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Katy Perry to 'Harper's Bazaar': A Lot of Past Boyfriends Have Been Intimidated By Me

Katy Perry to 'Harper's Bazaar': A Lot of Past Boyfriends Have Been Intimidated By Me

Katy Perry looks fun and festive on the cover of Harper’s Bazaar magazine’s October 2014 issue, on newsstands September 23.

Here’s what the 29-year-old superstar had to share with the mag:

On what she’s learned from past relationships: “What I’ve learned is that if you don’t have the foundation of self-love first, you really have nowhere to pull love from to give it away. I had to learn about taking care of myself before I could take care of others. I want to mommy everyone. I want to take care of them. I want to save them, and I forget myself in the meantime. I learned that through therapy.”

On what she wants in a future relationship: As I’m heading into my 30s I have less time for bullsh*t. I look for the same characteristics: a sense of humor—someone who makes me laugh off the charts—someone who is sensitive, someone who loves and understands music, and who is really smart. A lot of times I’ve ended up with people who have been intimidated by me, unfortunately. They say they’re not, but it comes out in the long run. They’re threatened, or there’s resentment because they don’t know how to handle it.”

On where she meets guys: “Well, I’m not really on the street. It’s usually just through friends of friends. We have a lot of dinner parties. I’m definitely not on Tinder, even though I joke about it.”

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Credit: Camilla Akrans for Harper’s BAZAAR
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  • go go

    Self important jack ass

  • Katie a Perry sucks azz

    This chick is such a loser and delusional, and all she’s dated or married or gross guys , is that her way of trying to pass off why she can’t get a half decent guy to date her.

  • Ava

    Maybe guys are intimidated by the 3 pounds of make up you wear to cover your bad skin & acne scars .

  • .

    Ha…I don’t think John Mayer was intimidated by you, Katie. He couldn’t wait to get away from you.

  • chame

    hmm, funny how she says she’s not “really on the street”. Considering how she dresses herself sometimes, i would say the street is the only place she’s good for.

  • .

    I like this chick less and less, especially after learning what she did to Taylor Swift, which is a big no-no in the music industry. I don’t think John was intimidated by her, I think he couldn’t get wait to get away from her. The rumor mill said he was seeing Kelly Monaco when these two broke up.

  • amanda

    Are they intimated or are they turned off by the drinking and partying and crazy?

  • Anne

    Katie Perry sounds so immature , if you didn’t know her age you would think she’s 23 instead going into her thirty ‘s , maybe that’s why that weird British guy divorced her by text so he wouldn’t have to deal with her .

  • Mia

    Maybe guys bail on you once they realize your faker then a 3 dollar bill, false lashes, hair mostly a wig , so much make up to cover your nasty skin and your empty head is so far up your own a$$ you actually think guys are intimidated by your brilliance LOL.

  • Paul

    After what she tried to do to Talyor Swift, Katy Perry seems like a crazy passive aggressive schemer , if I was a guy I would stay far away from her .

  • Salma

    Intimidated by what ??? A musician that doesn’t write their own music , doesn’t play any instruments, can’t dance and sounds horrible live …. Perry men are so intimidated … Maybe by your double dd’s cause that’s all your really got going for you.

  • ty

    @Salma: exactly, she’s fake all over. what’s intimidating about being a phony, taking all the pounds of slap off to show your true colors? russell brand wasn’t a saint but im sure he learned who the real katy was and im sure it wasn’t a good image either. people can call taylor the damsel in distress but at least taylor can compose her own music, and write all her lyrics, all that katy has are overrated boobs, her boobs are what got her to be an illuminati puppet. and im inclined to believe taylor more than katy because taylor is a businesswoman and she does follow the rules in order to manage her empire efficiently, she seems to be very kosher with all things financial. katy is a schemer that’s trying to make her dancers say that she treats them like family. im sure katy treats her dancers well but you don’t hit up your dancers while they’re actively on another tour, especially when they are contractually hired. as a musician myself, i find that very unprofessional. its like having a group school project put together well and then at the day before you’re supposed to do your presentation, another group wants to use your peers for their project and then your carefully organized presentation gets ruined and you have anxiety feeling that everything is turned against you and you aren’t able to present your work properly and you end up getting a bad grade cause your team leaves you behind out of nowhere. its a simple concept that people, even kids can relate to and id be pissed too if i was taylor, id be even more pissed knowing that i could lose time which means more money being lost and in this case she could have potentially lost a lot of money cause dancers do cost a lot of money. is it really that difficult for katy to hire other dancers that’d love to have a new credential on their performing arts portfolio, all it is for dancers is a new work experience to add to their resume. there are loads of brilliant dancers from performing arts conservatories that would like to have the opportunity to do a world tour for a famous artist, katy wanted to piss off taylor, its as easy as that. as for what katy’s dancer said, forget the familiarity and forget that you’re used to working for katy and you feel like family when you guys are together, business is business at the end of the day, you don’t break the contract just to hang out with your BFF.

  • jaque

    In Brazil have a singer and actress her name is Gretchen…like Katy because she have so many boyfriends

  • yoyo

    damn this backfired on her quick lol

  • Tyla

    These comments are ridiculous. Bunch of miserable, hateful losers. Katy is awesome, real, funny, works hard, has a lot of friends, and is Pop’s QUEEN. I’ve experienced the same thing as a successful woman. Guys don’t usually like it and their insecurities with what you do for a living start to come out. If you haven’t experienced that, then you won’t understand.