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Clippers Owner Donald Sterling Banned From NBA for Life, Fined $2.5 Million For Racist Remarks

Clippers Owner Donald Sterling Banned From NBA for Life, Fined $2.5 Million For Racist Remarks

After Donald Sterling, the owner of the Los Angeles Clippers, was caught on audio making some disturbingly racist remarks, many have questioned the NBA and what actions will be taken against him.

NBA commissioner Adam Silver just gave a press conference where he announced that Donald has been banned from the NBA for life and will be fined $2.5 million dollars for his wrongdoing, which will be donated to charity.

Adam said that the views expressed by Donald are “deeply offensive and harmful.”

Around the world, social media exploded when Donald‘s tape was leaked, and even Donald‘s own team took a stand against him.

WHAT DO YOU THINK of Adam Silver’s penalty of Donald Sterling??

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  • Love The Shoes

    Really wish this was not solely focused on Blacks (I am one) when he has been as racists against Hispanics (I am also one) and Koreans as well as his misogynistic views of women. The guy is the prototype for I’m rich, I’m white, I’m he only one who matters. I’m also very disappointed in the NAACP turning a blind eye to history as has Para Los Ninos which is obviously a Latino org that too took his money AND even Jewish org’s when the man changed his name because he felt it wasn’t good enough. I empathize with non profits needing funds to do good but it’s shear hypocrisy and just can’t be justified to take from someone you know doesn’t think you’re fit to kiss their feet.

  • tom

    Ahah.. Which is pocket change to a billionaire and now there is precedent, someone’s private phone conversations can be used in the NBA to fine and spend , better be used on these black players , when they go on one of their racist rants .

  • Living in a box

    5 million to him is like 5 dollar to average American. Few days ago on Barcelona vs Villareal, one of Villareal’s fans throwing a banana to Barcelona player Dani Alves. In Europe black people been calling monkeys, what Dani did after that he took the banana and eat it while still playing on the field. While the Villareal fans get arrested and been given a lifetime banned from entering any stadium in Spain.

  • Seola

    Freedom of speech so what ! He can say what he wants have all these
    Black stars swearing at him calling him bad names!

    Freedom of speech ! Should not. Have been fired Negro country , all blacks all talking where are the white people .. FREEDOM OF SPEECH!

    Banned for life when people have said worse things and give up the
    Team, why should a group of Negros decide that!

  • hymie porkenstein

    Magic Johnson is a scum bag!! He screwed around on his wife, Cookie for years, till he got infected with HIV. I wouldn’t want that scum bag sitting in my arena other.. what he did to his wife and family is much much worse than what Sterling did. Magic is high profile scum bag, like many of the idiots whinning

  • Gia


  • sarah

    So it’s ok when blacks say stuff about whites but not vice verca? Don’t get me wrong it was bad and wrong what he said. As for the woman. Sounded like she was fishing for him to say just the right (wrong) thing. Isn’t she black?

  • love


    Oh shut up, trailer turd.

  • offtheproperty

    Any white person who would attend a disgusting NBA game is crazy. I hope this entire racist league goes under for its outrageous witch hunt and virtual race riot against one man for expressing his own personal thoughts in a private phone conversation. Everyone should watch what happens when blacks gain an advantage in numbers and a sham moral high ground. They demand reparations of no limit without any shame or remorse. No one is entitled to freedom of conscience anymore. Your private thoughts are grounds for burning you at the stake in public.
    What “progress” we make when we capitulate to black hysteria.

  • MimiB

    I found Sterling’s comments really disgusting and racist, but it’s not like he was saying those things in public or to a group. He was telling his sleazy gold digging mistress what he thought, and he thought those remarks were private.

    She set him up, which is easy to tell by listening to how she prompts him, how she leads the comments. Then, she makes the recording public by giving it to the TMZ gossip site. Isn’t anyone else bothered by this? Yes, he said some vile things. But I believe he had an expectancy of privacy.

  • sad u


    boo boo hoo cry me a river of I could IGAF It must sucks to be you and stay mad, this is just the beginning racist pig

  • Aisaiko

    He’s a vile human being. I have no sympathy for him. Those who defend him are no better.

  • MimiB

    By the way, I’ve heard black athletes say some pretty vile and racist things about whites too. They aren’t banned and fined. Why?

    Sauce for the goose, sauce for the gander. Fair is fair… whatever you want to call it, there shouldn’t be a double standard. It’s wrong to spew racist trash talk towards any group.

  • lolz

    at all the white people here and around who can’t deal with the much needed up and coming actions can’t wait for all you white racist to get expose and de throne. Be gone racist the world don’t need or ask for you the air will be cleaner and nicer without you in it.

  • All together now…


  • lolz


    there is no fair is fair there is no way white people will get to grasp the suffering and impact they or their ancestors had done to not only the black race but others as wel. Don’t tell me that was a while ago because obviously people like Sterling think so and when there is a documentated of white people being hanged or beaten just because the color of their skins we may start to discuss white people feelings. YOU DON’T GET OR WANT TO GET YOU JUST WANT TO TAKE AND TAKE White people ideals.

  • Love The Shoes

    @hymie porkenstein: You need to do your homework. Magic Johnson contracted HIV prior to marriage and if you knew Cookie even one bit, you’d know she wouldn’t be with him post marriage infidelity. Magic Johnson isn’t scum while Donald Sterling is the epitome of scum. Btw, this isn’t ABOUT Magic Johnson only in that Donald Sterling brought him into the conversation.

  • @16

    2 wrongs don’t make a right
    sports stars don’t deserve worship
    just telling it like it is

  • wtf nerd

    First time I see the word tape alone without the word sex before.

  • jaded

    I think what is so vile about this sordid situation is that this old guy really likened himself to a modern day slave owner. He reminded me of the Michael Fassbender character in twelve years a slave. He even had the minority mistress (half black/half mexican). How backwards can one be?

  • jaded

    This so vilified him that they really through the book at him. The fine is nothing, it’s the ban from games, NBA for life that’s going to hurt.

  • Andrea Ruf


  • glass houses?

    every poster here has said worse in private during an angry outburtst…would any of you like to be called on it?
    the NSA most likely has a recording and a file of it

  • Love The Shoes

    @@16: you sound utterly ignorant. This is NOT about leveling some playing field in hopes of mitigating Sterling’s harm. It says a lot about some of you who seem to be more concerned turning Sterling into the victim and it’s stomach turning.

  • Love The Shoes

    @glass houses?: Just shut up because you’re not getting it at all and worse? You’re not interested in getting the BIG picture. So tired of the ignorant and those comfortable with remaining so. It’s all like a big old joke to you isn’t it? For you to reduce it to something simply said in the privacy of his home and not getting the bigger implications of WHO said it and WHO it has effected than God help your sorry butt.

  • lolz

    @Love The Shoes:

    I agree with you 100% and then some especially 25th post

  • emotional self righteous fool

    Confiscate Jay Z’s money and end his career!
    He wears 5% white race hater/ white devil jewelry.
    He hath huuurt my feeeeeeelinths and he should paaay, there are bigger implicathions. Haaa

  • Ditzy

    All racists white black etc. should have their property confiscated and thrown in jail for life.

  • illiterate

    I so agree with you Ditzy, emhm.

  • offtheproperty

    FOX Sports reports, according to an associate of Donald Sterling: “The team is NOT for sale. Mr Sterling will not be selling the team.”
    IT’S ON!!!!!
    Americans have the right to express their personal feelings about anything and everything — especially in private phone conversations — without the fear that a mob witch hunt and virtual race riot will take from them their LIFE, LIBERTY and PROPERTY!

  • offtheproperty

    Tyranny, thuggery and mob rule must be something organic in the black race.
    Look at Africa.
    Look at the Middle East.
    Look at “President” obama.
    Look at the players in the NBA.

  • Aisaiko

    @offtheproperty: @offtheproperty:

    Ok, you win. You’re a bigger bigot than Donald Sterling. Congrats to you. Your prize is a complementary condo in hell. Remember all request for air conditioning are handled by on-site management. Good luck.

  • Lillian

    I think eventually someone will wisen up and sue Eventually, there will be a landmark case defining the rules of freedom of speech and freedom to express in private. No one should live in this country afraid to say the wrong thing and be punished publically for it. That is not democracy. There is a major double standard here and its scary.

  • jon m’shulla

    Although, this Sterling fellow is indeed quite rude. His conversation was private. His Mistress and Magic Johnson, in conjunction with Charles from TMZ, have plotted to get Sterling expelled from the NBA and kick him out of L.A. basketball for good.

    Charles from TMZ has expressed the ideas, in public and private that the Clippers should be an all African American franchise. He has conspired to make this all happen. He is a racist.

    Sterling, being an old racist, fell for the bait. However, Magic Johnson, a large part of the plot should not be allowed to own the NBA franchise, the L.A. Clippers. He is one of the criminals that plotted out this crime. Magic Jognson is a racist too and should not be allowed to profit from this dastardly scam.

    Charles from TMZ, Magic Johnson ( and his associates in money)and the Mistress should be investigated and charged with fraudulence, blackmail and not allowed to be involved in Basketball for the NBA either. Charge these racists too.

  • Cece

    Our character is a reflection of who we are when no one is watching–Donald Sterling revealed his character, even if it was meant for privacy. What you say when you think no one is listening, and what you do when you think no one is watching reflects your character. No one is perfect; but, his comments were vile, discriminatory and purely racist. His previous behavior and actions were in the same manner and I, for one, am thrilled it finally caught up with him. We can’t expect to move beyond the topic and discussions of racism when there are still plenty of people thinking that a mentality such as his is okay…