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Joan Rivers Placed in Medically Induced Coma (Report)

Joan Rivers Placed in Medically Induced Coma (Report)

Joan Rivers has reportedly been placed in a medically induced coma after complications during a surgery on Thursday morning (August 28) in New York City.

The 81-year-old comedian stopped breathing and went into cardiac and respiratory arrest while a doctor was checking on a chronic problem with her vocal cords.

“They don’t know how long she was starved of oxygen,” a source told the New York Daily News.

Doctors expect to bring Joan out of the coma this weekend to evaluate if there has been any damage.

Joan‘s daughter Melissa Rivers rushed onto a flight out of Los Angeles to be by her mother’s side during this scary time. We hope she has a speedy recovery!

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  • bep

    I know a couple people that were put into coma’s medically and eventually passed away. I hope she is okay!

  • [~Fug Face Man!ston~]

    It’s unfortunate but people tend not to care when bad things happen to douchebags.

  • Dreamer

    Joan come on! You are a strong woman! You’ve been trough a lot in your life, keep fighting! You are such an inspiration to me!

  • Oh no!

    That’s never a good sign. I pray she can pull through.

  • woolly

    wow didn’t realize she’s 81! all the plastic surgery played tricks on me… wishes to her, hope she recovers healthy and happy.

  • vick


  • mcwitch

    After watching her documentary I gain a HUGE amount of respect for her and how hard she’s had to work to overcomes so many difficulties in her life. I wish her the best and hope she pulls through this ok. She is a comedienne it’s her job to bring humour to dark things, and making fun out of celebrities who make millions plus is ok.


    pulling for you to come out ok!


    I can’t wait for you to die, you virus, zionist pig hahaha

  • EMY

    OMG! she’s 81!! i think she’s between 58 to 70

  • Maria

    They didn’t know how long she’s been arrested? That’s terrible.


  • ….

    Karma is a bitch!

  • :(

    Poor Joan, hope she pulls through. She’s a Hollywood gem cause she tells it like it is, an element that Hollywood lacks with all the PR and acting most of these celebs do with their personal lives to act like their lives are perfect. She’s just real with it and a true funny woman. She’s lived a hell of a long life though, bless her.

  • ?

    Question: the report says she was rushed to the hospital while surgery was being performed. Why wasn’t taking place in a hospital to begin with?

  • The People of Gaza

    We wish her as well as she wished us.

  • kelly

    oh no. i hope she recovers. joan is a really great businesswoman and has a lot of fans because of that. i like her and hope she will be ok

  • ladyb

    I will really miss her humor if she passed. I really hope she pulls through. Yes, she does take it too far which annoys me too but generally she’s very funny. I follow her on twitter and the jokes ridiculing herself always make me laugh so hard.

  • http://Justjared Peg

    @?: Surgery is performed at out patient clinics, if it is not major surgery, there is always an ambulance on standby, in case something goes wrong, to rush you to the hospital.

  • well..

    I’m actually not worried at all…. hope she doesn’t recover!! YES I SAID IT! I’m not a hypocrite like some people…

  • maya

    she’s a vile and disgusting woman and I honestly don’t know how people find her funny or humorous. I was hoping she would die a painful death actually.

  • Isabella

    So sorry to hear this, I do hope she recovers from this. I love her, she’s the best!!

  • The Earth

    Dear God, why couldn’t you take Chelsea Handlers Horse Face instead???

  • pamela

    Ironically, the people who are calling her insulting names and wishing her
    death, are probably the first to yell at someone for judging them, how they don’t know your story, etc. Because, who else would say such a thing about another human being?

    Just keep in mind, karma.

  • Al

    The Republican Party is worried because their biggest donor might croak.

  • jane

    does someone actually cares??!! she’s a disgusting woman… JUST DIE ALREADY.

  • Ego

    God is real…

  • dee

    I find it REALLY hard to have sympathy for this god awful woman. But with that said….I do hope she gets better, and dont wish this on anybody…hope she pulls through. Didnt realize she was already in her 80s

  • Mike

    Wow what a bunch of hypocritical people. Like no one here has said anything mean before. I love people who criticize hate with more hate. I think she’s pretty funny, i think our society is way to PC. At least she tells it like it is. May I remind people that she is far from the only comedian who says mean things.

  • Red Robin yummm

    @also #### lol behave ladies. Using differ usernames. Paid posters are such TROLLS. yes I’ve posted today on leodicaprio thread, my original username is sexyback/ archangelmichael

  • Sandy

    I think she is very funny, I hope she make it. People should not take it seriously on the jokes she says, it is just her job.

  • denise

    I pray that Ms. Rivers pulls through but at 81 and all these unnecessary procedures. some things are best left alone

  • liz

    can someone explain the medically induced coma part? i know tons of people (mainly singers) who have undergone vocal surgery to remove polyps, nodules, and even damage from hemorrhaging and nothing close to this ever happened to them. i mean, they were all young, but still. what on earth?!

  • Jane


    No God is not real; you are still here.

  • Yes!

    @The People of Gaza:

    EXACTLY!! May she receive what she wished upon other. Isn’t it wonderful how karma works sometimes? Now, if only her family lived in the states as long as the Palestinians have lived in Palestine;Centuries before the jews showed up there, and if she had watched her family, friends, crops, cattle and land be blown to bits in front of her by, say the Mexicans or the Canadians because, “It’s our PROMISED BY GOD land, even though you and yours where here first – GTFO!!” then- THEN it would be perfect karma.

  • Hmm

    Was her doctor or anesthesiologist Palestinian by any chance?

  • Yes!

    Yes she will recover! Joan Rivers is a good human being who is honest. She will pull through!!! Same worms create problems everywhere in Israel, In Syria, Pakistan, In Iraq, In France, in GB, in Nigeria, in Sudan. Blame yourselves. Do not blame Joan for calling you out on the fear YOU create everywhere.

  • Yes!

    Oh I forgot in the US too. You celebrate death and put women and children in danger. You kidnap girls, you cut off heads of other humans and have kids carry them. And your neighbours are even scared. Jordan is scared calling UK and USA every day for help. You are evil worms. Joan in brave to speak the truth.

  • J

    die please

  • remember da truth

    Jeez — whether you like her humor or not, how are you a better person than her for wishing a painful death, wishing death on her or whatever ill you can toward her?
    WHY? Because you don’t like that she’s mean, so you will be meaner??
    Do you not see the irony, and how evil YOU actually are? If you really don’t like her for being mean to others, then show why you don’t like it by setting an example of being NICE to others, instead of being just as judgmental and nasty, or worse, even. You aren’t making your point very clear.

  • from children of gaza

    karma is a biatch joan, you said they deserved to die now it’s your turn, i don’t wish you to die, but i won’t care nor feel sorry if you do.

    I’m sorry not to fell sorry

    Sincerely, innocent children from gaza,

  • Patsy saulinas

    I love you
    God bless you and keep you well

  • Yes!


    I posted a reply to children of gaza under this name. All subsequent posts after that o/t this one under the name ‘Yes!’ are by someone else using my name. I stand by my original comment.

  • Yes!

    Yes! Joan Rivers you are a great role model! The whole world wants you to pull through! We LOVE you Joan!

  • The People of Gaza

    Why do our people plan terror, fear and death all over the world? Why do our people use us children of Gaza by putting weapons in schools and hospitals and bombing in front of our homes. Dear Joan Rivers we wish you a speedy recovery! Get well soon Joan! You are loved Joan.

  • Naye

    Thinking of you Joan!! You are a hilarious, amazing woman! You got this!! We need your sense of humor on TV – you’re the only one who keeps it real!

  • ;)

    A person who doesn’t have mercy for innocent kids
    and women dying is an evil person. She said those
    innocent kids and women deserves to die just because
    they are Palestinians. can you imagine thousands of
    innocent KIDS were DYING, do you guys have any
    sense? SHE WISHED DEATH FOR KIDS. I can’t even
    imagine wishing for death on my worst enemies child
    let alone hundreds. I hope she dies in pain too. She is
    more than evil, she is Devil’s spawn.

  • ;)

    We LOVE you Joan! We who love life unlike those devil worms who are evil and cause death all over the world. People die during war when their leaders rape, kidnap girls, children and women all over the world. Yes she will recover! Joan Rivers is a good human being who is honest. She will pull through!!! Same worms create problems everywhere in Israel, In Syria, Pakistan, In Iraq, In France, in GB, in Nigeria, in Sudan, in the USA.Those wimps who have promised to kill all children. girls, women and men who do not believe as them are on JJ spreading their hate. We will not let those devil worms all over the world and now on JJ. Why don’t they go post on their devilish site. We LOVE you join. The day you die you will go to heaven with the angels. The day you continue to live you will continue to make us all laugh.

  • ;)

    Haha she is asleep write now and will go peacefully if she goes. Hahahahahahahaha. Even if she does not make it, she is 81, has lived a full life and her videos of her telling the truth will live forever! It is called freedom of speech. Long Live Joan!

  • Groovyguy

    @?: no stupid people don’t understand lots of stuff

  • jane

    We want you to get better Joan. We all care.