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Tom Cruise Says He Watches One Movie Every Day!

Tom Cruise Says He Watches One Movie Every Day!

Tom Cruise signs autographs for his fans while heading into an appearance on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart on Thursday afternoon (June 5) in New York City.

The 51-year-old actor appeared on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon the night before and talked about how he loves watching a new movie every day.

“I watch a lot of movies,” Tom said when asked if he ever relaxes and does nothing. “I watch about a movie a day. I try to. I love movies. I grew up loving movies… I watch all the films that come out.”

Make sure to check out Tom‘s new movie Edge of Tomorrow in theaters this weekend!

Tom Cruise Says He Watches one Movie Every Day!

15+ pictures inside of Tom Cruise signing autographs for fans…

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tom cruise watches one movie every day 04
tom cruise watches one movie every day 05
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  • question

    Question for Cruise fans
    Is that woman with blue top and white jeans his sister? It’s his pr person for sure since she is always at these things with him but I thought it was a family member. If so, which one?

  • troll

    What a liar. You know he watches every movie that HE’S been in. With his narcissistic ass

  • Jayne

    Your name is fitting. At least you own it.
    really there might be plenty of things to get on Tom about but him saying he watches movies every day is not a huge deal.
    Why wouldn’t he? It’s his profession and he is really into it.
    Of course he has watched his own movies too.

  • troll

    @Jayne: Thank you! Just don’t steal it now.

  • Two Thumbs Up

    Roeper even loves it.
    “This is one of my favorite movies of the year so far”

  • Friendly with the fans !

    Katie again , with Tom’s publicity photos above! At least he is not with Scientology anymore. And talks about movies and what makes him happy! He is also having fun on the talk Show circuit!

    Thanx Just Jard No that was just a fan wanting a photo !

  • Drats

    He’s really, really gross and WAY too old to be wearing the clothes he’s wearing. The sissy man also dyes his hair. Real men don’t.

    I am sure the paranoid Scientologist handlers are reading these posts. Too bad.

  • Drats

    @Friendly with the fans !: What do you mean, he’s not with Scientology anymore? He’s still involved and is thick as thieves with them.

  • Emily

    Yeah… a gay porn movie, probably.

  • Asa

    I thought I heard he quit his church also, he didn’t approve of the human trafficking or slavery they do.

  • Cynic

    That shirt isn’t a good fit but Tom Cruise is a pro, though I’m not a fan. You can see him on Actor’s Studio and other classic interviews. His love for film is genuine. I honestly don’t think he’s half the navel gazer that someone like Ryan Reynolds or George Clooney might be.


    Tom Cruise rocks

  • Mindy

    He might be officially in but he has just distanced himself and partly due to being in London for almost a year between both EOT and MI5
    I personally think for Tom he sincerely believes the “tech” part of cos has helped him over the years. Not everyone who is/was in experienced the same abuse.
    Leah was in for 30 years and didn’t see the bad until it happened to her. Same with the director from Crash. Why was he in for so long? He didn’t see it until year 29?

  • Missy

    It’s possible, but what makes people think he has distanced himself from COS. Any evidence? There are plenty of scientology centers in england btw. Wasn’t L. Ron Hubbard British? I believe their main headquarters are in the U.K., Hollywood, and Clearwater, FL. Plus many smaller ones in other places.

  • Mindy

    several “rumors”.
    I don’t have any real evidence though and that is why I said “might have” .
    One rumor was even from another ex member who said he was specifically distancing himself from David Miscaviage from what his “sources” said.
    But that is just that. A rumor. At least from where I sit. For the other posters I don’t know where or why they said that.

  • Missy

    ok. I hadn’t heard anything about him leaving so I was just curious. It’d be great if he did, but something tells me it’s just wishful thinking.

  • Yify

    @Emily: you would know

  • Blur

    @Emily: are you still mad TC banged your mom and sister

  • sweetness

    Tom Cruise is the ultimate movie star. He loves making movies and he loves his fans. Once again..he’s in a film that delivers.

  • annie

    Bit late to distance himself now isn’t it ?
    Very much doubt that he has distanced himself, but even if he has, the damage unfortunately has already been done. Maybe # 4 will have more choices, but that in itself is quite sad if that happens.
    If he’s been in England for a long time, what to happens to the little person that lives in New York?
    Anyway, whatever he is, his movies are always entertaining!

  • @Annie


    Was it too late for Paul Haggis? Lisa Marie Presley? Leah Remini?

    And what time his spends with the ‘little person’ in NY is between him, the ‘little persons’ mother, and the ‘little person’ herself.

    But, yeah whatev, ‘his movies are always entertaining’.

    Seeing EoT this weekend.

  • Katy

    I agree it’s never too late.
    He will go on and meet someone else. Someone he is more compatible with.
    He and Holmes with or without the religion would not have worked in the long run.
    If she didn’t get pregnant so fast they probably would not have married and it would have fizzled out much earlier.
    She had a choice though but she wanted it.

  • Amanda Lunberg
  • Amanda Lunberg


    It looks like his publicist Amanda Lundberg –

    His sister looks different than the lady in the picture – []

  • annie

    The damage was his marriage, and his child, the other 3 lost nothing of great importance.
    And it’s not speculation because he said so himself, which I find quite amazing that he actually said it, but I guess he was under oath.
    Loved Jack Reacher, not much into sci-fi.

  • Leigh

    Actually he didn’t say that is what caused the divorced he said that is what she said was one of the reasons. So from Katie’s pov it was a reason and he said that. “that was her assertion, yes” or something like that.
    There is a difference.
    Tom was member long before he met her and then she joined up.She had a choice not to, she could have said it was not her thing and walked but she didn’t.
    If she changed her mind later fine, good for her, but I don’t blame him in general for not changing what he had always believed in.
    In divorce there is always damage but it is always two sided. She also caused damage as much as he did by the life decisions she made.
    Suri is the child of divorce and there are two people to blame for that.

  • Rex Reed

    Two bad he allowed himself to be sucked in by the Scientology thing. He was once a big star. Now people think of him as a freak.

  • annie

    @ Leigh
    Yes I agree, it takes 2, and you’re right she did make some wrong decisions, from the very beginning. Her words were or close that she joined scie so that she could share his interest in it. Mistake #1
    , katie only went along with it, probably thinking it wouldn’t be a big deal in her life. Yes in a way you are right, but only in a way.

  • ANNE


    Guys, let’s turn the page on TomKat.
    This “marriage” was ugly for both.
    Both learned their lesson. It was all arranged. Katie thought it would help her career in HW and Tom silenced the rumors I’m not gay or infertile. Kidiman would have their own biological children, TC is competitive and childish.
    Finished. Let’s hope the new GF / BF.

    Bjs. Annie.

  • Top Gun

    @Rex Reed:

    Tom has been a Scientologist for nearly 30 years, Top Gun was his big first hit, and the time when he hooked up with Mimi Rogers and Scientology.

    Therefore, all of his success in the industry (fans, movies, etc). were all after he became a Scientologist.

    Before then he was still a struggling actor who showed promise in ‘All the Right Moves’ and ‘Risky Business’.

  • Top Gun


    The ‘I’m not gay or infertile’ will still continue for Cruise by those who want to slander or take digs at him, just like with his height – as if he can/could control how tall he is.

    Nicole Kidman stated in multiple interviews and during their divorce in court documentation that she had miscarried her and Tom’s child at least 2 times during their marriage.

    No matter the proof people will continued spreading malicious gossip about Tom Cruise.

  • Dorothy

    Love the movie and thought the combination of artists selected was brilliant. Emily Blunt rocks and Cruise is an icon–an institution.

  • Game

    @Cynic: Man Noobs – can even see the nipples poking through.