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Katie Holmes Is Happy Lebron James Is Returning to Cleveland Cavaliers

Katie Holmes Is Happy Lebron James Is Returning to Cleveland Cavaliers

Katie Holmes dons a cute summer dress while chatting on the phone on Monday (July 28) in New York City’s West Village.

Last week, the 35-year-old actress donned a sheer white dress while hitting the ASP: World Surf League Cocktail Party in the Big Apple.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Katie Holmes

“I’ve been visiting my family in Ohio, and we’re so happy as Ohioans that LeBron [James] is coming back! It’s a really big deal for our state, and it’s so cool of him,” Katie recently shared to People.

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katie holmes happy lebron james returning to cleveland cavaliers 02
katie holmes happy lebron james returning to cleveland cavaliers 03
katie holmes happy lebron james returning to cleveland cavaliers 04
katie holmes happy lebron james returning to cleveland cavaliers 05

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  • Camel Toe

    Only Katie can make a sun dress have Camel Toe (pic 4).
    Maybe she is talking to the married man she is rumored to be dating.

  • lol
  • Searcy

    Oh my god, I’m serious, this if it had some sleeves would have been an outfit my grandma would have worn. How can she so unerringly pick outfits that make her looks so awful. I mean seriously–it emphasizes her flat chest in an unflattering manner and from the waist to the bottom of her bottom–OMG–gives her a seriously grandma look with the bulging tummy and it looks like she is wearing granny panties. Combined with the shoes–this whole outfit stinks.

  • lol


    your personality stinks

  • ann

    LOL.. how embarrassing. A camel toe with a dress..

  • Caryn

    What a truly awful dress. And it appears the hem is coming undone. You can tell she thinks she looks hot. Maybe she should look in a three-way mirror before she leaves the house.

  • Lisa

    I admire her “I don’t give a damn that I was married to TC for five years, I am going to live my life to the fullest” attitude. Seriously, say what you want about her, but she clearly does not give a damn about what others think.

  • Bonnie

    How is walking the streets of NYC back and forth to starbucks, wholefoods or a few shops “living life to the fullest”.
    Most candids that is pretty much all she does.
    Hardly exciting or adventurous or “full”.
    She seems very boring actually.

  • Lisa

    Bonnie, did we *ever* see her doing those things when she was married to TC?

  • Dee

    @Camel Toe: The ONE thing she does that drives me nuts is her catwalk. No doubt she purposely does it. Orthopedic issues aside, it does not have to be that bad. Ergo… Camel toe =:0. Bet ya none of her sisters walk that way!

  • Dee

    @lol: The bar is not that high:(@Lisa: THAT is the reason, I am drawn to her!

  • Bonnie

    walking to starbucks and shopping? yes in fact you can find old threads of it here.

  • Dee

    @Dee: She should go into politics;)@lol: The bar is not that high:(

  • Lisa

    Bonnie, the fact that she is going to these places in the public eye is futile, my point is that anyone else would have hidden under a rock for fear of scrutiny after divorcing TC. But she’s out there, dressing the way she dresses (which I might add is the complete opposite of how she used to dress) and not giving a damn about what others might or do think of her. It’s admirable. Anyone can say whatever they want about her, but she is without a doubt one strong woman.

  • Bonnie

    “without a doubt”?
    you read a lot into pictures. You don’t know if she is strong or not
    For all you know she might be crying herself to sleep every night. None of us know what she does aside from the few pap pictures we see.
    However your original point was that she was “living life to the full” and we don’t see that from pictures that is for sure.
    She is laughing here on a call but most times she looks a bit gloomy if you ask me.

  • @searcy

    She just can’t wear clothes.
    Look at this link of Irina Shayk wearing basically the same idea but she doens’t look like an old lady.
    Katie’s right below the knee length does not help- it adds to the “old” or “granny” look

  • DTBH

    @Bonnie: Did we R/O ETOH abuse. Denial is a fickled bitch my friend.

  • Carla


    “my point is that anyone else would have hidden under a rock for fear of scrutiny after divorcing TC”

    i don’t remember hearing of TC’s previous wives hiding after divorce. they went on with their lives and NK established a successful career, with awards to show for it. exaggerate much? 😏

    we’ve seen katie (previous jj posts) when she really “doesn’t care” what people think, and running a comb through her hair and applying some makeup, although these pics show minimal, but not carelessly applied (must’ve been per her team and done by a professional), so these pics isn’t the “she doesn’t care what people think” time.

    most likely gearing up for the Giver promotion runs she’ll be doing in the next week or two. her team is making sure she is doing something, however obvious and vapid, to keep her relevant (in the media).

  • Carla

    irina looks like she dressed herself.
    these pics of katie, looks like someone dressed her to look like she dressed herself.
    that’s the difference.
    katie can’t dress herself without looking like even sure would be embarrassed to go out with her.

  • Carla

    correction: sure should be suri

  • Pigeon Toed

    Always with the Pigeon Toed stance.

  • Sari

    You know she has bragged about her sewing abilities, her creativity and she has owned, although rather uninspired, fashion line. So what I truly don’t understand is why she doesn’t use some of those skills on her clothes. Taking an inch or so up on the straps and taking in an inch or so on the side seams would help the top fit much better for her figure and her chest. The belt looks ridiculous with the buckle in back. A cloth belt or no belt would have been better and not called attention to her pouchy tum. And of course noticing that your hem is coming undone and fixing that would help also. A snappy pair of sandals would also help the look. I guess she doesn’t care. And it shows.

  • @22

    Not caring what people think can be a admirable trait sometimes but in her case it’s foolish. At least in respect to her appearance.
    She works in an industry that is totally superficial and looks matter.
    It’s like an accountant saying he doesn’t care what people think about him s*cking at math. It’s the one area he better be good at.

  • fashion designer my arse

    More fashion disaster. DM added a couple of pictures – scroll down. What is with that red and grey in back sweater? And isn’t it like 80degrees in NYC?
    I guess DM doesn’t even want to do two post so they added pics to the old one.

  • Nasty People

    I see the same bunch of obnoxious haters are here again. What a miserable bunch of hateful people. Apparently, y’all have nothing better to do than say the nastiest thing you can think of about this complete stranger, who by the way, looks fine. Listen people….why don’t you post pictures of yourselves and tell us all about how successful you are. I’m willing to bet not one of you is half as pretty as Katie Holmes or half as successful. You’re probably all a bunch of bored housewives from Podunk or some third world country who wouldn’t know style if it bit you in the butt. Not to mention most of you probably haven’t had anything resembling a successful career. How much do you make?? Holmes has millions. You don’t. I’m not even a fan, but watching you haters rank on this woman for no reason makes me sick. I especially hate when you make fun of things she can’t change….like her legs or the fact that one of her feet turns in. Obviously, the way her legs look and work is NOT something she can change. Also, her “smirk”. She has a crooked smile, you idiots. She can’t help that either. I think you’re all just a bunch of hateful, ugly, miserable human beings who wish you could look half as good as KH and have half as interesting a life as she does.

  • Jeanne

    @nasty people: Agree with you, very little maturity and respect in the comments.

    Everyone else: Didn’t anyone ever tell you that judging and putting down others reflects badly on who YOU are, not them?

  • Carla


    Annnnd, thank you for calling us out and putting us in our place.

    How that helps Katie, don’t know, but at least you feel you’ve made a difference – in some celebrity’s life that could give two figs about you.

    Anywhoop! the next two weeks should be interesting – more daily walks to Starbucks (Katie and Eddie have a lot in common – DM reference), fake chatting on the phone, and keeping some stylist working to make her look so casual and like she doesn’t give a ****.

    The Giver promos and red carpet premiere events should give us here at JJ a lot to talk about as summer winds down.

    Got my popcorn. :-)

  • to carla

    btw I thought the same: I think she will be calling paps more this next couple of weeks and I wonder how much she will be included in the press interviews.
    Example : Bill Paxton was in TC’s last movie but he didn’t do any press that I saw . It was all EB and TC.
    KH isn’t a star of the movie so I wonder how much she will be doing and if she will make up for it by being sure to be snapped more.

  • Carla

    @to carla:
    Well if she is not involved in the press promotion for the Giver it will be because she adds nothing to getting people in the seats.

    Most of the other actors in the film have other projects (movies – filming) that would give them an excuse for not being involved in the press promo, but what would be Katie’s excuse? She has to take Suri to school? No Starbucks on the press tour?

  • big yawn

    so katie bought the option for this
    an option doesnt mean anything will come of it but just that she has the exclusive first ‘option’ and its for about 18months i think usually.
    Probably will go over as big as days and nights and miss meadows.
    How many will actually see MM?

  • Carla

    @big yawn:

    Imdb has her listed as a co-writer for “Molly”, which never went anywhere.

    The reference is to a Chelsea Lately episode in 2012 -
    “Chelsea talks about the movie being produced, directed and starring Katie Holmes.”

    This new project is probably something her PR cooked up to keep her imdv populated.

  • big yawn

    yes, maybe that. Or maybe she was looking for something to buy herself if no one else is hiring her? A way to be in control? IDK. But buying the option is just that- the option- but it might not come through at all- like lots of her things.

  • Sincerely Concerned

    Woman In Gold still be made? S her part so small that she’s done already? Why no more off broadway shows to develope her stage presence? Where’s Suri?

  • Sari

    @Sincerely Concerned: Other sites post pics of Suri. If I may remind you JJ has a no kids policy. And who would hire her to do a play? She was horrible in the last two. Plus that means night work and she seems like she has Suri in bed much earlier than she did with and directly after her Cruise days.

  • pinky

    I have seen her out with Suri a few times pretty late in some daily mail pictures this year.

  • NG

    @23 – Totally agree with you on “At least in respect to her appearance.
    She works in an industry that is totally superficial and looks matter.
    It’s like an accountant saying he doesn’t care what people think about him s*cking at math. It’s the one area he better be good at.”

    ESPECIALLY when you were known for being cute. Before you know it she’ll be appearing on Oprah’s Where are they now?” program. Recently Jaclyn Smith, Sheila E, Ivanna Trump, etc appeared on this show and they were once very popular. Its not mean to say this, these folks were once very popular or in the news like Katie Holmes & they faded to the background. Interest in them changed and the papparazi stopped taking their pictures as much as before. They are all still active but their public appeal is no longer the same. Jacyln Smith UNDERSTOOD branding and put out a line of her products at KMART and 30 years later its still selling and she became popular with her show Charlie’s Angels, a few mini series, etc. but she understood the power of branding. I saw Jacyln Smith in person about 9 years ago and she was dressed in jeans, sweater but she looked very beautiful. Her hair and makeup nicely done. She was casual but well groomed.

    On Oprah’s Master Class, actress Sharon Stone showed a picture of herself at Cannes surrounded by paparrazi and she said actress Faye Dunnaway told her “Fame, enjoy it because it doesn’t last.” I totally agree.

    The paparazi that used to surround TOMKAT and Suri back in the years 2007 – 2012 have DWINDLED and Suri has gotten older and does NOT like the papparazi so Katie can’t rely on her to “go along and walk into the presence of the paps for photo ops.”

    And this “post of Lebron returning to the Cleveland cavliers” is publicity for Katie. They needed a “headline” something to write about to keep her in the celebrity blogs. And based on these pictures of her in a dress and what appears to be a camel toe AND the recent New York Post writing that her shoe heel got caught in a crack between the wood planks, NOT even her publicity is making her look good. When one thinks of Katie what comes to mind is the image of someone dressed very casual, sometimes sloppy, or uneven (not consistant) you don’t know if she’ll look nice or sloppy. After 19 years in the business, you would think knows better.

  • NG

    @ #35 – Those pictures of Katie and Suri walking outside with relatives right behind them appeared to have been taken late in the evening but that is probably because Suri is out for summer vacation. We know Suri attends Avenues school in Manhattan (and pays an annual tuition of $40,000) so once school returns you won’t see Katie and Suri out for a late evening walk. Suri is getting a very good education there, VERY DIFFERENT from the one Katie and Tom Cruise received as children. Suri gets up early to go to school. We all know that after they split up, after being homeschooled the first years of her young life, Suri was enrolled in Avenues in the fall 2012 and has been attending that school for one year and half. Slowly and steadily we are seeing less pictures of school arriving or leaving Avenues. They have figured out a way to get Suri into and out of school with out exposing the child to the paparrzi. Good for Suri. Bad for Katie because that’s one less photo opp for her so she has to rely on the walks to Starbuck, or to the gym, or drop off a letter at the mailbox. Good luck with the publicity Katie.

  • NG

    Imagine if someone gave Katie as a gift an Espresso machine from Starbucks or Breville? She would probably send it back or start drinking coffee from McDonalds, its a farther walk and more chances to get her picture taken:)

    Let’s start a list of things Katie can do to get more publicity:
    1. Coffee run (done)
    2. Pick up Suri at school (getting harder to do)
    3. Take Suri to theatre (too late during week, maybe weekend)
    4. Take Suri to museum on weekend
    5. Take Suri to get nails done
    6. Take Suri to CHURCH on Sunday (this will surely be news worthy)
    because there are NO PICTURES of them going to a house of
    worship EVER.

  • NG

    KATIE STAYING PUT at Chelsea Mercantile Bldg apt for now.

    I think her financial advisors are RIGHT ON to advise Katie to stay put at her Chelsea Mercantile apt because its not just buying a property its paying the taxes and monthly association fees and they see that she does not have a lot of work lined up.

    If you ever watch “Million Dollar Listings New York” on the Bravo channel, you will see the inside of beautiful homes / apts in Manhattan, New York and most come with expensive monthly association fees.

    At least Katie LISTENS to her financial advisors or the bank.

  • pfft

    which shows you on her own she doesn’t have that much money. Tommy boy already pays 12k of it or more right? She can’t afford the rest on her own then.
    If this article here is true then my place is nicer then hers. You don’t get much for 12,500 a month

  • NG

    #40 – Agree with you. My place is a little bit smaller than those pictures. Living in New York is expensive. Cruise bought the apt at the American Felt Bldg back in 1985 when he was dating his first wife Mimi Rodgers. TOMKAT started to use the apartment when Katie got the Broadway role in All My Sons. Before that when Tom Cruise and Katie and Suri would come to New York they would stay at the Carlye Hotel on the Upper East Side. It would have been too expensive for her to stay at the Caryle Hotel for the run of the play (July 2008 rehearsals thru Jan 2009) so they suddenly started living at the American Felt Bldg on the Lower West Side of Manhattan near Chelsea. This year Tom Cruise reportedly SOLD that apartment after owning it over 25 years and had it listed privately so the public didn’t get any photographs of it. He still made a profit because back in 1985 that was not a good area but it went through a revitalization phase and real estate went up. Today an apt in that area can sell for 2 million. The same with the Chelsea area. The apartments in those areas were revitalized. The Upper East Side of New York has some of the most expensive real estate in the world. I agree that Katie should stay put at the Chelsea Mercantile apt at 12,500. At some Upper West Side apartments, the month association fee can be around $9,000+ plus property taxes. That’s the problem with marrying someone with $$$, you live the good life and see how over weathly people live and you want that too even after you’re divorced. Whether one likes Tom Cruise or not, you have to give him credit for taking himself from a humble beginning background to become a millionaire and once a top grossing box office actor. Today he’s a multimillionaire. Whether he continues making box office hits or not, he’s had a great career 25 years plus in the industry.

  • pfft

    check out or even yahoo homes and plug in the zipcodes for nyc…like 10002 is chelsea i think or upper east 90022 is one of them….but tribeca or chelsea is now more expensive then UES.
    But if you plug is 6m for min to show you apartments- they aren’t much.
    The really nice ones seem to start around 15 and go to to around 25-30mil– (a few higher but they are crazy).
    The 6mil apartments dont seem to get anything special or interesting- just a nice building in a nice area but the rooms are pretty much just normal.
    The penthouses and such are way more.
    I lived in NYC for a while and I love it so I am familiar with the neighborhoods somewhat.

  • NG

    AFTER Nicole Kidman and Tom Cruise divorced, she was quoted as saying “when it was over he took the cook, staff, etc, it was like the circus had left town.” When Katie was married to Tom Cruise (I don’t have to know her personally to say this), she was exposed to a very luxurious quality of living that she had never known, mansions, private jets, expensive hotels like the George V Hotel in Paris, Caryle Hotel in New York, expensive New York apartments, restaurants, etc., the paparrazi surrounding you as you go out in pubilc, etc. What does all that do to your head? What affect did that have on Suri? For Katie it will be harder to adjust to her real wealth than it will be for Suri. If in fact Cruise still communicates with Suri she will be able to choose between materialism and her mother’s love. If things don’t change for Katie she might have to cut her losses and move near her family and buy a nice home there which she’ll be able to afford and still live a good life. Not a Hollywood life, but still a good quality life. I suspect Katie has been bitten by the Hollywood bug and isn’t going to give up. She looks like a hard head. Her own mother said she was very head strong.

  • pfft

    agree with most but I don’t think Suri has to “chose between materialism and her mother’s love”.
    Who knows who she would chose to live with when she is older but I doubt it will be based just one who has the nicer house.
    I think she can afford to live in NYC as long as she has the child support to pay the rent. If she wants to buy something really nice- then yes she needs a big payday or to move.

  • NG

    Yes let me rephrase my statement Suri might have to chose who she wants to live with based on several things. In these two years since the divorce, Suri who is now 8 years old went from being homeschooled which allowed her to travel the world with Cruise and Katie, to interacting with other students her own age and different religions and nationalities, A more diverse envioment but a structure setting. And she lives in a big city.
    Cruise child support is until Suri is 18 years of age., 10 years from now. At that time or even before her 18th birthday I think when we say Suri would live with Cruise we really mean his sisters because he’s off making movies and making deals. So if Suri ever went with Cruise it would be to live in his homes and the lifestyle he follows. Both Katie and Tom are in careers that are very consuming and hard on family because your like a part of a circus that comes to town and leaves. When Katie put Suri in school she opened Suri to a new world. She might grow up and want to go on to the university and not get into the entertainment industry, and bit rely on Cruise or Katie. And become a lawyer or teacher.

  • pfft

    idk. some have guessed that one day she will want to live with Cruise and she might have problems with Katie as she becomes a preteen. Time will tell.
    I do think he sees her but we don’t know how much. I know skype is not the same at all but I wonder if he does that still daily? He seems the type that would call daily but I don’t know. No one does really.
    I don’t think the issue will be school or money it will be about who she is happier with.
    As for school-I don’t think its the be all to end all. Not everyone has to have the same life experience. Some do very well with home school and it’s more and more popular. It really depends on the parent and if they see to it you get top notch tutor. The way the US schools are today I have no problem with idea of home schooling. Between the shootings and the teachers being a mess it’s crazy.

  • Meg

    I understand The Gift is coming out this week. Don’t see much of Amy Irving!!! We should be thankful she wants to work! ….RNC is coming to Cleveland. Lebron,,, She’s been working this trade all her life. I truly doubt she is folding up camp anytime soon. My curiosity is what will Suri do in 20 yrs. Another Bacon or Goldie Hahn or Blythe or Billy Joel child?

  • Meg

    JAMES GUNN! Why couldn’t Harvy snooze his way with her into a mtg. With Gunn???

  • Sincerely concerned

    @NG: #45 -Amen! Suri’s best life has probably been the past year where she has had the opportunity to develop with other children WITHOUT heels=;)

  • NG

    The good thing about Suri going to a private school is that she is able to interact with more children. Before you could see she was extremely shy and now she’s seen walking out of school with her friends, interacting with her cousins, etc she has come a long way. She wears socks, stocking, headbands on her head, jackets, sweaters, coats, etc when before she refused to wear those things regardless of the cold weather, she now seems to live and dress within a more structured set of rules and that is a good thing. She looks and dresses more like a normal child her age. Gone are late night dining or erratic travel to different parts of the world, different time zones, etc. I think Suri was the one that came out of this divorce with a better future. She didn’t have a choice, she was born into this charade. Good luck to her.