress wrote a little note to her fans.

“P.S. CM and I in deep gratitude for the support of so many. ♥” Gwyneth wrote at the top of her site, before going into detail about taking one chicken and making it into three meals.

Earlier this week, Chris and Gwyneth announced their split on the Goop site after being married for 10 years.

Despite their separation, the couple and their children, Apple and Moses, were just on a trip to the Bahamas.

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  • lol

    She’s so insufferable. No wonder Chris came to his senses and left her.

  • Carrie

    I’d be willing to bet he went out side and yelled : “Free at last, free at last, thank God almighty this motherf-cker is free at last!”

  • go go

    Vapid as ever

  • Goopy

    Dear peasants,

    I am so moved you all are talking about me and worried about my happiness. Please do not worry, little people: I am taking time during this difficult period to heal, cook and to shop.

    As we learn from the Buddha, you must let yourself go of all worldly attachments, except for the finest food and clothing.

    And moisturize, moisturize, moisturize.


  • kel

    She makes Martha Stewart seem warm and fuzzy.

  • karma b^tch!

    I am gloating happily. Serves that smug little witch right.

  • who

    I dont think she cares about being married or divorced. She’s still in love with Braaaadd.

  • HW

    She’s been denying the cheating rumors but everyone knows the truth.
    She’s Hollywood’s biggest whore.

  • lee

    I love the title “breaks her silence”, she hasn’t shut up yet. When was she silent LOL

  • so

    just because people break up or do not want to be lovers does not mean they have to hate eachother! I imagine they deeply love eachother just not in a lovers way

  • groundcontrol

    Silence? She announced the separation with a letter to the world and has commented on it since. How is this breaking any silence? Please.
    Now if Martin comments or says anything THAT would be breaking his silence.

  • truth


    LOL this comment is so appropriate after the comments she made that her job is harder than mothers who also work 9-5 jobs. She is one spoiled snobbish biotch.

  • wow

    She seems like one very cold witch who thinks she is better than the rest of the “lesser” people of the world. Born with a silver spoon in her mouth & never had to worry about putting food on the table or shelter for her family & Chris seems like a very nice down to earth guy.

  • NYC

    Everyone should mind their own business and STFU.
    Go get a life.
    I’m a huge Coldplay fan. I’ll take him!

  • Rita

    They are vacationing together with the kids at the moment and probably laughing their ass off about the stupid statements people make about their break up. They should do tons of photo ops together having fun and all in the next months just to rile up the dumb haters.

  • http://- albert collins

    she was lucky to get a wonderful script- Shakespeare in Love, she wins the Oscar and then she does junk for 10 years.


    I’m happy happy happy that this b*tch got the karma that was overdue her. After her nauseatingly STUPID remarks about America, and Americans being patriotic, she can FOAD. That vapid b*tch lives in a country that was racked by war and bombings only 70 years ago. The Brits can be very patriotic so what will happen to her if they are attacked? She’ll have to move. Maybe to h e l l where she can cook, eat and look down at the little people who are burning like she is.
    I’ve boycotted this shrew for over ten years and have no plans to fund her career in any way. LMAO @ her sitch.

  • Lee

    Breaking her silence??!!! WTF!! This smug biatch has not shut up since she left her note about their split for the world to read.
    Who does that? It’s so obvious this was an attention shot big time.
    Why did she have to explain to the world anything about her split? And now back already to talk about me me me.
    I have no use for this pretentious snob. Ever since Gwenith Paltrow got caught and word leaked in HW about her giving H Weinstein a bj if he put her in the lead in Shakespeare In Love which was a crap movie and to boot Weinstein pulled thru on all the PR he promised to promote an Oscar which was the most unfair Oscar season in many yrs. Cate Blanchette got robbed due to GP’s conniving deal she made with the big boss Weinstein.
    Sure she came out and pretty much admitted she did a Very Bad Thing b/c HW was disgusted with her but by that time she had already got her not earned prize for an Oscar she did not deserve,
    So I see her as a sneaky little biatch who will do anything to get what she wants. Ohhh, How I wish Graydon Carter from VF had of published the article Paltrow was throwing a hissy fit about ,maybe he will still be able to do that piece in his own way.. Gwenith Goop You sleep with married men for only so long and you end up with no close friends. You are being laughed at for you’re trashy trampy behavior you are trying so hard to keep under wraps but HW knows and ppl do not forget. So stop with youre BS as if you had a wonderful marriage and it just broke within the last yr. Honesty…Yes HONESTY would have been key here but you are incapable of accomplishing ‘The Truth and will always be a snobby pretentious biatch! Enough with your so called silence. I mean really do you think you are fooling the people? Go away! I have no interest in anything you do and this will be my first and last post in regards to your BS.
    Just b/c you were born with a silver spoon doesn’t mean you can screw other married women and their hubby’s relationship. Just b/c it was okay b/c you and Chris had an open relationship does not mean everyone in HW follows suit.

  • Tin Tin

    Two days before this news broke out–I had the word ‘uncoupling’ in my head for some reason. I think maybe because I was watching an episode of Buffy where someone said—”Prepare to uncouple”, as Buffy approaches the scoobies(Xander and Cordy; Willow and Oz—as in couples, Buffy being single coz she killed Angel in the previous season). Anyway—it happens–being rich and famous are no exceptions.