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Orlando Bloom & Laura Paine Are 'Just Friends,' Says Miranda Kerr

Orlando Bloom & Laura Paine Are 'Just Friends,' Says Miranda Kerr

Orlando Bloom makes his way through Heathrow Airport to head out of town on Tuesday (May 20) in London, England.

The 37-year-old actor was pictured recently linking arms with 23-year-old model Laura Paine, and rumors sparked that the two were in a relationship.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Miranda Kerr

However, Orly‘s ex Miranda Kerr has spoken out saying that they are only friends.

“They’re just friends. They’ve been friends for years,” Miranda told MailOnline about the pictures. So there you have it!

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  • Meh

    Saw this on DM earlier today, and I really don´t think it´s her business to comment on his romance life.

  • Dani

    Miranda stalker 101?

  • Leo

    Miranda shut up lol

  • Amy

    They are no longer together. You don’t comment on your ex’s personal life. She’s too much.

  • Joelle

    Why is she commenting on his life when she’s already moved on to a married billionaire who left his wife and kids for her.

  • kel

    Miranda, you’re an ex so keep quiet.

  • EB

    If Miranda says they are just friends, it means Orlando is dating that girl. Miranda usually lies about everything and she is a very bad liar. So we can safely assume that Orlando has moved on and found a new love.

  • loiuyt

    he looks so stoned

  • marnie

    Atleast Orlando Bloom tries to keep a private life unlike Miranda Kerr, who post naked selfies of herself on a daily basis like KIm Kardashian and her ugly sisters. And she just seems jealous because like Kim, she is irrlevent now that she is 30 something with no job offers or contracts or anything like that.

  • Anon

    Orlando looks gorgeous. I don’t get why Miranda is commenting on his personal life.

  • PuppyLove

    A female version of Twain’s Markiss?

    ‘The man Markiss was found one morning hanging to a beam of his own bedroom (the doors and windows securely fastened on the inside), dead; and on his breast was pinned a paper in his own handwriting begging his friends to suspect no innocent person of having anything to do with his death, for that it was the work of his own hands entirely. Yet the jury brought in the astounding verdict that deceased came to his death “by the hands of some person or persons unknown!” They explained that the perfectly undeviating consistency of Markiss’s character for thirty years towered aloft as colossal and indestructible testimony, that whatever statement he chose to make was entitled to instant and unquestioning acceptance as a lie. And they further stated their belief that he was not dead, and instanced strong circumstantial evidence of his own word that he was dead — and beseeched the coroner to delay the funeral as long as possible, which was done. And so in the tropical climate of Lahaina the coffin stood open for seven days, and then even the loyal jury gave him up. But they sat on him again, and changed their verdict to “suicide induced by mental aberration” — because, said they, with penetration, “he said he was dead, and he WAS dead; and would he have told the truth if he had been in his right mind? No, sir.”‘ – Twain, “Markiss, King of Liars”

  • BreakDownBuildUp

    Once again on these threads are women leaving bitchy comments about other women just because she jealous because mirander had orlando and you fangirls will NEVER.

  • Reba

    Don’t become another Leo Dicaprio! Ugh, he (Leo) is so disgusting dating barely legal girls:(

  • Maria

    Orlando is very handsome. I hope he’s growing his hair long for a movie role. It’s great that he and Miranda are still close.

  • Yes!

    I love his hair long. Even when the curls are beyond his control. Lol
    Beautiful man.
    Wonder if he is heading back to the states to be there when Miranda brings Flynn back from Australia?

  • Elena

    Today on Keeping Up With The Kerrdashians: What makes that b*tch think she has the right to comment on Orlando’s personal life??

  • @16

    She has more right than you do, but that never stops you from adding your idiotic comments, now does it?

  • Mandy

    Ugly, lost his looks.

  • Mandy

    @Anon Gorgeous@Anon: Gorgeous? lol Are you blind? He is incredibly ugly.

  • Truth

    He should is using drugs, he’s very ugly and dirty.

  • ?

    Tired? Yes.
    Ugly? Never. Not by a long shot. You’re just being a ridiculous hater.

  • Kate

    Orlando, haven’t you learned your lesson? All models are golddiggers. You know this first hand. Run. Now!

  • http://Justjared Jayne

    Orlando is never ugly. But he does look tired and i like Orlando’s hair anyway he look good with any hair cut :-) i think Orlando should stay a way from all model’s.

  • Efi

    @Kate: Amen to that. The ex should be a big lesson to him. Orlando seems to be a regular guy who could settle for simple joys. He may not be dirt poor but not rich enough for a partner who lusts for never-ending glamour and fame. I hope he finds someone who would really care for him regardless whether she has the “star” looks or not. Beauty fades but moral values last. I also wish for the ex to find somebody who values family as tops. Else, she may find herself an ex a second time sooner than everybody expects.

  • Aya

    @Mandy: have you seen the face of the one who ‘replaced’ orlando. I would rather sleep with this ‘ugly’ orlando with just a thousand bucks in my purse than sleeping on a bed of money with a fatso whose face only his mother would adore. Sorry, folks. Not meant to offend anybody esp. Miranda but that is just me who prefers a balanced approach in choosing my man. Not extremely rich, not extremely ugly

  • Ali

    @Joelle: she needs to be in orlandos affairs for the extra media mileage becoz he gets more public attention than she. Although i suspect that she would like orlando to be dating someone soon so she could be open in her new relationship too. I hope Orlando just plays the field so as not to commit the same mistake. Well, as for Miranda, may she find a man who realizes that street brawls are not for someone who is advanced in age and wise enough not to cause further damage to his looks. Money cannot buy everything. Lol. I was carried away by @aya. Kinda amusing thoughts. Do you imply that you would go for an ‘ugly’ millionaire instead of ***ier billionaire.

  • PuppyLove

    Yeah, she stipulated “just a thousand bucks in [her] purse”?
    If I wouldn’t do the guy for free, I wouldn’t do him at all.
    Orlando would get it for free ( as long as he’s not legally married anymore–fornication OK, adultery NOT). Sadly, I will never get the opportunity, not being a stunning young model. Sigh. Oh well, life goes on.

  • Elena

    @@16: I don’t run to media outlets and make statements about his personal life as if I’m his PR flack when I have no right to do so. I simply sit back and laugh at the downward spiral he began in 2007, the one that spun totally out of control in 2010 an irreparably damaged him to the point where he is a laughing stock to the world, not just me. The one that led him to the point where that tw@t Kerrdashain still feels that she is in control of everything that he does. The correct response, the ONLY correct response, available to her when someone asks her if Orlando is dating *insertnamehere* is: “It is not my place to comment. You will have to ask Orlando.” and then she must shut her big, ugly yap and go back to wrapping those Botoxed lips around James Packer’s d*ck so she can suck out more funding for her failing company.

  • PuppyLove

    Why would you laugh at someone whose marriage failed?
    What kind of person are you? Not only are there many people whose relationships didn’t work out, but given the divorce rate, there are a lot of people whose parents split when they were growing up. Do you seriously think that’s funny?

  • Aya

    @PuppyLove: Aya here (not ali) if the guy is gorgeous, its another story.

  • wow

    I remember when he was attractive. That was along, long time ago. Now he’s just old and tired looking. Fatherhood and age did him no favors. :(

  • Maria

    There are cute new pics of Orlando with Flynn on the daily mail. Flynn is a cutie and Orlando looks gorgeous. Maybe he is growing his hair out for the next pirates movie. Flynn is the splitting image of Orlando and is the cutest kid.

  • http://Justjared Jayne

    Orlando is still attractive and he’s not old. But he is still a person that sometime’s get tired but still look’s good. If someone said that to you how would you feel?

  • http://Justjared Jayne

    Oh and i for got Fatherhood has done him just fine to me.

  • Nancy

    There are pics of Orlando at the beach on the daily mail and he looks gorgeous. You can see he works out regularly, he looks hot. He is one of my favorite actors. I hope he’s growing his hair long for the next Pirates movie. There are rumours that he may be coming back for the next Pirates movie.

  • L.

    I can’t believe those pictures are of Orlando Bloom. His face looks so old. He used to be a cutie. Never really sexy or muy macho, but still quite cute and boyish looking. Now he looks like a slightly-bloated rapidly-aging man. Yeah, I know he’s mid-30′s, but a lot of men in their mid to late 30′s still look very good. Orlando I’m sorry to say is not aging well at all and it kind of surprises me. Thought he’d retain his ‘youthful look’ the way Johnny Depp did. Johnny in his late 30′s looked much younger than Orlando does right now. Sad.

  • @36

    What took you so long to comment here? Oh yes, you didn’t know what would you do with yourself!