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Ian Somerhalder: 'I Can't Imagine Dating in Hollywood, I'm a Serial Monogamist!'

Ian Somerhalder: 'I Can't Imagine Dating in Hollywood, I'm a Serial Monogamist!'

Ian Somerhalder wears his backpack on his back as he arrives at the Chateau Marmont on Wednesday (April 30) in West Hollywood, Calif.

“When Damon dies, it is the dopest scene,” the 35-year-old actor joked about the upcoming The Vampire Diaries episode on E! News. “The ending, I think, is really gonna throw people. It definitely involves Damon in a very cool way. There is some very very cool stuff with Damon, Elena, Bonnie…stuff you just didn’t see…It is definitely a cliffhanger.”

“There is no dating. I am solo as solo can get. I can’t imagine dating in Hollywood. I’m a serial monogamist, man,” Ian said. “Dating in Hollywood’s gotta be gnarly.”

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  • xenia

    can this dude just shut up???????????????? the same things in every interview

  • brike

    Ian somerhalder speaks again. wow! he is single. wow. OK

  • Momo

    Thank you Ian for saying this!!!! ;)

  • Samantha

    @xenia: SO WHAT??? Nian Fans still don’t believe he is not dating her anymore! The Fans are the crazy ones not Ian. They even say they date secretly! :( ENOUGH IS ENOUGH NOW! You go Ian!!

  • amanda

    who cares?

  • Peter

    “I can’t imagine dating in Hollywood” BRAVO IAN!! This is all what so called “Fans” need to know! SMART MOVE!

  • carla

    @Samantha: sorry but he just annoying.

  • aly

    ian looks very desperate to get some chick.

  • Peter

    @amanda: you obviously! Otherwise you wouldn’t bother to come here and write a comment!

  • gisseke

    stop talking ian

  • Gabi

    He’s AWESOME for so many reasons! <3

  • hellena


  • Samantha

    @carla: you don’t have to listen to him? How about that? No one forces you to do that.

  • Susi


  • leelee

    In other words “I like to cheat”

  • Helena

    “ I can’t imagine dating in Hollywood. “Dating in Hollywood’s gotta be gnarly.” wow PERFECTELY said Ian! ;)))))))))

  • http://justjared sam

    So he don’t wanna date to any hollywood girls but commeners ???

  • juli

    pathetic man.

  • daniela

    oh ian the same shit

  • HMM

    He has started to piss me off. I saw 5 interviews this week about him being single. Getting publicity based on this. lame.

  • Zoey

    Oh look the same pathetic haters are on it again! You guys have nothing better to do with your Life? He said he doesn’t like to date a Girl in Hollywood…and? Its his Choice and A GOOD ONE IMO!! Hollywood is a weird Place with fake People everywhere!

  • Emilia

    Loved him with meghan! They were so cute together!

    @HMM: well its not his fault if he gets asked about it! You guys really piss me off.

  • Vikki

    whore in pants

  • Marian

    He looks gorgeous! I get what he’s saying, he isn’t really the hollywood type, but seems to enjoy the simple things in life. And anyway he is too kind & sweet for Hollywood

    Haters: If you don’t like him, why even come here? Seems like you’re interested, bitter, jealous??

    Remember that saying horrible thing about a person, who does his bets to make the world better everyday, says more about what kind of person YOU are.

  • Jackie

    I’m really excited about whats gonna happen to Damon! Love him on the show! He’s a great actor and a very smart Man :)

  • Ja

    @Marian: Agreed! And I love that about him! He’s so down to Earth and sweet! Fame never changed him. He’s amazing!!!!!!

  • Isabella

    He knows what he wants! He’s GREAT! You go Ian XD

  • Jess

    So bc he said I can’t imagine dating in Hollywood that automatically means he’s cheating. Once again people prove how stupid they are. As for several interviews about his dating life I’m sorry but I’m pretty sure the interviewers ask him these questions, he has no control over that. You all are just sexually frustrated tbh.

  • ace11

    This coming from a guy who used to date Nicky Hilton?


  • http://justjared sam

    @Emilia you’re absolutely wrong ian cheated Meghan for Nina…

  • Ian is awesome

    He’s been in the Business for a LONG Time now and he dated 2 of his Co Stars! And for someone who is in the showbiz for almost 20 years that’s NOT MUCH!

  • Emilia

    @sam: NOT TRUE!! Meghan and Ian are still Friends! He never cheated on her.

  • http://justjared Sarah

    Ian is 35 old.he is getting older and he dated so many girls in his youth now he is getting older and waants to settle down with a mature woman. Idk but it reminds me Mr Gorge clooney who is 52 and reacently now engaged to a common women lol

  • http://justjared Sam

    @Emilia i’m sorry but he did ….yeah he is a friend of maggie, Nina don’t know about the maghen

  • Paule

    So tired of People who think they know everything about Ian and his relationships! You are ALL FREAKS! YOU KNOW NOTHING!

    @Jess: EXACTELY! They asked him these questions!!!!!! Jesus some People are just… -_____-

  • Amy


    I’d be more worried about everyone in Hollywood sleeping with each other. They must pass a lot of STDs to each other.


    @Sam: no he didn’t. If you still haven’t realized Nian was just PR than I feel sorry for you.

  • http://justjared Lol

    He is such a hypocrite person

  • Emilia

    @Sam: and you know that huh? you aren’t even from America are you? Unless you are a super close friend of Ian you have no right to say that because its not true.

  • Verite

    Yeah, well I wonder if the man is capable of introspection and examining his own past and mistakes. He certainly has dated many women in Hollywood, most of them co-stars. Its not a badge of honor to say you are a serial monogamist at the age of 35 — it means you cannot choose your partners wisely and haven’t been able to hold on to a relationship long enough to make it work. People blame the women he dates for “letting him go”. Well….if he’s such a prince, why hasn’t he had one girlfriend for more than a couple of years? It can’t be all about them.

  • http://justjared Taylor

    I can’t imagine dating in Hollywood LOL!!! He siad this after dating so many actress and models Wth!!!!

  • Tina

    @Taylor: and? Do you know if it is true? Or just made up by the Media?? He dated TWO OF HIS CO STARS! That’s what he said himself many Times!!

  • Tina

    @Verite: wow what are you even talking about? Ian had 2 long term relationships with women who aren’t in the Hollywood showbiz, sarah and meghan! At least do some research.

  • Joelle

    What? He didn’t date his last g/f? He just jumped in the sack with her? It was his co star, so I don’t know how they avoided dating in Hollywood. Maybe it was just a hook up for him. But I’m saying you can’t get more Hollywood than dating your co-star. It’s pretty much cliche.

  • Verite

    @Tina: This is a technicality. He dated some of them after the shows were completed. For example, it is widely known that he dated Kate Bosworth. They acted together in “Young Americans” but the show was cancelled after one season and so technically, he wasn’t working with her at the time they publicly dated. He also dated Nicky Hilton for a time who, while not an actress, was a massive celebutante very entrenched in the scene. Also recall that like many actors, Ian has a very carefully managed reputation and image. He always manages to come out smelling like roses while the women he dated look desperate and pathetic for dumping him. He’s a charmer, very charismatic and people will ignore the data and trends for that reason.

  • Verite

    @Tina: Yes that’s true. But since when is a succession of 2 or 3 year failed relationships a good track record? Hollywood or not, something is wrong. In old Hollywood, he would have had to marry those women. And he’d be on par with a number of men and women who have had three, four marriages and divorces. Something is not right in how he’s conducting his relationships and I hope for his sake and for whomever he dates next, that he has learned from all those mistakes and can figure out what HE might be doing wrong.

  • Tina

    @Verite: first…you don’t know who dumped whom and why some relationships didn’t work out. Maybe both Partners agreed to end it. It’s not easy for famous People to find true love! No one ever said meghan dumped him or sarah dumped him…we know for a fact it was Ian who ended both relationships. And we don’t know the reason for it! He doesn’t own us anything either…it’s his Life!

  • Mary

    Serial closet case! LOL

  • Nina

    I heard sarah wanted to marry him but he wasn’t ready yet. And Meghan and him got harassed by Nian Fans and that kinda destroyed everything :( But Fact is we don’t know anything about his private Life and we shouldn’t assume anything. He is a wonderful Person and I’m sure he will find weather looking for ;)

  • Nina

    *whatever he is looking for ;)