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George Clooney Reveals Wedding Details, Says He & Amal Alamuddin Will Wed in Venice Soon!

George Clooney Reveals Wedding Details, Says He & Amal Alamuddin Will Wed in Venice Soon!

George Clooney and Amal Alamuddin‘s wedding is coming up very soon, the groom has confirmed!

The 53-year-old actor and his 36-year-old lawyer fiancee attended their very first red carpet event together for the Celebrity Fight Night In Italy Gala on Sunday (September 7), where he gave a speech on stage and dished on some details.

“I met my lovely bride-to-be here in Italy, whom I will be marrying, in a couple of weeks, in Venice, of all places,” George said on stage (via People).

We can’t wait to find out all of the details about the big affair!

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  • ju

    Old f art and young t art’s wedding soon. Applause applause for the time that will last.

  • Schleswig Holstein

    Most mismatched unattractive couple. He looks old & pudgy next to her. She’s Asian Arabic very manly. Looks like Amy Winehouse & tries to channel Kardashians. Big mistake he made selecting her as his next PR arrangement.

  • fade out

    Yes at Cipriani’s Hotel where he money launders Casamigos. Where he has slept with so many hoookers over the years. Same suite probably.

  • Tiffany

    Amazing what make-up artists can do,
    Anyone can look better with stage-make up, designer couture and bling adornments.
    Amal is usually a manly featured, hard faced woman. Nice coarse hair but that’s it.
    Yet, she looks better in some of these photos thanks to the nice gown and heave make up that concealed & contoured her face imperfections.

  • …sigh…

    She’s towering over George too. He is shrinking?
    I see he found someone from here to eternity. He didn’t make a mess of this substitute.

  • Billy Brown

    She looks like Mika the Lebanese singer! I knew she looked like somebody I had seen before. She looks exactly like Mika would look in drag!

  • Billy Brown

    @Billy Brown: BTW, I love Mika, but I don’t like her. Too masculine.


    You guys are completely missing the point here.
    George’s very smart and attractive next wife comes from a long religious tradition of plural marriage.

  • What a snooze!

    @DIRTY OLD MAN: Which could mean that the blind item about a fiance being okay with the fact his boyfriend will still be in the picture could very well be Clooney. All I know the pr is being poured on thick. Everything including this farce of a wedding is suspect.

  • Pig Pen

    Nah, his PR team advised him to spunk up the schmaltzy love acting coz the public wasn’t receiving this bogus relationship well. I know first hand coz I have someone who works for his network. She’s PR but they have an extensive network who receive directives. Some are NSA too.
    Clooney drinks a lot and hits on random women. Then they have to whitewash his indiscretions. But like this hoook-up was started as friends. She was really introduced by the PR team’s arrangement & her mom. But not in ITALY LIKE HE LIED AGAIN.
    It happened in UK.
    He really wants the arrangement to be believed. His asking price for the photos on People is $30M. But he won’t get it. Jolie-Pitts got that but only $5 was declared as they donated it to charity.
    Clooney is doing this for money & his image.
    His advertising contracts are drying up. When Nespresso replaced him with Penelope Cruz last year his team had crisis management. So,the deal they struck up was to get an additional A-lister to double up with him in the new ads.

    Damon first… Now the french dude from The Artist. Clooney never got over losing to him at the Oscars in 2011 when he took the big wrestler as his date dressed as an Oscar. LOL

  • Pig Pen

    The public wasn’t buying the relationship cos his team advised him there was no PDA. To really promote it, he’s gone full force for the next three weeks. Turned in the acting in love schmalz. So FAKE. POSING IN FRONT OF WINDOWS WITH BOGUS PDA.. ANNOUNCING IT TO THE WORLD. what a phony loser!
    My friend told me the wedding is on 27th at Cipriani’s Venice where Casamigos is sold. And that Rande Gerber is the best man. George is godfather of one of his kids.

  • Pig Pen

    And he’s going to lie that the money from the photos is going towards the SSP satellite he pretends he’s funding. BS.
    That is covered by US government.

  • Pig Pen

    Get a load of this folks, he was so desperate for money earlier this year that he sold a “date” through a raffle to supposedly raise money for SSP funding. More BS.
    I heard that he was so pissed in March when Debbie Schlussel wrote that stuff about Amal Alamuddin and her family in her blog, saying that they’re anti-Israel & calling Amal a sharamut & a moll. Amal acted like she was victimized just for dating him. A month later he got engaged to her at the advice & pressure of his team but also her stating that her reputation was compromised. Whaaat??

    Amol had a string of men since she was a teenager. Her biz but please don’t act like miss innocent.
    Now he’s pretending he’s totally found the love of his life so the story can sell.
    BUt wait till you read about the wedding vows he’s writing. So corny you’ll be barfing for days. He even asked his team to write their versions so he can select the best. like he runs voting polls with them.
    This is the cheesiest set up of the century.
    Another fake Hollywood wedding.
    No one is buying it G.

  • ambrosia

    He’s just jealous of the Jolie-Pitt successful union. Pathologically so & he’s trying to copy them.
    AJ & BP are are force & genuinely in love. Growing in popularity.
    Clooney is in decline.
    And he thinks they stole his limelight with their wedding announcement.
    All the adornments, couture & heavy makeup can’t make Arab Olive Oyl & Popeye an attractive popular couple. She’s too manly & they clash.
    A man who cannot live his life earnestly suffers.

  • Pig

    Me again folks. Yeah I meant to write like that the Oscars 12 & the Jolie-Pitts donated $5M to charity but got paid more. Best couple in Hollywood. Balance. Beautiful.
    Old man Clooney & the lame Tranny just don’t do it.
    He’s almost washed up.

  • Pig Pen

    Can’t edit here like on People.
    Oscars 12. Jean Duajrdin is the other actor I wrote about in 10.
    My friend said The more people dis him about the lame looking manly wife to be, the more he defies them.
    Soon people will just tune out bored completely. Just overkill with all his desperation for media exposure. This is like Days of Clooney’s Life & his Kardashian wannabe.

  • Ughh.. she’s ugly. Even in the photos at the even she looks like a drag queen with too much make up & a fancy gown. Taller than him & totally deluded like she’s the star.
    Next day. Uglier still & he looks bad coz he’s marrying a lame she-male.

    Read comments:
    Her mother’s Globelle Communications PR agency paid these 2 A erica. bloggers to write the Hottest Barrister non-existent event. Then made a deal with a. Media outlet to publish it. The runner up was the breast cancer sufferer. Even that was woven into the story so they can write about it a year later after the lady had chemo. These people are sick.
    I cannot believe George Clooney is linked to this scum family. Even the other wedding he attended recently was to some slain Bulgarian mafia bosses daughter who married Alal’s cousin,.
    Either George Clooney is going through a midlife crisis or he has lost his mind as in despair. Or something different altogether.
    His “loved up” PDA real life performance this last few weeks seems so fake. And desperate. No chemistry.

  • Pari

    Haaa so it is here: @Pig Pen at #16… about the George turning “defiant” part :) yup… was just telling other posters on another Board… that anti-comments aren’t going to help George… OK won’t help Amal too… anymore… such same-to-same thinking :) THEY NEED our generous blessings… so there people… bless them… all our blessings will help them make a loving home… suiting their style and taste and everything… costs are going up we all know… so please… chaching chaching your blessings everyone… URGENT… important… this wedding is NO Brand in Crisis!! :D Every blessing is $$$ for George and Amal… and we have in anycase been so generous so far… so please people… OPEN your hearts and let your blessings flow… so we can really have some great $$$ going in for George and his NEW FAMILY :) blessings chaching blessings blessings… chaching chaching… :)

  • flag this


  • American Classifieds

    She looks like Anne Hathaway.

  • What a snooze!

    George is going to get what he deserves at last. A spot in h*e**’ll. Only he will have to live through it. He Will lose everything, just as what he allowed his handlers destroy. All of this hot mess Will sink together. About time.

  • Just remember

    Just remember, Things aren’t always what they appear to be. Maybe the “handlers” intended for it to sink soon, and some you have just gotten yourself all in a tizzy over nothing. George is a stronger and smarter man than many would like to think. If this relationship is truly about love (of which you seem to care nothing about), then it was meant to be. :)

  • What a snooze!

    @Just remember: Just remember, Things aren’t always what they appear to be.Just remember, Things aren’t always what they appear to be.
    Yes, I do agree with this statement. I am not in a “tizzy” over the marriage. It is disgusting the deceit and other garbage. So perhaps you should just remember it is all about authenticity, integrity, and decency. None of that applies in this situation. Think about it.

  • A Rose By Any Other Name

    @Just remember: you make no sense. Typical.
    Condradictory to the point of paradox.
    You state:
    >>>”…his “handlers” intended this to tank…It may be about love so it was meant to be…” Makes no sense.
    >>> “George is a stronger..blah blah…”
    Sure, he proved that. Immature & passive aggressive. Pathetic man.

  • Just remember

    I noticed that you twisted my meaning by leaving out words — you misquoted me. I said, MAYBE the “handlers” or PR people are just playing with the media as we just saw in London. However, “IF this relationship is truly about love . . . then . . ” Bottom line is, Nobody Really Knows. Things are NOT always as they appear. Hollywood relationships are a mystery to many people, but I am hoping that these two will marry if they ARE truly in love. I believe George is a good person, and his friends want to see him happy. You may not wish that for him, but I do. I wish them both the best.

  • ghostwriter

    George is made out to be a “good person” through all the media hype, but he is not.
    He’s a very mean-spirited, insincere man driven by avarice and conceit.

  • You make no sense

    @A Rose By Any Other Name: Hey, you should go on the 700 Club!! Pat would love a discussion with YOU, yeah you from behind your fake “reports”.

  • norah

    If she is this hot shot lawyer then why is she not working? Its her business and she is planning her wedding etc but she was quite free even before the wedding.I just wish gc wd tone down the wedding noise its overkill imo.sorry to say that she definitely is not my definition of a beauty.lebanese women are supposed to be really attractive and she is not.

  • What a snooze!

    @norah: Because George is now officially sugar daddy/soon to be permanent sugar daddy. She will demand whatever and idiot boy will comply. She was never a hot shot lawyer in my opinion. Her mom and her was throwing some lies to hook the big fish they saw in George. It is overkill. I agree. It will just be the perfect opportunity for people to punch him right in the face with it when it fails. Both families are just as bad. It is just disgraceful and tragically he loves to live his life that way. Public is guillible except for a small fraction who knows bs when they see it.