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Orlando Bloom & Selena Gomez Spotted Hanging Out - See the Pic!

Orlando Bloom & Selena Gomez Spotted Hanging Out - See the Pic!

Orlando Bloom and Selena Gomez sit on the sidewalk and chat together outside The Forum after enjoying Chelsea Handler‘s Uganda Be Kidding Me Live Show on Saturday evening (April 26) in Los Angeles.

This is not the first time the 21-year-old singer and 37-year-old actor have been spotted together.

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Selena posted a pic on her Instagram account last month of her, Orly, and a few others at We Day with the caption, “#Weday -unbelievable time. So inspired and hopefully encouraged many!!”

WHAT DO YOU THINK of Orlando Bloom and Selena Gomez hanging out???

Bigger picture inside…

Just Jared on Facebook
orlando bloom selena gomez spotted hanging out see the pic 01

Photos: AKM-GSI
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  • both look drugged…

  • Sayer

    Oh dear. Here comes the drama.

    Selena is a well-known smoker, too,

  • Liam

    So I guess Miranda Kerr & Justin really did f@#$ each other while they were in a relationship with these two. This screams “look at us, we can do it too”. AwwwUghhhh!

  • :s

    Uh, that’s gross. I really hope there’s nothing romantic going on between them. It’d make Orlando Bloom look like a pervy uncle.

  • kami

    she looks like a frightened little girl. i know she’s 20 or 21, but her face is sooooooo young looking. do they have the same management?

  • LOL

    Ok even when she was with Justin Bieber and under the management of her parents did Selena look this drugged up and bloated. Orlando looks ridiculous and Selena looks likes she’s going to be a future Hollywood hot mess.

  • ladyb

    She looks 7 years old.

  • manolo

    She’s doing everything just to get attention (On-off relationship with Justin Gayber,hang out with the little famewh*** KarTRASHian sisters and then dumped them eventually, posting some bullsh** and unfollowed everyone on instagram and now hanging out with older man knowing that they were been linked before.) Her hobby is to use everyone.

  • leelee

    Selena looks like she’s 10 in this picture. Kinda gross.

  • NYC

    That is beyond gross.
    If that’s true, he’s pathetic.

  • gvtgtr

    wow this really proves Miranda and Justin rumors to be true.

  • JayStay

    He’s my age, so I’m jealous of his game!

  • Mel

    @gvtgtr: Which rumors?

  • Living in a box

    that girl have an issues.

  • Lee

    What is she wearing? She looks like a baby prostit*te

  • catherine

    @JayStay: Oh please! Selena isn’t beautiful! There are older women way more attractive.

  • allison

    @catherine: Selena is beautiful. But she does look like a little girl caught in the cookie jar in this picture.

  • nemo

    that cig is such a turn-off. eww.

  • catherine

    @allison: By beautiful I mean inside too. Hanging out with Justin Bieber doesn’t make you especially beautiful. LOL

  • Carlona

    @catherine: Yep, Justin Bieber is prettier than her

  • JudyJudy

    It didn’t even look like Selena when I saw the picture. They both look scared and angry. Maybe it was just a casual get together with 2 people stepping outside for a smoke on the sidewalk?

  • Naomi

    Doesn’t Selena have a young sibling about the same age as Orlando’s son with Miranda? Talk about Uncle Buck.

  • Well

    After Bradley Cooper and Leo Dicaprio, itis now Orlando’s turn to fool around with a kiddie…..
    These guys are regressing as they get older.

  • spirit7

    She’s a beautiful girl. This pic is just awkward. Orlando looks like he got busted

  • Xoxo

    Selena has been drinking for a while now
    Her pics from two years ago show her beer belly

  • obah

    Why is this washed up, past it has been trying to get popular by getting pictured with popular people? first Brad Pitt and Selena Gomez?

  • Amy

    Why isn’t Orlando spending any time with his son, Flynn? It’s not like he’s working right now.

  • say what?

    She could have had a fairly decent career but bad choices and getting mixed up with the wrong people have put a dent in it. Longevity in the industry means staying clear of trouble i.e bad men and drugs. She’s walked head first into both.

  • Thomas

    The age difference are to big, but… Its better hanging with him, than the Jenner’s and Justin.

  • No

    Oh come on, people.
    They are managed by the same person, so of course they know each other.
    They rode in the same car to a concert.
    Nothing more.

  • Zzzz

    Does Orlando know that smoking and healthy life don’t go together? I just hope that his son doesn’t smell nicotine on him!

  • No

    Yeah. Like he isn’t in the biggest movie coming out this year.
    Is he not allowed to leave the house, now? He took Flynn to the art exhibit with him, do you expect him to take him with him to a raunchy concert?
    Yet another idiot.

  • @31

    This is the first time that I’ve seen him smoking in a long time. Unlike other celebs (Johnny) he’s not a chain smoker. We all have our weaknesses, don’t we.
    Orlando looks gorgeous, btw.

  • Cherry

    @:s: Don’t be naive.. Of COURSE they’re screwing each other!!!

  • Amy


    LOL. He didn’t spend Easter with Flynn either.

  • kim

    Selena wants to be the next Miley

  • Cherry

    @:s: Don’t be naive… Of COURSE they’re screwing come on now!

  • Cherry

    @No: LOL! mmmkay.. Naive much?

  • Cherry

    @Amy: Maybe it wasn’t his day to watch him. When parents go through divorce they each have different custody schedules! Duh.

  • obah

    @No: The movie would have been even more huge without his talentless, washed up a$$. Its success and appeal has nothing to do with him at all.

  • Cherry

    @@31: How would you know he’s not a “chain smoker” ?? LOL he could go through 2 packs a day for all you know

  • monday

    Hollywood types sure get around don’t they? men and women…they must have all kinds of stds..yucck! Good luck with that.

  • Cherry

    @say what?: LOL I’m not a fan girl of either of these celebrities but she’s young. Look at Angelina Jolie She went through drugs & bad men and look at where she is today..

  • @40

    Ahhhh, looks like we have a troll!
    Poor, bitter little troll.

  • @41

    He’s never smoking while out and about. Chain smokers always have cigarettes in their mouths. Johnny Depp was a really good example to use. Whenever you see him out, he is smoking, even around his kids.

  • say what?

    @monday: Yes, people in HW do get around. It’s like an alternate universe where people f uck each other and don’t think anything about it. Don’t look to HW to inspire you.

  • @40

    I wouldn’t say that. I had no interest in more LOTR stuff, but I went because of Legolas. I know a lot of my friends did the same.
    Peter knew what he was doing when he wrote Legolas into the story. He knows which characters are popular.

  • Polly

    He sure likes those babyfaces!

  • Love The Shoes

    @Liam: “So I guess Miranda Kerr & Justin really did f@#$ each other while they were in a relationship with these two. This screams “look at us, we can do it too”. AwwwUghhhh!”


    I doubt that there is a nefarious or revengeful reason at play and I find it a pretty junior high way of thinking if this is your reasoning for them hanging out; IF they are indeed even doing anything other than sitting on a curb at a show they both just attended.

  • Sup

    Those two look paranoid like they just shared about five lines of coke and banged for two hours. Hence looking all paranoid while smoking a cigarette. Good clean Disney fun, right Sel?