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Nicki Minaj Debuts 'Anaconda' Full Song & Lyrics Plus Snippet From Music Video - LISTEN NOW!

Nicki Minaj Debuts 'Anaconda' Full Song & Lyrics Plus Snippet From Music Video - LISTEN NOW!

Nicki Minaj‘s “Anaconda” just debuted and we are totally obsessed!

“Check out the WORLD PREMIERE video snippet of Anaconda. Now on iTunes!!! #AnacondaOniTunes Official…” the 31-year-old rapper wrote on her Twitter account, along with a link to the song and a link to her Instagram with a sneak peek of the music video!

Check out “Anaconda” on iTunes if you haven’t yet, and listen to the stream below.

Be sure to watch a snippet from the music video inside the cut.

Click inside to read the lyrics for “Anaconda”…

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  • sx

    can you stop using this banner to promote this? it’s disgusting and NSFW

  • Violet


  • assman

    I love ass

  • ME

    Looks like she is taking a s$$%t — why do people think this is a sexy pose???

  • FU

    “D i ck bigger than a tower, I ain’t talking about Eiffel’s”

    she is such an inspiration, such deep lyrics, somebody give her a grammy already

  • Allison

    Really over this “ART”

  • NYC

    What a disgusting, stupid song.
    I feel for all of you.
    We had the best of the best in music many years ago.
    This is a lost cause. They have officially destroyed the music industry.
    This crap is good for a porno movie.
    Absolutely gross.

  • rebekah

    adding your voice to baby got back isn’t the same as song writing Nicki.

  • sharleen

    the most sophisticated song of the year)

  • Bev

    BOYCOTT them people

  • jake

    What a rich biotch can do when she feels like it….
    It’s not even catchy, I doubt this will be a huge hit… a moderate one at most and just because the controversy for such filthy lyrics.

  • http://comcast Audra

    Just plain awful, makes a person want to vomit. How could any man think this is enticing ????

  • Ruby

    Nikki Minaj has zero talent, zero class and zero capabilities of attracting any more than the teenage male population. Revolting lyrics and a cheap ass woman. Vom!!

  • archangelmichael

    She got a big GREAZZZZY BOOTY. YUCK. I bet she uses a whole bar of soap on that A$$.

  • archangelmichael

    She got a big GREAZZZZY A$$. YUCK

  • famewhore

    Eeewww! Get this thing to flop!

  • Rachel

    I simply don’t see why this photo is necessary, unless your’e promoting some time of pornography.

  • NS

    It’s images like this that send the message that objectification of women is ok. Thank you Nicki Minaj for helping to spread that message.

  • Nancy

    This girl is DISGUSTING. Put your F’n clothes on. SKANK. I get FURIOUS when I see these NO TALENT IDIOTS half naked showing their nasties to the world. GO AWAY.

  • http://@wahtever adriana

    R.I.P music

  • Becky

    Oh my gosh! This song is terrible!!!!!!!!!

  • AM

    I swear I love every song Nicki has done or been featured on but tbh this one is a disappointment. It’s not HORRIBLE, but not one of her best.

  • ST-W

    Now featured on the Fifty Shades of Grey soundtrack.

  • Amy

    The cover alone would prevent me from buying it. But the lyrics are stupid. Just trying to make herself feel better about her fat @$$. Trash. Grow up. Show some class.

  • Nikki

    Lol everyone saw her ass and that’s what caught their attention…and now they come in here to complain…bet all of you girls have no ass…she has a gorgeous body and looks great showing it off!

  • Neil

    Anyone ever wonder where modern music will be a decade or two from now? From “tin-pan-alley” to big band crooners, to the early rock and role years of the 50′s, punk rock of the 70′s, rap and house of the 90′s to the overly produced and processed sounds of this beginning century; where will it all end up then?

  • Melanie

    First of all I think The cover that she released got attention from everyone. So, when the song dropped people who don’t even like nicki minaj were listening & hated it. & people who like nicki minaj had extremely high expectations because of all the promotion.

    If you don’t like the song whatever, but you don’t have to be disrespectful to nicki why even leave a comment?. The cover is not trashy or disgusting its nicki! That’s her style & personality if you don’t like her the get off the website and don’t listen to her shit.

    I LOVED the song and nicki minaj is the BEST female rapper out there.

  • Melanie

    But white girls with no ass can be on the cover of magazines that you find at the grocery store. If her ass was small you wouldn’t be saying that.

  • freya

    And this is the beech whale who tries to out diva an icon in American idol?

  • Jo

    Reminds me a little bit of MC Hammer’s “U can’t touch this”

  • Trik

    She promotes girls focusing on their butt and how much men like it. Way to go. Way to help girls be all they can be. Thumbs down to her, her pics and her trashy lyrics. If she wants respect, she has to earn it.

  • Alexis

    @Trik: Oh wow that’s a great message to girls invading it?? Yeah talk other girls instead of explaining why what they’re doing is problem.You want to help girls? Shut the hell up when it comes to her body or photos. You ain’t helping Nooo body but just helping keep up that we should diss other girls we don’t like. Nickis single is problem but you need to stop being fake as hell and pretending you actually care

  • Rico Nicky Minaj Anaconda lyric Video 1080p HD

  • Truthie

    Sounds like a mashup between “Big butt” song and Kesha’s “Tick Tock.”

  • troll

    Something tells me the commenters on here that spell like foreigners are actually teen girls living in America.

  • mona

    One word hydrogel.

    I’m tired of this kind of crap music being pushed in our faces. GARBAGE!

  • Zoee

    BOYCOTT THIS DISGUSTING WH0R3, STOP THE MEDIOCRITY, this is not the reference en example young girls needs to see this crap(nicky) IS SO DENIGRATING FOR ALL WOMEN

  • tash

    Yeh so lame …nicki is done! Time to retire now.

  • tash

    Yawn yawn . Time to retire nicki. Your music is lame now.

  • Herb

    Nobody explained it though. I really wanted to know if it is supposed to be talking from another perspective? Is it the girl who has an anaconda? It doesn’t make sense. Obviously it is supposed to glorify a large posterior. Also is it called tossing the salad when you lick a girls butt?

  • Bianca


  • jasmin

    Anaconda is number one on I tune she doing something right lol y’all mad Cuz yall ass is flat as hell she making million while y’all still googling her ass some of y’all secretly a Nicki fan

  • suzybel

    They should throw this chick in jail for singing trash like that, disgusting.

  • natasha

    I’m now online so please email me now

  • http://@gabrielrivasross Captn spike

    I knew Sir Mix a Lot Was ahead of his time back in the 90′s but making a song about a secondary corus of I love big butts… Guess there is nothing left to write about….