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Emma Watson Becomes an Official Brown University Graduate - See the Pics Here!

Emma Watson Becomes an Official Brown University Graduate - See the Pics Here!

Emma Watson is joined by her family and friends, including her mom, as she becomes an official Brown University graduate on Sunday afternoon (May 25) in Providence, R.I.

The 24-year-old actress sported a brown stole for the exciting day.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Emma Watson

During the ceremony, Emma sat in the crowd with her fellow classmates and cheered them on as they walked across the stage.

Before graduation, Emma shared a super adorable pic of her in her cap and gown with a simple “!” as the caption

20+ pictures inside of Emma Watson graduating from Brown…

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emma watson graduates brown university lit major01
emma watson graduates brown university lit major02
emma watson graduates brown university lit major03
emma watson graduates brown university lit major04
emma watson graduates brown university lit major05
emma watson graduates brown university lit major06
emma watson graduates brown university lit major07
emma watson graduates brown university lit major08
emma watson graduates brown university lit major09
emma watson graduates brown university lit major10
emma watson graduates brown university lit major11
emma watson graduates brown university lit major12
emma watson graduates brown university lit major13
emma watson graduates brown university lit major14
emma watson graduates brown university lit major15
emma watson graduates brown university lit major16
emma watson graduates brown university lit major17
emma watson graduates brown university lit major18
emma watson graduates brown university lit major19
emma watson graduates brown university lit major20
emma watson graduates brown university lit major21
emma watson graduates brown university lit major22
emma watson graduates brown university lit major23

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  • GoEmma

    Congratulations to Emma!!! The rare child star who turned out right.

  • Huh ?

    Her “fellow classmates?” Her original classmates have long since graduated. She took a long time to get her degree.

  • Andrea

    @Huh ?:
    It says ‘fellow’ not ‘original’ as even you point out.
    The point is she got it.

  • Lovely

    Congrats to the lovely graduate. She carries herself well and has brains and ambition. I’m sure she has a bright future ahead. Love her!

  • HA

    It’s quite funny that they make such a fuss about it…people graduate all the time…they make it seem like she is this bright person who, wow, graduated…

  • Isabel

    @Huh ?: Long since? You do realize that less than 40% of students who enter college graduate within four years, correct?

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  • Lovely

    @HA: People should be congratulated for achievements, no? And she is a bright person, so of course people will praise her. Intelligence is a good thing.

  • Danielle

    Congrats! Emma looks lovely as usual!

  • Fresh

    What was her major?

  • Beauty & Brains

    Go Emma! So proud of you!

  • Danielle


    Yeah, her course was expected to last 4 years, Emma did it in 5, not bad at all considering she was balancing her career with her ​​studies.

  • Cari

    @Huh ?: it wouldn’t matter if it took her 50 years to get her degree. The fact is she did it and with a schedule busier than most college students.

  • Kate

    One thing I love about Emma is that she is interested in a variety of things and is not just the “acting acting acting” type of celebrity. She is an artists apparently very good at painting I’ve heard, she’s a writer and she is involved in many humanitarian projects :)

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  • liz

    LOL at everyone’s laughable comments. “wow, she’s so bright! she has beauty AND brains!” there are thousands of young people like her who graduate from ivy league schools while balancing other activities on the side. I bet you wouldn’t commend them and kiss their arses like this though. I swear celebrities get pats on the back for the most ridiculous things

  • Lisa

    So happy for Emma, she is so AWESOME. and soon she will have her own Oscar.

  • Living in a box

    @liz: I agreed with you, congrats to Emma but come on! she had it easy. I read somewhere, there is an Ivy league student, a female that become a pornstar just because she need to paid her tuition. No one give her pat in the back.

  • Huh ?


    Natalie Portman was able to graduate in 4 years with honors while doing movies.

  • offtheproperty

    Brown has the most ignominious reputation as the most liberal Ivy League university. They literally hate America there, and don’t ever doubt it.

  • distance study

    she did a majority of her studies by distance course studying

  • place

    Poor emma, she’s so ugly. even after she got a nose job

  • Lolita

    So many haters in here. Just congratulate her and get on with it. A lot of people are making a fuss about it is because she was a child star who didn’t fall of the rails. Without the rehab and shit.

  • Fresh

    Before hating on someone for finishing college, please look at the Kardashian Klan. Not a single sensible thought in their brains.

  • Lolita

    @Living in a box: She could have been a waitress or pick any decent job. I think that’s why no one patted her in the back.

  • who?

    You call that cheering? Looking snarky as usual.

  • blegh

    Just shows that money can buy your way through life.


    No.22 at 9:23;
    I googled the spot where that UCSB shooter crashed his black BMW 3 in a deadend street next to campus and saw a red cross of England flag hanging from a student’s apartment balcony. Note the same red cross in this enclosed image, and the traditional black rose of Satan on that woman next to Emma, at:
    The brown shooter was originally from England of course.
    In the Memories Are Forever: II episodes of Magnum P.I. he was shooting anti-American marxists on the crowded sidewalks and street.
    Then his French wife left him for another Marxist in Viet Nam.


    No.10 at 6:26;
    I once read that her major was English.
    Note the Magnum P.I. figure standing behind Emma in the above image link; who is wearing the show’s frequent military dress whites.
    That cut-off brown man standing on Emma’s right side represents Barack Obama.
    BTW. Ms. Watson was born in Paris.


    No.1 at 5:38;
    Note the rising sun sea icon on the right side of Emma’s Brown University apron. Which stands for Obama’s traditional [Rev.13:1] dawn of fascism political posters, flags, and T-shirts, etc.

  • Final word

    @Huh ?:

    She only worked summer, and it was Star Wars, because had a contract.

  • Final word


    Not half as ugly as you are inside.

    This warm lovely girl has never uttered an ill word against anyone. Maybe you should grow up and try it.

  • envy

    of course there are hate comments here.. jealous and catty. at least emma graduated. she has a job and rich and some of you are unemployed and losers in life.

  • annie R U OK

    @KILLER ABS DUDE: Thank you for the information. Very interesting. Where did you get it from?

  • potterforever

    @<HA, yes if ordinary people like u maybe nobody cares but she is a beautiful, talented and busy actress

  • Ha


    Does she have 3 brains? I don’t think so. Just because she is an actress and famous doesn’t make her special. That’s why all these celebrities have such big heads, because of people like you, always kissing them in the ass.

  • sr

    lol please, she never asked for any1′s congrats or approval, wether or not you care is not gonna take her degree away… she did it on her terms in her own time, ironically every1′s so pissed at her getting recognition for this but your the ones giving her all the attention by reqading this article in the first place. Congrats Emma

  • potterforever

    @Ha: nobody said she is has 3 brain and no one in this world has three brains :P. how do u said she has big head u dont know her. why do u so angry when people congrat her successfull, at least she can motivating her fans to be success in study and career, seems so jealousy coz nobody wants to kiss ur ass? lol

  • Ha


    Wow, how old are you, 12? Grow up…

  • Clara

    Pathetic attempt to prove she’s smart and diligent. I’m pretty sure that she was finally able to graduate only because she paid a lot of money. Her publicists work really hard for her to maintain that fake innocent girl image, but considering that Watson’s a plain-looking, untalented little thing who’s had too many boyfriends to be considered classy, the final product of their work is just a attention-seeking bland girl.

  • emilia

    congrats Emma!!!!!!!!!!!! well done :D

  • freya


    “literally hates America”??? Now your just talking TOTAL BULLSHIT. Where do you get that news from the totally and always INCORRECT AND FACT LESS FAUX NEWS? ROTFLMAO

  • maricela cruz

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    New International Version (NIV)
    23 Therefore, if you are offering your gift at the altar and there remember that your brother or sister has something against you, 24 leave your gift there in front of the altar. First go and be reconciled to them; then come and offer your gift.

  • maricela cruz

    @EmWatson Congratulations Emma Watson for your degree from @BrownUniversity!
    I loved your photo with #PrinceWilliam of England! I love Prince
    William because he supported you and invited you to charity dinner at
    Windsor Castle. @DukeCambridgeUK @Queen_UK #princewilliam

  • Harry

    Brown University !!!!!!! that’s in ivy league !!!!! WOW. Emma is intelligent ! . i admire her coz she is very busy as an worldwide famous young actress but she managed her time very well to study and working at the same time. She’s amazing ! i wanna get into ivy league universities. like Priceton , Harvard , Yale . Hope i can make it

  • WTH

    @liz: We congratulate those people too. The difference is that she is celebrity and articles are made about her with comments congratulating her. Quit acting dumb.

  • Ems

    Congratulations Emma! I’m proud :) We love You!!! ♥ ♥ ♥

  • WTH

    I forgot. Congrats Emma on being smart, talented and level headed.