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Kim Kardashian Posts Adorable New Pic of Kanye West & North

Kim Kardashian Posts Adorable New Pic of Kanye West & North

Kim Kardashian just shared the most adorable new photo of her husband Kanye West and their 13-month-old daughter North West!

“Bring your daughter to work day,” the 33-year-old reality star captioned the photo on Instagram in hashtag format.

Today marks a momentous feat for Kim and Kanye‘s marriage – it has officially lasted longer than her previous 72-day marriage to basketball player Kris Humphries!

Make sure to check out a recap of last night’s Keeping Up with the Kardashians, during which Kim wanted to adopt a 12-year-old Thai orphan.

Bigger photo inside…

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kim kardashian shares adorable new pic of kanye west north

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  • kkd

    She’s definitely cuter than Blue Ivy!

  • lori

    Awful monkey like those two sh*ts.

  • Laís

    i think she´s cute :)

  • Emilia


  • GerardButthole

    As of now, ugliest celeb baby for sure. Looks like a cross between Kanye and some sort of marsupial.

  • Courtney

    that poor baby looks terrified as she barely knows the idiots she stuck with as parents. K&K put their careers above their daughters wants and needs. you never saw any of Paul Newman’s daughters act scared of him when they were photographed together but they meant more to him than his career ever did

  • sunshine

    she never smiles :(…..wish she had a loving normal baby should be sad :(

  • sarah

    Absolutely adorable. Hope Kanye doesn’t allow Kim’s mother to use North to make money. Personally I NEVER buy anything pertaining/endorsed by the Kartrashian’s. Hope Kanye is looking out for what’s best for his beautiful daughter.

  • GerardButthole


    You’d look sad, too, if you looked like that. Kid is doomed to be ridiculed for 1) having Kanye as dad; 2) having wh_0_re as mom; 3) being so ugly.

  • Lollipop

    So that’s what Kanye looks like smiling !!!! North is a cutie despite her parents

  • Em

    Say what you will about Kim and Kanye, I think little North is adorable.

  • Solange

    @kkd: What does Blue Ivy look like? I’ve only seen the back of her head.

  • allison

    She is so cute. But she does not know that guy whose lap she is sitting on. Maybe Kanye needs to spend more of those 72 days at home.

  • GerardButthole


    She really looks like some sort of animal. Imagine he as an adult woman? Yikes!

  • Lollipop

    I can’t believe some people on here or Trolls. This is a 1 year old child here and some sick – yes SiCK people criterisize her looks. Say what you like about her parents but North is a child and doesn’t deserve the hate based on her looks.

  • GerardButthole


    Ugly is ugly, no matter what age. You should know.

  • sant

    @GeraldButthole: Blue Ivy takes the cake still…

  • Oby


    Troll. We get it, you have no friends.

  • A

    I can’t stand her parents, but she’s cute.

  • Woopy

    Poor, poor child.

  • For Sure

    Some of the comments here is why message boards shouldn’t exist.

    North West is a cutie pie. Nuff said.

  • cenile

    @GeraldButthole: Shut up you ugly butthead! Ugh! You’re so stupid poopyhead and just ugly!
    I hope you understood at least that. How old are you 5? Kim and Kanyd are piece of fecal and i despise them, but seriously attacking a child?. This Child is innocent and will grow up knowing nothing but vanity and it’s not her fault. She won’t be taught right from wrong and end up acting like Miley. Her morals and dignity will be magnified because of this couple. It’s not her fault that Kris created this circus and we all know the outcome, but for you to call a baby ugly is the lowest of the low and you’re no better than those disgrace of human beings

  • laura

    North is gorgeous!
    I don’t understand why there’s so much people who keep saying nasty things about a little girl… I totally understand why you would criticize Kanye West for his insufferable ego, or Kim Kardashian for her overall superficiality, but their daughter isn’t responsible for any of it, she’s just a pretty little innocent girl. Come on, people!

  • Sal

    She sure is stupid. It’s TAKE your daughter to work…not bring. Sad to say IGNori sure does look unhappy in the photo. Poor kid another photo-op for the sickos!

  • Sal

    @laura: sorry she is not gorgeous as you say. She’s cute.

  • What?

    You guys are just awful! She looks cute, leave the kid alone!!!!!!!!!

  • laura

    Whatever, everybody has their own opinion, but still that’s no reason to trash a poor toddler.

  • msirene

    Honestly, baby North West is one of the most beautiful children that I have ever seen. Her sweet round face is perfect, and she favors both of her parents. I have always thought that bi-racial children are some of the most gorgeous kids in the world.

    To all of the haters here, obviously you have issues with mixed couples/children. Shame on you!

  • Liverwurst

    @GerardButthole: Ugly? Where do you see ugly? Yes, I agree she has piss pathetic parentage, but the baby is not unattractive. Don’t let you poor opinion of her parents get the best of your humanity.

  • Hmm

    Wow why are you being cruel to a baby? Just because her parents are pos doesn’t mean she deserves negativity. She is adorable.

  • Barbara

    She is very cute…..she sure looks like her dad though.

  • Liverwurst

    Some really shady comments on what’s beautiful and what race you need to be to be considered attractive. We all can get anonymously snarky sitting behind our keyboard but would you write the things you do if you had to be logged into you FB or twitter account for all your friends and family to read what your truly made of?
    ~Of course you wouldn’t.

  • aranka paul


    Well said, I agree. The baby is not ugly at all (if some folks on this site think that North is ugly, than they have never seen a truly homely child). Anyhow I have a friend who was rather unattractive as a toddler but grew up to be just beautiful adult, and the oposite is true, very beautiul babies don’t authomatically make gorgeous adults.

    I hope Geraldbutthole is more attractive than his pretend name.

  • Liverwurst

    @aranka paul: Thanks but I’m pretty sure “Geraldbutthole” is a woman.

  • Isabel

    That poor little girl probably just wants her nanny.

  • Arjay

    The kid is cute now. Unfortunately she’ll probably end up looking more like dog-face Kanye when she gets older.

  • stanhope

    @GerardButthole: post your pics so we can see a real ass.

  • Get real

    Say what you want about them they look very happy. Anyone who reads your comments can see you are an unhappy individual with nothing to offer but bitterness, envy, and negativity. I think that baby like most babies is adorable your opinion is a reflection of you. Anytime I’ve seen your comments on this site they are like name indicative of a lot of self-hatred.@GerardButthole:

  • Adrianna

    How old are you people?! You may not like Kim or Kanye, I’m sure not the fan of either of them, but this baby girl is so precious and beautiful! So stop with the hate towards an innocent baby!

  • Lorene

    GerardButthole, You are an “IDIOT” that baby is beautiful and please stop calling her names. I think people like you should be kicked off for speaking of an adorable child like that. Her mom and dad are both gorgeous as well regardless of how you feel about their life style. I don’t feel they done anything to no one besides trying to live like anyone else, so please stop the madness!!

  • namers

    I think she’s cute but she is definitely NOT a happy baby because she has to endure his rants and her mother’s detachment. She already has a furrowed brow. That just sucks.

  • roxanne

    she needs plastic surgery

  • dolce

    She is cute but looks always unconfortable in the pics with her parents

  • TiredofthisCrap

    She may need glasses, she always have that look on her face. Seems like she can’t focus or she just don’t really know who the hell is holding her, most babies are giggles and smiles at this age. Especially with a parent or caretaker in her case.

  • Betty

    @msirene: you need to get out more. There are so many more cute kids out there.

  • Robb7

    I think KK prefers her Birkin bags to her baby, as far as accessories go. NW is an average-looking kid — nothing more or less!

  • vkg

    @GerardButthole: Your name says it all…….BUTTHOLE- vindictive moron

  • Pam Martin

    @msirene: She looks just like my birracial son at that age and my baby was and still is cute, fourteen years later. Everyone thought he was a girl at that age. His olive skin and dark curly hair is everything (didn’t take hair after me). Black and white girls are showing up at my door step all the time. Did I mention my baby is cute?

  • lol

    North is cute but I feel sorry for her :( wish she had better parents