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Brad Pitt Eying New World War II Romantic Thriller!

Brad Pitt Eying New World War II Romantic Thriller!

Great news Brad Pitt fans – the actor is currently in talks to star in a WWII romantic thriller that has yet to be given a title, Deadline reports.

The Steven Knight-scripted movie is supposedly a serious film, though it does not yet have a distributor, and is eying a start time in 2015.

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Brad has another wartime flick in the works – Fury, which is about an army sergeant named Wardaddy (Pitt) who commands a Sherman tank and her five-man crew on a deadly mission behind enemy lines. Fury is set to be released later this year in November!

ARE YOU EXCITED to potentially see Brad Pitt in another World War II movie??

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  • paul

    Angie will direct lol

  • y

    Brad loves war

  • sarah

    My hope is to finallyyyyyy see Brad is some kind of romantic make out scenes in a movie. It’s like he has purposely not done romance scenes since he had an affair with Angie. What’s the matter Angie….afraid of Karma?

  • awwwww

    A romantic thriller, Can I buy the ticket now? Can’t wait.

  • Cassi

    Deadline says he is circling, I take it with a grain of salt.

  • Ⱦamsin

    ROFLMAOOOO… A romantic lead role for this old coot? Doesn’t he know he’s past his prime? Leave that to Channing Tatum or Bradley Cooper, that’s who female audiences would like to see, not some overbotoxed pepaw with a mysteriously receding hairline.

  • paul


    Wrong. Brad did TCCBB with Cate Blanchett and they had romantic scenes together. Angie is not Ticky.

  • well

    Brad Pitt never stops.

  • Ⱦamsin

    Is there any other gossip blog that creates a thread to discuss a role that an actor hasn’t even signed for? I get that JJ needs to fulfill the contractual obligation of promoting the Brand, but what if negotiations fall through? It would be negative press for the old hasbeen; imagine, he can’t even land a lead role any more. Did Pitty’s relatives… err “publicist” allow to go public with this story? And yes, I see what you’re doing there, JJ, squeezing in that little promotional push for Fury already, even though it’s an ENSEMBLE film.

    It would be interesting to see who the female lead and the rest of the cast will be. As we all know, Pitty always have to share top billing with someone if he wants to have a box office hit. We all known what happened with that overbloated CGI mess that did not break even. His bankability -as well as St. Angie’s- leave a lot to be desired, and the studios know this! ;)

  • paul

    The Deadline guy reporting this is not Pete Hammond, so I just think someone is using Brad name

  • Saffron

    Sounds interesting….love thrillers. I hope it happens!

  • a fan

    If it is true, I am looking forward to it. I always love some Brad romance.

  • paul

    Amsin jenhag. Dont worry about the female lead or supporting. I am sure is not Ticky lolololol

  • Cassi

    When Brad is circling, it doesn’t mean he will sign on it. He is probably reading the script, he may not like the script.

  • Ⱦamsin

    And of course it was none other than Mr Fleming, one of the Brand’s paid lackeys who cooked up this story, once again without any creditable, verifiable sources to back him up, just like the time when he said that Heroina turned down “Gravity” twice.

    “… is circling an untitled WWII romantic thriller which Steven Knight has scripted for Graham King‘s GK Films. While it’s not a done deal yet and not yet set with a distributor, I’m hearing it’s serious and that a big director will be set with an eye toward starting production early next year.”

    If loons ever had doubts that this site serves as the Brand’s mouthpiece, there shouldn’t be any left now.

  • What?


  • Kathy

    I hope this is true.

  • http://JustJared Jan

    @sarah: Well, he doesn’t have a history of romantic movies, now does he? Almost all are “guy stuff”. I wonder who his leading lady will be? Please not Kate Blanchet or Natalie Portman….yucky. Depending on the female role in the movie, Blake Lively could be a good match.

  • hell NO

    Blake Lively won’t be in a movie with Brad, she isn’t Brad’s level. I would like to see Keira Knightley as the leading lady.

  • Lucian

    I think they just name drops Brad to stir up the interest for the movie.

  • You are just a bucket of lies


    The Gravity director and co-writer Alfonso Cuarón himself has said in numerous interviews that he wanted Angelina and RDJ as his first choices to be in Gravity and that it didn’t work out with Angelina due to scheduling as she decided to direct her first film ITLOBAH instead. He also said he hopes to work with Angelina in the future on some other project.

    Now I know this Truth will never be acknowledged by you but Truth and reality are what is verifiable. There is no Truth involved and never will be in any of your constant endless irrational rants about certain people conjured up in your totally delusional mind.

    You are so full of nothingness LOL

    BTW JJ is no mouthpiece for anyone, he posts all kinds of news about all celebs as this is a gossip blog mostly and your constant rants posted as comments have him counting the $$$$$$ they help generate in his bank accounts. JJ can always count on you to keep him rainmake-ing………

    Head over to Deadline if you have a problem with their reporting. They like all could always use a good laugh due to an internet idiot.

  • Hot flash

    @Ⱦamsin: Yeah too old like a 45 year old pretending to be a stripper, a pre menopausal stripper.LOL

  • Ⱦamsin

    You loons got it right when you say that Pothead needs a big name other than his to attract some kind of interest in any movie that he stars in, but Keira or Blake… wow, how disgusting, and I feel sorry for these ladies that someone would be crazy enough to pair them up with an old pepaw who is twice their age. Sadly for Pitty, his eye candy role days are long gone- no female audience will be interested in checking out that old geezer as the romantic interest of a hot, young actress. Face it loons, he’s no Ryan Gosling! He’s more like Ryan O’neal at this point. LOLOLOLOL.

  • trt

    Maybe he’s interested because it could be a film he could make with Angie. Sort of M&MS 2.
    Brad has no interest in making out with other actresses on film. It is not Angelina’s but his choice, I think. Angelina had a romantic scene in The Tourist and in Salt that didn’t make it to the screen because they were cut out. They were just a short take but were never seen.
    It wasn’t just Brad but also Angelina who have done away with romantic scenes. Look at their recent movies….no real romantic leads….no love scenes to speak of. The last one he did was TCCBB and they weren’t even torrid ones at that. No more Troy or Meet Joe Black for him.

  • the ring

    he is going to cheat our Angie as cheat to ticky with this romantic movie?

    jo jo jo


    No.19 at 4:29; Hmmm… Didn’t see that one coming. Brad Pitt co-starring with Keira Knightley in The Big Lebowski: II. I’ll definitely think about it.

  • Kim

    Delusional people are out of touch with reality.Please stop trying to use reason, logic, common sense, facts when dealing with the delusional troll.

  • the ring

    they split, the old pitty wants a young actress as Depp

  • lucy

    It seems someone may be using Brad’s name for publicity….again.

  • the ring


    you speak about you

  • hahaha

    When Brad Pitt starts taking romantic role, he is ready to check out the relationship he is currently in. He will fall in love with his next leading lady.

  • Romantic Thriller

    Brad Pitt and Jennifer Lawrence Please

  • http://JustJared Jan

    @Jan: Yup, I can see Keira….although she looks pretty young next to him…lol. Depends on whether this woman is a supposed to be a fragile helpless “damsel in distress” kind of a woman or an aggressive and strong war hero type. Uma Thurman would be great next to Brad. That could work!

  • plz

    Deadline loves to attach Brad’s name to all kinds of movies. Didn’t it report Brad was circling Pontius Pilate? What happened to that?

  • Kim

    @the ring: Are you defending the Gay Costa Rican virgin oh nevermind I guess you are one and the same?

  • http://JustJared Jan

    Uma Thurman for leading lady! She’s perfect for Brad on screen!

  • juju

    poor troll NINE years repeating the same crap
    over n over again
    with each set of film news
    same crap repeated to nauseum
    do you recall the crap they posted with TCCOBB
    or with tha film brad was suposed to do with natalie portman? ahahahahaha
    when u stupid n crazy n got nothing
    all that’s left is to make n repeat the same crap
    over n over again

  • Hell NO

    NO Uma Thurman, she sucks in acting.

  • detective

    dumpee BRAD, Why are you hiding?
    your new grifriend.

  • DULC€

    OH GREAT!! This fool is doing another movie!!
    It seems like this guy, don’t like to take time to rest and spend time with his family!! I mean, he keeps doing movie after movie after movie!!
    What about letting your partner work also??
    I wonder, why Angelina tolerates Brad so much!! He is so selfish!! I guess that love is truly blind!!

  • juju

    the troll is using all her aliases
    poor thing
    what miserable life she must have
    to waste NINE years like this


    “And new scenes from “Horrible Bosses 2” showed Jennifer Aniston asking Jason Bateman to move his bowels on her.”
    Translation: Jennifer Aniston begs Jason Bateman to S.H. I. T. ON HER to give her life meaning in her old-age.
    How. Pathetic.
    How much lower do you think she will go before she slinks off into obscurity with her tail between her leg, huh? Lets have a wager.

  • bap




    No.41; Heck. Why not? Number 9 plays the sexy den mother to all those virgin teenagers onboard Brad Pitt’s 91′ yacht in The Big One: II. Works more me. Just as long as they shoot it in and around Mel Gibson’s private volcano island in Fiji. Where the Federal Reserve money is free, and so are the carefree underaged hotties.

  • just sayin

    Calm down trolls, it isn’t confirmed yet. Even it is true, it will start filming next year.

  • Plan B


    Angelina never talked bad things about other people.
    except JON VOIGHT and Joseph Kony.

  • paul

    Angelina would be just fine with Brad doing romantic scenes. She is a Director. And Brad wont do anything like Troy or Even Mr. & Mrs Smith. He is a father and he will allways respect his children

  • selfish coward, brad

    3 years after, retire.
    his endless lies.

  • LOL

    According to trolls Brad is old, ugly, dirty, bloated, can’t act and is washed up in HW yet the crazy trolls are salivating to see him teamed up with all the hot movie stars. Trolls are morons and fools who are filled with hate for Brad and Angelina. Their hate is so strong they are praying for a family with six beautiful children parents to split up to satisfy their delusional thinkings and hate. Trolls are mental midgets.

  • juju

    brad wouldn’t disrespect his children by having romantic scenes
    he had them in films after being a father
    as did angelina
    this will entertain the resident troll
    for the next weeks
    or years lmao
    the film brad was suposed to do with natalie portman
    lasted them for years
    they spent years talking about it
    the same crap they’re posting now
    poor things