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Selena Gomez Nearly Busts Out Of Her Tight Black Tank

Selena Gomez Nearly Busts Out Of Her Tight Black Tank

Selena Gomez keeps her head down while leaving The Bedford in New York City on Wednesday afternoon (July 9).

The 21-year-old actress has been spending the past few days in the Big Apple. See how gorgeous she looked the night before in a blue dress!

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Selena Gomez

Over the weekend, Selena had a very candid and clear conversation with her fans over some Instagram photos.

“I don’t know. I’m on my way you know,” she wrote with one pic, adding, “You’re always listened to. And usually always right.”

10+ pics inside of Selena Gomez

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  • L

    Who WRITES these headlines?

  • jasonbowen

    selena gomez doesnt need to compare her body to know body shes got a very sexy hot drop dead 10 plus perfect beautiful body shes a knock out gorgeous stunning girl i love every inch of her body i wish she was my girlfriend i would treat her like a queen ilove her eyes long locks her beautiful smile her laugh

  • amanda

    looks a bit nipply in nyc today

  • Matt

    she knows exactly what she’s doing here. Britney does the same thing.

  • Guest

    How are her nipples hard it”s 90 degrees in NYC and she’s sweating wearing layers?

  • sigh

    i wouldnt be surprised if she’s comparing herself, it must be difficult for her with him bouncing back with chantel jeffries and yovanna ventura. i think she needs to worry more about yovanna though cause chantel looks like a man in drag but she should really dump justin. its hard to break up but its not the end of the world selena. this kid seems like he’ll never get his sh!t together with being a loyal boyfriend. but she’s certainly gonna get biebers attention today with these nip pics. and if anything the boob job rumors are probably false, i think she has a C cup and alot of girls would kill for that size. i could understand if she was an A or small B cup wanting to get implants but she actually has boobs, the boob job would be completely unnecessary. maybe shes insecure more because of the booty thing cause chantel and yovanna always post booty pics on instagram, thats the one thing that those two wannabe IG models have in common. hasnt any guy hit on selena during this whole relationship? there are way better looking men in hollywood, and actually manly men too, bieber looks like a boy no matter how much of a tryhard he is with acting tough. she should’ve found an upgrade by now to shut bieber down and move on in a better place. this kid is putting her through a really bad rollercoaster ride and i dont think it will end pretty either.

  • SMH

    First of all…boob sweat, ew. If she wore a bra with baby powder or very thin panty liners that wouldn’t happen to her. It helps girls who sweat heavily beneath their breasts. Second of all, even girls blessed to have very perky breasts wouldn’t have that much lift at the top of her breast in a thin tank without a bra. She definitely got implants. Natural perky boobs and a good contouring makeup job at the cleavage wouldn’t even be able to achieve that.

  • SFbaby

    @SMH: WTF are YOU talking about, my “natural perky boobs” look exactly like that without a bra….it’s called being 22 honey. She looks AMAZING!!! WERK IT GIRL!!!!!

  • Asa

    She has a water head. Thats what retards are now called.

  • SMH

    @SFbaby: In your dreams. I’m 20 HONEY and my boobs are naturally perky as well and NO ..your boobs can not look like they’re being pushed up without something pushing them up, which is why girls with small perky boobs wear push up bras…to make them look even better. And FYI…there are lots of girls who are 22 with small and large boobs that aren’t perky. It’s not “called being 22″, it’s called “genetics”.

  • SMH

    @SFbaby: The only way those are natural is if she’s literally bouncing while walking and the camera got that in motion and that’s why they’re lifting like that.



  • Paula789

    Fresh boob job!

  • troll

    She got a boob job, Selena has never had boobs as big as they look in that picture. Is she really sweating under her boobs? My god Kim Curdassian has bigger breasts and she doesn’t even sweat under those jugs. That’s seriously disgusting and I’m wondering what her personal hygiene is like.

  • yeah right!

    @SFbaby: You’re full of sh!t no one’s boobs look like that without a bra (unless they’re implants)

  • Cate

    @SMH: I agree with you. It is possible to have naturally perky breasts. Looks like the pic has just caught her mid-bounce because her breasts look normal in the other shots.

  • Cate

    @SFbaby: Sorry, meant to say I agree with you. It is possible to have naturally perky breasts. I think the pic has just caught her mid-bounce. People forget the shutters of this cameras are going incredibly fast.

  • yeah right!

    @troll: It’s hot as balls in ny today, and freshly showered or not, boob sweat happens in this humid heat.

  • SFbaby

    @SMH: Then Selena and I have miracle boobs then…SMH I was shocked to read in your above comments that you are actually female because to come in here and shame another female by saying their breasts are fake is disgusting. You got issues sweetie ;)

  • selandjb

    Selena is just sexy… no matter what she is doing… she looks very pretty and i love her amazing and just perfect body!!! *-*

  • Mean

    People can see though that shirt. Can see her boobs.everyone in Hollywood wears high heels shoes.

  • SMH

    @SFbaby: I don’t have issues but you have a reading problem. I said “ew” to boob sweat, it’s gross and something a lot of girls suffer from…even me sometimes, and I hate it. I gave a suggestion for what she (and other girls) could do to avoid it. I then made an observation about her having implants. I didn’t shame her for having them. For all you know, I could have been jealous of how great her boob job was… I’m not because I think putting chemicals into your breasts is unhealthy, but I could’ve been judging by what my original comment said. You started with the negativity when you opened a comment at me with “WTF”. BTW pointing something out is not shaming…making someone feel ashamed of something they’ve done is shaming….sweetie.

  • SMH

    @SFbaby: And furthermore…I personally think it’s disgusting that she’s walking out in a sheer top without a bra. I don’t care if I’m a female saying that about another female.. I’m not going to agree on something I feel is tacky just because she and I have the same body parts. As a woman I feel like another woman should have more self respect then to put the goods on display in such a tacky way. As if passerbys of NYC need or want to see her boobs.

  • SMH

    @Cate: I didn’t say it wasn’t possible to not have naturally perky breasts. I myself have them. I stated that naturally perky boobs can not have that kind of lift that she has in some pics, therefore she either got a natural looking boob job or they caught her mid bounce…it’s SFbaby who seems to think it’s natural to look like your boobs are being lifted to your neck with shaded contouring.

  • Eryca

    Sorry to tell you, this girl has definitely had a boob job. Show me ONE set of C’s that sit this high. I promise, she moved UP to a C.

  • Beautiful

    Nice tit job

  • WTF

    Anyone gonna mention how much weight she’s gained?? And it’s super tacky to wear such a sheer top with no bra. Kardashian wanna be? Wow. Thought she had better ideals than than.

  • SFbaby

    @SMH: Well since the nipple offends you so much I would advise you to stay indoors and close your blinds since today is National Go Braless Day in support of breast cancer awareness and btw…YES, you do have issues.

  • Liverwurst

    Boob job.
    No bra and defying gravity= boob job.

  • SMH

    @SFbaby: The nipple doesn’t offend me. How do you get finding an outfit tacky to be offended by nipples? How do you get stating an observation as body shaming? You just keep reading my comments and responding with crap that doesn’t even make sense. Clearly you’re the only one here with issues because you can’t even understand what someone is trying to say. You’re one of those people who crave drama. I’m done responding to you because your reading comprehension is so effed up it’s ridiculous.

  • SMH

    @SFbaby: There’s like 5 other people on this board who mentioned she had a boob job, but you’re just attacking me. You = Issues.

  • SMH

    @WTF: Be careful with your words, people will think you’re ‘offended by the nipple’.

  • Janet
  • Derek117

    Not implants…just a push-up top.

  • Dan

    She’s bouncing. Look at all the pics

  • tinathellama

    She’s even sweating from her belly button…sick!

  • cerial

    Does anyone think to say she might be pregnant? She has gained some weight and her boobs have gotten bigger. I wouldn’t doubt that’s why Justin left her and she looks broken.

  • OMG

    OMG. I think she may be pregnant. Buckle your seatbelts cause here we go.

  • OMG

    Justin is saying goodbye to all those thirsty side pieces like Yolana or Yolanda whatever her name is. Selena’s pregnand and Justin is the baby daddy. So buckle up and get ready for a white wedding. Ryan Seacrest and E should save their money and drop the Kardashians and film this shit.

  • Amy

    She is beautiful, but is asking for disrespect by not wearing bra. Look at the last pic, not bouncing and not high. Normal, natural, but please show some self respect.

  • James

    Nice boobs. I hope she goes braless more often.

  • Sage

    She looks like half of the Mexican chicks that I see in mid-town. Nothing special. Skanky, really.

  • anna

    @Amy: shes not asking for sh*t so stop with that “shes asking for it” crap. she can wear what she wants and i hate how clothing justifies why some men are perverts and blame the women. how about have some self control? if she doesnt want to wear a bra why does it matter? men go topless all the time and theres no problem, but its only because breasts were sexualized by men when they are just there to feed whatever future children u decide to have.

  • nemo

    looks like a new boob job.

  • Tammy

    This why Justin can’t stay away

  • Liz

    Good to see celebrities also get boob sweat!

  • Yeah but

    @anna: But if you don’t want anyone to look at/check out your hot body or compliment you on your hot body or you don’t want that kind of attention(even if it is flattering) then why wear clothes like that at all,I just really want to understand the psychology behind this. I mean I can understand wearing revealing clothes during summer out of necessity but at all other times we really don’t NEED to dress that way at all.

  • effie

    I visit your site because you keep it neutral and professional – but this headline sounds like the Daily Mail!

    Please try to stick to the standards that earned you a good rep.

  • Yeah but

    @anna: I know a lot of people say that “i dont dress for others,i dress for myself to feel good about myself and to feel confident” but it’s not like we can see ourselves,we probably look at our reflection for like 5 minutes at the beginning of the day and that’s pretty much it,for the rest of the day we are kind of sub-consciously depending on others to make us feel good. We sub-consciously expect both men and women to notice our appearance and acknowledge it in some way even if it is subtle and frankly I dont see anything wrong with it,I just look at it as human nature

  • geo

    Sad, she knows she’s talentless plus she lost her ticket to publicity, Bieber. So she had to show her nipples on a see through top.