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Charlize Theron Forgets Her Money for Pinkberry Tab, Comes Back Later with a Huge Tip!

Charlize Theron Forgets Her Money for Pinkberry Tab, Comes Back Later with a Huge Tip!

Charlize Theron stops by Pinkberry to pick up her son Jackson (not pictured) a frozen treat on Tuesday (June 3) in Los Angeles.

The 38-year-old actress’ tab reportedly came to $3.75, but she forgot her money, TMZ reports! Charlize promised to come back an hour later with cash.

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A bit over an hour later, Charlize returned with her beau Sean Penn and gave the employee a $100 bill! That’s about a $96 tip!

FYI: Charlize is wearing Louise et Cie shoes and Salvatore Ferragamo sunglasses.

10+ pictures inside of Charlize Theron stopping by Pinkberry without her cash…

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charlize theron forgets money at pinkberry returns later with huge tip 01
charlize theron forgets money at pinkberry returns later with huge tip 02
charlize theron forgets money at pinkberry returns later with huge tip 03
charlize theron forgets money at pinkberry returns later with huge tip 04
charlize theron forgets money at pinkberry returns later with huge tip 05
charlize theron forgets money at pinkberry returns later with huge tip 06
charlize theron forgets money at pinkberry returns later with huge tip 07
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charlize theron forgets money at pinkberry returns later with huge tip 09
charlize theron forgets money at pinkberry returns later with huge tip 10

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  • GFW

    What’s that like? To forget your money then over-tip like that as if money isn’t anything. Or the only thing in her wallet is $100 bills? Wow. Does this make her look good or bad?

  • servergirl

    That’s really nice! I used to work in an upscale eatery. You would be surprised how many very wealthy business people leave miniscule or no tips at all. They feel entitled

  • Ugonna Wosu

    @GFW: whoever wants to see it as bad will see it as bad.

    she could have easily not come back, which is what a punkass would do. But she came back and gave a generous tip. That’s how I see it. Most “nice” people would have come back and paid only what they needed to.

    I think she also appreciated the patience of that woman allowing her to leave in the first place. Very trusting of her. Both were classy moves.

  • Ha

    @servergirl: True. Don’t you know what they say? The poorest people are always the most generous. Maybe because they know what it’s like to have nothing lol. But yeah, wealthy people in general won’t leave their money just there..

  • lol

    She’s done her generous act of the year.

  • @#5

    @lol: Well not really. She actually does charity work.

  • Ugonna Wosu

    @lol: she does more generous acts per year than you do. Why not sign up and join Charlize Theron Africa Outreach Project? Or work with her in the UN? Then, you can talk about her and KNOW what you’re talking about.

  • BeGood

    It’s good to be generous and give back. I’ve never been stingy, and I’m happy to donate to charity every chance I get – or buy something nice for someone who doesn’t have the means to. It’s amazing that every time I’ve given money/clothes/furniture or bought something for someone who needed it, very soon after I’d end up receiving that money back..either as a gift from someone else, a raise, or a bonus at work. It makes giving back feel even better :)

  • sam

    @servergirl: agree 100%. i used to work at a grooming boutique where over 75% of the clientele were the wealthiest in miami beach due to the fact that they can afford constant maintenance on their dogs with weekly or monthly baths or haircuts and only 3-5% of those clients were thoughtful with tips. i’d always ask the client when they leave how much tip money would they like to add to their bill, and the majority of the rich clients only requested 1$ tips when the average tipping price was $10 per dog and more middle class and half of the wealthy clients wanted to tip $10 or more. trust me, what charlize did was super nice.

  • dee

    @GFW: HOOOOWWWW did u turn this into a negative article?? Like….H0_0WW???

  • Voldy

    I live in a country with a great and fair minum wage. The US does not have that.That’s why tipping is a big deal over there. I’d tip 15 per cent with everything over there.

  • Tara

    That girl obviously called TMZ so she didn’t deserve a tip that big. People who turn this into a negative thing are just jealous of Charlize and want a reason to hate her. Just like that Gwyneth Paltrow-obsessed Lainey gossip.

  • janet

    I think it’s negative. I mean if you or I walked into Pinkberry without a wallet would thy let us leave with the item and a promise to come back? Probably not. She had to give that tip because the girl/guy did her a favor she wasn’t entitled to. She should have left the item and come back for it when she had cash, like the rest of society does. No special treatment for these already inflated egos.

  • Helen

    I live in Finland and we usually pay by the credit card and I usually don’t carry cash with me. But there are still some places which accept only cash and so I’ve been also in similar situation. But I usually don’t buy then.
    But Charlize Theron acted very nicely – she came back and gave a generous tip (as she earns lots of money, then its ok to give so generous tip!).
    That’s how I see it.
    Beautiful, talanted and generous woman!

  • puravik

    What Charlize Theron did was super nice.

  • Ben

    I’m very big Charlize Theron’s fan, so I’d gladly pay for the frozen treat ;) Perhaps I’d have asked for an authogram but it was certainly wrong to call some trash magazine and complain that Charlize didn’t have money!
    So I’d also say that what Charlize did was super, super nice!!!

  • FFS

    @janet: It happens. I didn’t have enough for an item and a cashier let me leave with my items. I came back and paid and that was the end of it. How you’ve managed to spin this into something negative is beyond me.

  • Mary

    I also don’t understand how its possible to spin this into something negative???
    She paid for the goods!!! Its not like she just disappear and never came back. And she gave very big tip although she didn’t have to (when you can buy Dior watch, then 96$ tip is nothing).

  • Ugonna Wosu

    @janet: she didn’t leave WITH the item. She didn’t pick it up until she came back and paid. Its a positive story. Nexgt?

  • Ugonna Wosu

    @FFS: I have done the same thing at least once in my life. I had money, but not enough and they let me go.

  • Lena

    Okay… How about THIS. If you have a CHILD with you, how about being RESPONSIBLE enough to have money on you in case of an emergency for the CHILD? But I guess that doesn’t apply to celebrities desperately trying to get attention eh? Staging kindness publicity stunts days after dumb rape statements. And you know what’s great? Having the cash BEFORE you go in to get yourself a drink.

    Who does that? I have never once in my entire life been anywhere where I was going to buy something where I didn’t first know whether I had ANY money on me. This was on the freaking radio today on the way to work. I didn’t go looking for this story. Charlize is wearing out her welcome in my book fast. I didn’t object to her really before. But in the past even several days, she’s rapidly becoming hugely obnoxious.

  • Ugonna Wosu


    she was jogging. Lots of women don’t have money on them when they’re wearing yoga pants.

    Get off the whole publicity thing. She didn’t contact the media, the lady did. Charlize is not scrambling to “fix her name” after the “rape comments”, if she was, she would have GIVEN A STATEMENT WITHIN THE FIRST 24 HOURS THAT STORY BROKE!

    She has let the public stew for a WEEK! Does that sound like someone desperate not to look bad??? She doesn’t give a darn. She meant what she said, and obviously doesn’t think it was wrong.

    If she’s wearing out your welcome, just throw out your welcome already. Who cares? You’re no fan if all it takes is one badly worded phrase(at least in your book) to start turning on her.


  • Ugonna Wosu

    @Lena: you may have been perfect enough not to have gone in somewhere without money, but its happened to many non-celebs including myself in the past.

    Be gone!

  • Ugonna Wosu

    lol at people spinning this negatively. If she wanted good publicity and to get credit for this, then why was she so unnerved by the cameraman asking her about her good deed? she didn’t WANT the attention!!! Duh.

    That employee better hope she gets to keep the tip, seeing how she leaked this incident.

  • Mats

    Our beautiful and generous Charlize Theron :)
    I’ve also forgotten to take money with me, and its not something to be ashamed of. We are all human and tend to be forgetful time to time.

  • Lena

    @Ugonna Wosu:

    It’s not about being PERFECT. My mother carries 20′s in her bra when sightseeing so she doesn’t have to carry a bulky purse. Ladies did that back in the day. Stop making excuses for a planned PUBLICITY stunt. Why didn’t someone in the store just loan her the $3 and she pay them back? No big deal. It had to be a huge “look at me…I’m the rich celebrity with $100.. look what happens when you break work rules, give me a break.And…you get rewarded…” Sort of deal. Celebrities go into stores all the time looking for free stuff. Asking to be seated all the time right away. This time, this one just wanted to be the center of attention by throwing a $100 Bill around after either purposefully not bringing cash or being a dumb dumb and forgetting. And if she was jogging, she has jogged before. So she KNOWS the routine. Don’t forget keys. Don’t forget money. And dam/n ….bless her heart being able to run or jog in those SANDALS. OUCH! And by the way, isn’t it interesting how they got Paparazzi shots of her with the pinkberry item? Maybe if she didn’t call the PAPS a bunch of rapists, they would have loaned the ding dong $3.50…

    As a business owner, I’d be like, great, now all my employees are gonna start letting people leave with products without paying thinking they’ll be returning in an hour with $100 like Charlize. And why is it that this is the kindness news of the day? They don’t air the news about the firefighter who bought the homeless lunch on Tuesday do they? No. It’s this garbage we got to listen to so we can admire the celebrity mortal Gods like good little minions on our way to stressful jobs in morning rush hour. It’s ridiculous. And then it will probably be on every magazine staring us in the face at the supermarket checkout line. Headline “dumb bimbo Charlene too stupid to stick a 20$ bill in her bra for a jog, buys ice cream, returns with $100 Bill, wins 2014 Nobel Peace Prize.” Pathetic. Why so gullible folks?

  • Looney Tunes

    @Lena: A publicity stunt would be to buy a homeless person a house and let it leak out or show up at a hospital for kids with cancer and get photographed with them. Pinkberry isn’t exactly a diabolical PR stunt. You sound like some kind of conspiracy theory loon.

  • Lena

    @Looney Tunes:

    You sound like a very BAD businessman or businesswoman. Or someone who has NEVER owned a business. Why would a narcissist spend $100,000 on buying a new home (getting lawyers involved, realtors, banks, finding a homeless person, finding a home, going through a 30 day closing period, appraisals, etc) for publicity when all she has to do is walk in to a pinkberry, pretend to have no money, then bring back $100 and look like a hero to a minimum wage worker? This story was EVERYWHERE and it only took $100 and 1 hour. That’s really cheap advertising right after she ticked off the public with her dumb rape comments.

    You have nerve to call me a conspiracy theorist while you suggest she would have gone to all that trouble for the same advertising impact that $100 and a few minutes got her. Whatever…

    Just because you aren’t smart enough to figure out cheap, effective, and quick return PR tricks, and I can, doesn’t mean I’m a Looney toon conspiracy theorist. It just means I have a better head for business sweetie. And you would possibly go under fast if you opened a business because your brain immediately went to big expensive scheme when quick and cheap is just as effective. Just my opinion.

  • Lena

    And I also read that @ugonna comment slamming the worker for calling the paps. And the other comment about her leaving the item there until she came back with the $100 and Sean Penn. Hmmmmmm. Logic and Common Sense. The video looked staged to me. And I suspect Charlize’ folks called the paparazzi to begin with. After recent heat from dumb comments she made. Ring ring…Hello??? “Pssst…Yeah…Charlize will be taking her son to the park today…” CLICK…

    If Charlize left the ice cream there until she had cash, then this would not be a story. So we assume she took the item with her. Like the girl seemed to say. And, she came back with freaking Sean Penn??? The violent guy who was arrested and convicted of assaulting a FAN and separately a movie set extra in the 80′s and who started shooting his guns at paparazzi at his wedding??? (Do I have that right???). So he could sit there calm…LOL… :)

    I personally think she was trying to bolster her “rape” comment with the paparazzi and mean “tell all” nasty critical fans from the other day. Kind of like: “Here it’s huge news cause I stiffed a worker on a stupid $3.75 Bill and you people hunt me down and don’t leave me in peace? ..wah wah wah wah…. I’m the victim here because after the terrible worker went to the paparazzi, I like the saintly victim I am, even gave her $100 when I returned with my oh so gentle calm boyfriend Sean.”

    Yeah, to me, it looks very set up, staged, contrived, controlled, and done for Charlize to make herself a little point about fans and the PAPS and to bolster her whining about being a multi multi multi millionaire victim of the evil fans and press who make sure to follow her around to give her publicity so she can make more of those $100 bills. LOL. :)

    Funny how people will react when you throw them into a certain situation eh Charlize? That is? 1. Have your pr team tip off the paparazzi to where you will be 2. Then cause a ruckus by sticking a poor minimum wage worker with your ice cream bill? 3. So you can then save the day and make everyone feel bad. Narcissistic jerk in my opinion.

  • acosta

    Whithout the king…the ice es not valid.

  • Anonimo

    Charlize Theron is bellisima