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Leonardo DiCaprio Plays it Cool at Coachella Pool Party!

Leonardo DiCaprio Plays it Cool at Coachella Pool Party!

Leonardo DiCaprio keeps a low profile in his signature hat and sunglasses as he attends a Desert Pool Party held during the 2014 Coachella Music Festival on Saturday afternoon (April 12) at the Bootsy Bellows Estate in Rancho Mirage, Calif.

The 39-year-old actor chatted up some friends and checked his phone messages while hanging out in his private cabana.

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The night before, Leo ducked his head down and tried to go unnoticed while attending the first day festivities.

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leonardo dicaprio plays cool coachella pool party 01
leonardo dicaprio plays cool coachella pool party 02
leonardo dicaprio plays cool coachella pool party 03
leonardo dicaprio plays cool coachella pool party 04
leonardo dicaprio plays cool coachella pool party 05
leonardo dicaprio plays cool coachella pool party 06
leonardo dicaprio plays cool coachella pool party 07

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  • newscomer

    it has nothing to do with the thread but have you guys seen this ?

    i knew she didn’t make that much, there is no way there is such a hudge gap between her and the others lies, forbes can be such a piece a sh*t

  • Julia

    He’s almost 40 and lives as he’s 22.

  • love


  • Fun

    We are young
    So let’s set the world on fire
    We can burn brighter
    Than the sun

  • chris

    soooo celebrities went to coachella?

  • Leokas

    I remember that one time Leo and I were at Coachella, it was one of the best nights of my life. We were all hot and sweaty, tensions were rising that day, I couldn’t get enough of him, especially while he was wearing that bestie boys shirt, that musk of his… if he hadn’t showered in weeks….his stomach that was plunging out of shirt……and ofc that big D of his……I JUST CAME SO FAST THINKING ABOUT IT! Leo knows how to swoon me EVERY SINGLE TIME. But I had to play it cool, there so many ppl and paps there. But that night tho, I still think about it everyday!

    However, this Coachella is a lil diff, bc of Toni and all those other people. But look at him, he doesn’t even care about her. He’s either texting on his phone, dancing like a fool, or talking to other girls. He’s thinking about me THE WHOLE TIME. Does he ever actually spend time with Toni, HECK NOOO! There is a reason she has a group of girls with her.

    I’m always here for Leo tho, and he’s always here for me! Leokas 4 life <3

  • n’awww toni wasnt at this party, must have been texting her

  • pitzaaa pizza for the boyzzzz

  • leo is GROSS

    does he even bathe himself?

  • coacaa

    anyone else see the pic of Toni on Leo’s shoulders so she can see over the crowd…cute

  • Amy


    Is that who he was texting at the farmer’s market? ;)

  • niagirl

    Really Leo, really. Ewwwwwwww.

  • Yup

    @: Because miss this party to be with her was not an option?

  • bunny

    hes so tanned jee

  • toni garrn

    Oh please, toni garrn is a sluuut
    She uses her body in order to make money
    She is a high end ESCORT and leo only fuuucks hookers because his troubled childhood will haunt him for the eternity

  • les

    the leo dance vid is doing the rounds, personally I thought it was great to watch him let loose…and they are clearly taking the p*ss….people need to stop taking things so seriously, you forgot Leo is a NORMAL HUMAN LIKE EVERYONE ELSE, course he’s gonna goof off with his friends

  • uh huh

    @toni garrn: toni’s pu.ssy
    is extra large size..haha

  • sugarbaby

    @coacaa: Ya cute right…. like a father holding his daughter on his shoulders. What a precious family moment….

  • garrn is…

    A hooker
    Her mother is her pimp

  • @sugarbaby

    Have u never had a boyfriend or something? Its common for boyfriends to let girlfriends go on their shoulders so they can see, so this makes all those girls sugar babies too? get a life man seriously

  • @les

    @les totally agree!!! I think its so refreshing to see Leo act like a normal person and let loose, he was at a music festival for crying out loud!! All my guy friends would act the same with each other just fooling around having a good time, Leo cant do anything right with you people

  • Dance
  • yom

    Tonis pussssay is extra large to fit leos huge peeeen, she must be stretched at this stage

  • Dance
  • Dance
  • Dance
  • kate

    Hahaha he was probably stoned, leave him be!! Nothing wrong with enjoying a smoke at a music festival….heck id be soooo embarrassed if someone filmed me dancing without me knowing, I’d look A LOT worse than that lol same goes for anyone who has ever danced in a club drunk/stoned!!

  • teeelee

    looks like hes having a dance off with one of his friends? not quite sure lol

  • Amy

    I wonder if Leo will go on The Late Show after Letterman retires. I hope Colbert can get him to come on and dance!

  • Zzzzzz

    @les: Hi! I completely agree with you! I think it’s great seeing Leo being goofy and having fun.

  • LOL

    the dance video was deleted on instagram

  • Alaric

    must be looking for his next 20 year old to date.

  • @LOL

    Haha omg no way…I wonder did the girl delete it herself or did one of Leo’s people make her, lol

  • Amy


    Too late. It’s on YT and there are gifs.

  • leoni


  • les

    @Zzzzzz hey! Yup I mean if he was sitting in a corner hiding people would be complaining “or hes depressed” or “he’s so uptight” and we finally get a video of him having fun and people bash that too…I give up!! :D

  • Zzzzzz

    @les: Unfortunately, there are people that post here that no matter what Leo does, he’s going to be bashed. I’ve always wondered why they read and comment on his threads if they don’t like him. Maybe they are bored and have nothing better to do? Truthfully, I just skip all the comments that attack and bash people. Too much negativity! I suggest you do the same. :)

  • She Took It Down

    So Leo’s lawyers work on a Sunday now?!?! If you look the video isn’t up there anymore! I didn’t know it was that serious! lol Leo should just live in a cave and call it a day…

  • What a difference

    Last year he was at coachella with some random escorts, This year is with the official escorts.

  • 20

    i wonder is leo aware of it or is it just his people..

  • taking it down

    Toni’s friends is next?

  • Giraffey

    @@sugarbaby: so that they can see?!?! Toni is like 7 foot giant! If its anything…

  • Zzzzzz

    @She Took It Down: Hi! I seriously doubt they can make her take it down since he was in a public place. I think they probably asked her to and maybe offered her money to remove it. Although, at this point, what difference does it make since it is all over the net. It’s like closing the barn door after all the animals escaped.

  • But

    Can anyone tell what was the point of tagging his friends Vince on the picture with the pizzas?

  • Skipper

    I don’t get it? Leo is the the club dancing??? 24/7 I expected so much better from him… : (

  • Ok

    @Dance: Haha!

  • lol

    @Leokas: Seems Lukas was on a break of Leo and the teenagers.

  • kristen

    I know tagging Vinny is pretty desperate. Pretty silly that Toni needed a booster seat since she was probally the tallest chick there!

  • Skipper

    Seriously…what is Leo doing in the club all these years?????? I thought he would be some skilled dancer the amount of hours he has accumulated in the club. lol