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Gerard Butler Treats Himself to Casaul Chiltern Night Out!

Gerard Butler Treats Himself to Casaul Chiltern Night Out!

Gerard Butler keeps it cool and casual in a hoodie and jeans as he makes his way out of the Chiltern Firehouse on Thursday evening (September 4) in London, England.

The 44-year-old Scottish actor seemed to be in good spirits as he grabbed a taxi home after a night on the town.

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The day before, Gerard was spotted flashing a smile as he exited the 2014 GQ Men of the Year Awards After Party held at the Primrose Hill Gallery.

10+ pictures inside of Gerard Butler leaving the Chiltern Firehouse…

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gerard butler treats himself to casaul chiltern night out 01
gerard butler treats himself to casaul chiltern night out 02
gerard butler treats himself to casaul chiltern night out 03
gerard butler treats himself to casaul chiltern night out 04
gerard butler treats himself to casaul chiltern night out 05
gerard butler treats himself to casaul chiltern night out 06
gerard butler treats himself to casaul chiltern night out 07
gerard butler treats himself to casaul chiltern night out 08
gerard butler treats himself to casaul chiltern night out 09
gerard butler treats himself to casaul chiltern night out 10
gerard butler treats himself to casaul chiltern night out 11
gerard butler treats himself to casaul chiltern night out 12

Photos: AKM-GSI
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  • GerardButthole

    That is one hot and nasty hunk of man beef. I bet he smells, and tastes like a man.

  • Emma

    Ouch. If it’s one thing these British actors have on American actors…it’s alcoholism. EVERY picture from one of them is either stepping into or out of a bar. Fassbender, Hiddleston, Cavill, and on and on. I wonder how their liver handles it.

  • Emma

    Btw, I know Butler is a Scots, but you know what I mean.

  • kel


  • Allen

    Do they pay you to mention ‘Chilten Firehouse’ ?

  • Nicole


  • Chameleon

    Amazing how good he cleans up and wears a tux and now looks like a homeless coming out of the nearest bar. Shame that he does not think being an A lister is a 24/7 job. Grabbing a cab home when he comes OUT of Chilterns? JJ typo or?

  • GerardButthole

    I would gladly let Gerry ejacuIate his warm Scottish load in my mouth.

  • Get a job


  • Never again

    ” I bet he smells, and tastes like a man.”


    I’ll bet YOU do too! And by the way, JJ, it’s CASUAL. Don’t you have at least spell checker or people you employ who can?

  • The Butthole

    posts everywhere on JJ using the same rap for every hunk he can’t have, an d will never taste.

  • Never again

    Must be torture for the poor thing!

  • Never again

    The reviews on the CF are average as far as food goes but for the most part, I found the food in London to be very bland and tasteless anyway. Funny though their KFC was great! Tastes like it used to back when it first opened up in US! They’ve ruined it over here! JFYI.

  • What?


    My first guess would be that this is true, since he actually IS a man.

  • What?

    @Never again:

    Yep, extra crispy is completely hideous.

    It used to be so good.

  • GotG

    I think they’ve messed with the hot ‘n’ spicy as I can’t handle the stuff so well, like I still enjoy chilli’s.

  • GotG

    I’ve seen a some good mock chicken recipe on channels, it’s like Kfc are not trying as much.

  • The way I see it

    Nobody wants to post here anymore because Lilly or Selena or whatever she trolls today will just come on and ruin another thread. Perfect example: GotG
    Wait for it….here we go The 24/7 stalker.

  • Lilly

    Silly poster, i’m not GFW.

  • Lilly

    I don’t eat fried chicken, but i used to one extra tasty crispy.

  • Lilly

    *like not *one

  • Afternoon with GB
  • Afternoon with GB
  • GotG

    Jamie Oliver’s crispy chicken looks appetizing too.

  • Lilly

    Jamie Oliver makes fried chicken? Does he marinate? I prefer seasoning too.

  • Bzd’ing


  • GotG

    Jfc lol, little known fact is that chicken salt hasn’t any chicken too. Like Rosie’s chicken is spicy tasty. Whereas Oportos is tangy hot.

  • Lilly

    @GotG: True southern people house their chicken meat in hot sauce…for flavor.

  • Lilly


  • Never again

    Fried foods not good for you but kfc not good for anyone. Sorry to take thread off in weird direction! Reviews on the restaurant were not as good as you’d think. Celeb hot spot more than good food it seems.

  • GotG

    I sometimes marinate steak with ‘Coolabah’ red Lambrusco for a couple of hours before throwing on the bbq.

  • ALL day & ALL night

    Day after day. Week after week. Month after month.

  • Lilly

    @Never again:
    I agree. I bake more chicken than fry now.
    there’s a southern trick of sprinkling seasoned apple cider vinegar on most to keep it juicy and avoid drying it out to sawdust. I marinated too, aging it is very important if you are grilling beef.

  • Lilly

    Meat not most.

  • Master Chef

    I’ve made skewered p-e-n-i-s and fed it to d.ick.heads. No bbq sauce, not marinated, except of course in its own sack of salt, just plain and burned. I usually use guinea pigs from africa to sample before feeding it to the bigmouth guys.

  • Master Chef

    Those bigmouth guys squeal like pigs when confronted with having to eat their own kind.

  • What?

    @Master Chef:

    Are you from Germany?

  • Sexual Assault

    Bravo to whoever posted the following–It needs to be said again and again and again and AGAIN:

    This qualifies as a date from hell along the lines of sexual assault, sexual harassment, etc. this is a date rape situation. These pictures are not something to be celebrated they show sexual assault in progress. They are proof that gb cannot be trusted around any woman and all kids should stay the heck away from him.

    Looks like a sexual assault to me
    If I were her I’d complain about him to the police department
    No woman deserves to be touched inappropriately. NONE.
    It is so obvious to me that gb and his male fan who is posting on this thread hate women and go out of their way to offend women. He and his male pr are intentionally sexually offending and sexually harassing all women including the one in these pics. the comments are proof of that.
    His male pr friend that is posting on this thread sounds like a sex offender to me, might even work in the sex industry from the sounds of it and should be arrested for sexual harassment and stalking as well. I bet he has a record and if not, he can be investigated and spied on by the authorities to prove intent to sexually harass and stalk women.

    Also, this woman in the pics and all others as well, should never allow any man to see what he can get away with and that is what gerry is doing here. He is not a gentleman at all, and whoever says so needs their head examined. this is not a worthwhile man. he is a worthless piece of s/h/i/t.
    She should have smacked him in the face and beat the s/h/i/t out of him. His advances are unwelcome. How do I know? She immediately needed a cigarette. If it was good, which it wasn’t, she wouldn’t have needed one.

    Too bad I missed speechless’ post. I would have liked to have read it. Can anyone fill me in on the most pointed things that got to you?

    I don’t think hugo boss wants to be associated with sex offenders.

    Thank God tmz was there to document his sexually harassing behavior. I’m sure it breaks indecency laws as well.


  • Lilly

    That shouldn’t make me laugh but it did.

  • Why is gb hiding fred?

    I think gerard might have had to hide freddie in the hotel and can’t bring him out for these two macho publicity events because it would be scandalous if anyone found out that gb is really gay and has been fooling everyone for a very long time about his sexual orientation and his secret lover fred.
    I think its only a matter of time before fred gets fed up with this and wants to come out into the light with his secret unpublished sexual relationship with gb.
    Looks like they might have had a fight Tuesday morning.

  • Chiltern review

    Read some of the reviews on Chiltern after I read your post. You’re right about the food. Then i saw this below. Apparently the atmosphere is quite pleasant and Gerry seems to like it and must feel comfortable there. Heaven knows he’s there often enough when in town. Maybe it promotes a bit of privacy like inside Nobu. That would make it a lot more welcome to some I’m sure. Some will go just in hopes of catching a glimpse of a star.
    Seems this person met a few.

    It’s a London thing”
    5 of 5 starsReviewed September 3, 2014 NEW
    If you don’t get it, you don’t get London.

    Great service, busy atmosphere, but most importantly a good standard of food. The small dishes with a vermouth from the little menu, were really delicious.

    Sprinkling of GQ award attendees added a bit excitement too. But the place wasn’t snooty, just a tad glamorous.

  • Lilly

    @Master Chef: @Master Chef:
    Oh come on.

  • How to end it?

    @ALL day & ALL night: @Why is gb hiding fred?:
    What are you going to paste and copy over and over again. Loser and sick of you. Freddie is NOT in London you pervert.

  • How to end it?

    @ALL day & ALL night: Sorry, I didn’t mean you. Meant to reply and agree. I have to leave this toxic place. The devil and Lilly can have it. Two of a kind.

  • Lilly

    @How to end it?:
    Really, it does need to stop.

  • Chiltern review

    @How to end it?: I’m out too. There comes a time and porn has taken over. Time to get out . It’s all yours Lilly. Just the way you wanted it. Take your chicken to hell with you and fry it there.

  • Master Chef

    No cumin at all
    There’s a pee cup to make them squeeze out the juice first
    then at the most opportune moment hack it all off
    chop chop
    all gone
    no more
    lots of rage though
    but i know how to shut em up because they know what’s cumin next.
    skewered p-e-n-i-s.
    its easy to chuck it into their crying bigmouths what with all that pain and all

  • Lilly

    Ok, before you go, let me remind you.
    I haven’t met ANY of you so you are coming across crazy. Red flag.
    I have had my privacy invaded, which, again is crazy. Red flag.
    I’ve tried reaching out with an olive branch and every time, slapped down. Red flag.
    You tell me to go off myself, i will, cause at least ill be in a safe environment.

  • Master Chef

    these things are usually hard to swallow for a man
    so you have to chop it into little pieces to make it go down better
    unless you want to be hard to swallow for him then chop it in 1/2 – 1 inch slices instead
    what is your recipe for jerk chicken?
    it must be fun cutting its head off

  • What?

    I like Jamie’s stuff.

    I think Gerry looks fine he looks a little toasty and relaxed.