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Bradley Cooper & Girlfriend Suki Waterhouse Are the Hottest Couple at Chiltern Firehouse

Bradley Cooper & Girlfriend Suki Waterhouse Are the Hottest Couple at Chiltern Firehouse

Bradley Cooper stands out with a red shirt while holding hands with his girlfriend Suki Waterhouse at Chiltern Firehouse on Saturday (August 9) in London, England.

The 39-year-old actor and the 22-year-old English supermodel were joined by her sister Imogen, who has modeled for Urban Outfitters.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Bradley Cooper

Earlier in the week, Bradley wrapped his arm around Suki while stepping out for a romantic dinner.

If you weren’t aware, Bradley is currently in town to shoot his latest film Adam Jones.

20+ pictures inside of Bradley Cooper and Suki Waterhouse heading to dinner with her sis Imogen

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bradley cooper suki waterhouse hottest couple at chiltern firehouse 01
bradley cooper suki waterhouse hottest couple at chiltern firehouse 02
bradley cooper suki waterhouse hottest couple at chiltern firehouse 03
bradley cooper suki waterhouse hottest couple at chiltern firehouse 04
bradley cooper suki waterhouse hottest couple at chiltern firehouse 05
bradley cooper suki waterhouse hottest couple at chiltern firehouse 06
bradley cooper suki waterhouse hottest couple at chiltern firehouse 07
bradley cooper suki waterhouse hottest couple at chiltern firehouse 08
bradley cooper suki waterhouse hottest couple at chiltern firehouse 09
bradley cooper suki waterhouse hottest couple at chiltern firehouse 10
bradley cooper suki waterhouse hottest couple at chiltern firehouse 11
bradley cooper suki waterhouse hottest couple at chiltern firehouse 12
bradley cooper suki waterhouse hottest couple at chiltern firehouse 13
bradley cooper suki waterhouse hottest couple at chiltern firehouse 14
bradley cooper suki waterhouse hottest couple at chiltern firehouse 15
bradley cooper suki waterhouse hottest couple at chiltern firehouse 16
bradley cooper suki waterhouse hottest couple at chiltern firehouse 17
bradley cooper suki waterhouse hottest couple at chiltern firehouse 18
bradley cooper suki waterhouse hottest couple at chiltern firehouse 19
bradley cooper suki waterhouse hottest couple at chiltern firehouse 20

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  • Babe

    What the hell are you wearing?

  • groovy8899

    @Babe: she and her sister must have different dads. Bradley come out, please.!!!!!!!
    She and her sis are so plain I’m beginning to worry about the modeling industry. I guess being sexy and unique is not a PREREQUISITE.

  • Joseph

    That girl is 22 years old? She looks like have 30 years ..But his mind is 13 years.

  • gj

    dirty old man will be dating her sis next

  • miriam mee

    bradley unleashes most unflattering look yet as for suki… she looks like his daughter – she could find a younger boyfriend, could not she?


    No.3 at 3:58;
    Point taken. She does look a lot like an older Sienna Miller.

  • ray

    Ever since the desert incident broke out, Cooper has been spotted with Suki more than usual. At least in my mind, that bolsters the rumor.
    If the rumor has been substantiated in the future, some of his fans will left him not because of the rumor but of his dishonesty right now.


    @ray: that’s a reason why he hires a beard. He does not want Hollyworld to discover his sexual preferences. Too late Cooper. We all know you’re gay. Come out of your closet baby

  • Elizabeth

    That is the 14 year old sister Maddie. This man amazes me hanging out with young 20 year olds and teenagers. He obviously has issues whether mental or emotional to be hanging with the crowd he is. He has changed so much in 2 years time. I’m no longer a fan.

  • Keri

    They look very cute together.

  • IMO

    Reading the comments in BC posts is like entering the twilight zone. It’s hard for his fans to post without reading all the nasty comments.

  • Scarjo

    She’s just a beard. Lainey outed him completely. It’s all so silly and transparent. Does he think people are stupid?

  • Hey

    Why are they all holding hands? Is the Chiltern firehouse the only resturant in London? It seems like it’s the only place they go!!

  • ester

    is that girl really just 14? well, bradley clearly needs some therapy.

  • Dee

    I like Suki’s dress. Bradley is looking hot lately.

  • Dee

    @ester: 22….

  • sheneequa

    I just came to see Bradley’s fine butt

  • Lena

    Hottest couple? So, now listen up society…. here’s the new cultural plan which Hollywood wants us to all get on board with. That is, a 17 year age spread where a much more powerful (economically speaking ONLY) male is with an economically inferior barely legal female.

    Yes, all us girls want old guy hands rubbing all over us right? Sarcasm intended. Yes….keep it up Bradley… I believe the more your face is shown especially with a girl young enough to be your child, the quicker people will get tired of seeing it, and you can retire to a life of obscurity dreaming of days of fame once ralized like the rest of the has been actors in Hollywood.

    But… Only after extracting how much $$$$$ from state taxpayers in movies funded by tax grants? That is, FREE money paid by checks written by state treasuries from taxpayer general state funds. Free money paid to Hollywood millionaires by states because star struck legislators (who wanted to be movie stars as kids) and who get campaign contributions from Hollywood have decided Hollywood can’t fail and thus deserves corporate welfare while court funding is cut, programs to help the poor, disabled, wounded military, the mentally ill, state worker pensions are cut, cut cut.

    And just so states can, like New York, give $420 million in FREE money to Hollywood to cover 30% of film and TV production costs (not a loan, just free money) while doing things like denying $9 million to the courts forcing courts to shut down because they can’t afford officers to guard the judges and litigants (after reports that film tax credits don’t bring great economic benefit to the state, there was a 2012 incident in court where a gu/nman opened g/un/fire on people in court so officer protection is a necessary state expense, and governor Cuomo rejected the court request for funding but embraced an increase in film spending from 10% coverage of costs to 30% coverage of produr costs, and amidst revelations that he got $219,000 in campaign contributions from Hollywood)
    So, gee, guys like Bradley Cooper sponging off of taxpayers for their luxurious lifestyles which is putting so many states in a pickle is atrocious in my opinion. And now he hypocritically dates a girl 17 years his junior. After saying JLaw who is OLDER than this girl was NOT date worthy because she was young enough to be his daughter. What a smug pig.

    NOTE: $1.4 billion spent by states on Hollywood corporate welfare and in supporting the lavish lifestyle of creepy guys like this is a huge waste of taxpayers money in my opinion. While the federal government budget is enormous, and $1.4 billion is not much, this is huge money to states.

    For instance, I read Florida suspended its Hollywood film tax grant because it paid out $296 million which was supposed to last until 2016. Hollywood parasites sucked it dry two years early? Anyone surprised? I’m not. Well, Florida courts have been inundated with foreclosures putting a huge strain on judicial resources. Yet, calls for funding relief have failed. I read Florida’s entire court system runs on $500+- million. Loans??? Is that correct? Paid back with high court fees?

    So, let me get this straight. Hollywood foreign companies get $296 million from Florida taxpayers so they can make movies and then go earn profit elsewhere? Hollywood producers get for FREE (not loan) more than 1/2 of what one of the 3 branches of government that serves millions gets via loan????

    Louisiana paid Hollywood $169+- million in 2012. Its judiciary that served millions of citizens got $162+-.million. In 2013, New Mexico gave millions to foreign Hollywood production companies ($50 million I think (could be wrong, check the site,)). But, that year, the governor cut funding to state mental health facilities thereby affecting 300,000 mentally ill New Mexico citizens and prompting protests by New Mexico citizen mental health workers. They cited fraud. The attorney general published a report recently clearing the first company (after much delay and after the mental health community was sent into chaos). Iowa got rid of film tax credits and reports showed up to 80% credits were improperly allotted. Where’s those audits of Hollywood? That outrage? Especially when right and left wing tax groups say film tax credits don’t offer economic stimulus.

    I can’t understand why Cooper continues to get parts anyway. He looks creepy, acts creepy, dates 17 year olds and brings mommy to awards functions?? eh, not to mention the bearding rumors, the weird comments by his ex wife, and just a weird vibe he emits in my opinion. He’s not worth funding with my tax dollars. Just my opinion.

  • Lena

    Once realized…not once ralized. And production costs not produr costs. Strange how it quick corrects in this post but not above. Apologies.

  • Lena

    One more correction: I didn’t mean he dates 17 year olds. I have no idea on that. This article says 39 vs. 22. So, he dates girls 17 years his junior. She’s 22. He’s 39. An age difference of 17 years. She’s an adult. But the age spread is the difference of a 17 year old child which is why I said, she is young enough to be his daughter.

  • Dolly

    @Lena: Thank you for clarifying that, because no one bothered reading your original post.

  • Drake

    Oh sweet Jesus jumpin jehosavat! @Lena has escaped the Michael Fassbender threads! Can Just Jared get somebody’s moderation up in here? We already have @Bradlifer. We don’t need another dissertation writing wackadoodle.

  • Simone


    You should check out the Fassbender threads if you think this is a twilight zone

  • Selena

    LOL wackadoodle…

  • Troll Bait

    First the Leo trolls start posting on Bradley’s threads, now the bored nut cases from the Fassy threads? LOL

  • Selena

    You guys..all of you, just crack me the hell up…I think Lena is WAY too invested in the JJ lifestyle. I would allow someone to slap me awake before I get THAT involved with gossip posting.

  • STFU

    @Troll Bait:

    Like you have never posted on another thread apart from Bradleys??
    Didn’t realize there was a strict rule – why? Because there is not.
    As annoying as Lena is she has the right to post on any JJ thread like you do.

  • Sure

    Supermodel my Ass!!

    Something not right about this relationship. I just hope its one where she knows the full deal and is not being strung along to preserve his image.

    All the pics you see her at the Chiltern Firehouse is her done up…I am shocked. Clearly looking her best, as she ain’t no oil painting that for sure. Rarely do you get the opportunity to say someone scrubs up average.

    And the Chiltern Firehouse is not the only restaurant or even the best in London. However it does have a lot of paps outside. They go there to be seen mainly or they lack imagination to find or try another restaurant. Not surprising really.

  • Drake

    @STFU: Lena’s a troll because the only reason she’s posting on a Bradley thread is because the Fassbender threads are dead and she needs attention. If she and her alter ego Lola’s hadn’t run everyone off, she’d still be there. Nobody wants to come to a gossip board and read about tax credits! Especially when her complaint doesn’t make a damn bit of sense. Take that to an industry board!

  • Sad but True

    Thought I would have a look into the women Bradley has dated and for the main they are plain-ish women. Official not rumored dates (who generally are the most attractive)

    Jennifer, Renee, Zoe and Suki. (Zoe is probably the best of this bunch)
    Clearly doesn’t pick with the same horn dog attitude of most straight men in his comparable circle. Does that mean his sexuality should be questioned?

    Found it very interesting what Zoe implied about Bradley recently (or its implied that Zoe said about him)

    “I have been in relationships where a man has disrespected me, and I don’t need to be friends with that man anymore. I don’t want to be the one going, ‘I’m cool, because I’m friends with all my exes.’ There’s a reason why you’re called an ex. I crossed you off my list. Moving on. You cross a line, you need to know that you’re going to walk this earth knowing that there’s an individual who has no respect for you.”

  • James

    What the hell is he wearing?!

  • Fynn

    @Sad but True: I’ve seen plenty of threads/rumors about this guy being a real creep/jerk-off. Zoe comment proves that.

  • Isabella
  • Jane

    Scarjo@ 08/10/2014 at 7:56 pm

    When did Lainey out Bradley Cooper completely?

  • cold is ice


  • GFW

    No disrespect, you can’t say that because you are too. Only difference is at least she has something to SAY whereas you mostly pick apart what others do.
    You know I finally got back to you about beauty under the other Butler thread…
    Find it crazy I check in here to see “Selena” stowed away. TFF

  • GFW

    Why’s his head held down in shame? He knows. It won’t make it past dating. Think this is all to ward off rumors that it’s over anyways. But frankly my dear…

  • Scarjo


    So maybe he’s bi but the point is, he is hooking up left and right with these guys and not using protection. So, what exactly does that mean in terms of Suki? It means that their relationship is not what they want people to think it is and they will not last. Lainey can be wrong but when she basically solve the riddle…..He gives me a bad vibe. Can you imagine all the dirt on this guy should his exs decided to get together and talk?

  • Selena


    sniff sniff, I can’t sniff make sniff anyone sniff haaaaapppppyyyyyy…wahhhhhhhhhhhhh.

    I find I don’t give a blind f*ck.

  • Selena


    He so is not gay. Nope. Sorry. Lainey could be a man posing as a woman and dreaming.

  • Libby

    @Selena: If he’s not gay, then we know he’s off his rockers. Yes this girls 17 years younger and only 22, yet these sisters of Suki aren’t much further behind in age, which only displays the huge age difference visually. Maybe that scar on Bradleys forehead is a marker of a serious mind altering accident he endured?

  • Selena


    When I was 8, I was in an unfortunate swing set accident where I cracked my skull. Knocked out cold. Remember being knocked out and couldn’t see anything and hearing people talking. Did I go to the hospital?

  • DUMB

    You people are so stupid…they went to dinner with her family. Both of her sisters are in these pics, her dad is the driver of the car Suki, Bradley and Suki’s youngest sister are in and her mom is in the other car with her other sister. Her brother was not photographed, but he could easily be there. Get over it, they are HAPPILY together whether you people b*tch about it or not. Move on people.

  • Too Funny

    A person who calls themselves “DUMB” lecturing the other posters and calling them stupid. These threads are too funny. Please keep posting.

  • Goldie

    @DUMB: Completely ridiculous situation Bradley has put himself into. The age difference between Bradley and the siblings is even more staggering, yet since Bradley is a celebrity he is supposed to get away with dating a girl young enough to be his daughter. She isn’t even a mature 22 anyways, which says a lot about Coopers intellect.

  • Goldie

    Really mature Suki => I can’t believe the father is there driving. In the old country some fathers want cows in exchange for their daughters. I think the middle sister Immy might be a bit younger, but she sure is prettier.

  • LOL

    @Goldie: The attention seeking Waterhouses don’t want cows, they want FAME. Why work for it when you can use someone else’s name? LOL

  • Bradlifer

    It is pr relationship, bradley is helping harvey to make one of his girls famous and in return he gets financial help with al the movies he wants to do and power on set on movies harvey is involved in.
    Her entire family is using him, her sister to start an model carrier and get VIP tickets to things like that conciert. And her father to promote his clinic he outed Bradley dose facials at his clinic to get more pr. And soon we will see Maddie and that brother using him to. The monthy on clock pr pics, the obvious staged pr photo ops and the constant calling the paps and the pr articles written about them. Pr!!!

  • dori

    Hmmm… I need a babysitter in a couple of weeks, I wonder how much he charges to look after my kids if I stock the fridge and let him use the pay per view! !