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Tom Cruise Joins 'Jack Reacher' Co-Star Rosamund Pike at Jameson Empire Awards 2014

Tom Cruise Joins 'Jack Reacher' Co-Star Rosamund Pike at Jameson Empire Awards 2014

Tom Cruise suits up on the red carpet at the 2014 Jameson Empire Awards at the Grosvenor House Hotel on Sunday (March 30) in London, England.

The 51-year-old actor was joined on the red carpet by his Jack Reacher co-star Rosamund Pike.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Tom Cruise

The Jameson Empire Awards are billed as the “most fun, irreverent and unpredictable awards show of the season.” Awards are given out based on fan votes.

Many other celebs are hitting the red carpet at the big show, so stay tuned for for the latest!

FYI: Rosie is wearing an Erdem jumpsuit, Christian Louboutin shoes, and Jagga rings.

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  • pinkydoo

    WTF happened to Tom? His face looks really weird and creepy.

  • Lydia

    Tom looks good aside from the bangs. Certainly not like a 51 year old.
    Now be prepared for the ex- cult members to spam anything about him now and probably this thread.
    One thing I have learned is just like the current cult members spam all the anti sites or things like Leah Remini the EX cult members have kept the same tactics when they left the cult and spam everything with Tom, John, Kiristie etc.
    I could care less about the cult but I find the ex and current members much a like.
    I noticed this by clicking on someones Disqus profile and even though they just made a “she’s ugly” about Kiristie I noticed all their profile was about Scientology stuff. So then I stared watching other disqus posters and it was the same.
    Spam Spam Spam. Then noticed the same names in other places.
    So yes the rumors seem to be true that current members do that but the ex’s kept the same format for those that are still in.
    Kiristie’s show will do well if it’s funny and very little the few cults/ex cult members can do about it. Tom and John’s movies will do well if they are good and not about how many times ex cult members can try and spam all sites about them. Same with Leah who I really like also. Most people just live their life and don’t follow celebrity gossip that close and don’t care about a stars personal life when they decide to see a movie.


    get a haircut

  • Kylie

    He is a handsome man can’t deny that. Agree with the need for a haircut but skin and face looks great.
    I think he might be receiving an award tonight.
    Good luck to him.

  • Missy

    He looks all right for his age, but I don’t like the bangs. Cheeks look a bit swollen. fillers? He also looks very tense, which is unusual for him. He usually looks relaxed and happy on the red carpet.

  • SR

    Rosamund looks amazing! So excited for Gone Girl! :D

  • Just sayin’

    Looks like Lydia the cult member is spamming US. Just because you don’t agree with the cult protesters doesn’t make it spam sister. It’s a dangerous, destructive, scary cult that kills people, destroys families and steals people’s money. Cruise supports that wholeheartedly. YOU might not care that people are being hurt, but MANY OF US DO. It’s not just ex culties. If you just want to be a fan, be one, but don’t spout uninformed crap about others when you clearly don’t know what you’re talking about. Cruise is 2nd in command at scientology. He knows about all the abuses and supports them. That makes him a big fat creep IMO and the opinions of lots of others. It’s not spam. Its fact. And don’t give me that garbage that all religions are bad. So what?? That doesn’t make scientology better because others have done it.

    In short, don’t call critical statements of Cruise and his cult “spam”. Its no more “spam” than your stupid, uneducated, idiotic post support him.

  • Just sayin’

    PS. Cruise looks OLD. I guess he does the trash action films and sci fi crap because he’s no longer capable of doing the quality drama he did in 20 or 25 years ago. No more Born on the 4th of July or Color of Money or Magnolia. Now its all trash all the time so he can give his big paychecks to scientology. He sure doesn’t give them to his daughter with Holmes. He never even see’s her. Gave up custody of her even. What a piece of crap.

  • Pam

    Tom is not 2nd in command. He is friends with David the leader but he has no role in the church. The rest is speculation. What is not speculation is that the Catholic church has lots of priest that molest kids and I don’t see many people hating all Catholic stars.
    You have no idea if he doesn’t see Suri just because you don’t see pictures of it.
    Who cares, Carry on with your hate if it makes you feel good.

  • 444

    Cruise is legend

  • 444

    @pinkydoo: your creepy bit/ch

  • werewolves


  • ll3

    Looks great, is he really 50?

  • Anne

    Damn that is a Gorgeous man and that is what 50 looks like..

  • anustin

    He is such a gorgeous man.

  • 444

    @Just sayin’: you dont even know him bit/ch

  • 444

    just sayin in a dbag

  • just sayin2


  • vickifromtexas

    oh my ! he is so hot !

  • sweetness

    I think he looks fine for a man in his 50s and yep he’s still got major star power. Its fun that he’s trying a new look, it’s just hair folks…It’s more shocking to see him on the red carpet, I thought he simply stopped doing them.

  • Honey

    He’s an older Zac Effron. Zac is really gay though.

  • Missy

    It’s not really a different look. He’s had bangs before. I think he usually grows them out when he’s not filming.

  • Kate

    Puffy, gay, irrelevant creepy old man….next.

  • Jessie

    Dude, what’s with that hair cut? You’re too old for that.

  • Lady in Red

    Not irrelevant since his movies make big bucks.
    Gay? I would ask Cher about that. She thinks he is a great lover. Surely Nicole Kidman wouldn’t waste ten years of her life with a gay man.
    30 plus years in the business and still going strong. His movies (with very few exceptions) do great. Bring it on Tom. Ignore the haters.

  • patricia

    botox course, now looked like oil on face, swollen and reddish.

  • 876905

    I hope I look that good when I am 51 years old. Sure he has a few lines but anyone would at that age. I don’t see any signs of cosmetic surgery or botox. Bringing up the bigger picture you see lines on the side of the face that are natural. Whatever you are doing Tommy, keep doing it.

  • yeah

    He looks like he’s wearing a mask lol

  • Where is Ben Affleck !

    Ben and Rosemond move trailer is already out so why not have the 2 of them be. There!

  • SR

    @Where is Ben Affleck !: Where is the trailer? it’s not out yet! I’ve been waiting since CineCon reviews.

  • Free at last!

    Agred, the bang doesn’t work for him!
    Cannot wait for Jack Reacher to come back!

  • Free at last!

    Rosamund Pike looks great!

  • Sylvia

    The abuse in the Catholic church was a big secret that came out and is being taken care of with law suits etc. The abuses in Scientology are well known and are continuing with people like Cruise knowing about it, but continuing to deny that it’s happening. They just say ex-members are lying. People are missing, but nobody talks about it.

  • whatever

    Actually one of the biggest and loudest ex co$ members that goes on tv even says its likely stars like Cruise, Travolta and Alley don’t see the bad and are sheltered from it. They are all taught not to read about it.
    Leah Remini was win for 30 something years and only left when something personal happened to her. She was defending it for many years and couldn’t see through the rose colored glasses.It took that to open her eyes. Same with that director of Crash whats his name. He was in for 30 years and it took something personal for him to see the light.
    The issues with the catholics are still going on kids are still raped and the CO$ also has law suits.
    Aside from all the bad stuff about the CO$, the in house fighting and abuses I don’t know what it is they even teach but I know for some reason it seems to have attracted a lot of people. Some of those that left have started groups where they still practice Scientology itself but just not as part of the group that is abusive. So whatever it is (and I wish I knew) that part of it some people really think helped them.

  • Fresh

    He’s creepy…because of Ho$….

  • Andrea

    Cruise looks good.
    Looking forward to Edge of Tomorrow – Jun 6, 2014.

  • Kari

    Saw some interview he did today at this event. He said he has been in London for a while now putting the finishing touches on Edge of Tomorrow.It was filmed there. I had heard some silly Cult/Co$ rumor they had him in lock down so he wouldn’t leave. loool. I guess he has been in the UK and probably with his daughter Bella who lives there too.

  • Carmen

    Edge of tomorrow

  • Carmen

    @Kate: your a whore

  • Mighty Max


  • Missy

    I don’t think the ‘church’ has to worry about Tom trying to leave. I think he’s swallowed the kool-aid and is 100% committed.

  • @missy

    You could be right but you never know. As stated earlier it took Leah and a few others over 30 years to see the light. The man that is at the helm of the biggest law suit against the cult right now was not only in for longer then Tom but was the real right hand to David Miscaviage(sp??). Meaning he actually was on staff and not only knew all the behind the scenes stuff but was a part of dishing it out and inflicting the abuses.

  • Andromeda

    Looks like all the Sceino a zz kissers are out. Do they pay you people to talk up Tom Cruise or do you do it for free?

    Come on people. He’s an old nutty guy who’s short with a big nose and who belongs to a weird cult and can’t maintain a relationship to save his frickin life. The guy is NUTS. He’s crazy as the day is long and his best acting days are long behind him.

  • so hot

    hes so hot & gorgeous,except the haircut. lol

  • Mighty Max

    @Andromeda: your a cun/t

  • PeaceMan

    He is awesome and his co-workers love him. So glad he got this award tonight. Well done! MI-5 is in the works and a couple of others too. Can’t wait. LEGEND INDEED!

  • Wurry

    I think he has officially went over the line with the amount work he’s had done. A couple of years ago, he got a mid-face lift and it looked alright. Obvious but not overdone. This is too much, IMO.

  • lol

    LOL at people who talk like they KNOW what/if he has done work on his face.
    His face looks fine just a bit red in a few pictures.

  • Roberta

    @Sylvia: The abuse in the Catholic church has been going on for years, and is something that the chirch has tried to hide. Not only child abuse goes on, That’s a lot more that we don’t know because people hold catholicism in a pedestal. I’m not a scientologist, as a matter of fact, I don’t follow any religion, but one of the biggest criticism people make about scientology is that it brainwashes people, well, every religion does that. I don’t like arguing about religions, everyone has their own, I just respect other people’s beliefs.

  • Roberta

    As a huge Tom fan… he needs a hair cut. Still looks good, though.