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Brad Pitt Gets Punched By Prankster Vitalii Sediuk at 'Malecifent' Premiere - See Pics of Attacker

Brad Pitt Gets Punched By Prankster Vitalii Sediuk at 'Malecifent' Premiere - See Pics of Attacker

Brad Pitt was unexpectedly punched in the face by a Ukrainian man named Vitalii Sediuk during the Maleficent premiere on Wednesday (May 28) in Hollywood.

The 50-year-old actor reportedly retaliated by punching the man back before cops jumped in and arrested the man.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Brad Pitt

Earlier in the day, Brad was all smiles while holding hands with his longtime love Angelina Jolie at the premiere.

FYI: Vitalii was last spotted hiding under America Ferrera‘s dress at a premiere during the 2014 Cannes Film Festival. He is the infamous prankster who has crashed the Grammy Awards stage, hugged Bradley Cooper‘s crotch on a red carpet, tried to kiss Will Smith, and more.

WHAT DO YOU THINK of Brad Pitt getting attacked at the Maleficent premiere?

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  • Basher

    SHEESH! No bueno.

  • groundcontrol

    Alright Brad! Did this idiot think he could defeat Tyler Durden? Is he the only man on the planet who has not seen Fight Club?

  • Dee

    NUTJOB! Glad Brad punched him back.

  • Media Wh@re MANiston


    Good for you Brad. Glad you punched the A ho back.

  • heyheyhey

    video or it didn’t happen… NO ONE touches The Man >:(

    Overall they look stunning!! Love her dress!! I hope we get pics of the kids and nephews at the premiere ! Can’t wait to watch the movie :D


  • justin theroux is hot


  • what a Stupid Idiot

    It is the same guy who climbed under America’s dress in Cannes, kissed Will Smith and hugged the crotches of Leo and Bradley and others. Glad Brad hit him and I hope he is in pain.

  • haha

    @justin theroux is hot: you think justin is hot? I think you need your eyes checked sweetie lmfao ;p

  • wow

    Go Tyler Durden,I am glad Brad punched back the idiot.

  • jmho

    Glad you got him back, Brad. smh he looks pretty well dressed for a lunatic.

  • Rose

    We are going to keep the focus on Angelina and Remain on Angelina’s thread. Why give a crazy moron any attention by being on a thread with a mad man.

  • jmho


  • http://justjared Felinelilly

    Who goes and attacks an actor at a premiere?! Freaking lunatic. I’m glad Brad punched him back and I’m so glad he’s ok.

  • Media Wh@re MANiston

    @justin theroux is hot:

    For a skinny jeans little midget, he is hot.

  • My hero

    Brad is Prince Charming, kicks all the bad guys

  • Too Funny

    Brad is the man!! He said mofo you must’ve lost your mofo mind, then BOOM goes the dynamite! You just got knocked the frack out by Brad “don’t f with me” Pitt!

  • assman

    Tom Cruise would never punch back, no class Brad

  • Mkhay

    Something needs to happen to that guy. Those aren’t pranks, they’re ****** stupid. When was punching someone in the face a prank. Jesus someone needs to throw him in jail or something for doing this stuff. I’m not one for violence but I wish Brad Pitt or his security team beat him the **** up.

  • groundcontrol

    Brad is a real person and not afraid to mess up his “manicure.”. Of course, Brad defended himself.

  • groundcontrol

    Well, it’s a criminal matter so it will. be up to the DA’s office to decide whether to go forward or not. They may ask Brad what he would like to see happen but it”s not up to Brad.
    I don’t think this guy is crazy, i just think he’s looking for attention. This time he went too far – if he really did punch Brad.

  • assman

    @groundcontrol: a real man with anger issues, a stronger man does not fight

  • reeven

    what an ass : (
    Love u Brad!!!!!

  • For Sure

    Brad is fierce but I hope that he presses charges. What next? Obviously this jerk hasn’t suffered any consequences. It’s about time that he does. Let his ass go to jail.

  • groundcontrol

    @groundcontrol: a real man with anger issues, a stronger man does not fight
    On the eve of the 70th Anniversary of D Day, I beg to differ.
    The suggestion that a man defending himself from a physical assault has anger issue is beyond ridiculous.

  • http://facebook susan nichelson

    I’m not a big Pitt fan, but somebody better do something to rein in this joker before something really big happens. I’m proud that Pitt punched him back, though! About time somebody did!!

  • Amy

    This sh#t isn’t funny. This guy needs to face charges. He’s crossed a line with America and Brad. And how does he keep getting past security???

  • Ⱦamsin

    Poor little whiny biiitch Pittstain, he had to call the cops on Vitali, even though true Alisters like Leo, Bradley and Will simply laughed him off.
    Well, we know how tiny men always have delusions of grandeur. Somebody get Pitty a chair, those lifts must be killing him! XD

  • .

    Haha! Good glad somebody punched Brad just disappointed it wasn’t me.

  • trt

    @justin theroux is hot:
    Man, you have a good taste in men. Justin might just be the guy for you. Get that bank account going and he might just give you a whirl like he did ticky. That’s right. Set your standard low so you don’t get too disappointed. Justin hot? Since when? LOLOLOL!

  • http://justjared Well, duh!

    Lehomo and Beardley liked having his face in their crotch.

  • http://verysexy,sexy!! sharyllee

    hahaha Brad got hit. I am happy someone hit him.. Brad thinks he is the best, no way!!

  • vanessa

    I hope they lock the jerk’s ass in jail. Don’t mess up with Brad.

  • trt

    Yeah, right. I’d believe it if you could let go of your pants from one hand to the fried chicken leg on the other. Or….if you could get your lard azz off your chair!

  • Passing Through

    Just saw some pix of the kids at the premiere. They’re a hoot. Z and Shiloh are gonna give Brad heart palpitations…and I’m talking about tomorrow…LOL! I assume Z will be getting a modeling contract in the near future. Girlfriend brought the fierce…in microsuede leggings and with starburst stickers on her face and arm. Shiloh even combed her hair for the occasion. I’m impressed.

  • .

    @trt: Oh i know you’re not comparing me to you.

  • Passing Through

    Soooo…Brad got attacked at a premiere…again…by some nutjob…again. It’s happened so often he probably didn’t even flinch. Remember that crackpot in Italy back in 2008 when he was in Venice for BAR? That was prolly TamWRONGKo then, too…

  • gay.

    I don’t believe Brad punched him back, notice how they said “the police jumped in”. If he did he’s as much trash as the trash bag next to him.

  • http://justjared zce

    I am not for violence, BUT I AM HAPPY Brad BUST A CAP ON HIS *SS; SHOW THEM WHAT YOU ARE WORKING WITH, NEXT WHO WANT SOME OF ME, YES, YES. Someone needs to show some accountability and where was his security, everyday someone wants to make history, but want get the satisfaction. GOD BLESS THE JOLIE-PITTS AND THERE FAMILY.

  • http://justjared chrissy

    This was total jealousy and you will be very surprise who was behind it, jealousy breeds evil and anger; guest who had a cute little finger in this, I am happy that everyone is doing fine. Down to fun my, my, my everyone has grown up a look awesome, Angelina and Brad looks FABULOUS. GOD BLESS THEM AND THE FAMILY.

  • geez

    They need to ban this dude from any celebrity events. The Cannes incident was horrible and he should have been locked up for that. Hopefully, this will be his last so called prank.

  • Jen the Hag


    So i guess you’ll just let any random person punch you if you’re walking on the street and just cry heh.. that is if you’re a weak gayhag bwahahhahahahhah!!

  • Jen the Hag


    Well duh Brad was punched by this a.s.shole on the face and Brad retaliated by punching the man too… whereas Bradley Cooper and Leonardio de Carpio were being kissed on their crotch by this A-Hole .. maybe you will love this man to if he do that to you GAYHAG!! !! I bet you will take this man home too bwahahahahhha!!

  • Jen the Hag

    That man should be put in jail time it may do the tamshit bringing a knife and stabbing somebody if he see it in person.. well maybe somebody should report tamshit too!!

  • @tams=hit

    of course you’re going to defend this lunatic who likes putting his face on other men’s crotches. This idiot is just your kind of a guy.You wanted him to crotch kiss you and more .don’t you tams-hit/gaytard??

  • Jen the Hag
  • Wurry

    Brad looks like George Michael.

    This menace dude who is stalking celebs is bathing in all of this attention.

  • Lara

    Not that a punch in the face could make this man uglier than he already is but WTF at the ‘pranker’. All he wants is attention, clearly.

  • Drats

    @For Sure: it’s not up to Pitt to press charges. The DA has the sole decision to file charges. You do understand that women who are victims of domestic violence often change their mind and say they don’t want their abuser charged? Luckily they have no say in the matter.

  • kel

    How is this guy able to get so close? Where is security? He needs to be locked up.

  • Wow

    Guess he hates nwo suck-up