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Zac Efron Still Looking Hot Despite Being Attacked Last Week

Zac Efron Still Looking Hot Despite Being Attacked Last Week

Zac Efron leaves a restaurant wearing a tight blue t-shirt after having lunch with a mystery gal on Monday afternoon (March 31) in Hollywood.

The 26-year-old actor was seen earlier in the afternoon arriving at the restaurant wearing a Neil Young tour shirt. We sure love the tight tee look on Zac and hopes he always wears clothes that fit that way!

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Zac Efron

Zac was seen last week for the first time since the mysterious attack that happened to him in downtown Los Angeles when his car reportedly ran out of gas in a bad area of town.

10+ pictures inside of Zac Efron out for lunch…

Just Jared on Facebook
zac efron tight blue shirt 01
zac efron tight blue shirt 02
zac efron tight blue shirt 03
zac efron tight blue shirt 04
zac efron tight blue shirt 05
zac efron tight blue shirt 06
zac efron tight blue shirt 07
zac efron tight blue shirt 08
zac efron tight blue shirt 09
zac efron tight blue shirt 10
zac efron tight blue shirt 11
zac efron tight blue shirt 12
zac efron tight blue shirt 13
zac efron tight blue shirt 14

Photos: FameFlynet Pictures
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  • PlanetBlue

    I just upsets me that he’s clearly still not well and no one in his life seems to care about him enough to get him some proper long term help. Wr have seen this unfold so many times, You’d think the industry would learn by now that it’s too late to do anything when the addict is dead.

  • soy

    i’ve noticed an influx of specially retarded headlines lately, wth?

  • Dollie

    Whos that girl zac ?

  • OK

    WOW Zac you sure do look good!!! Love that color blue on you.

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  • dvt

    what kind of title is that?!

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  • pup

    Still looking gorgeous as ever, BUT he needs to go to rehab ASAP.

  • My hand

    he was there with his publicist Lindsey and his assistant Lucas!! he loos fantastic!!

  • My hand

    I personally think we would hear about hi project NARC soon!! so excited. Let’s focus on the good thing! be positive! he looks fantastic!

  • Cate

    What is up with the even more inane titles than usual on articles recently?

  • Claudia

    Looking good, Zac!!! All your fans love you!!! We just want you to be happy and healthy! Hope you’re doing fine :)

    Can’t wait for Neighbors!!! <3

  • kami


  • Jess

    Okay, can we stop letting the interns from SMCC write these headlines? With the amount of ad space and sponsorship on this site, it’s not like you can’t afford to hire people who don’t write like they’re 7th grade girls posting a Facebook status.

  • leelee

    Nice post title Perez Hilton.

  • melissa

    he must have a new bf to dress up for

  • lauren

    did zac bring an extra set of clothes?

    @my hand
    where do u see lucas?

  • lauren

    your gay jokes are getting old fyi

  • OK

    This looks like good news to me.

  • OK

    Hearing several things were discussed all good.

  • Pearl


    Your posts convince me! those links make it pretty obvious those Asians described in them can read minds ! ! !
    I will think the most obscene things the next time i’m around Asians!

  • my hand

    Lauren, there ser more pica on flame pictures.. There ser picd of the eating and they were joining by other guy

  • Bridget

    F*ck thats scary!

  • lauren

    @my hand
    you can just get on frame flare pics without joining?

  • meltdown

    is he walking in skid row?

  • lauren

    @my hand
    you have to be a member or work in the biz to see the pics.

  • lauren

    no he’s walking in hollywood.
    can u not read?

  • my hand

    Lauren, You need to join FP to see their pics, so not, I can’t see the pics without joining

  • meltdown

    Is his new project narc short for narcotic? So tailor-made for him for the role.

  • Crack of Dawn

    Are there anything more interesting articles about him except being in and out of rehabs, driving in skid row, and hitting on vaporizers? He is so irrelevant!

  • Richie

    @meltdown: Let me guess.. so your a Vanessa fan right? too much jealous because your girl doesn’t get any good roles? or how can I say it.. JEALOUS BECAUSE SHE DOESN’T DO ANYTHING than going to yoga class and pretending to be religious while we all know that she is an S L U T ? get your A$$ out of here if you don’t like Zac.. okay?

  • Jenny

    Did you hire Perez Hilton to write your titles?

  • Richie

    @Crack of Dawn: I wonder if there are anything more interesting articles about Vanessa than pretending to be religious or attending to yoga class.. I mean at leat the guy is in meetings working on his career and trying to be better.. while some person is just there doing nothing.

  • kami


  • OK

    Please lets leave exes. out of this.

  • Hellen

    Zac, I hope you are doing well and getting the help you need and the title is dumb, but I’m not gonna lie… That shirt looks very good on him although it looks like he’s about to bust out of it lol.

  • brody

    That girl is not his publicist. Lindsey is as tall as Zac. That mystery girl looks too short to be her.

  • Kameron

    Yup, he makes me feel like I need to work out.

  • Jules

    The title had me cracking up, but then I saw the pictures and was like, ahhhh, I kind of agree. I wish I lived some place where it was warm.

  • Loren

    @My hand: I read the synopsis for that movie… Definitely sounds interesting.

  • lauren

    actually his publicist is name melissa, she has an assistant name lindsay,

  • Missy

    Alright, this boy is hot!! Fix his problems and we would be good to go. He needs help? I got him.

  • Xoxo

    Maybe because he was never attacked?
    Did he ever post pics of the attack with bruises? No
    So how can u say he looks good after? Ugh ….

  • Becky

    Did you guys realized that they changed the title lol. That was fast.

  • Jackey

    Blue is definitely his color.

  • Crack of Dawn

    White is his color just like “snow”

  • Kelly

    He muscles arms. Like that tight shirt on him. That”s his”s new girlfriend.

  • Meme

    @Crack of Dawn: Ha! joke fail…. Well, he would probably look hot in a white shirt too, good observation :-)

  • Gale

    Fact: Fit men should definitely wear tight shirts. That is all.