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Hollywood Execs Named in Bryan Singer's Accuser's Sexual Abuse Case Deny Allegations

Hollywood Execs Named in Bryan Singer's Accuser's Sexual Abuse Case Deny Allegations

Hollywood executives David Neuman, Garth Ancier, and Gary Goddard have all responded to Bryan Singer‘s accuser Michael Egan in his case citing sexual abuse allegations.

“All of the allegations made by the plaintiffs against Garth Ancier are demonstrably untrue and we are confident the courts will agree when the evidence is presented,” Garth‘s lawyer said (via Variety). “As just one of many examples, Mr. Ancier has never even visited the estate in Hawaii where the plaintiff claims to have encountered him. Mr. Ancier is grateful to his friends, family and colleagues for their support.”

“Based on what we have heard, the allegations are without merit,” Gary‘s attorney added in his own statement. “Gary Goddard is out of the country, in China, until later this week. We have now received the complaint and will respond as appropriate.”

David said in a statement, “The disgusting allegations made against me are completely false.”

Find out more about the high powered execs right here.

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  • sarah

    I believe the guy. There’s always been the whispers of s- hit like that happening but men and women were afraid to come forward. Then That’s because he went along with it! stupid lit d- ouche! As for the pigs who did it, I hope they have to pay this young man millions…PLUS they NEVER EVER EVER work in HOLLYWOOD AGAIN. THEY ARE DISGUSTING PIGS!!

  • sarah

    @sarah: didn’t show? wtf? anyways I was saying “Then there’s the f- ck-ing idiot fro Disney who said nobody raped him…newsflash you went along with it!!!! while other young boys didn’t want it up the …”

  • no surprise

    What do you expect lawyers to say? It is their job to defend their client to the end — no matter how evil or sick they are. Plus the Hollywood sex rings are very wealthy. The lawyers know they will get their money.

  • of course

    They will use their power to squash this.
    Hollywood is protected from this sort of thing in return for a bit of government control.

  • http://Justjared Leticia

    All things done in the dark shall eventually be exposed may justice be served.

  • Well, Gary

    Why would Egan want to pick on you? Why are you included with this group? Out of all the other perverts in Hollywood, your name came up. Hmm… Seems to be that birds of a feather……

  • of course

    They will call Egan crazy and label anyone who believes him a conspiracy theorist…… It’s all the current criminal communist rage.

  • abc

    Just saw a photo with Bryan Singer sitting with a blond boy who has his arm wrapped around Singer’s neck and their faces are together. The boy’s features are blurred out. I’d heard that Singer is gay. That doesn’t bother me. The fact that he is a “nasty gay” does. If I know men or women in Hollywood are having orgies and wild parties, etc, I don’t support them. I don’t care about his movies or what he has accomplished. He’s disgusting!

  • Patrick

    How many men can rape a person before the person is considered a professional? I believe the current number of men accused of raping Egan is 8 including the ones investigated in 2000. The number of times that Egan claims to have been raped is staggering. If it truly was that bad his mother can get emotional all she wants, it doesn’t change the fact she was irresponsible.

  • Lori

    Egan doesn’t have a prayer unless some other victim comes forward to corroborate some part of his accusations. Our Just Us system sides with power in these types of cases.

  • Jewtown

    There are tons of pics floating on the internet of Bryan and his teenage boy toys. I dont doubt he’s done a lot of illegal and nasty $hit. Thats how gays live. They love that lifestyle, why do you think they all have AIDS?

  • @

    @Patrick: Egan liked it, I’m sure. But now he wants money and if they raped him as a child..he deserves to win.

  • Justice needs to be served

    I hope Mr. Egan bravely standing up to these disgusting pigs, encourages others to come forward and help him lock these sickos up for the rest of their lives, or at least until their dicks don’t work anymore. The victims should not feel ashamed of anything…Rape is rape…plain and simple!

    Stay strong Mr. Egan, for yourself as well as those that have lost their hope and their voices. You’re doing the right thing!

  • Let us hope

    @Lori: Hopefully, other victims will get the courage to come forward. I wish Corey Feldman could reveal who molested him, but I also can fully understand why no one would ever want the world to know. It’s not a case of men “falling in love” with gay teenagers and treating them well. These are physically and emotionally violent, painful, evil acts. Because of the disregard for young people and the meanness involved, I tend to think these men were once victims — victims who became abusers.

  • Justice MUST prevail!

    I hope Mr. Egan bravely standing up to these disgusting pigs, encourages others to come forward and help him lock these sickos up for the rest of their lives, or at least until their dicks don’t work anymore.

    The victims should not feel ashamed of anything…Rape is rape…plain and simple!

    Stay strong Mr. Egan, for yourself as well as those that have lost their hope and their voices. You’re doing the right thing!

  • :3

    @of course: this has links to conspiracy theories that have heavily circulated over the years but you have to understand these actors are told to be quiet or else they will be blacklisted in hollywood, regardless if these bigwigs do this to them unwillingly or the actor’s motive of wanting to score a part in a movie. people wonder what the price of successful people in hollywood go through, im sure its not a good price considering how many of these power players abuse their power.

  • M.M.

    Dustin Lance black is being called as a witness for the prosecution. (At least that’s what was reported today).

  • Patrick


    You mean witness for the plaintiff, this a civil matter. Egan’s lawyer, Jeff Herman, I am sure will be putting something out there during the next few weeks for the media to report on. After all, last Friday he could have announced all four suits at the same time but stringing them out over the four days was much more dramatic.

    I just don’t understand how Michael could have been raped by 8 men and on so many occasions. Nor do I understand how any parent could be so careless about her son’s whereabouts as Bonnie. I think Michael should consider suing her for being an irresponsible parent. I would like to know what her motives were at that time and Michael’s too.

    Whenever a reporter started to question them about their behaviors at that time, both Michael and Bonnie evaded responding by getting over emotional. Her over playing her emotions at Monday’s press conference is what made me realize she was covering up something.

    I do not know if any or all of the four men are either innocent or guilty. But I do not think Michael is telling just the truth. If he was 13 when it occurred, I would believe him. But the claim that he was raped well into his 17th year is not believable. All he had to do was pick up a phone at his mother’s home and call the police. And that is one of the things he is lying about..

  • M.M.

    @Patrick: I didn’t know that about the correct terminology in civil cases. Thank you.

  • sarah

    @Patrick: Come on, are you serious? You’d be shocked at how many people have be raped, attacked, etc that NEVER EVER tell anyone. When you’re a teen your scared so scared that you literally block it out. I 100% believe him. Anyone who has been in similar situations knows exactly what he’s talking about. As for his mother. You’d be surprised at how a teen can completely hide it from his/her family. I will NOT be watching xmen. I am sickened by what this f- ing rapist did. Boycott anything this pigs do!

  • Patrick


    Sarah, I have never read of anyone, outside of a war zone, raped so often and by so many men as Michael Egan claims to have been.

    I do not believe for one second that the mother was not in the know. She moved her entire household from Nebraska to Hollywood just to help Michael launch his acting and modeling career. She had a vested interest in managing her son’s career. Se was a stage mom.

    And her emotional outburst on Monday looked rehearsed.

    It is odd that in 2000 how Egan forgot to tell the FBI about Singer and the other three is curious. Whether he had sex with all of those men, I do not know. As far as being raped by every one of them, I am not convinced. I do believe Marc Rector raped him but I am not so sure after that. Too many accused rapists for me to believe.

  • Thea

    We can see how quiet those major media are about this. I just hope more victims would stand out to put a stop at this, for justice not money grabbing.

  • of course

    If you were to understand Hollywood and who ultimately control it you would understand the attitude of those that abuse others in this way and in ways you can not even imagine. They are untouchable and they know it, and not just in this life, thus the wide belief in occultism.

  • Huh?


    You haven’t heard of this before? Where have you been ? Don’t you know that some priests passed around boys and that some of the Sandusky victims were molested by other men? Lots of literature out there on this phenomenon, pal. Talk to FBI agents who work on sex crimes rings. You have a lot to learn so instead of blasting the victim do us a favor and start educating yourself.

  • sad

    @Patrick: If you’re a man, I’m not surprised by your words. I’m also not surprised so many young males are getting abused by men. Their fathers are not doing their jobs protecting the families. If one of these pedos knew for sure a protective dad was in the picture who would murder him if he touched his boy, I’ll bet he would surely think twice. When it comes to things of a sexual nature, so many men have sexual issues and weird fetishes of their own that they are hesitant to acknowledge aberrant behavior, often with the attitude that things “aren’t really that bad.” Men seem to especially have very little empathy for other male victims. And you wonder why the world is going to hell.

  • sad

    In fact, you’re so adamantly against the Egan and his mother that I’m starting to think that YOU were victimized. I sure hope not, but if so, you should seek help rather than lose your heart and feeling for other people’s pain.

  • sad… and something else

    In Nevada, a pedophile worked in the school district for like 20 years. He volunteered with the police department and did “ride alongs.” He coached boys in soccer and was very well liked by all. Then one day, the cops received an “anonymous” tip that the man had child porn videos, etc in his house. Police raided the home and found all kinds of child porn movies featuring the pedophile and hundreds of little boys (like 5 and 6 yrs old). The police said the boys in the videos were doing all kinds of sexual things that they had no business even knowing about. CAN YOU IMAGINE! That pedophile was so clever that he fooled everybody for over 20 years! People knew him and said he was very nice and well-liked by all. Some of the victims were later found, but most were not. Too ashamed to come forward because the boys had been sexually stimulated. And therein lies the problems. Egan was raped and he said he was not a homosexual. However, when some children receive any amount of sexual pleasure from the acts, they feel tremendous guilt and shame. They believe it was their fault. They feel shame for feeling pleasurable feelings. And many times, formerly “straight” boys are now turned on sexually by other men. So they tell no one.