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Bradley Cooper & Suki Waterhouse Dine with Friends in London

Bradley Cooper & Suki Waterhouse Dine with Friends in London

Bradley Cooper and Suki Waterhouse head back to their car after dining with friends at Hakkasan Restaurant on Wednesday evening (July 2) in London, England.

The 39-year-old actor and the 22-year-old model/actress later headed to a private residence, where Bradley held his hand on Suki‘s back as they made their way inside.

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The cute couple stepped out the night before together for a rare public appearance at the Serpentine Gallery event. They looked so in love while holding hands and sharing giggles throughout the night!

FYI: Suki is carrying a Carven handbag.

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  • Suki

    She is one homely looking girl.

  • Hahaha


  • Publicity

    What was the point of publishing these pics? Bradley looks like a deer in the headlights and Suki looks drunk. Not exactly looking good here. The pap was standing right there and only got a couple of photos? Bet there were a lot more pics and they looked a lot worse. LOL

  • Elizabeth

    Does bradley chew tobacco? It looks like he has a can in his pocket. She has been looking better but the age difference in their looks is just too creepy. Maybe if he looked younger and she looked at least past her teens it wouldn’t be so bad.

  • Reb


  • Drake

    Nothing romantic seem to be going on in these picture (or any of theirs for the matter) . They both drunk and he helping her up. Jared love this couple I would to if they were paying me as well. Is he getting all their photo ops out the way for this month so he don’t have to bring her around his ex?

  • Tyla

    His rep has taken such a beating for this. They couldn’t find an older woman to hook him up with? Really bad PR choice. Especially since no one in the states really likes this girl. And hardly anyone considers her a “model.” Sure, Cooper has some headlines now, but respect for him is dwindling.

  • Hahaha

    Jared needs to change from cute couple to DRUNK couple! HAHAHA Neither can properly stand straight! HAHAHA

  • Hey Jared!

    The last time these two were in London at the same time you had like nine stories about them in three days. Please Jared…….NOT again! We don’t need daily stories about these boring attention seekers. Their PR pics are terrible, look how bad and pointless these pics are. So drunk for the photo-op there are only a couple of pics to post. Are we supposed to laugh at these pics because of all the recent stories that Bradley and Suki don’t drink? It’s not funny, it’s pathetic.

  • !!!

    wow they lasted longer than I expected. I hope she gets knocked up in time for awards season.

  • Hahaha

    Let’s play whose house was it? The restaurant was in Mayfair. Suki’s parent’s house is in Chiswick which is 15m away from the restaurant. Did Bradley escort Suki to her parent’s home like a gentleman? Since he wasn’t photographed coming out? He stayed at Suki’s parent’s house with her minor siblings. Sigh.

  • Hotel

    Bradley is staying at a hotel in Mayfair. Twitter sightings of him there having breakfast.

  • Fiona

    They look fine! I’m getting tired of all the weird comments in his stories. Let it go! We get it you don’t like his girlfriend.

  • http://Justjared Pat

    Daddy taking his daughter out, then he gets drunk with her.
    Please come out of the closet your are not fooling anyone.

  • Sam

    They don’t look drunk to me.

  • DM

    From the DM Four hours for dinner and DRINKS!!!
    While the actor kept things cool and casual in a grey jumper, khaki pants, a cap and was sure to be close to his lady at all times.

    The entourage spent around four hours at the venue for dinner and drinks and were also joined by Lars Ulrich of Metallica

  • Hello

    The pic of him is not his best pic :-) At least, they had dinner with adults and not with her early twenties friends.

  • SMH

    @Hello: People in their early 20s are adults. Smh at all these judgmental comments. You all must be so lovely in real life.

  • Bradlifer

    @DM: aww dm doing what it is payed to do, write a pr story packed with lies about how close he wanted to be with her hahhaha lol!!

  • Hahaha

    @Hahaha#11: Stupid troll get your own name!

  • Jamie

    @Hotel: Is she staying with him is the question? LOL

  • l

    they both drunk

  • SMH

    Suki is a talentless ugly slat and a professional user.
    Whure used Clara Paget to get close to Cara. Clara Paget is at the dinner with them. Bradley also a loser now since with her.

  • l

    Wondering if they will be any more sad photos of them today, need a proper life

  • Dolly

    What the heck were they both wearing to dinner? Brad has on mismatched clothes with hiking boots. HIKING BOOTS!!! To dinner in SOHO! Is he color blind? The pants and sweatshirt do not match. Suki has on an expensive dress with a fuzzy hoodie. And those boots look really cheap. She looks like a college student who did her best to dress up for a nice dinner out with her parents and he looks like a frat boy. I understand that this wasn’t a publicity event like the garden party, but going out like that to an upscale restaurant is nuts. Would they have been seated if he wasn’t Bradley Cooper?

  • SMH

    Is that a baby bump? It will have a big nose and be a chief slutty manipulator. Bradley became dirt when mix with maggot Suki Whurehouse.Jlawrence should not let him be in DOR movie Joy. Guy is a loser on his won. Read all negative DM comments. He think he is Leo.

  • SMH

    baby will be chief slattey manipulator social climber with those parents. He think he is Leo. Leo can act and did not lie to fans. Leo has party boy personality. Bradley socially awkward loser can only impress wortless daughter with greasy hair.

  • l

    Wonder if Suki/Bradley pr is the chuckle brothers

    Totally agreed Bradley is a sad loser for dating Suki

  • Marie

    @Dolly: Why are you surprised? That’s how they always dress.

  • Jamie

    It looks like there are stains on his pants, unless those are shadows from the camera or something. I remember in those photos with Zoe where they were coming from the movies he had stains on his pants. And, is it really cold enough in July for that coat she is wearing? I’m guessing it was exceptionally cool there last night.

  • Hello

    It seems that the paps were at the restaurant and also in front of the house they went after…..Did they follow them ?

  • ace11

    WHAT does this girl possibly contribute to a conversation with his peers?

    Seriously….He hangs in circles where people are sophisticated and have interesting and meaningful experiences

    This girl is barely out of college (and not even sure she would be)

    Isn’t it embarrassing for him when she talks?

  • Jamie

    Maybe that is her house he’s walking her into. He must really like her(although his actions don’t always show that) and doesn’t care what anyone thinks. There has to be a reason why he was so public with her from the beginning when he’s always been so discreet before.

  • Dolly

    @Jamie:If it was her parents’ house, I think the press would know it. I think he has been flaunting this relationship more than previous ones because when he met Suki, he was rebounding from Zoe after rebounding from Renee. The new rumor is that Suki is going to move in with him now that she has a different visa, but that comes from The Sun so…
    Anyway…I’m sure we will be seeing Wimbledon Part Deux soon.

  • Drake

    @Jamie: that like saying Aaron Rodgers relationship with oliva munn is love because he public with her more than his other beard I mean gf’s. I know everyone see the world differently. But if a celebrity is usually discreet with their relationships then all of the sudden they are so public. It’s pr not I’m so into you.

  • Jamie

    @Dolly: Would they actually know where her house is? I’m not so sure.

  • Polly

    I don’t think these pictures were made for PR purpose. If it was the case they would have try to be better dress and not drunk since almost everyone in here think they were drunk.

  • Dolly

    @Jamie: I think they would figure it out. Her parents’ own their own home. I mean isn’t that stuff public record? I don’t know the laws in the UK, but Suki has done interviews at her parents’ home in the past (before she dated Brad). They live in Chiswick.

  • Jamie

    @Dolly: I guess they could look it up. But, it’s just that Cara seems to be the bigger model between the two of them and she’s been photographed by the paps coming and going from her place. I don’t know that the paps follow Suki enough (without Bradley) to even bother to know where she lives.

  • Polly

    Bradley’s hotel in Mayfair looks really nice. Too bad I don’t have the money to stay in a place like that.

  • poppy

    That girl is overrated here It’s pathetic

  • Chuckle

    Bradley always stays at The Connaught in Mayfair a la the Greenwich Hotel in NYC.

  • Fan

    @Polly: Since when have these two ever tried to dress better?

  • Polly

    @Fan: Out of events like awards show and parties like yesterday, I must say rarely. Bradley wears his usual style of clothes. That being said, I don’t think that the other US stars are particularly well dress in everyday life. Some of them usually looks like tramps.

  • Jamie

    According to the comments section on DM, Lars’ fiance is a model who is 27 and he’s 50. I just can’t imagine dating someone that much younger than me.

  • Dolly

    @Jamie: I can’t imagine being 27 and wanting to spend the rest of my life with a 50 year old. Have you noticed that all of Brad’s friends these days have much younger girlfriends?

  • Lars

    @Jamie: his fiance is 30 not 27 and she looks her age not 14 like Bradley’s child!!

  • LOL

    @Lars: cute biography!!! LOL Lars-Brad similar taste!!!
    Miller was born and raised in Las Vegas to a carpenter father and showgirl mother.
    Miller previously dated / was engaged to the lead singer of rock band Incubus, Brandon Boyd, as well as the lead guitarist/vocalist of rock band System of a Down, Daron Malakian. She is currently engaged to Metallica drummer Lars Ulrich

  • Jamie

    @Dolly: Except Dax. Zach’s wife is 12 or 13 years younger(according to what has been printed in the media), so he’s not old enough to be her father.

  • Jamie

    @Lars: Thanks for the correction. I was just going by what was in the DM comments section. It seems like his fiance has a type.