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Anne Hathaway Gave Up Veganism & Now Eats Meat: 'I Just Didn't Feel Good Or Healthy'

Anne Hathaway Gave Up Veganism & Now Eats Meat: 'I Just Didn't Feel Good Or Healthy'

Anne Hathaway is nearly naked wearing only a studded cover up that says “I Love You” in her cover shoot for Harper’s Bazaar magazine’s November 2014 Daring issue, on newsstands October 21.

Here’s what the 31-year-old Interstellar actress had to share with the mag:

On being daring: “I am getting more daring now”I’ll wear my mom jeans in public that haven’t been tailored ‘just so’ yet, just because they feel good. For a long time I was afraid of the harsh things people would say about me, but I might as well be happy.”

On people she finds daring: Tilda is it, but she’s so cool about it. She’s so cool, she’d be like, ‘Oh, it’s not daring. I just did it.’ Hmm, Jonathan Demme, he’s still my mentor and hero. And Matthew McConaughey is the most daring man I know. He never judged himself along the way, and it’s all come together for him so wholly and deeply. He is totally himself.”

On leaving Veganism behind while shooting Interstellar: “I just didn’t feel good or healthy…not strong. [After eating fish] from a stream I could see from where I was sitting, [I] just felt better.”

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Credit: Alexi Lubomirski for Harper’s Bazaar
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  • Nola

    sad. The veganism thing was cute

  • sillyme

    Well, Anne, prepare to be attacked. Vigorously. You attacked something that is very popular with the left, veganism, and they don’t tolerate anyone with views different from their own.

  • dani

    even if you left veganism…dont talk about it….it doesnt do you good

  • Sienna

    The whole point of being a vegan is to put animal’s lives ahead of your own taste buds. Anne was obviously vegan for all the wrong reasons.

  • Sienna

    @sillyme: As someone who is a republican and has been a vegan for a year and vegetarian for 8 years, it’s not about not tolerating other views, it’s about not wanting animals to suffer just to be someone’s meal.

  • hhh

    That’s why she is fat now.

  • Rachel

    I don’t want to jump on the Anne-Hate bandwagon…but wearing boyfriend jeans does not make you daring.

  • geez


    Tell that to the wild where animals are another animals meal everyday.

  • ace11

    either way her body is superb

  • shaya

    I think Anne Hathaway is the most hated hollywoood celeb for a good reason, she is the new miss self indulgent and egotistical, Wow you are daring enough to leave the house in un-tailored jeans?? and eat fish but only fresh from a stream…repulsive.

  • forrest gump

    ……I love her too.

  • THC

    Annoying Girl

  • Elle

    Stop playing the victim card! Go away, nobody cares about you.

  • beauty

    @THC: It’s my fault. Don’t blame her.

  • Teri

    She’s no beauty.


    @Teri: LOL That wasnt necessary to say…

  • anna

    Go away already.

  • She’s an idiot

    If she didn’t feel good or healthy then she was doing it wrong.


    @anna: Stop chasing me! Omg! (Anne)


    @She’s an idiot: Your nickname should have been “SHE’S THE IDIOT” instead LOL
    Anyway I’m not a fan of this untalented Oscar winner no panty shower.

  • Jim

    Being vegan or vegetarian later in life can be better timed after your children grow up. But it’s like what David Suzuki says ‘if your serious about the environment you should eat at least one vegetarian meal a week.’

  • Snoopysmom

    She didn’t feel “good”. well, imagine what it feels like to be tortured and then slaughtered so that people can eat their flesh.

  • Snoopysmom

    Anne Hathaway is a self indulgent narcissistic. First she dumps her boyfriend overnight because he ran into legal troubleand would hurt her career. Then she says she is vegan to make herself look cool. Now,, she finds out that Jennifer Lawrence calls herself the anit-vegan. and now Anne wants to be cool like Jennifer Lawrence. She obviously wasn’t vegan because she cares about the untold horrors that are being inflicted on cows, pigs, chickens, calves, piglets. No she says she didn’t feel “good” on a vegan diet. Imagine how the poor animals feel before they are forced to go forward on a conveyor belt where they are hacked to death piece by piece by machines. Before they are killed. Please watch Paul McCartney’s “Glass Walls”

  • Clips

    nose job hathaway again

  • Yoir

    She’s always looking for attention.
    She’s a narcissistic person.

  • Troy

    She’s hated because people see that she is fake and phony.
    People don’t like hypocrites who put on a persona like she does.

  • Cate

    I wonder if that’s why she has gained some much weight back now. She was looking way too skinny for a while.

  • Alice

    Most people who say veganism didn’t make them feel healthy, weren’t eating the right things to provide themselves with the necessary nutrition to help them thrive on a vegan diet.

  • denanne

    She was on Ellen years ago bragging about being vegan. Now she has changed her mind? Can’t stand it when celebs who eat meat become vegan or vegetarian, promote that view and then go back to eating meat some years later. Wasn’t Palthrow also a vegan or vegetarian too and also abandoned it?

  • Natlie

    I bet she smells bad now ewww. Meat eaters smell the worst! Their body order, their breath, just everything about them is nasty and smells nasty too! Jlaw also looks like she smells of greasy sweat or something.


    Anne has always been a rather lovely woman.

  • Together

    @Natlie: maybe you smell bad and you live with your own bad body odors al day long- vegan or not. have a nice day

  • Wax

    Jessica chastain is a vegan (or so she says).
    But poor jess has an ugly body shape to begin with so diets or vegan meals won’t give her a better looking body anyway.
    Eat whatever you want, with moderation.

  • Kat

    It’s not that difficult to visit a Registered Dietitian and get some advise on how you can eat healthy as a vegan. Plus, any kind of nutrition, vegan or not can be as healthy or unhealthy as we want it to be.

  • John

    maybe anne is just fkcu up

  • ghjunb

    two words SKINNY FAT–yes she’s thin but has absolutely no definition, no curves, no muscle, no shape…she’s like a in process transgender male. and who cares about your life AH

  • Zumvo

    i think anne looks like a gay guy

  • Jane

    To Sienna – Anne Hathaway has the right to leave Veganism if that is her choice. You and others may not like it but you don’t get to decide.

  • Jane

    To Jim

    I’m an American. Who is David Suzuki?

  • Marilyn


    You must really love sitting next to a meat eater on a crowded bus. I bet you’re a lot of fun to have around on Thanksgiving.

  • Jules

    I believe he’s North American, or Canadian.

  • Annoying

    “I am getting more daring now—I’ll wear my mom jeans in public that haven’t been tailored ‘just so’ yet, just because they feel good.”

    She needs to get out more, travel more, talk to more people, and live outside her pseudo-I’m-an-Oscar-winner bubble. She’s not even a major fashionista so why this obnoxious comment? Poor Anne; always overreaching. It’s very cute in dogs but not human beings, unfortunately. ANNOYING.

  • Robo

    Anne Hathaway is absolutely beautiful, I’d bang her in any day and I’m sure she’d be awesome to hang out with in the morning eating a nice healthy breakfast eggs and bacon with me after an all night love making session.

    Welcome back to good health and saving yourself just in time, Anne. Rabbit food is just that, rabbit food, good for you for eating like the sexy tigress that you are.

  • Vegancognito

    @sillyme: Well that’s just a silly thing to say Sillyme. I don’t feel a twinge of attack in me towards Anne and have been vegan for many years.