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Kanye Wests Drops New Single 'God Level' on Wedding Day to Kim Kardashian - Listen Now!

Kanye Wests Drops New Single 'God Level' on Wedding Day to Kim Kardashian - Listen Now!

Kanye West somehow made the biggest day of his life into an even bigger day!

The 37-year-old rapper dropped a new track titled “God Level” on the same day he wed his longtime love Kim Kardashian in Florence, Italy.

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The song is part of Adidas‘ FIFA World Cup commercial “The Dream,” which debuted during halftime of the UEFA Champions League Final and features a ton of soccer star players. Check out a first listen in the video below!

WHAT DO YOU THINK of Kanye West’s new song “God Level”?

Kanye West – “God Level” in ADIDAS Commercial
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  • Zzzz

    Hate to burst your bubble Kanye, but you are nowhere near God level. In fact, you and your disgusting p0rnstar wife are complete opposite of any type of decency. People have zero respect for you. Enjoy being delusional.

  • Cari

    One word: YUCK.

  • Nikki

    Remember when ppl had to be able to SING to get a record deal? Kanye & Kim are the 2 least talented ppl on the planet. Those 2 idiots truly deserve each other.

  • NE1

    OK they’re just doing this now to annoy the public. there can’t be any other logical reason. even narcisism doesn’t go that far.. annoyed.

  • tick

    Still the same arrogant narcissistic idiot he’s always been.

  • http://Twitter Gj

    Satan always wanted to be worshiped like God.

  • Sorella

    He’s a rapper??! I thought he was just a dude who married a fame ho and became one himself.

  • Bobby

    LOL love these comments…priceless and right on.

  • sarah

    Just commenting that I’m not going to listen. Boycotting any and all things Kartrashian and Kartrashian related.

  • No

    I think it’s blasphemous is what I think… narcissistic birdbrain moron (there’s simply too many synonyms to name)

  • Junior

    Anybody hating on this song is stupid, the production on this track is absolutely amazing and if you don’t think so you obviously don’t know what you’re talking about when it comes to music.

  • ndndnf

    He seriously thinks he holds a candle to Jesus Christ. I hope he has fun burning in hell….God is a classic rock kind of man.

  • Lol

    @Junior: you are the stupid one.. You have no idea what real music’re a ghetto thug just like Kanya.

  • Jan

    What an overrated “artist” I wish him and the Kardashian clan would just go away already.

  • amanda

    Some of you people are absolutely idiotic….It’s a song and a damn good one. Chill out. And @Lol not everyone that likes rap is a ghetto thug you racist piece of sh!t

  • Usuhk

    @amanda: you were obviously born without a brain if you like Kanye’s “music” and consider that art. You are one sad, pathetic person.

  • freya

    And you do. Your the MORON Your taste is not my taste. Sorry for being educated but don’t worry your not alone in that category you got Khloe cough I mean Amanda with you.

  • freya


    LOL if you want to look at an idiot GET A MIRROR you’lll see one you think that rap song is not ghetto have you ever payed any attention to the lyrics. And hey IMBECILE ONE just because I don’t like rap that does not make me a racist I happens to like music by Prince, Lenny Kravitz, Billie Holiday, Tina Turner and most especially Jimmy Hendrix. even Andree 3000 is WAY BETTER than your trash loving megalomaniac poor excuse of a RAPPER.

  • maniac

    Did anyone hear about him calling the curdashians “the most fascinating people industrial people in the world”???!!! I know they’re not as stupid as we think, because they became famous for being stupid, dores that make sense? Well i think he really has gone bazerk!

  • Wendy

    Amazing. This jigaboo actually thinks he is some sort of god. It will be a wonderful day when he and his fat @ss wife and her family disappear.

  • Diedre

    @Junior: Hey Junior, climb out of Kanye’s smelly butth0le. The lack of oxygen is affecting your judgement.

  • Sara

    Wendy shines a light on who these hate posters are. Sadly that racists terms set the world back many years and do not have a place in 2014. So sad that many of you posters pare yourselves with this racist.

  • Robocop

    @Junior: At one time the actual music and talent of the performer transcended “production values!” This man’s rants and self-aggrandizing gibberish belongs in an East Village coffee house circa 1958!

  • Wendy

    @Sara: I don’t dislike Kanye West because he is black. I dislike him because he is a no talent, narcissist who has teamed up with his female equal and then set about to shove their nasty faces down everybody’s throat.
    You want to see a real racist? Look at Kanye. He’s a huge racist.

  • Observer