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Joan Rivers is Currently on Life Support at Mount Sinai - Report

Joan Rivers is Currently on Life Support at Mount Sinai - Report

Joan Rivers is reportedly relying on life support to stay alive.

According to TMZ, the 81-year-old comedian’s family remains hopeful, but will have to make a decision in the coming days whether to keep her on the machines. She is currently at Mount Sinai on the Upper East Side in New York City.

Joan‘s daughter Melissa recently released a statement after it was reported that she was placed in a medically-induced coma.

Earlier in the week, Joan stopped breathing and went into cardiac and respiratory arrest while a doctor was checking on a chronic problem with her vocal cords.

Our thoughts are with Joan and her family during this difficult time.

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  • bap

    I pray Joan gets well.

  • buzznet

    The news gets worst by the day.
    I pray for her family to be able to deal with what may come. You just don’t know how quickly life changes.
    Prayers to Joan and her family..

  • Wow

    I didn’t realize her condition was that bad. I sounded like she could recover from it. Sad. I like her humor and Fashion Police, and if she doesn’t pull through, she will be missed.

  • John Grayeski

    I just lost my mother recently I know how difficult it could be for a family.

  • sdf

    Not sure how I feel because I thought she was mean.`

  • zippy123

    When its finally released in fact that she did die, she died doing what she loved and thats being in an operating room!

  • Lol


  • Palliative Care Nurse

    @patri: I agreed with you KARMA,Joan always rude to the celebrity in Hollywood in terms of their clothes

  • Jen

    It’s amazing how many people feel this is karma for a mean person and yet they feel they’re being nice by being happy with Joan’s situation. So basically you’re all b*tches who don’t like someone who is b*tchy…yeah, that makes a lot of sense. Don’t be surprised if you don’t outwit karma yourselves. Despite Joan’s nastiness (and she has said/done some vile, hurtful and disgusting things), she still has a daughter and a grandson who love her and are going through absolute hell right now. I hope Joan pulls through, but no matter what happens, I hope her family finds some peace and I wish them well.

  • Jen

    @Palliative Care Nurse: Out of all the things you chose to bring up, it’s Fashion Police? So someone dissed a dress they deserve to die? You’re horrible.

  • Alaric

    isn’t to dangerous to go into surgery over the age of 70? i wonder what kind of vocal cord problem she had?

  • jody

    time to let the old girl go. she had a good run.
    sorry for her daughter, always hard to lose your mom.

  • claudia

    @“patri”: no, I think he\she meant to say that karma is a joan rivers. Having said that, I hope she gets through and that she spends long long years getting uglier and meaner.

  • Bet

    I don’t care for Joan, she is/was a nasty bitch, because she is at death door, why should I pretend I care.
    Was it two weeks ago she was praising Israel for killing innocent children, being a mother and a grandmother, where was her empathy for those children?
    Both sides are murdering one another, Israel killed thousands, Palestine twenty. Honestly I wish instead of arming one side, they should arm both sides, and you would see how peaceful it would be there, if any one survived.
    It would be fitting if comedians made fun of her now, she had no respect for anyone except Jews, all the BS that she is a comedian, she can say anything, why can’t people say what they feel about witch.
    She lived by the sword

  • VH1access Blog

    When I hear life support, that never sounds good

  • courtney

    the surgery was probably to remove non cancerous growths from the Vocal Chords. any surgery on the Neck and head can be deadly rather quickly

  • Dick Delson

    Come on Joanie, we are not ready to lose you just yet. Give us another 20 years and then you can check out.

  • f u

    @Bet: you’re a sick individual and you need help

  • Rocky

    I did not like the woman, but my heart goes out to her daughter. I KNOW what it is to lose a Mom.

  • Joan thanks for making up laugh

    I thank you Joan for making us laugh. Actually she
    never failed to make me laugh even now when she’s
    dying I’m still laughing on her. She was such a great
    person, people will always laugh on her life and even
    death. She always wanted us to laugh and now we will
    keep laughing on her life and miserable death. LOL.

  • Drats

    @patri: What do you mean by your comment, pal?

  • Diedre

    Good thoughts going out for her family and friends. I know this must be hard for them.

  • Kayla

    I always thought she was very funny. I hope she pulls through. Sending thoughts and prayers to you and your family Joan.

  • jane

    tough :-( she was a brilliant business woman and even if you don’t like her brand of humor she was always very honest. death shouldn’t be wished upon anyone just because you don’t agree with their views. i hope her daughter lets her go peacefully.

  • This woman is Devil’s Spawn.

    Everyone has their own opinion and nobody would stop just because some idiots would say to go from here. Who cares for you, HUSH HUSH…If this ugly witch Joan rivers could give her opinions about innocent kids dying then we all have fully right to speak against this devil’s spawn Joan.
    And by the way people who are making fun of innocent kids dying are disgusting, you have sympathy for this ugly hearted woman but your making fun of those innocent kids dying just because they are from Palestinian. SHAME ON YOU GUYS, humanity has gone. If the same thing would be happening to your kids then I would wanted to hear your opinions. I cannot even imagine wishing death to my worst enemies child. You guys are fully low mentality people.

  • Nicole

    To all the people making mean comments you should be ashamed your pure scum. Most people with a brain know comedy is not always politically correct. Joan is one of funniest women ever and though it looks doubtful I hope she pulls through. Prayers to Joan and Her family!

  • Nicole

    @Bet: screw you. The Palestinians are evil god hating scum. All of you who are pro pales times are just anti god and anti Semitic.

  • Ray

    This pathetic woman, Joan Alexandra Molinsky, is a
    waste of valuable oxygen. She has spent her life and
    made millions at making others feel awful, sad, sick,

    That’s what the cretin does for a living.

    I say take her as quickly as possible, to the Fires of
    Nip and Tuck Forever!

    At least Melissa and Cooper will be awash in her ill
    gotten gains – and they, so distraught, as this Molinsky
    women would say “Gimme a fu*#ing break”.

    Bye Joan, have a hot ride down there!

  • Sexythang

    Feel sad in a way, but she’s lived a good long life in success and is older than many that have passed and who have done far more than she.

    She was funny, and she was mean too. I don’t think she will make it, but she will be with her soul family and that’s the best.

  • Palestinian Children

    We are waiting for you in Hell, Joanie Baby.

  • Ray

    @Nicole: Idiot!

  • live & let live

    its difficult to understand the negative comments and “hate mail”directed @ Joan Rivers. Can you people not understand that foul mouthed com and nasty comments were “her work” but not “who she is” as a person.
    Joan Rivers found a way to make a living doing this “work” and has made mega $$$ doing so. To continue selling out her shows @ 81 yrs
    of age…..flogging her clothing.jewellery etc etc has made her a very wealthy woman and she is enjoying every moment of her success. If she wishes to spend it all on cosmetic surgery, that ‘s HER perogative.
    Joan is very well known for her generosity and good will with charity work.
    Give the lady a break here, as her condition does not sound promising for a speedy recovery. Find another source for your ongoing negativity……’s cowardly and tiresome. Have you had any measureable successes in your lifetime worth mentioning??????

  • Hear Hear

    She was always saying “free speech” so others have free speech to day the don’t care if she drops dead.
    She was a mean woman and used the “it’s comedy” excuse to be down right cruel to people who didn’t deserve it like those girls who were kidnapped and raped. What a crass woman. The world will be better without her.

  • buzznet

    You don’t have to like someone to feel compassion. She was a comedian. I didn’t like a lot of her jokes, but she is what she is.
    Such a shame that people site behind a computer to post such ugliness. Remember what you are claiming about Joan. KARMA is a bit%h.. and it could come for you as well. You can dislike her humor; but I wouldn’t wish this on her.

  • Get over yourself

    @sdf: It’s not about YOU, honey.

  • bet

    It is always the race card when it comes to Jews, @Nicole:
    Murderers calling someone scum?
    I’m not wishing death on her, she was entitled to her opinion, why am I not entitled to mine?
    Lucille Ball, Phyliss Diller, Moms Mobley, Gracie Allen, these women were pioneers in comedy, if you mean the first woman to have a talk show, sure, but a pioneer!
    Death comes to all of us, she is no different.
    QVC is going to have a sale on her gaudy products.

  • die Joan

    She deserves to be in more pain before she dies. Die monster human Joan.

  • .

    @Palliative Care Nurse: Oh, you poor baby.

  • ///////

    Switch the machine off and get ride of the vile woman.

  • Mark

    Let her die, the world don’t care for this woman. She should finally leave this world and go to her final destination that is HELL.

  • DieBitch


    Nicole, your European nazi brothers are not semtici, therefore if anyone is anti semitic it is your refugee Europeans that you even expelled from Europe at one point. That said, it is your European children who are the nazis and cretins. I hope this anti semtic Europe witch dies of a painful death. These Europeans savages have no right to come to someones land and start terrorising them. You devils God has create hell for your people.

  • Capt

    She is hilarious. Very sharp and witty … Sad to see such a well functioning 80 something yo have this happen under a routine op. Her humor isn’t everyone’s cup of tea… no reason to bash her cuz u don’t like it.

  • take a look in the mirror

    Given the nasty judgmental comments made by people on this site each and every day I find it very rich for you all to pass judgment like that. First of all if kharma truly worked, the nasty people would be dead at a young age and the world would be a much nicer place. And there is enough bad kharma just on the internet to fill the universe so the end of the universe should be nigh. Or in other words kharma is coming after us all now.

  • hmm

    ^I agreed with u until your last sentence….

  • Irishida Voong

    A sinner always get punshed by the devil himsself. This 81 year old subba was doing some more cosmetic surgery when this apne’e occured. DIe! It is meant that you shall die now ” artistname Joan Rivers” It is your MYDAY. I know I am rude, but not a one percent rudeness as the Joan Rivers has as signaturetalk.
    Good DIE! BYE

  • Nick

    I don’t understand why people are actually caring for this Evil woman Joan Rivers. She’s not even Human Being, she’s a devil in human form, lol. So people just stop praising a devil, hahaha. otherwise she will take you with her in hell.

  • Amanda

    Joan please die, i can’t wait for you to die. People always use to say that evil don’t die easily now i can see it from my own eyes, LOL.

  • Mark

    @Palliative Care Nurse:
    As a supposed Palliative care nurse..haha…You of all of us should know Karma has nothing to do with it.
    If you really ARE a palliative care nurse then you have seen the horror of people from all walks of life struck down no matter if they are saints or sinners.
    I pray YOU never have need of a person with your skill set..but if you do, Perhaps you will blame it on Karma.

  • Steven A.

    Kind of a no-brainer, isn’t it?

  • YOU Die

    @Irishida Voong: Learn English.