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Robert Pattinson & FKA twigs Have a Date Night with Friends

Robert Pattinson & FKA twigs Have a Date Night with Friends

Robert Pattinson and his new girlfriend FKA twigs join a group of pals for a night out on the town on Thursday (September 25) in Los Angeles.

The hot new couple hit up a club that evening to have some fun while walking side-by-side and looking very much like an item.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Robert Pattinson

Since being linked to Robert, FKA twigs called out social media users who had begun spamming her with racist remarks.

15+ pictures inside of Robert Pattinson and FKA twigs on a date night with a group…

Just Jared on Facebook
robert pattinson fka twigs have a date night 01
robert pattinson fka twigs have a date night 02
robert pattinson fka twigs have a date night 03
robert pattinson fka twigs have a date night 04
robert pattinson fka twigs have a date night 05
robert pattinson fka twigs have a date night 06
robert pattinson fka twigs have a date night 07
robert pattinson fka twigs have a date night 08
robert pattinson fka twigs have a date night 09
robert pattinson fka twigs have a date night 10
robert pattinson fka twigs have a date night 11
robert pattinson fka twigs have a date night 12
robert pattinson fka twigs have a date night 13
robert pattinson fka twigs have a date night 14
robert pattinson fka twigs have a date night 15
robert pattinson fka twigs have a date night 16
robert pattinson fka twigs have a date night 17
robert pattinson fka twigs have a date night 18

Photos: AKM-GSI
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  • anna

    Rob and Tahliah showed some cute PDA that night. but this happened last week

  • liah

    oh the pics are much clearer, i can see Rob’s arm around Tahliah

  • Dee

    These pics are like a week old tho…..

  • liah

    I am happy for Rob and these pics are so cute.It must be nice for Rob to get a loving GF

  • hannah

    Dating Rob is a happy Rob

  • annie

    ofcourse he was forced to hold her hand AND to put his arm around her. and ofcourse he was thinking of the Stew pot while doing so lol.

  • Lillian

    Ugly girl. Wow, he couldn’t find anyone better than her.I am not saying that because she is dark skinned, but because she truly is ugly with those DEAD DOLL eyes. UGH. Scarry

  • uhhhh….

    Que all the jealous, racist, insecure white chicks lol! Black girls Rock!

  • NN

    PERO la rubia esta mucho mejor que esa morena horrible ROBERT como te pegaste tan duro en la cabeza hay negritas hermosa si querias una asi

  • dee

    @Lillian: In what world is she dark skinned?

  • Leah

    @Lillian: Have you seen Rob? He looks like a frog.

  • Karen

    i think its gross. She is butt ugly & using him. Once you go……,you never go back.

  • cool

    Hot couple alert! two coolest people right now and they look cute together.

  • Kati

    Handsome white men should not date ugly black women. If she looked like Halle, go Rob. She doesn’t – must love those cho cho lips!

  • Jess

    They look like weird. Can’t imagine his family is happy about it. No, don’t think he belongs with KS, but not this one either.
    Her look, sound, dance & music are strange & nasty. Guess he was tired of vanilla & delving into chocolate

  • jade

    @Kati: Yeah, but they DO love black chicks. Sucks for you doesn’t it!

  • Henry

    Yo T – dump the white boy! Come home to your roots! Vanilla is bland. Yo need some flavoring!

  • oh god….

    I can see why he wouldn’t want another white girl, pasty skin, chicken lips, flat butt. Yuck

  • Kati

    White boys only date black girls to try something different & want to ride on the dark side for awhile. I’m a proud Asian/Caucasian woman. I’m a cute mix, she’s not!
    Doesn’t suck for me – I just think they make a terrible couple & their careers will suffer because the relationship will take center stage. She just doesn’t fit in his world if he wants to be a top notch actor!

  • Ally

    i think he’s with her for the sex. Also, he’s better looking than her so it’ll feed his ego.
    Hope she gets all she can get out of him then dumps his ass!

  • Lola

    @Kati: Nope, you’re ASIAN. Stop kidding yourself, whites don’t claim you. Dream on. Rob has a cute black girl and it obviously kills you.

  • cole p

    @Kati: he’s just not into c-hi- n- k s sorry.


    no se tanto hablan de el si es feo y ella de horror

  • Fredd

    Whoa she is HOTTTT! Go ROB!!

  • AJ

    @Kati: Me luv you wong time…

  • Kati

    @Lola – look up Asian & white mixed & you’ll see what a beautiful combination we are. I’ve had men of ALL backgrounds ask me out. I chose a nice Jewish boy who treats me like a queen!
    Doesn’t kill me that Rob has a girl. What “kills” me, is he’s so desperate to get away from anything remotely resembling his last girlfriend, he finds someone totally opposite of what he’s ever dated.
    And no, she’s not cute. Her eyes are protruding, her jaw bone is extended yet her chin recedes, her teeth are so huge that her mouth doesn’t close naturally. She has a cute nose but she ruined with the bull ring, which can cause a lot of problems. She’s another one that craves to spotlight and is with someone who hates it! Makes you wonder who has the stronger agenda.
    Hey, ride the wave while you can, squeeze everything out of it but try not to break his heart too terribly.
    Heard she’s got some huge skeletons in her closet that she doesn’t want to be common knowledge – read it on this site! Gonna make that cheating scandal 2012 look like a slap on the wrist. One thing to kiss your director. Another to “do anything” to further your career with a married man.
    Mmmmmmm……….grab popcorn, it’s sure to be a show.

  • Kati

    @ AJ – just watch. She will stay with him as long as it helps her career and he buys her stuff. Capricorns are very materialistic and like nice things. Once he’s no longer needed, she will dump his ass saying they’re too different.

    And AJ, shipse Kia- that’s F U in Korean! Believe me, I could make that man see stars, not trees.

  • Kati


    You meant once you go black, you never go back
    The darker the berry, the sweeter the juice

    Variety is the spice of life!

  • Me

    It didn’t take long for the butt heard Stewart fans to turn up. These pics were held for E! as an exclusive, which is why we’re only now seeing them on other sites. No conspiracy people. Coolest couple around, these two are HOT!

  • Lu

    I think they make a really cute couple. Twigs is really talented and creative, Rob is too, as well as being absolutely gorgeous. She’s got a good one there, I hope she treats him right.


    That is London, England, UK, Justjared, not Los Angeles, America. That is a known spot there. You can even tell by their autumn clothing. Definitely NOT Los Angeles.

  • guest

    She reminds me of a young Lisa Bonet

  • Rois

    @EVERYTHING CLEAR: You are right that is london, uk, not Los Angeles in America.

  • Me

    @Rois: No you are not right, these pap pics come from a video of them out last week at No Vacancy in LA.


    She’s gorg and super cool! HE is lucky to have her! ;)

    also, she is way more talented than KStew who lacks any sort of talent!

    BAAAAAM smack!

  • .

    @Kati: Wow, you are one hateful woman. I sincerely doubt you are attractive on the outside when your inside is so hideous. Also, I have seen MANY asian/white mixes (who look mostly asian tbh) look ugly. Sorry, but that mix is no guarantee you will be good looking.
    And you are with a JEW? you make it sound like it’s some catch lol…not to be mean but jews are like the lowest on the white totem pole and you’ll probably have ugly big nosed ch*nk eyed kids. How does it feel to be on the receiving end of hate? Not so good huh

  • anna

    CHEERS!! for a supercool couple

  • anna

    Twigs is such a lucky girl to snag Rob, he is so cute

  • lena

    I find Rob so sexy, the combo of sweet and sexy is my undoing

  • Zoee

    This 2 people are such a hot beautiful couple , here the video of those pics

  • pari

    I agree these two are HOT

  • pari

    The racist comments were sick

  • ariab

    Rob is holding her, like hugging her close.TOOO CUUUTE

  • ariab

    Liked the cyber slap Twigs gave the racist fans of kscrew

  • lulu

    Robert deja eso tan feo que bevistes mi niƱo

  • I

    Somehow find Rob and Twigs couple very hot.
    They are so cool and creative

  • Ryan Kafka

    This is so weird, yet here I am. I suppose I’m part of the problem…

  • pup

    They’re a cute couple. Leave them alone Twihards. -.-

  • XXX

    Who cares about FRANKENSTEIN HEAD robert. Oh I forgot he a vampire.
    with that head he should have been cast as frankenstein


    can’t any of you idiots see that they’re both ENGLISH and that means they have much more in common than he would with the typical pasty white Hollywood starlet? AND WHY ALL THE FUSS BECAUSE THE WOMAN IS BLACK, NOT THE MAN? typical of a racist society is black men sobering over white girls ( you know “great beauties” ); when it’s the other way round we get this ridiculous, jealous, racist ****!!!