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Jennifer Aniston Launches Second Fragrance 'J by Jennifer Aniston'

Jennifer Aniston Launches Second Fragrance 'J by Jennifer Aniston'

Jennifer Aniston is launching a new fragrance J by Jennifer Aniston!

“My debut fragrance is a clean, feminine perfume – it reminds me of the way you smell when you just arrive at the beach: fresh, with a touch of sunblock and sand,” the 45-year-old actress shared to People.

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She added, “This new fragrance is its complement. It has a hint of that salty sea smell that reminds me of a day spent in the ocean. It’s relaxed and refreshing.”

In case you didn’t know, Jennifer released her first fragrance in 2011.

Bigger pic inside…

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  • leelee

    smells like fish

  • yep

    Sweet. I loved Jen’s first fragrance.

  • Annabelle

    I have got to say I’m pretty interested to see what her perfume smells like.

  • u mean a floater?

    not on the ocean or by the ocean, but a day IN the ocean. hmmm what does a day old floater smell like?

  • u mean a floater?

    leelee @ 07/15/2014 at 10:07 pm
    LOL at fish!
    or crabs, how enticing.

  • Matt

    sounds delightful. she’s so gorgeous.

  • Misscutiepie
  • jentheho

    J by Jennifer. Probably too dumb to come up with a name. Well, at least she still remember her alphabets.

  • Jack S.

    The perfume is bright, clean and refreshing—basically, imagine if you could bottle the beach. Her new fragrance has gorgeous notes of magnolia, freesia and sandalwood.

    This is just the kind of effortless blend of scents that we would expect from the consistently classic Jennifer Aniston. Nothing too heavy or overly-flowery from her—not a chance.

  • Jennay

    ^ is that you huvsy? BTW arent you ashamed of your stench of ‘loser’ that sticks to your #1 client? LMAO

  • Tina

    This is like an SNL comedy sketch… No way in hell she’s serious about selling this product. If she is , than she is about 15 years too late

  • She looks like a teenager

    Wow, she looks like a teenager here… even freckles. Got to give it to her, the girl never quits.

  • Floritsa Gomez

    I don’t understand how People actually purchase these “celebrity fragrances” that are made in Sweatshop factories in China.

  • what i’m saying

    smells like sunblock and sand? are you kiddn me? that does not sound appealing at all

  • Shame

    Could you PR hacks commenting BE any more obvious? (said in best Chandler voice)

  • Effy

    Why would anyone want to smell like a touch or sandblock or sand? If that’s the case, then wouldn’t people only want to wear this scent during the summer? I wouldn’t want to smell like the beach in the middle of fall.

  • Aniston#1

    So if I buy this fragrance I will be smelling of ”pity”

  • bahaha

    Rofl so much photoshop there or that has to be a picture from many years back plus photoshop, she wished her real hair looked close to that lol. I’ve seen better looking manlier faces than this vapid mug. Go away ticky.

  • Doggie beach

    Who in the world would want to smell like the ocean!!!! How stupid can this dumb bissh be!! As if!!! That wasn’t bad enough, mix in sunblock, and dirty sand!! OMG!!! I can’t!!!!

  • Ssshhii_baby

    well, well…the old hag finally bottled her tears!!! Wah!wah! Bwahahaha,..

  • rio

    how much is the first one? anyone knows?

  • allison

    Jennifer perfume is on sale at Sephora for 17 dollars. Normally 38 dollars. On sale and it’s not even Mother’s Day. I have a feeling this perfume was not a good seller. Which is why it took Jen 3 years to release her second perfume. I wonder what fool she go to invest in a second release. She is going to have to do more meet and greets and signing sessions to sell this stuff and stop pretending she is too big a star to do it.

  • Domino

    I’ve never been into celebrity perfumes, but the first one is DELICIOUS! I’m on my second bottle. I can’t wait to smell this one.

  • lol

    So the loons that are in the Pitt post are claiming that the Jenhags are posting with fake names and what they do? they came here akso with fake names.

    Conclusion – henhags = Loons. No wonder that F333ck triangle will never end. Both sides just cant move on.

  • Joy B Angie

    Jen is a Quinn of Style.
    Congrats Jen !!!

  • Barbie and Kent

    Her debut fragrance was huge seller
    That why she is promoting NEW one
    sandalwood..? its very elegant and classy smell

  • Jack S.

    @Barbie and Kent: Barbie and Kent, you are 100 % correct…….elegant and classy are great descriptions.

  • bet

    @Barbie and Kent: Liar, liar pants on fire, on sale at Walmart for five bucks, where this will end up also.
    No woman wants to buy the perfume of loser, Britney Spears is nuts and her perfumes are best sellers even JLO’s are.
    That dumped tag she wears is too much for her perfume to be successful
    Who wants to wear the scent of a loser? unless you’re one also.

  • Joy B Angie

    Where is your fragrance, bet ?

  • Nox

    Jen is Classy !

  • http://Justjarde Gun

    Love it

  • http://Justjarde Gun

    Gongrats jennifer

  • So sad

    With all that editing photoshop and airbrush chop and change ((( LOL ))
    they can’t even get her fillers chicken thin lips look right!!

  • Ssshhii_baby

    @Jack S.: hey Just Loser! Ooopsie…I mean, Jack Sh!t…classy, elegant woman don’t act in raunchy movies asking to be piss&shiit po0ped on! you don’t know Jack Sh!t !!! Bwahaha

  • Chicken lips

    J = Simpleton … Dull Dumb and boring.

  • Anna

    The first was delicious. I loved it.
    I’m curious. sounds good.

  • Barbie and Kent

    Classy ,elegant women doesn’t say sh..t Ssshhi baby
    Classy, elegant women doesn’t use drugs
    classy,elegant women doesn’t kiss own brother in open mounth
    Classy ,elegant women hasn’t tattoo over own body
    classy,elegant women doesn’t sleep with mothers boyfriend ..etcetera etcetera
    classy ,elegant women doesn’t use others people misfortunes and tragediesand parasite on them to achvie fame and titles
    etcetera etcetera…

  • Barbie and Kent

    as I said …sandalwood is classy and elegant smell

  • Tom Tom

    I like her sexy lips.

  • swiftie

    FINALLY!!!!! A scent put out by someone I actually like and would probably buy.

  • Ssshhii_baby

    @Barbie and Kent: @Barbie and Kent: b!tch puleeze!!! come with something new! at least something real&factual! yes!! classy elegant woman don’t get butler shoving his fingers up her a$$! classy elegant woman don’t get called a sports fcu.k!!classy elegant woman don’t get piss pooped on& dumped twice on the streets by douchebags!! classy, elegant woman don’t bottle their tears and use it as men’s repellant spray!! Bwahahaha

  • mara 2

    Classy, elegant woman has a strong own style.
    Classy, elegant woman has a great taste.
    Classy, elegant woman looks 25 years younger.
    Classy, elegant woman is very positive inside.
    Classy, elegant woman is very successful in business.
    Classy, elegant woman looks very sexy.
    Classy, elegant woman makes our life better.

  • Question

    How much did the first one sell?

  • Joy B Angie

    Sushi, stop thinking about uutler’s finger.
    Did you smell this finger ?
    Are you dreaming about this finger ?
    Do be a jealous aZZ !
    And wash your own @ss, because it’s your only fragrance.
    Sorry – your only smell, rotten sushi.

  • Ssshhii_baby

    @Joy B Angie: back to being Just Loser now? no more Jack S.h!t? Hehehe..sweetheart whose jealous? oh you mean the person who has to come out w/ a bottle of John Mayer’s pee part2? well, well.. she just couldn’t help herself after seeing Maleficent taking over the world!!! when will her oscar worthy movie coming out again? oh yeah that’s right! it’s going straight to DVD!!! bwahahaha

  • Lovely


  • Ssshhii_baby

    @mara 2: yes my lil re tardiston..and, you can wake up from your delusion that it’s the old hag you worship!

  • Lovely

    @Barbie and Kent: how many men fvcked her after the divorce? Fvcking betch fvcking whore forever loser!!! 0 oscar BWAHAHAHAHAHA!!! so unclassy

  • Barbie and Kent

    “b!tch”.. VERY VERY “CLASSY” language

  • Lovely

    @Joy B Angie: once a betch always a betch!!! Dumb, boring, ugly maniston…. with a dysfunctional womb!!! The hag and the toyboy split!!! Bwahahahaha