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Amber Heard Gets to Work with James Franco in New York!

Amber Heard Gets to Work with James Franco in New York!

Amber Heard joins her co-star James Franco on the set of their movie The Adderall Diaries on Friday afternoon (May 30) in New York City.

The 28-year-old actress was seen giving her fiance Johnny Depp a passionate kiss the day before when he visited her on set.

Johnny had to go back to Boston the next day to get back to work on his upcoming film Black Mass. He was seen arriving on set while Amber was at work in New York.

10+ pictures inside of Johnny Depp on the set of his movie…

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Photos: SplashNewsOnline, FameFlynet Pictures
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  • Lovebirds

    I love them! Good luck to them.

  • Pedanco

    James Franco wants to be Johnny Depp so badly!

  • NYC

    @Pedanco: yep I agree. james franco is a loser who acts in corny bad movies. he’s just terrible at everything he does.

  • Lea

    James and Amber would be one smokin hot couple!

  • ahf

    Amber is too good to act with Franco.

  • ahf

    @Lea: Hell to the no!

  • Haley

    James <3<3<3

  • Donny

    James franco is pathetic. not only is he creepy but he’s also a wannabe artist who fails every time.
    He’s the only person fascinated by himself because he’s a narcissistic pervert.
    His movies are crap and his overexposure in the past couple of years make people want to vomit.

  • Stephan

    @Donny: James franco is a mental case. The guy is insane.

  • Clap along

    James franco again?! nooooooooooo
    He’s a boring actor and has a bad temper.
    He’s so arrogant and monotone with his noisy voice.

  • Julian

    Has anyone ever read what james franco writes?
    You’ll have nightmares.
    Not because it’s scary but because he’s a horror to literature.

  • Kate

    @Julian: haha, so true.
    It’s kind of sad actually.
    He really wants to be an artist but what he does is so bad.
    It’s embarrassing to witness such a try hard and see him fall flat on his face no matter what he does.

  • Marcia

    What’s his next movie?
    Love him!!!

  • Sukiy

    @Donny: wow, you just described Amber toa “T”

  • Nicholas

    James franco is the biggest hypocrite in hollywood. He’s a phony and a mean person who thinks too highly of himself.

  • Camp

    Well, well, he’s james franco, the nasty actor running after children AKA teenagers!

  • Me

    Good luck to them all. I can’t wait to watch Johnny’s new movie.
    And maybe James Franco is not the most bright but it can’t be that bad to work with him, at least Amber worked with him before on pinneaple express and now she agreed to work with him again, so.

  • Jason

    James franco is not relevant at all.
    Most of his movies are horrible sort of straight to videos.
    And he swings both ways, we all know that.
    But he’s too weak and too chicken to admit it. Ha ha !

  • Give

    @Me: Maybe ’cause she just wants a job.

  • Bernard

    @Me: nothing against her but her role in Pineapple was very small and she was sort of starting her career back then, so it’s not as if she was this big star who allowed james to work with her. And James (although i don’t like his work) is a much bigger star compared to Amber. Amber doesn’t have power in Hollywood and until she started to be known for dating Johnny depp she was just another actress trying to make it. She doesn’t get good roles and doesn’t work on good movies. she’s more gossip material, or known for coming out as bisexual.

  • Fanny

    James franco is an airhead. He says the stupidest things and tries to pass for an intellectual.
    Society will eat anything, even if it’s terrible quality.

  • Cannes

    i don’t know how anybody can NOT see that James is such a try hard with his constant overexposure and always trying to force people to see him as an artist. People roll their eyes every time his PR tries to shove his “art” down our throats.
    It’s sad that young people have no understanding of what the term “Public Relations” mean cause he is a manufactured product of it as much as hollywood spins it around to make it seem like he isn’t.
    At least a lot of people can see through this rose tinted glass.

  • 7

    I wonder what James sold to the devil for hollywood to keep on giving him work and put money on his sh!ty projects….

  • Queen

    Oh look it’s james and Amber the two bisexual working together;

  • Martini

    James franco’s breath smells like an anus$
    James is also known for having anonymous sexxxx and hiring prostitutes.

  • Martini

    I meant
    a n u s

  • Me

    @Bernard: are you so obsessed to bash Amber that you don’t even understand what you read? Who said that “she allowed him to work with her” on pinneaple express, what do you think i’m? a retarded that don’t know she was a supporting and he was the protagonist? I’m talking about now, this movie and not that “she allowed him to work with her again”, james is one the producers of the movie, he owns the rights of the book…of course i was talking, that if he were so hard to be around Amber could have said “no” to the movie, it’s not like she need the work for a living and she just wrapped another movie.
    But i’m not a defender of James Franco, nor a fan. But maybe he’s fine or nice as co-worker despite of all the other wrong things he does


    future Oscar winner

  • .

    Two horrible actors=horrible movie.

  • Mime

    Amber doesn’t look pretty as brunette

  • Dja

    James franco is such a bad actor, terrible.

  • Shoes

    amber had a nose job.

  • http://@kirstenMbossi kirsten

    Please shut up everybody… james is hot and i love him!!! Is a great actor, is a biggest talent man of the world, think before to talk … bitches!!

  • Versailles

    Kind of sad that James is such a terrible actor.
    He’s the proof that he cannot buy talent and creativity.
    He might be able to pay for his projects with easy money (sh!tty plain roles in spiderman etc) but we keep getting the proof that he is not a creative soul.
    He’s more of a business man or a mathematician trying to be an artist.
    He tries and tries and tries but talent is not a gift he was given.
    He did get lucky with money and opportunities but his tremendous lack of talent and absence of true creativity makes him look very poor.

  • Movie

    @.: And Amber also will jinx this movie. She jinx everything

  • Air

    This movie will flop. bad actors in it. bad feeling about this movie.

  • 555555

    @Versailles: well said. That guy overexposes himself so much, it’s ridiculous.

  • JDF
  • UH OH

    UH OH.. two bi sexuals who are in love with themselves… I BET they hook up on this movie. Johnny is gonna loose this tramp Amber just the way he got her.. she is gonna cheat and use anyone and everyone she can to climb that fame ladder.Amber heard is A user.Johnny better watch out, he is sooo head over heels for her and she is only using Johnny for his fame. Poor Johnny doesn’t know what he has got himself into!

  • JDF

    Franco is much hotter than old fart Depp.

  • dubudu

    James franco is bisexual and too afraid to say it!

  • KR

    @JDF: ooowwww! the fifth gif it’s just too cute <3 it looks like she kissed him before to caress his face ^__^

  • TEa

    You know Johnny Depp is worried right about now! You just know that Amber is gonna throw herself at Franco, just like she did with Johnny on the set of the Rum Diary.Johnny is gonna be left broken hearted, I can already see how this is gonna play out. Amber is using Johnny ,plain and simple, I don’t put anything past this manipulative girl! Johnny needs to get out of this situation, it is ruining him.

  • howaboutno

    @TEa: And since when can you predict the future?If she is indeed using Johnny there is no way she is gonna leave him and you know it.Why would she leave now just before the wedding?If she is using him the only chance to leave him will be when she comes close with some one more famous and Franco is no where near as popular as Johnny.She is too young for Franco anyway.Keep dreaming,She and Johnny are not breaking up anyway soon.

  • Jack

    @howaboutno: Amber and Franco are look alike. She is using Johnny and I agree she isn’t stupid to leave Johnny but Johnny can be smart and save himself and his family leaving her .

  • patricia

    @Jack: alike. Both suck cock

  • shutup

    @TEa: Amber & John didn’t were together when they did the movie, so she doesn’t have any record on hit it up on set with co-stars. Also not only she and James Franco worked together before, but also he’s not the first male co-star she worked after being with Johnny. She acted a romantic relationship with Liam Hemsworth on Paranoia and with 3 men on “London Fields”, Theo James, Billy Bob Thornton and Jim Sturgess. And surely she had some romantic interest on “when i live my life over again”. It’s called acting!

  • JDF

    @UH OH: Hahahahahah, that’s some nice!

    Enough with this nonesense about Amber, what has she done to you???? She worked with James before and they are just friends.

    How exactly is she using Johnny?? She’s not talking about him in her interviews and she is still doing the kind of movies she did before him which means he’s not helping her at all with her career.

    Stop with the whole “using him” nonesense.

  • JDF

    **that’s some nice fanfiction!

  • JDF

    @TEa: Hahhhahaha, another fanfiction!

    Amber worked with men before when she was with Johnny and he was ok with it because he respect that it’s just work and she also respects that it’s just work when he gets to kiss and make out with actresses.

    And how is Amber using Johnny again?