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Alexander Skarsgard Is Toned & Ready for a Gym Workout!

Alexander Skarsgard Is Toned & Ready for a Gym Workout!

Alexander Skarsgard shows off his toned arms while stepping out for a gym session on Monday (March 31) in West Hollywood, Calif.

Last week, the 37-year-old actor was spotted looking handsome in a black tee while grabbing some grub with friends at Lemonade.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Alexander Skarsgard

In case you missed it, have a look at Alexander in a new trailer for his upcoming film The Giver, also starring Meryl Streep, Taylor Swift, and Katie Holmes.

15+ pictures inside of Alexander Skarsgard flaunting his toned muscles at a gym…

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alexander skarsgard toned ready gym workout 01
alexander skarsgard toned ready gym workout 02
alexander skarsgard toned ready gym workout 03
alexander skarsgard toned ready gym workout 04
alexander skarsgard toned ready gym workout 05
alexander skarsgard toned ready gym workout 06
alexander skarsgard toned ready gym workout 07
alexander skarsgard toned ready gym workout 08
alexander skarsgard toned ready gym workout 09
alexander skarsgard toned ready gym workout 10
alexander skarsgard toned ready gym workout 11
alexander skarsgard toned ready gym workout 12
alexander skarsgard toned ready gym workout 13
alexander skarsgard toned ready gym workout 14
alexander skarsgard toned ready gym workout 15
alexander skarsgard toned ready gym workout 16
alexander skarsgard toned ready gym workout 17

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  • Tarzan


    “You’ll be in my heart”~~~~~


  • Ha

    HOT damn. That bod, yummmmm

  • Cafélady

    He’s definitely in good shape – and looks great here. May be a bit too strongly defined muscles (but that’s a matter of taste) – but definitely good.
    As long as he don’t tries to get a body like Arnold Schwarzenegger at his Mr. Universum times (that was really a bit too much then – at least for my taste) – I’m on his side. LoL
    But ok – I’m anyway on his side. LoL
    So no one has to worry – he is and will be in perfect shape for the shooting of ‘Tarzan’ – that’s for sure.

  • sexy pants

    Well look who is fit and FOOOOOOINE on a Monday lawd baby jesus and some apostles his body right now though (imaginery squeeze it) walking outside with his body saying want it (I do you FOOOOOOINE SOB but but his butt is looking firm too hey now get it, He wouldn’t give it to me tho sad face) and his face looking a little confused or concerned?! Ugh Swedish dudes especially this swedish dude.

    It looks like I could swing from his arms now and it would be fun you work on that body Skarsgard even though I know you have commitment issues could you sort that out though evolve so I ask for piggy back ride you. Gawd he looks so god damn climable though and I would climb him.

  • sexy pants


    His body is more than fine if he gets viney and his schoulders starts eating his neck then he is over doing it but now he is doing fine everything looks great you work on that 3D body Alexander SKarsgard work on it!

  • Woo

    hubba hubba

  • Jules

    Yessssss butt shot :-)

  • Soooo

    Is this what is causing the earthquake aftershocks?

  • Billie

    One thing; the man isn’t “flaunting”. He is simply going to work out.

  • YouSaidIt


    haha I don’t know about earthquakes but I am feeling alot of things inside me by looking at these Hoooooottttt he is looking amazing.

  • chelle

    @sexy pants: my thoughts exactly….. I think I just melted into a HUGE drool puddle!!!!!

  • ladybug

    @sexy pants: I think his neck is bigger, but everything is proportional, so it’s not weird looking.
    And remember, Tarzan will be in 3D. :)

  • Really?

    Is he really 37? Wow he looks amazing!

  • sexy pants


    Clean up on aisle 5, 4,6 hell clsoe the thread before a real accident happens lol. But yeah he seems to be good at that huh he knows what he has to offer and sometimes he displays it very in well which I am guessing this is new gym attire I approve of this gym wear. Snap fingers twice, then says Work It Swedish Boo!

  • margarita

    I’m not digging this look too much. I understand that he needs to transform into Tarzan. He probably does need to be bigger for that to translate onto the screen.

  • sexy pants


    I call it the filling in nicely phase which is he is doing in the right areas very well and No he’s not at The Rock body phase I love the Rock I think he a real sweet cool guy but sometimes I feel real pain looking at his body it’s too much.

    How can I forget the 3D I look forward to seeing all of that and more in 3D I feel I should get my 3D glasses to practise my reactions. I already have DaaaaaaammmmmmmmmNNNNNN and Whoaaaaaaaaaaa and OH MAH GAWD down so I will be ready for all of that.

  • Monday

    @sexy pants: Ugh Swedish dudes especially this swedish dude – ?

  • sexy pants


    Don’t kill my buzz man cause I got one going just enjoy the Skarsgard offering… it’s a buff buffet

  • Chrissy

    Wow, he’s looking fantastic! Even his usually skinny legs are filling out nicely. Yummy Askars!!! He’s got a few months to go before Tarzan filming begins, it’ll be interesting to see how bulky he gets…. Go Alex Go!!!

  • Ummm

    @sexy pants: How many Swedish guys do you know? If you’re only judging by celebs like Skarsgard and Schenkenberg, I hate to break it to you but they are models, they’re not the general population. Why do you even bring up his nationality so much?

  • hoggy

    all lame as s women are seeing is some outer shell of a real jerk with no personality, sorry to break it to you , so get a life and stop drooling over mr zero personality ! he should go back to sweden and shovel

  • Monday

    @sexy pants: It’s a small tight butt and his friend ain’t to bad either. Buzz back?

  • sexy pants


    I didn’t know immigrantion post on JJ the more you know the less you care.

  • 112

    I lived in Sweden for two years and I would say that the men (and women) are way above average attractiveness when compared to American men and women.

  • sexy pants


    Why do you even bring up his nationality so much?
    Why not!

    Swedish,Swedish,Swedish, ikea, Ikea H&M Volvo, Sweden ABBA, Stellan Skarsgard, Bill Gustaf etc etc. Sweden

    The buzz kills have arrived so Hasta la vista, then

  • @#25

    @sexy pants: You are annoying, always babbling a bunch of drivel.

  • chelle

    @Monday: only if it’s nekkid tight bum!!! OK getting some seriously jealous side eye from my sweet hubby… Hahaha!!!!

  • @#21

    @hoggy: Nah he is a good guy who just happens to be very good looking as well. You can take your rude comments elsewhere and we can admire him all we want.

  • hoggy

    @@#21: oh really you have met him before have you ? you can call the things you don’t want to hear rude all you want if it makes you feel better lol .

  • Swoon

    A.S. looking incredible as always. Love this man <3

  • krissy

    I don’t know what it is but his body is odd

  • Tori

    @hoggy: What a jealous and stupid comment! Have you met him? All of his costars and everyone who HAS met him talks about how nice he is, intelligent and a goof. He comes off much more intelligent and thoughtful in interviews than most actors and he doesn’t appear to have a PR person coaching him. And I’m a reader and looking at the book titles the man reads – he is no idiot. You are, however.

  • @krisy

    His head is too small and there’s something off in the shoulder area, too narrow? and hips wide

  • Sexeaay

    That song…I am sexey and I know it…blasts from the skies when he s walking…Yeaa girl look at that body….I work out…!!! Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!! :pppp (heat is effecting my mental abilities..)

  • Seriousheat

    Yes..yes..! ;) I am going marry this man one day…keep him busy..:pp..or maybe it’s the other way around..

  • Lala

    OMG!!! MORE! MORE! I need more pics of this heavenly creature! ;)

  • what

    I just can’t even….

  • Lala

    It feels like so many butterflies flutters in my tummy)). I can’t get enough of him…

  • BJ

    Yup, he’s HOT, and SMART, and take his JOB seriously. Nobody wants a flabby TARZAN.

  • Slinky the Cat

    Sweet baby Jesus his body is insane. This man is a straight up life ruiner, and I love him for it.

  • &&

    Bulking up 4 margott Roberts ready to sh&g her. Yeah ya doin it4 her. Not4 tarzin .

  • Cafélady

    @ladybug: #12 …well, ‘Tarzan’ in 3D then…up to now, I never had the urge to watch movies in theater in 3D…mostly it isn’t worth the higher price of the ticket – at least to me. But if I bethink this… in this case…is it a must, so to say (even if they should offer the movie also in a 2D version additionally)… :)
    Bets that,…that a lot men are happy then, when the runtime of ‘Tarzan’ in theaters will finally be over? LoL
    …but really…alex with his super-fit body in 3D then…in THAT shape who he has now…oh oh… LoL
    …the man has obviously no mercy with us women. ;)

  • Yum

    He is a ladykiller….way too good looking….like, to the point of being intimidating. That is a blessing and a curse at the same time. I still love him of course, lol

  • kikiwiki

    so how much does askars team pay you to come here ???

  • Jiz


  • jon m’shulla

    He is the man. Wonder where he will go after True Blood? Someplace sexy, I hope.

  • Come on now

    He seems to be a nice guy with an overbite and lisp. He has even said he is a goof with a huge overbite. Much sexier to see . Not so sexy to listen to. Parseltongue.

  • m

    oh my god! Hot Hot Hot! I need a cold shower!

  • Coco

    If he the Margor his goin loose some fans biiig time…caus…yikes.


    He is lovely! Great intelligent guy with a big heart. Met him once. Hi was so kind.