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Nina Dobrev & Alexander Ludwig Bare Amazing Bodies in Ibiza!

Nina Dobrev & Alexander Ludwig Bare Amazing Bodies in Ibiza!

Nina Dobrev and Alexander Ludwig show off their amazing beach-ready bodies while hanging out on a yacht on Friday (August 22) in Ibiza, Spain.

The 25-year-old Vampire Diaries actress and the 22-year-old When the Game Stands Tall actor were also seen sitting together on top of a smaller commuter boat that day. They were joined by several friends while enjoying the beautiful weather.

Alexander, who is currently being featured in the JJ Spotlight Series, told us about the scare wars he has with Nina.

“Right now, she’s winning, but it’s only because I’m working on Vikings, and she came to Dublin and scared me. So I’m going to go to Atlanta and gonna get her back, so it’s still on,” Alexander exclusively told us. “She had a friend, that also works with me, and she flew out, and she was supposed to come visit but she came and visited a couple days early. I walked into the hotel lobby and she was hiding behind a wall, and she freaked me out. I was really happy to see her, but I was also very angry that she got me.”

FYI: Nina is wearing a Basta Surf bikini.

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  • sarah

    OMGGGGGG he is sooooo hotttttt. Nina, you go GIRL!!!! Nina is GORGEOUS and deserves to be with a hottie like Alex!!!


    Nice Tits Nina!

  • Dana

    If this was Ian and Nikki the fans would be screaming pure “PR”. Are you manager for both Jared? Oh no!

  • leelee

    $$$$ get that PR money JJ

  • assman

    one for the spankbank. thanks Jared

  • Hmm

    I don´t get why JJ´s trying to make this guy happen.

  • nina dobrev

    NINA IS KING !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! DRUGS AND WITH PARTY

  • nina dobrev


  • KT

    Hide Nina and Alexander, the bully Nian fandom is coming for you!

  • Fat

    Someone needs to start counting calories, someone got fat fat fat.

  • Love

    About time she dated a younger guy, I like it

  • Fat

    Of course she’s not doing drugs, because she fat. She needs to though, maybe coke will help her lose pounds

  • assman

    @Fat: not fat, sexy

  • .

    Excuse me, Nina has done nothing wrong lately to receive any hate, in fact, she deserves to get a lot of love. She was hanging around with a friends, enjoying her breaks from TVD filming, so what? It’s not like she’s taking Alexander to the set, and spreading that they live together. She looks incredible and with an amazing photo….. And that’s what I call papp photos… Seems like she has no idea pictures were taken of her….

  • Vessy

    Nina without her hair extensions and fake eyelashes and designer clothes and push-up bras is just plain simple and with the hangover/smoker/blotted look adding to her figure she looks just awful.

  • delenasanarchy

    This boy is too hot for fattie ol Nina

  • Liliane

    this boy barely has grown hair in his balls. But I guess since Nina behaves like a teenager on drugs she needs to date a barely legal guy.

  • Bob

    I thought her boobs weren’t dragging on the ground all flaccid wow. Her push up bras fooled me. Her titties look way flabby here.

  • me

    Philip Seymour Hoffman was fat and he died of an overdose. There are many drug addicts that are fat. Being skinny doesn’t mean you do drugs, people are skinny for many different reasons, many by genetics. Weight is not an accurate way of detecting if someone is on drugs

    There is also a misconception about coke and weight.

  • .

    Seems like the Nikki fans finally found Nina’s articles to send hate… That’s just pitiful. That’s nothing wrong with Nina, her body looks amazing!





  • Rachel

    She must feel so good to be with a real man after bearding for Ian for so long.



  • Lorelei/rein

    OMG did She get fat and Flappy, with thunder thighs, She used to have a great Body. and her face with or without Tons of Makeup is awful lately.

  • Oli

    Maybe hanging out with someone like Alex who constantly works out will motivate her to stop eating too much and get healthier. What happened to her yoga routine? it didn’t work?

  • sofia

    now that I saw Nina in a bikini I understand why she’s having the double chin problem, she is fat! How did this happened? The cellulite is everywhere ew she is paid to look glamours and pretty, not a blotted housewife. Maybe she is pregnant, she looks like the desperate low class irrelevant actress trying to find a famous hollywood fool to grab. Maybe Alex put an albino baby on it?

  • Gina

    Am I the only who doesn’t find Alexander hot at all?I mean he has a great body but I just don’t think he’s attractive at all.
    So is this relationship PR too then? because they were pictured together, they must have tipped off the paparazzi…lol. Funny how Nina fans are celebrating Nina hanging out with this guy but the second Ian hangs out with his girlfriend, it’s PR…
    Btw. Nina is not fat. That is not what fat looks like, that’s what normal looks like.

  • Rio

    @Vessy: Prodigious! You must be a very sad little thing. Guess what, you will never have her hair. Extensions are not used on wet hair dummy. LOL. Everything about her is perfect and you are more and more pathetic every day. just because you get kicked out of every forum and online space for the scum that you are…well. you will never find a palace. Why do you keep using Vessy as a name when everyone knows who you actually are. You will never have even 1% of her dignity!

  • Peach

    I’m very happy Nina is banging this guy, now finally the nian and dobrevics stans will leave Ian and Nikki alone.

  • Dan

    @nina dobrev: But you and everyone else in the world know she never took drugs. It is amazing the things you makeup because you cannot blame her for nothing real. When you get a real life you may actually realize how stupid and funny you are.

  • Dan

    @Lorelei/rein: She looks lovely with no makeup. You are probably the ugliest dog in the world to say this things. If you can have half the beauty she has with no makeup then come here and post a picture….i dont see you doing it…..well, you are so ugly then.

  • zebra

    @Peach: I am sure Ian will be very happy with Nikki No Boobs – no career Reed….for a while, then e will move on to something else.

  • Leonor

    Nina trying to be relevant calling paps in the middle of the ocean rubbing herself against another male. It must be tuesday

  • http://justjared Ana


  • http://justjared Ana

    Ian fans are hating nina here .wtf please haters go donate your idols foundation lmaooo you all have no life. Poor ians fans . Who have no respect for her.(nina) Nina is so hot and your argument is invalid. I hope nina will find a good man .she does not need a trashy man like ian in her life.

  • http://justjared sana

    Nina looks so amazing even without make up. Natural beauty . I love her so much

  • Alejandro

    someone got fat during the hiatus lol What happened to yoga? I guess to sit and spin on tons of c*cks is not such the workout after all. Fattie Nina came to stay lol poor Alex being seen with such a low class opportunist

  • hehe

    You people are stupid. Back when TVD started she was cute and all, but now she looks better. She looks curvy. Back then she was so thin… Most guys like bodies like this, jealous skanks! Boys are not dogs, they don’t wanna bones. Other than that she’s annoying. And smokes too much.

  • Angel

    I no longer find him hot…

  • Elisa

    Nina looks fat! And her boobs are fake. Oh and this is PR, no doubt!

  • Hmm

    I think that Nina has a weight Problem, her Body doesn’t look good at all. She smokes to lose weight but it doesn’t help. Her lifestyle is very unheathly lately. And Alexander is very ugly IMO. But to each there own right?!

  • AudreyR

    She looks beautiful and healthy!!! What a body!!!
    Actually they look both gorgeous…

  • Olla

    No! This girl is not suitable Alexander !

  • Pete

    @AudreyR: oh c’mon let’s be honest now. Her Body looks aweful. She gained a lot of weight and you can already see cellulite. Alexander is a little kid, not hot at all but he deserves better than fatty dobrev

  • Olla

    This girl used to be a lot of questionable ties. Alexander very young!

  • Not a Fan anymore

    What happened to her? She used to be much prettier. Since Nian broke up she doesn’t care about her Body anymore, and she is throwing herself at various Men every Weekend. And then she complains why the tabloids write all these dating Stories about her, be honest Nina…you love it. What a s***t. She is as so fake. Shame!

  • LOL

    Don’t they have a Movie to promote? They obviosuly called the Paps! But omg Nina, at least cover your fat ass please. Ugh hideous.

  • bad chick

    nina is never around , stop nausate

  • Natan

    @LOL: She has a perfect thin figure. Why are you people so disgusting promoting anorexia, its a horrible decease that kills people.