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Katie Holmes Almost Starred in 'Orange Is the New Black'

Katie Holmes Almost Starred in 'Orange Is the New Black'

Katie Holmes walks the red carpet at the world premiere of the Lexus Short Films’ Life is Amazing on Wednesday (August 6) at the SVA Theater in New York City.

Also in attendance at the event were Matthew Morrison and his fiancee Renee Puente, model Jessica Clark, celeb stylist June Ambrose, and actor Nick Ballard.

Orange Is the New Black creator Jenji Kohan recently revealed that she almost cast Katie in the role of Piper, which went to Taylor Schilling.

“I’m a big fan of hers,” Jenji told E! News. “You know, I met with her. She had other things to do. And also in the beginning, no one knew what this was.”

FYI: Katie is wearing a Michael Kors shirt, pants, and shoes with Tiffany & Co. earrings.

15+ pictures inside of Katie Holmes and others at the event…

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katie holmes almost starred in orange is the new black 18

Credit: Kristina Bumphrey; Photos: Starpix/Just Jared
Posted to: Jessica Clark, June Ambrose, Katie Holmes, Matthew Morrison, Nick Ballard, Renee Puente

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  • Lies

    Sure. As if anyone thinks she could have handled that role. Nice try.

  • Lol

    @Lies: lol thank god they casted Taylor. Can’t imagine Katie as an inmate or surviving the least bit in prison for that matter.

  • Belle

    Not bad for her. I see she got the memo to pull her hair up which makes a huge difference when trying to look dressed up.
    However the pant length seems too long or too big or idk. She is close this time but never gets it just right.
    Not sure I like the top half but for her it’s all an improvement.

  • Lola

    I like her outfit.

  • speaking of orange
  • Not So Blind Item

    This B list mostly movie actress is having her part reduced significantly in her new movie because her acting has been really awful. What was supposed to be a fairly major part for the actress trying to be known for more than just a relationship is turning into a tiny role with just a few lines. I don’t know where that once promising actress went.

  • annie

    I liked the orange dress, and the ponytail, the pics were lovely, she looked so fresh and again very youthful looking.

  • Looselipz

    She’s been looking very nice lately. Pulled together and happy. I wonder if she’s dating and/or in love.

  • Gmitse Ko

    Marrying Cruise seemingly destroyed her as an actress

  • Details

    The 2nd Annual Lexus Short Films ‘Life is Amazing’ New York premiere presented by The Weinstein Company AND Lexus at SVA Theater.

    details, details, details, JJ.

  • Cari

    Wow. In shock. She looks really good here. Great make up, clothes that fit her body and a pulled together look. As another poster said the pants are a little off, but this shows that with some effort she can look great from head to toe!

  • DTBH

    @Lol: Dark eyes, twisted smile, manipulative.. She would have nailed it. Still think she should be Jodi in a remake of the Jodi Arius Trial

  • Roberta

    @Gmitse Ko: Marrying Cruise put her on the map.

  • DTBH

    @Not So Blind Item: #6 – Did you see Nicole’s “cameo” appearance in Just Go With It? Still say coaching classes etc. …. NEVER too late!

  • Ha

    LOL but of course.

  • lr

    Her legs are covered so that’s good.

  • April

    Anything to divert the attention away from her bad acting and personal failures. lol

  • DTBH

    Per reviews!!!!; the only noteworthy performance in The Giver was Bridges. They say he does Buddhism and meditated for an hr to 2 hrs a day before going on set. Hmmm,

  • Lia

    I am curious to see how the reviews come out for her playing a mother type. I read a comment on another board that said she looked like someone who would get lost in the mall.

  • Just a Comment

    This theatre is in Chelsea and she lives in Chelsea so this was a short ride for Katie. These appearances are a good thing for her because it keeps her in the celebrity blogs. Although this was not a high profile event like the upcoming premiere for The Giver. I hope she looks good because those type of high profile premieres don’t come around every year for her. The last major movie she appeared in was Jack n Jill and that was 2011, and that was the last high profile premiere she attended for one of her movies.

  • Agree

    Agree #20 but more importantly is she better get good solid reviews for this one.
    The premier will be one night and one day of blog post then forgotten if she doesn’t shine on screen.

  • Just a Comment

    Katie has been to many premieres. No matter how one looks at it, the biggest premieres and the most important designer dresses she wore were while she was married to Cruise. Those that followed that relationship saw them in premieres in Spain, Germany, New York, Brazil, etc. So for Katie whether the premiere was for her or Cruise she’s been to a lot of them and can compare which were the best ones. I think that experience can be haunting.

  • Just a Comment

    @ #21 – Agree. Movies are forever especially today. The pictures at the premiere add to Google and other libraries but movies are a record of your craft, your reason for being in the entertainment business. Yes, she better shine in The Giver. I think Katie is feeling the pressure.

  • So true

    Ya gotta love Lainey Gossip. She tells it like it is. See quote below.

    From Lainey Gossip:

    “Like this story that’s making headlines about how she was once considered for Piper, Taylor Schilling’s role, in Orange Is The New Black. According to showrunner Jenji Kohan, she and Katie met about the part. Apparently part of it was scheduling. “She had other things to do” is how Kohan described it.

    Um, really? What?

    Katie said today on The Today Show that:

    “I’m an artist so I’m a risk-taker. I love adventures and new things.”

    Celebrities never see themselves as others see them, non?”

  • @24

    @So true:
    Lainey also acknowledged her kissing Weinstein’s butt since he is a “King – Maker” but that also depends on if the person they are trying to make happen has the raw materials.
    “Katie Holmes dropped a shoulder last night in New York at the Life Is Amazing premiere presented by The Weinstein Company. Her new movie The Giver is also a Weinstein property. And, you’ll recall, a couple of weeks ago she showed up at that surfer party that Harvey was hosting. Harvey is a king-maker. And those are the rules when you’re dealing with him. And the point is that in dealing with him, she’s looking ahead at what benefits she might earn going forward. That is, if she wants to get in the game with peer actors who have far surpassed her. Michelle Williams comes to mind. She worked with him on My Week With Marilyn, for which she received an Oscar nomination.

  • @24

    Where is NG? This bit sounds like something he/she would have written about Kho.
    The same as everyone pretty much says:
    The elevator music of actresses

  • So true

    @@24: How funny–the last line about the shallow pond. Must have missed that column thx for sharing. What I don’t understand is that KH is suppose to have an above average IQ yet she comes off sounding like she is a shallow pond.

  • American

    Where’s the contradiction, #24?

  • Sincerely Concerned

    @So true: People said the thing about Bush II. His SAT scores were very high; did will at Yale. Obama on the other hand, well do your own homework. Some people spend their time “looking” smart. U have to admit, everything from marrying and getting gigs to so smoothly ditching one of the wealthiest, connected stars (and his ball and chain) and getting her daughter established in childhood. SMART ! I still hope she is honing her skills with classes,lessons etc.

  • Golden egg

    @Sincerely Concerned: how well Suri turns out is yet to be seen, but I’m many people will see that as all Tom’s fault too.

    That’s the golden egg for Katie never having to be responsible for her actions during and after her and Tom hooked up.

    Must be nice always having that out.

  • Spectator

    Filmmakers adapting Lois Lowry’s The Giver to the silver screen — fitting to the monochromatic utopia she created — have a tall order. I attended a prescreening of the Weinstein and Walden Media film on Wednesday (signing in the process an embargo not to review the movie until next week), but I can probably say that the adaptation remains true to the themes highlighted in the well-loved novel.

    - Why next week? Audiences may change their mind (or not) to not see The Giver?

  • Spectator

    The Giver is a fantastic film, especially if you have a friend to discuss it with over dinner afterward. The acting is superb, the dialogue is rich, and the myriad themes are though-provoking and curious. It’s also nice to see some bigger stars like Meryl Streep and Jeff Bridges supporting individualism rather than uniformity and globalism. As far as the sci-fi element, it holds its own, maintaining conceivability through special effects and a well-thought-out “world.” Critics warned that it might not do well because of the lack of action. Not much happens, they said. But The Giver holds your attention without wavering as Lowry’s alternate world is opened up, scene by scene, like an onion.

    -Not holding ‘wait till next week embargo’, the Christian Cinema did a review, although not much details on the film itself, mostly the review looks like it came from reading the book and a few sentences on the film/actors.

  • Walden – Kate CiCamillo

    Kate DiCamillo, two-time Newbery Award winner and National Ambassador for Young People’s Literature, and author of Because of Winn Dixie and The Tale of Despereaux, waxes poetic on the marvels of The Giver‘s silver screen manifestation:

    “The Giver is a triumph for book-lovers and movie-goers. It is a movie that reminds us of the power of memory and books and stories and love. It shows us, gloriously, the privilege and the pain and joy of being alive, fully human.” -Kate DiCamillo

    Another review with no specifics. The material (book) by itself fits the above description, what ‘specifically’ about the film makes it a ‘triumph’ – cinematography? great acting?

  • Walden – Heartland Film

    Heartland Film – who’s mission is “To inspire filmmakers & audiences through the transformative power of film” – has awarded their “Truly Moving Picture Award” to THE GIVER!

    Heartland Film’s Artistic Director, Tim Irwin, explained that, “The Truly Moving Picture Award jury felt ‘The Giver’ was a strong film filled with interesting messages… A provoking conversation starter, the film was a powerful adaptation of Lois Lowry’s classic novel. Jeff Bridges and Brenton Thwaites give excellent performances as The Giver and Jonas.”

    - A little better review – ‘powerful adaptation’ (would have liked examples) and ‘noteworthy performances’ – Bridges and Thwaites (not surprising since their characters are the stories center)

  • @31

    Strange indeed. I had wondered why no reviews on RT yet.

  • Sincerely Concerned

    @Golden egg: #30 – If Suri is a screw-up, it falls on Katie’s back. If Bella and Connor r screw-ups, it falls on Tom’s back. KISS – Keep It Simple Stupid. If I understand from reading these posts; Shame on Tom for not listening to his wife and isolating her. It is obvious that his ego is/was greater than God himself. And it is obvious that with Katie, everything from the prodigal son to the lost lamb got played out. So your worries or concerns r legit because the girl did it right.

  • anne

    @Sincerely Concerned:
    Why Isabella and Connor to bring to this discussion?
    That’s about KH and her movie.
    These poor teenagers have been badly treated by life. Abandoned by 03 mothers. Let’s leave them out of here.

    Kissis Annie

  • Golden Egg

    @Sincerely Concerned:
    Actually, I partially agree with the nature/nurture influence on adult decisions/actions, but we all are responsible for our own actions as adults.
    I don’t think Katie is blaming her parents for her adult choices – Catholic upbringing and all.

  • Sincerely Concerned

    Katie is the Prodigal son. She is not blaming her parents; she’s appreciating their letting her make her own choices and knowing they loved her regardless.

  • Downton Abbey Special

    Quick question, how many asymmetric ruffles does it take to ruin an outfit? I’ll tell you. One is more than enough to do the job. So you’ll understand my horror at being faced with a top made of four chiffon mega-frills tucked in (TUCKED IN I TELL YOU) loosely (LOOSELY) into a pair of front-pleated tuxedo pants. – Bohomoth

  • meh

    Really at 33/35 she is playing the role of prodigal son?
    She is old enough to be president of the USA. Too old to go back to parents and play prodigal daughter or anything else. Grow up. Joey Potter is middle aged and not a teenager that got with the wrong crowd.

  • Golden Egg

    @Sincerely Concerned:
    I got that, Katie is the ‘Prodigal son’ – your analogy.
    Agree, that she hasn’t/doesn’t blame her parents for her choices.

    The only question (rhetorical mostly) is will the same apply when Suri is an adult?

    I doubt it. Thus the Golden Egg (Tom) reference.

  • Katie Holmes Almost…..

    Katie Holmes almost …..

    starred in OITNB

    starred in the follow-up to Batman Begins

    had a successful run in a Broadway play

    had a successful fashion line

    finished her multi-year contract with Bobbi Brown

    was a lead on a new tv show

    got a tattoo (boo Suri)

    won a real film/tv award (Razzie doesn’t count)

    had a film release in the last 2 which she has a lead role (Giver screen time is still up in the air)

    got it right on the red carpet (before she takes the step out her door there is always a chance)

    almost had you believing she can act

  • anne

    @Sincerely Concerned: @Golden Egg:

    Two boring. Kings of truth. Ridiculous. I think the two lived together with TC / KH.

  • SiriusXM

    more tv

    - I’m really excited about the medium of television right now. Obviously there’s so much great stuff on TV and I’m trying to find a character to bring to TV that would be fun to watch, fun to play. I’m interested in strong, female characters,”

    november release

    “I have another movie coming out this November that was at the Tribeca Film Festival, called Miss Meadows.”

    on health

    “I eat a lot of kale because I hear that’s like the wonder food and I do like yoga and bootcamp.”

    “A couple years ago, I did the New York City marathon. It was incredible, but it was harder mentally than physically just to keep going. At mile 20, I got really sad, but I made it. I was like, ‘How can there be six more miles?’ Kanye West’s Stronger was like the last six miles, over and over and over,”

    >>>Suri is a gay icon. Every gay man wants to be Suri when they grow up – That level of fabulously. Suri is the chillist.

    >>>skipped The Giver jam session – umm you know “doesn’t bring anything to the table” (her words). end story, umm like it was pass Katie’s bed time

    >>>Tattoo status – Katie’s publicist (Leslie) chimes in – “your mother won’t let you do it”, so, no longer Suri would kill her?

    >>>Good news – Katie and Meryl are briefly together in the movie. “You’re in the scene together, you don’t want to be like umm, weird”.

    >>>And umm that’s like snippets of umm like recent interviews with like umm you know Katie Holmes

  • wtf

    #45 who said that about Suri being a gay icon? Her or the interviewer ?

    TV show: read she can’t find work so is trying to go back to TV. Strong woman charcter like Wonder Woman again? lol.

  • Sincerely Concerned

    @Golden Egg: That should be enough with regards to Katie “never having to be responsible for her actions”. Watched a film of the “Devout Catholic Holms clan” at the Disney World parade. Watched Martin looking at Suri. That will never be the sweet granddaughter-grandpa relationship Katie would like it to be no matter how “manipulative” her skills are. Catholic Guilt can be unbearable.

  • Meg

    @Golden Egg: #42 – The only person who will lose (or pay for that matter) in this equation is Katie: with everything from a mothers guilt to the catholic guilt. Tom, being a man will manage with the ability to compartmentalizations to being Lorded over. Unless he becomes his father. Maybe instead of Scientology, he should embrace Budhhism. Beats master bating several times a day (like Ron Hubbard)

  • Meg

    @Meg: corrections (2) – compartmentalize and Lording over. Also – On the other hand; because Katie’s motives were pure and Tom’s weren’t, in the end she will be able to sleep better.

  • Just A Comment

    I just watched Orange is the New Black and have to say that the writer herself says “no one knew what it was in the beginning.” I agree. This show is so funny and entertaining but there is nothing on television like it and I can see how Katie could have passed on the script. It was released in July 2013 so probably at the time of filming in 2012, Katie was too busy planning her “exit from her marriage to Cruise” to commit to a show on Netflik. But retrospect and the 12 Emmy nomiminations for Orange is the New Black must have left Katie and her agent speechless.