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Tom Cruise Says He Invented the International Press Tour

Tom Cruise Says He Invented the International Press Tour

Tom Cruise sits down for an appearance on The Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon on Wednesday evening (June 4) in New York City.

The 51-year-old Edge of Tomorrow actor recently said the he invented the international press tour that movie stars now go on all the time.

“It was Top Gun,” Tom said. “We traveled all over the world — Italy, Paris, Japan. I always wanted to travel foreign, it was amazing. It took four months, this tour. We used to do these tours, foreign, it would take months. We’d spend weeks in one place. I loved spending that time, but I was working [on other things] — Scorsese was editing Color of Money, there was an early draft of Rain Man.”

“That’s when I came up with the idea of doing — I thought we’d do a country in a couple of days. I like premieres … so I came up with the idea of let’s have premieres in different countries. I came up with that, it took a few years to get it going,” Tom added.

Tom Cruise Says He Invented the International Press Tour

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  • Hmm

    I mean, my mom remembers TOP GUN doing all of those countries and she said movies didn’t really do that, but not sure Tom Cruise created it. IDK.

  • NITS

    Now he uses these tours to spread his Scientology filth to weak and vulnerable people. (But they of course must be wealthy enough to pay for ‘auditing’)

  • Lori

    Maybe it was his idea at the time
    Doubt he would out and out lie if it can be so easily proved wrong. He isn’t that dumb.
    Doesn’t sound like they did that years ago.

  • Trixie Larue

    What next? Will he take credit for inventing the Internet?

  • Lori

    no, #4 that honor goes to Al Gore.

  • Truth

    It’s not actors that decide what kid of promotion is done for a film, it’s the studio. The international tours began when the box office outside the US became important to the films. Now it’s more important that the US.

  • Bea

    Yes, I am sure you know more then Tom Cruise about what was going on in the movie business 30 years ago.
    And 30 years ago the box office didn’t depend that much on other countries.
    And Actors do have a say in fact they had a say in this latest one to do 3 in one day. It’s not all up to them but they have input which is what Tom was saying here.

  • perdida

    So no one noticed that this item says Tm Cruise sits down with
    JIMMY FALLON ????? Jared I love you but come on! That’s Kimmel!

    You forget how long Tom Cruise has been around. He doesn’t look like it because he has had some “wirk” done, but he is old. Tom Cruise has to be 50. So if he has been making movies since he was 18 or 19 years old, they did things different back in the day. Press tours were different back then too, I guess.

  • Truth

    30 years ago the studios were a lot more controlling than they are now. Not as much as in 30s and 40s but a lot more than they are now. The actors didn’t have much saying.

  • Verity

    Maybe he did. Top Gun came out in 1986, at that time it was just the standard Hollywood premiere.


    JJ did confuse the two.
    He was on Kimmell last night and Fallon is tonight. Pics shown are from Fallon but video is from last night Kimmell

  • Bea

    He said he started it which suggest he came up with the idea and suggested it.
    Of course they don’t call all the shots but if they took his suggestion then what he is saying is true.

  • Lee

    He’s bragged about this many times. He can be charming no doubt, but he just strikes me as someone who has an ego the size of Texas.

  • Verity

    @Bea: Exactly.

  • Living in a box

    It’s does make sense, Tom Cruise always been known as international star. His film do make money on international market.


    According to this site here Tom(29 films) and Johnny Depp (32films)both are at over 6billon box office with slightly more being overseas.
    Tom Hanks(37 films) beats them both at 8billion(his has half overseas too) but they are all 3 up in the top tier.
    On Angelina’s it’s hard to tell because they have over a billion of hers unclassified as to her role so that is alot to be unaccountable for, so I like Angie but there might be a typo in how hers in broker up. However, overall she is at 4billion with 34 films. Not sure if this site is totally accurate on every last number but it helps paint a picture.

  • assman

    Love Cruise, support quality movies like Edge of Tomorrow

  • Guest

    Agree #17. I always look forward to his movies and enjoy the message. For us with stressful demanding jobs, so nice to be able to chill out alone and imagine being in another futuristic world. Surprised he didn’t (per his comments) suggest the 3 countries in one day tour idea, seems like his creative line of thought.

  • Yeah

    Maybe he suggested it, but I doubt he controlled it.


    And I invented the wheel

  • Candy

    @Truth: It’s the opposite. The megaliths will control everything you say. Actors are much more careful. Tom Cruise and a few others are exceptions because they often produce their own materials, and while TC has fallen a bit, he’s still an A-lister who can open blockbusters.

  • Lulu

    He said weird things. When Katie Holms was taking dancing lessons for a show, he said Kate is a dancer. when Suri went to that kiddie gymnastic place, he said she is a gymnast. Most of us would use similar terms when somebody has been trained professionally. But, for him, somebody who “dance” is a dancer. Same with this “i invented world press tour”. He either has simple thoughts or he’s a bit delusional.

  • taylor

    I invented toaster strudels.

  • reeven

    He his sooooo annoying

  • Carla

    If Tom were a woman, comments would be made about his botoxed face and puffy cheeks. Men deserve scrutiny too.

  • Roberta

    @BOX OFFICE STATS: I just looked over at box office mojo and the Tom’s numbers are at 7,5 billion internationally; Johnny Depp’s at 8,1 billion; Tom Hanks beats them both with 8,4 billion; Angelina is actually acurate on both sites, at 4,8 billion.

  • EoT – NY Daily News

    “You know what? None of us will ever marry Tom Cruise, or couch jump with him, or discuss our competing spiritual philosophies.

    Really, all he needs to do is entertain us. And as the sharp, suspenseful ‘Edge of Tomorrow’ reminds us, there are still very few superstars who do it better,” Weitzman wrote.

    “Cruise seems almost pathologically devoted to giving us a good time, which means he usually aims high in terms of material and collaborators. He’s got a dream team here.”

  • http://yahoo Lizzie

    It’s nice that his Scientology bunch are such staunch supporters. The rest of us just think he’s making films suitable for actors in their 20′s and 30′s, not in their 50′s. But, fly on Tinker Bell. There are a lot of males out there who’ll follow you forever.

  • Joelle

    He started it, he didn’t start foreign tours. This was thirty years ago and he’s just now letting us know about his great foresight? It is not like Tom Cruise to hold back. He could be telling the truth, he could be lying. Since he thinks he and his alien clan can fly, rid the world of all diseases, cure homo$exuality, breed a race of super intelligent beings, has the answers to the universe and are waiting for the mother-ship, I’m going with he’s either lying or is very confused.

  • whatever

    whatever, not part of any religion but you sound silly trying to make it sound like his is worse.
    Christians also think they can heal gays because it’s a sin(to them) and they believe donkey’s can fly and virgins can have babies among many other “out there” things.

  • whatever

    meant to say donkey’s can TALK not FLY.

  • whatever

    you don’t speak for “the rest of us”. In fact according to Tony Ortega the guy that runs the anti-cos site there are only about 40thousand cos members currently world wide are their height only about 100k.
    So it sure is a lot more then 40 thousand people keeping Tom at the top of the gross box office numbers list.
    40thousand people is peanuts.

  • QueenOfTrashin

    …and Al Gore invented the Internet.

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  • Lee

    …and I invented the spoon. LOL!

    I wonder if Cruise actually believes the nonsense he spews? If so, he needs a mental health evaluation ASAP. He may be a good actor, but he’s definitely certifiable.

  • Say what?!?!?!


    I agree with you and I do think he believes what he says which makes him even crazier. I remember when he was promoting another movie a few years ago he said he never wears a watch or uses a mobile. Not even a couple of days later you see him wearing a watch and talking on a mobile phone, It was sooooo weird! I think he has a bunch of scieno yes men around him and he’s so disconnected from reality that he doesn’t even realize how crazy he sounds. I also agree that his movies are usually good but he’s definitely a nutter.

  • http://Yahoo JoBeth

    Tom Cruise comes across as the short, obnoxious kid in school who always thought he knew more than anyone else, dressed preppy, and nobody liked.

  • http://comcast Geri

    @Jo Beth
    –Good one, you hit it right on the head. The conceit of this guy is overwhelming !! Everything about him is so fake !!