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Jeremy Renner Secretly Marries Sonni Pacheco - See His Ring!

Jeremy Renner Secretly Marries Sonni Pacheco - See His Ring!

Jeremy Renner sports a ring on his left wedding finger while attending Capitol File’s screening of his latest film Kill the Messenger held at MPAA on Tuesday (September 23) in Washington, DC.

The 43-year-old actor admitted to marrying Sonni Pacheco, the mother of his baby daughter Ava Berlin, at the screening.

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“I have tried to protect my family’s privacy, my wife’s privacy. I don’t need her to get hammered with my life. Privacy issues are important because I want her to go about her day without being bothered,” Jeremy told Capitol File.

He added, “Paps follow me around . . . that’s fine. But . . . I don’t like being followed when I’m with my family. I’ve been talked about a whole lot, because the less I put out there, the less people know, and it makes it interesting, I assume.”

10+ pictures inside of Jeremy Renner at the Kill the Messenger screening…

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  • Amy

    I wonder what Tom Cruise thinks about this.

  • hardy14

    @Amy: flagged, homophobe!

  • ummm

    I always heard he was gay. Who knows…..

  • M

    Congrats to him!

  • Well, she certainly succeeded in trapping this idiot with having a kid considering they were separated until she found out she was pregnant.
    Cant say i see this marriage lasting long :S Poor kid!

  • Ellen

    @ummm: Well… he has a little baby and now he’s married, so I don’t think so.

  • Jojo

    Um she is 22 years old, not going to last

  • Congrats to Kris and Jeremy!

    They make a lovely couple!

  • forrest gump

    so he was a F*ggot from the start?

  • Amy


    You’re strange. They worked on Mission Impossible together. They’re friends.

  • Keri


    This girl is something special indeed, she has been 22 for at least four years now – we should all be so lucky.

  • yeah right!

    More like ashamed to bring that girl out in public.

    More high profile actors have spouses and they actually mention their names and bring them to events. I don’t see their privacy being violated.

  • Renner is a self-hating gay

    He IS gay. He’s just committing to a lie.

  • lol

    this marriage is a trainwreck waiting to happen, i’m going to need some popcorn and a front row seat..

  • Keri

    From all those who have predictions to make can I point out that when news first came out about this baby comment boards were flooded with comments that fell mainly into two camps. First, she is just a surrogate and will never be seen of again and second she is a fame seeker or beard and there will be happy family photos in People magazine asap. Eighteen months later he lets people know they are married, yes you could say it is all about publicity for his film, but he has been wearing a ring on and off for many months now. He was asked at some point if he felt pressurized into getting married because of his daughter and he said no. He might be a bit weird when it comes to the media and his personal life, but he is different in al most every way and i like that.

  • Alicia

    They should be coming up on their 1yr anniversary. This is hardly news.

  • Jane

    Amy @ 09/23/2014 at 11:34 pm

    It really is none of Tom Cruise’s business.

  • Jane

    … @ 09/24/2014 at 12:03 am

    You do understand that no man will marry a woman unless he wants to. Gone are the days when marriage was a requirement.

  • To Yeah Right

    More like ashamed to bring that girl out in public.
    More high profile actors have spouses and they actually mention their names and bring them to events. I don’t see their privacy being violated.

    Where is it stated that Jeremy Renner was required to mention Sonni’s name and bring to events? It is his life not yours.

  • Montaj Mobila

    I wish them all the best

  • @Jane


    That may be true for the most part but some are still bound by belief/tradition/honour do yes it’s still possible to trap someone with a baby.

  • Gerry

    It is unbelievably arrogant to suppose you know the inner workings of a person’s mind to the point that you question their marriage vows. You might be right or you might be wrong, but it is nothing to do with you and decency dictates that you keep your opinion to yourself on this matter.

    Congratulations to both of them.

  • Heffner’s House

    said he likes strip clubs + their entertainment.
    So he bought + married one. frugality – things are expensive today. Why pay rent when you can buy the property outright – playboy video parties, unikini photos + stripper pole performance incl. Good deal.

  • Jenn

    I wonder what his long term boyfriend thinks?

  • Morgana


    Amen to that.

  • KBB

    It’s 2014 who would be ashamed of their sexuality especially a 43 year old man? This notion that everyone is so into the inner workings of someone’s life that they know absolutely nothing about is so asinine. These sites are for entertainment purposes only. I look at them when I am bored and have absolutely nothing to do. Why so serious? If he wants his life private let him


    That’s how they bring them into America, through Canada which they interpret as being secure for their passage!!

  • GFW

    I wish them the best too. A 20+ year age gap will take its toll eventually though but anything’s possible with hard work and dedication.
    I agree men, for the most part, marry for love or fear of losing a woman.
    Wonder if his roles will change? Will he search out TV parts for long-term locations, etc? Children change it all.

  • Jane

    @Renner is a self-hating gay

    Really? So where is your proof. Let me guess, it exists only in your mind.

  • http://alessandraconte alex

    jeremy he’s gay?and where are the proof about this?

  • jackie


    Now it is a 20+ year age gap, so I guess that means he is aging but she isn’t. SHE IS 26 YEARS OLD, not a teenager. Get over it.

  • Jane

    Jenn @ 09/24/2014 at 10:37 am

    I wonder what his long term boyfriend thinks?
    Why don’t you ask the “long term boyfriend” yourself since he’s your boyfriend/husband. See how easy it is to spread rumours without verifiable proof?

  • Emil

    If he thinks anyone is buying this he is more delusional then GOOP. Actions like this keep young actors like Efron, Lautner in the closet. I wish the celeb hackers release his photos and I am a 100% sure there will pics of him kissing another guy.

  • James

    @: Sonni Pacheco was a scammer years before she met Renner. Sonni is know all over Vancouver for being an escort, ripping men off, stripping. This whole story is going to back fire on Renner. He stated he did not want her to get hammered” Sonni loves being hammered. All of Pitt Meadows & VC will be speaking out. Google Sonni Pacheco and John Hope or John Curtis , the dirty .com, she was living with her boyfriend fo 8 years and scamming Renner on MIP set as a stand in. Became his personal escort. than trapped him in pregnancy of June 2012. Backfire away peeps.

  • meh

    wow. these comments. well- i always thought this guy came across a little too brutish so I am not entirely shocked he decided to join the Hollywood Happy Wholesome Families club with a young trophy wife. Her past? whatever- as long as he married someone with a vagina this gal could club baby seals and still be a-ok with with joe q. movie goer. I am sure his fanboys are air-high five-ing him on landing such a ‘hot babe’ Winning!

  • Good for her!

    Good job girl! get that marvel/disney money!

  • double d

    Wow. You know the old saying if you can’t say something nice then just shut your f-ing trap. Everything you all have said is pure speculation. It’s fun to read the comments on these articles but there’s no reason to be mean. I’ll bet none of you know what a great sculptress Sonni is and I’ll bet she’s a really great mum too. From the way Jeremy talks in his interviews about Ava it sounds like he wouldn’t let anyone near Ava if they didn’t treat her like a princess. They have to have great dedication to one another to keep things secret for so long. I mean how do you think it would feel being a secret wife for a year. She could have grabbed the spotlight long ago if they didn’t have a good relationship. No one knows what the future holds for them but I really hope they can stay together and the sweet chunky punkin’ grows up to be a wonderful woman that had great parents. Belated congratulations Sonni and Jeremy.

  • Real Housewives must be callin

    She can finally fulfill her dream of becoming a real housewvies!

  • lol

    @double d:

    lol ok

  • Morgana



  • Snappy

    1. He got “secretly married” and insists his private life is his private life – is this a code or something? Talk about an announcement that sounds so negative.
    2. He is a jerk, sounds insulting to the public, and demonstrates no finesse.
    3. Good actor! Shut up in public – you moron.

  • Snappy

    Kris is Jeremy’s partner.

  • lol

    twitter convo between some guy and Mrs. Renner’s exboyfriend.

  • Sharon

    That is good evidence against the ‘Renner is gay’ camp and for the ‘Renner is a womanizer’ camp. The conversation seems pretty natural to me and I checked, Renner was in town at the time.

  • Jane

    Ok…….I have lots of questions here, I don’t know if the board can help. While this is only a hobby – gossip- and I do think he is a simply fantastic actor Ill play along and have a little fun with this .

    1. Isn’t he gay? Is Sonni just a beard/cover up like Katie Holmes to Tom Cruise and Kelly Preston to John Travolta? Not saying he may not have love for her and of course his daughter, but Jeremy has been living with his male “friend” for over a decade and he still lives with Jeremy and his “wife” Sonni? Um…….okay……

    Renner’s sexuality has been the worst kept secret in Hollywood. Not only has he appeared in a number of blind items he was famously outed by Ted Casablanca a couple years ago when his editor put in Jeremy’s name instead of “Freddie Friction” to hide his identity – when the mistake was noted – the editor changed it immediately. Almost immediately after Ted was fired after 20 years on E! Don’t believe me? Google it!

    Also when he was shooting Bourne 2 years ago he got into a fight in Thailand. Most of the news failed to report the fight took place in a Gay Thai bar and the cause for the fight was that Jeremy had paid for a Gay “Ladyboy” and his pimp aggressively came after Jeremy the next night for more money which lead to the fight. Again. Google it.

    Nothing wrong with being gay in fact I think people should be whoever they are I am just a little confused about his marriage. From what I have read she was some kind of escort stripper in VC. Additionally he has been spotted wearing this ring on and off for about a year now so I don’t know if this marriage is a recent development Or….he just now feels like going public with it?

    Maybe no one has answers but I don’t know something here doesn’t seem “right” to me……

  • Randy

    This is what I know – no matter how “open minded” Hollywood is in terms of sexuality. Believe me i have lived here for years and there is a lot of people specifically male actors whose sexuality is fluid meaning they sleep with men AND women. Bisexual or just up for whatever its a decadent place.

    But more importantly male stars like JR are very ambitious with their careers. You don’t become that successful because you have a lack of ambition. There aren’t any big gay action stars with mass appeal or bankability , people forget that a lot of movie viewers come from the South and Midwest where still today homosexuality is not looked upon fondly.

    Kevin Spacey is gay and not very closeted but he’s the only one I can think of who can still hold his own as a lead.

    All I am saying is guys like Cruise and Travolta and maybe JR are keenly aware of how they would be received if they were known as gay or bisexual. Getting married is a great cover up but look at John Travolta its all beginning to come out in the public as everyone in hollywood knew he was a big queen. well that’s what i think anyway

  • Gina

    Jane, I could respond to all your points, but I can’t be bothered. But the accusation about failing to pay an under age lady boy is so horrible I will just take that one.

    (1) The Rachada Pub is not a gay bar – google it.
    (2) The fight was a big story in Thailand with 6 local men being charged with the attempted murder of a Thai socialite, not a story to be swept under the carpet.
    (3) The fight took place in a crowded bar and there was zero gossip in Thailand that suggested Renner was in anyway involved, certainly no mention if a gang of pimps pursuing him.
    (4) The only gossip was concern that the victim, son of a famous, wealthy man had actually started the fight, but that would be covered up.
    (5) the victim was not a friend of Renner’s, but the manager of the resort
    where he was staying. Locals and the man’s father were critical of him for taking four of his guests, two men and two women, to a pub at that time of night, in that area; they felt he should have known better.
    (6) The lady boy/rent boy accusations have only appeared once in a blind item. I have read that the person who wrote it is notoriously unreliable even among those who write such rubbish. Absolutely nothing in Thai publications or websites supports any of its accusations, so unless you think Renner has the power to orchestrate a massive cover up, in a major case, in a foreign country, then I suggest you stop circulating malicious lies.

  • c&p

    jane, go back to IMDB, where I originally saw this exact same post word for word.

  • Obvious

    @Gina: I am starting to think there’s some truth behind that Thai bar fight. If it gets you obsessive fangirls all flipped out on every message board this is mentioned.

  • Gina


    Obvious, I wouldn’t care if this post was about my worst enemy, if I had knowledge that disproved it I would make that known. To print such horrible lies about anyone is awful. It is not snark or harmless gossip when you accusing someone of reckless, illegal behavior resulting in horrific wounds to two people and implying relations with a minor. It is a horrible thing to do, so yes I have responded to your remarks on here and on eonline, though I infer from your statement that you have also posted on other sites. You seriously need to think about what is motivating you, particularly if you feel you are taking the moral high ground by exposing Renner’s own moral failings.