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Zac Efron Joins Michelle Rodriguez on the Yacht in Ibiza

Zac Efron Joins Michelle Rodriguez on the Yacht in Ibiza

Zac Efron and his new girlfriend Michelle Rodriguez disembark a luxury yacht on Thursday evening (July 31) in Ibiza, Spain.

The 26-year-old actor was spotted at the airport in Los Angeles the day before catching a flight to Spain to spend time with his gal.

Michelle has been spending time in Ibiza for the last couple days with her movie producer friend Mohammed Al Turki and others. She was seen showing off her amazing bikini body while getting pushed into the clear waters.

10+ pictures inside of Zac Efron and Michelle Rodriguez together again…

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zac efron joins michelle rodriguez on the yacht in ibiza 01
zac efron joins michelle rodriguez on the yacht in ibiza 02
zac efron joins michelle rodriguez on the yacht in ibiza 03
zac efron joins michelle rodriguez on the yacht in ibiza 04
zac efron joins michelle rodriguez on the yacht in ibiza 05
zac efron joins michelle rodriguez on the yacht in ibiza 06
zac efron joins michelle rodriguez on the yacht in ibiza 07
zac efron joins michelle rodriguez on the yacht in ibiza 08
zac efron joins michelle rodriguez on the yacht in ibiza 09
zac efron joins michelle rodriguez on the yacht in ibiza 10
zac efron joins michelle rodriguez on the yacht in ibiza 11

Photos: FameFlynet Pictures
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  • lauren901

    michelle looks over it tbh

  • lovethem

    Ibiza: the window display of celebrities this summer

  • FC

    What a beautiful Skid-Romance!

  • lauren901

    michelle looks over it, zac is like hmm and there friend mo is following them.
    what a lovely and happy couple they are.

  • Kayla

    @lauren901: seriously you Lauren get over it, if she is over it she wouldn’t have waited for him there, she could have easily taken off, if zac was over her he wouldn’t have taken a flight straight to meet her, stop the denial thing. You look pathetic

  • Kayla

    Not surprised here… And back to his old friends, I don’t really believe he left them btw, but Michelle is the perfect fit for him, and Mohamed and bieber

  • lauren901

    i was being sarcastic
    you get over it.
    and im not in denial at all? who said i was in deinal????? pretty sure im not since they are friends and hooking up, so why dont you stop?

  • totalobvi

    Hopefully this means more shirtless vacation photos are to come!!!

  • Carlie

    Someone missed the strap on and followed it to Spain

  • Carlie

    Make sure there’s ample of “social lubricants”

  • xvlmxx

    @Carlie: I’m glad you like Spain :)

  • ???

    Okay, I’ll be the first and say that I think he’s sober. Sue me!

  • LOL

    I think they look hot together. get over it haters he wants a fun older woman not some ditsy 20 something bubblehead girl.

  • lauren901

    so michelle is ok for someone who wants to be sober and etc? michelle isnt exactly the poser child of sobriety

  • LOL


    Yeah she’s ok…because he’s responsible for drinking or not doing drugs..People who stay sober don’t cut themselves off from the rest of the world, they learn to abstain from substances and find other ways of dealing with their addictions through therapy, etc.

  • …..

    She’s his beard…duh.

  • http://goldol Andrea

    Cute couple. Zacs best performance was in Paperboy with Nicole Kidman. I can’t get over how great he was in that movie. Big age difference but you didn’t notice because of their great acting.

  • TBH

    this guy is pathetic tbh, his life’s a mess like his career. He can’t see his ex because is a egocentric and resent. MOVE ON

  • Lauren901

    Hmm whatever u say

  • happy

    She’s the dude in the relationship. lol. Yeah, they do have a lot in common (sarcasm) and this looks like a really mature relationship. lol

  • Open your eyes

    This guy is a trainwreck. This chick is a trainwreck. They deserve each other. And cut the BS. This is no PR. He couldn’t get Vanessa back, cause she likes good guys, and Efron is no longer a good guy. He’s one party away from rehab again, insecure, egotistical, stupid, stubborn, and clueless. His team has totally lost control of him. What a loser.

  • lolol

    Two dudes in an advertisement for social Lubricants. Sorry but she is one rough, hard looking dude. the sex must be great , I heard it is when your on coke. With a bag on her head she has a good bod. Hope they don’t OD.

  • Maddy

    Sigh. When you posted pics of him at LAX, these pics following were to be expected. I’m dissapointed :( lol I was hoping this would end already.

  • Just a filler

    She’s just a filler until he starts his new movie. then he gets to hit on Naked chick. If she is classy she will pass on the drug addict.
    Hope she has a brain, to stay away from him.

  • April

    How anyone finds M Rod attractive is beyond me she looks like a psycho killer. Has anyone seen her Instagrams this women is juvenile and need therapy.

  • Ha

    Drug addicts and their dealer.

  • LMAO

    @Open your eyes: Based on what you said, your nickname is perfect.

  • kami

    i don’t think mo is a drug dealer, but i’m sure he has connections to the best. better than paris hilton. what a crowd. i do feel sad for zac that he’s fallen into this crowd.

  • L

    can this chick grow the f up. It’s utterly embarrassing.

  • L

    ok, she might be a cool chick to hang with, cause she does look lay-back and fun, but cmon justin bieber and cara obnoxious delevingne??! girl no

  • Claudia

    Zac looks soo good these last days!! <3
    I hope he's enjoying his last days of vacation! He's starting to film another movie this August :D

    Love you, Zac <3

  • Meean

    She always wears black when she goes out. So does Zac. Take that hat off augly bitch. Zac you can do better. Zac going to get some action with her.

  • Meean

    Who’s paying for the trip when he goes? They should just move there.

  • OK

    Some very interesting comments and some just rude. Maybe the truth lies somewhere in between ?
    Wrong crowd for Zac to be hanging with if he is trying to stay sober.
    Zac think about those that truly love you before it is to late.

  • Jessica

    @???: I also think he’s sober. Zac seems like the type of dude who LOVES a challenge. I feel like maybe he wants to prove to himself that he can ultimately resist the temptation to party by being right in thick of it.

  • OK

    I believe he is sober and I also believe this is a PR game to “soften” her image. However is the price paying for it worth it? Don’t think so.
    To help her he has hurt his own image.

  • Jessica

    @OK: idk man…I think everyone is reading way too much into it. I think they’ve been friends awhile, hooking up and whatever. I mean how much will it really hurt his image? I think he’s a big boy and he’s gonna be fine.

  • Kari

    Ummmm… I the only one who remembers that she is a lesbian and he hasn’t came out yet. Which is part of the reason why he is struggling with drugs an alcohol. He is still in denial. We all know gays and lesbians hang out together. He hasn’t been with a girl since Vanessa. I don’t care if they have kissed friends kiss at times. He needs to come out already and stop trying to cover it up. i’M SURE A GAY GUY CAN PICK UP THAT HE’S GAY.

  • Get Real

    So many people that are so blind. You know nothing about addiction. if you think he is strong enough to be around drugs and liquor and not be tested and that he will stay strong enough resist. You are seriously naive and ignorant about the subject. then to think he is testing himself to see he can do it? Oh Pleeze

  • Jessica

    @Get Real: actually I know addicts that have been in recovery for years who go to the bar watch the game and drink water or club soda. It’s not all gloom and doom.

  • Pecksi

    That rag on her head must smell like dirty mojada hair. They all look like they’re trying to find out who knows a connection while deciding who’s pitching in. Believe me been there done that…when i was a teen.

  • troll

    Is it me or does it look like they’re channeling their inner actress/actor? These photos look way too dramatic to be pap photos.

  • Fat government worker

    Yeah it is my fave couple again! They are so hot. Jared keep the pics coming. I love them together!

  • donda

    Michelle Rodrigues is Zac’s poor man’s Vanessa Hudgens

  • Get Real

    @Jessica: that’s the thing they have been recovery for years. Zefron has fallen several times off the wagon, Back when he broke his jaw then in January with the Under the bridge incident. He hasn’t been in recovery that long to be strong enough. If he’s been in recovery at least 5 year + I’d say maybe and even then maybe.

  • jon m’shulla

    For those who think Michelle is Zachs’ beard…..I have news for youse: They are both each others’ beards.

  • liz

    they look like they’re about to rob a bank lmao. wyh are they dressed like they’re carrying out a premeditated robbery?

  • Jessica

    @Get Real: Well right now he’s in the drug party capital of the world and all eyes are on him. If he falls, it’ll be pretty hard to keep it on the dl… so it’s weird that he’s there knowing full well the microscope he’s under. Only time will tell.

  • bree

    I just saw the a video from airport where one dude asked him if he is bisexual just like her. :D :D
    But he has a weird taste. She’s not atractive at all. And I mean mostly as a person. maybe they make it work simple because he knows that she doesn’t expect him to marrry her and brings booze.

  • leelee

    Hottest lesbian couple