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There's 'No Truth' to Rumors That Tom Cruise Will Cameo in 'Star Wars: Episode VII'

There's 'No Truth' to Rumors That Tom Cruise Will Cameo in 'Star Wars: Episode VII'

Tom Cruise is given quite the warm welcome from fans as he arrives at the Kansai International Airport on Wednesday (June 25) in Izumisano, Japan.

The 51-year-old actor has recently been subject to rumors that he will cameo in the upcoming Star Wars: Episode VII!

One publication reported that because Harrison Ford injured his ankle on set, they were looking for an additional cameo.

However, ET Canada reports there is “no truth” to the rumors whatsoever. So there you have it! We would have loved to see Tom collaborate with J.J. Abrams again (they worked on Mission Impossible: 5 together).

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  • kizbit

    Please NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Jay

    I really hope Tom Cruise is not in this movie , even a cameo would be too much! Keep him out of this PLEASE for the love of Star Wars fans.

  • Greetings Haters

    Thought I would post this before the haters chime in and start saying Edge of Tomorrow didn’t do too well.
    Facts are- it did have a rough first week going against a Disney movie and a front loaded teen movie, however, it has bounced back and is on track to do over 100mil domestic and 400 total worldwide. Box office Mojo even changed from saying (the first week) that it wouldn’t do 100 to saying now it’s expected to (probably by next weekend or there abouts).
    Japan opens July 4th- and this movie is based on a Japanese book (and Japan loves Cruise and even has Tom Cruise day!) so people estimate a min of 50 million there too.

    Some of the press and haters were quick to judge and imply it had to do with Cruise but as it stands right now- his movie is doing very well and has been very well received.

    Congrats to Tom, Emily and Chris Mcquarrie. Well done!

  • Jayne

    Star Wars is a movie people. Get over it.
    I don’t think he is in it at all but the SW fans are just strange.
    It’s only a movie. It’s not life or death.

  • sara

    Edge of Tomorrow is VERY VERY GOOD MOVIE

  • STEFFI35

    Tom Cruise hase the ugliest body, I mean, his body is just built wrong for a man and the tight clothes are accentuating it.

  • jason

    tom cruise is the legend, edge of tomorrow is the best movie of the summer. and entered in the list of top 10 highest grossing movie of the year.with 6 of the 10 in the list r sequels. i dont know why people r so jealous of him

  • Roberta

    Please Tom, no Star Wars… I hate Star Wars!!

  • Beckham
  • 444

    Edge of Tomorrow

  • 444


  • stuckmaa

    when does mission start filming?

  • Julia

    @STEFFI35: jealous fatty, lets see your body?

  • Astrid

    I couldn’t care less what movies he does. I don’t see any of his films. First, he’s a piss poor actor and I can’t be bothered watching him. Second he gives million of dollars a year to a dangerous cult. I’m not giving a penny of my hard earned money to somebody who does that. He’s also a piss poor father and cant make a marriage work to save his life. He not a good person. He’s a phony with the public and his fans have bought his image hook line and sinker.

  • oscar

    He has 3 oscar nominations and has won 3 golden globes.
    Not a piss poor actor.
    You only know what the tabs tell you about his personal life.

    I don’t think he cares if you don’t want to watch his films.
    He is still at the top both in box office numbers and pay so he is doing just fine without you watching.

  • anne

    This man is handsome.
    Tom, where is Suri? Aug complete 02 years of travel to Disney. It was his farewell to her?
    JJ where are new posts, KH?

  • Capucine

    doesn’t that get old?
    You know good and well there are other photos since Disney and you also know that just because you don’t see photos of something doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist.
    You see less then 1 percent of the life of any celebrity in a few photos.

  • anne


    Only photos taken away. It is not clear whether Suri. Strange.
    Relax. Here is a gossip site. TC does not care about our opinions.
    Not yet watched The edge of tomorrow. will


  • Maverick

    @Beckham: Thanks Beckham. Last year, I believe, DM posted a rumor about David possibly staring in the next MI. I wonder if they were discussing MI business over the pint or just catching up?

  • Maverick

    @Astrid: “I couldn’t care less what movies he does. I don’t see any of his films. First, he’s a piss poor actor and I can’t be bothered watching him.”

    And yet, you have time to care about commenting on a TC JJ post.

    Priorities…. I guess.

    Unless Tom Cruise is charged and convicted for crimes – in a court of law, not court of opinion – then what you’re ascribing to him is just slander and malicious gossip.

  • Maverick


    Anne the parrot – let Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes worry about their time with Suri. You are irrelevant in the equation.

    Spending your time conjecturing on when, how often and how long Tom Cruise spends with Suri doesn’t change the fact that you have no proof on the situation and it is none of your business.

  • Maverick

    Tom’s cameo was great in Tropic Thunder, so the idea that a cameo by him in Star Wars would take away or somehow dimensions the success of the film is false.

    Unfortunately, the rumor is being denied by his camp, but it would have been interesting to see a cameo by him and what kind of cameo, in the vein of Tropic Thunder or something else.

    Edge of Tomorrow is at $295 mil ww going into its 3rd week of release, which has passed Elysium’s $286 mil ww final at the end 15 weeks. There were comparisons of EoT and Elysium, especially with the Sci-Fi plot and Exosuits.

    It’s also already passed Oblivion’s $286 mil ww final gross and is nearing MI3′s $397 mil ww final gross.

    - World War Z ended at $540 mil ww after 16 weeks
    - Transcendence ended at $82 mil ww after 9 weeks
    - Lone Ranger ended at $260 mil ww after 14 weeks
    - After Earth ended at $243 mil ww after 11 weeks and terrible reviews ($130 prod budget)

    All “Big Budget” films – $100 or more production cost (Lone Ranger was $215 mil prod).

    All “Big Name” international celebrities/actors.

    All within Tom Cruise peer group (age wise and time in HW)

    Any ‘Big Budget’ (costing $100 mil min) film successfully making $500 mil – $1 billion has several if not all of the following:

    1. Marvel/Comic franchise
    2.Team of ‘A’ celebrities on the roster
    3. YA sequels (not 1st installment) – Twilight sequels, Hunger Games,

  • Pink

    Why do Tom’s fans keep defending EOT’s box office? Nobody on this thread stated that it was flop. Sheesh, his fans try too hard sometimes.


    EoT is awesome, another hit for the Cruisemeister

  • Sheena

    What a sick freak. He is on top of the pyramid scheme that is Scientology. He still gets a cut for every poor soul that they sign up for ‘auditing’.

  • troll

    @Sheena: troll

  • Fans are the Haters

    I have nothing against TC. He’s a nice enough guy and a decent actor. BUT, like it or not, EoT is still in the red and will remain so for the forseeable future. As I explained in another thread, the breakeven is a minimum of 400 mil, with 450 being closer to reality based on additional ancillary and marketing costs. I do this for a living – although I didn’t work on this film (I have worked on other films involving TC). It has a long way to go until it begins to turn a profit.

    When I see nuts like “Maverick” on sites like this, I wonder why they’re so angry and aggressive toward everyone. So strange. Its not as if any of this earns them any money. It’s just your average fanatic fan being overly obsessive. Sad but true.

    My advice to Maverick would be to relax and stop being so hateful to those who disagree with him or know more than he does.

    Have a nice day everyone!!

  • @27

    How cute you came to this old thread to post the same message you did on the new one.
    It was well noted that you never replied to Maverick with sources on the other thread.

    Edge of Tomorrow does not need to make $400Million just to make a profit and of course it’s still in the red three weeks in.
    The point people made were it’s doing well and will make what it needs to.
    World War Z took 16 weeks to make $540Million.

  • Dan


    Those “fans” are Tom’s cult of scientology agent who are defending him.

  • Dan


    How much is Tom and his man-wife David Miscavige (scientology cult leader) are paying you to comment here?

  • Vj

    Tom haters gonna hate, it doesn’t bother me at all. This guy is a dedicated worker more than a superstar, that’s why he is not papped at drug orgies or cocktail parties, addition of him to star wars would have boosted it’s international market value, JJ must have learnt from star trek performance n honestly I loved EOT, never saw Tom in such a performance.

  • Dan

    Tom needs to wear a bra.

  • Ana


    Did you have a sex change? Changed your name from John to Julia.

  • george

    .these r bunch of serial defamers. who want to defame tom because he is scientologist. they r so desperate to defame him, tht they google him, then go to articles written on him and then write negative comments abt him to create public opinion against tom. all social and media campaign against tom to defame him. these r paid defamers who r paid to write negative comments against him.truth is he is a legend despite this media campaign to entice hatred against him

  • Lilou

    Don’t worry George
    It doesn’t work
    Tom is a legend and they have been at it for years. Typing their little hearts out getting carpel tunnel no doubt all the while Tom is going on and being successful.
    It is funny they accuse fans of being paid scientology members when it’s mostly the anti group that post so much thinking they are going to change the fact that he is a living legend.
    He is traveling the world and making the movies he wants to and they are just a bunch of sad haters hiding behind a computer while they throw insults at people.

  • anne

    I have nothing against Tom For me, it can be crazy, fanatical Scientologist, gay, asexual, blah, blah, blah.
    Life is him.
    I just think your daughter will grow up and want to know its true history. Perhaps she may not like to know who was born to fulfill a contractual clause. And then was cut ties with the only father met.
    This is disgusting and selfish for someone. Horrible.

  • shut up anne

    All you do is make assumptions.
    YOU KNOW NOTHING about his relationship with his daughter.
    He doesn’t owe you pap pictures.
    Stop your silly spam.