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Shirtless Zac Efron Jumps Off a Cliff For 'Running Wild with Bear Grylls'

Shirtless Zac Efron Jumps Off a Cliff For 'Running Wild with Bear Grylls'

Check out Zac Efron going shirtless while sticking out his tongue in a clip from the series premiere of Running Wild with Bear Grylls!

“I can’t believe how high this is,” the 26-year-old actor shared in the clip before jumping off a cliff.

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Bear told People, “We reached out to [Zac] and he kindly said he was a fan of the show and that he was in 120 percent. He asked for the biggest, baddest adventure and it was an honor to oblige.”

Zac Efron – ‘Running Wild with Bear Grylls’ Clip

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  • Ewe

    Wonder if he uses that big fat tongue to eat out that old lady GF of his.

  • I know

    He is just a manwho*re who is an addict.

  • Zacfan

    Zachelle for ever!!! Vanessa got him on drugs and now he has his savior!!!

  • Keri

    He makes me sick now , such a liar and attention seeker.

  • Typical

    He knows he’s hot but all he is a fake wonder he he’d be so hot with his old nose. He was in Venice yesterday getting high again.

  • Georgia

    i love Bear too! He is awesome Efron was lucky to be asked.

  • Zacfan

    Has he ever leaked his nudes 3 times on the internet to get attention? NOPE, NOPE, NOPE…

  • HA!!

    @Zacfan: nah, that’s too normal. He’s a manwh*re druggie and alcoholic who pimps himself out for PR with ugly old chicks. Yeah, I’d rather see nudies.

  • kami

    omg, i thought that was miley cyrus.

  • Z

    wow, haters don’t all comment at once lol. You just couldn’t wait to be the first to say something about Zac, right? I’m sure you’ll all be contributing to the views for Running Wild too. Stop trying to mask your obsession with hate comments, you clearly care too much about him or else you wouldn’t even bother wasting your time on this post. Hilarious :)

  • Jo

    He’s hot, so you can all suck it :)

  • Zacfan

    You’ll never see Zac working at McDonalds like Vanessa. She’s just a paid escort now, the laughing stock of the industry. Failed at leaking her beef curtains three times. How’s your broadway (reading) show going, Bwahahahaha!

  • lauren901

    oh really?
    with what proof?

  • Shirley

    They make such a cute couple. Bear once dated Jake G also.

  • Asa

    Ariana will have a career Vanessa dreams about, Americas sweetheart. Vanessa should not have released those dirty pics of herself 3 times.

  • javita

    What beautiful and talented man! I LOVE HIM ♡♥

  • javita


  • go


  • Truth

    @Zacfan: why bring vanessa into this. Newsflash he became a drug addict after he broke up with her. but if you want to compare lets go with his new Gf. Firstly she is still a party girl she even did coke at her last premiere .she is always high as a kite and drinking like a lush. She has been convicted of two DUI’s and gone to jail .She was ordered to go to anger management because she beat up her old GF. She take nudes now and posts them on her instagram. as well. She is old and should want a grown up , not a boy. She looks like a man and generally likes girls . So leave his ex out of this , he has a new girl in his life .They can get high together and be Fu*k buddies while doing other people in between or even together. He is disgusting and he is partying again with all his old ninja friends.

  • Truth

    I’m sorry, I should not have said the things I did, I just love Vanessa so much that I feel I should protect her, like Michelle R. I am also a lesbian.

  • Jimmy

    Jake and Bear were together for some time. I hope Zac doesn’t make him jealous

  • jon m’shulla

    I wonder who the top is? Usually the real butch ones, like Bear, like to bottom but, Zac is pretty unhung so he must be the boy hole.

  • HA!!

    @Truth: Yup. All truth. Poor zacfan has to spew lies, when we just keep it real. He’s still a mess, no matter. He sleeps around, does drugs, is out of control with alcohol, screws an old lesbian chick, and all the truth. He plays PR games and has no guts to stay away from the wrong people. Truth again. Had plastic surgery and now has a pointy girly nose. Old one was better. All truth. He has made a fool out of everybody who ever liked him. Feel bad for his fans. He ain’t who they dream he is.

  • Sad

    Addicted closet case desperate for any morsel of PR

  • flyhigh

    lol @ haters pressed about him getting all the attention recently. Good to see him happy and healthy working on his career. Can’t wait for this show and the DJ movie he starts filming next month.

  • Mark

    He is a glorified manwh*re at this point.When will he focus to improve his “below mediocre” acting ability and stop wh*ring himself out to the world?!

  • Fruitfly

    Yes, Zac, I will sit on your face.

  • Just sayin’

    ”I can’t believe how high this is” – Thought the same thing looking at him. He’s still so on something (and I don’t mean Michelle) and that makes me sad.

  • FC

    You really believe he was asked to be in this show? Zac has been desperate to do this for years. His PR thought it would be a good move after rehab to prove he’s still fit and healthy.

  • zacquisha

    @Jo: oh yeah zac would really love to suck it. mmmm yeah. zac bottoming for bear would be so hot

  • Claudia

    I’m so excited for this show! Bear is great! I remember watching Man vs Wild!! I’m so gonna watch this <3

    And to you haters.. well, nah, i don't have anything to say to you.. Keep hating! At the end, he's not affected by your hate, he doesn't even care about it… But do you like hating people? I mean, I'm saying this in general.. I've hated before and it doesn't feel good… Do you feel good? If you do, then keep going, nobody will stop you, but just so you know.. Zac doesn't care about it :D

    Love you, Zac! <3

  • lauren

    why are haters brining michelle into tihs? she isnt on the show? why are they so affected on whats going on with them? yes its odd and not right but thats zac choice and etc? im confused as how he’s W****ing himself out because he’s on a tv show?

  • lauren

    @truth HA!
    why are you so bitter towards zac ? its his life and if he wants to hook up with a girl who has a fishy past let him? why are you affect buy what he does and who he talks to and etc? no one is making you go see his movies or watch his every move he makes? why do you guys care so much what he does? yet you guys hate on him all day long? so why are you effected on who he hooks up with or hangs with? we dont know zac we only know what we see?

  • zacfan

    @Truth and @ Ha: well that “Zacfan” is jijacking my username here. I’m not and won’t be a fan of addict Zac. Love Vanesa :)

  • OK

    Here is the truth , all you haters are most likely two people changing your name.
    Get over yourselves this is a promo for a T.V. show. I bet your idols would kill to get PR like this.
    The man is hot. sexy, talented.(The review from “Neighbors ” proves that, and very successful.
    So are you suggesting that everyone who is on this show is gay?
    Hate in it’s ugliest form is all you guys are. Jealous too.

  • Jbiebs

    @OK: Your idol is an addict, that’s the truth. Talented? not much. Hot? hot mess maybe. Telling the truth about your coke head doesn’t really mean hate. So gay…

  • Jbiebs

    I mean come on, when someone’s talent is sniffing drugs and chugging alcohol that is sad

  • OK

    @Jbiebs Jealousy is so ugly and so are your comments. He is and has been working on his problems, he has admitted that, so lets see you man up and say your problem is being a hater ( an ignorant one at that)

  • OK

    As a true believer I was brought up to believe all men fail at times That includes me) God loves and forgives.
    I was also brought up to pray for those who hurt, suffer, and fail at times and that includes people with addiction problems.
    I pray we all get the help we need.
    I now understand that hate is an addiction as bad as any other. So I will include all you haters in my prayers , along with Zac and anyone else who needs help or are trying to help themselves.
    I fail at times (Just like anyone else) and I know in my heart I shouldn’t judge others only God can do that.
    God Bless, Tommy.

  • Jbiebs

    Workin’ on what? Drinking from an alcoholic puzzie?

  • Jbiebs

    @OK you’re not a believer. You’re a delusional fan.

  • Listen up

    @OK: First of all, no one, including yourself should have celebs as idols. You, of all people, should know that hot and sexy does not make one a good person. Unfortunately, bringing up Vanessa, and her teen mistake, will bring out the Zac haters. Nonetheless, i understand the Christian spirit you have, but not the idolization toward this guy. He is a grown man, with a sense of values and morals given him by his parents, which. I suspect was very strong. He has repeatedly ignored what he must know is wrong, from playing mind games with people and the public, allowing himself to be a pawn for PR, and sorry, but I have no respect for those who sleep around and do drugs either. He needs to get his act together. You can pray all you need to, but quit giving him excuses and passes for his actions. He needs to take the rap for his mistakes, for him to make changes, and being a mindless adoring fan is not helpful. Give ‘em hell instead. He deserves that, instead of constant a$$-kissing because he’s hot and sexy.

  • OK

    @Listen Up I don’t idolize Zac in that sense of the word. I love and admire the happiness he has brought me many others through his movies and the charitable work he does.
    I thought he was a very cute boy when I was younger and now a very hansom and sexy man. I hope an pray he works on the issues he has and becomes a very successful actor and finds happiness in a sober life(As others before him have).
    I have to leave for part of the day now.
    Hope everyone has a great day.

  • Scarjo

    I love that show and I would love to do this..i’m sure the adrenaline rush would be awesome. As for Michelle…I can’t believe he would get involved with that mess. C’mon Zac..are you really that desperate?

  • Fruitfly

    I now understand that hate is an addiction as bad as any other.

    That’s actually quite profound. My initial thoughts are that hate of injustice, addiction, bigotry, misogyny and prejudice as both ideas and actions that result from those ideas is good (in other words, there is room for hate), that moving from hate of the action to hate of the actor is bad/evil. I’ve been thinking alot lately about the line between good and evil, and how aggressive longing for the good can actually result in evil. I think your explanation as an “addiction” is very enlightening.

  • Ewww

    He’s become a disgusting creep ever since the breakup with Vanessa H.

  • Ewww

    Hot and sexy is superficial and doesn’t make a man. What makes a man is his character and respect for himself and others. He really doesn’t seem to have much respect for himself these days. Disappointing because he used to be such a good guy. Shame.

  • Fruitfly

    @Listen up:

    You make some excellent points. Zac is a lost puppy, as I was a lost puppy at one time. If I could go back in time, I’d go into a bar and kick my own ass. In fact, someone would have to pull me off of me because I might kill me.
    Thing is, when you get clean and sober you have to look at the horrors of yourself, the embarrassing things you’ve done, the relationships you’ve ruined. Sometimes the awfulness of confronting it all drives people back out there to numb themselves – it’s all they know; it’s their one coping mechanism and it works. This is specially true when one is surrounded by emotional and spiritual idiots with no self-awareness. That pretty much defines Follywood.

  • ewww

    @Fruitfly: You’re right about that. Having to confront your mistakes sober is often too much for some people to take. I would put him in this category because he seems to be a perfectionist. In high school, I believe he graduated with a GPA higher than a 4.0.

  • LittleJ


    What charity work are you talking about? Any time he makes an appearence at a charity event is for PR. He doesnt have good intentions when he does it its all because of him.