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Taylor Swift: 'Out of the Woods' Full Song & Lyrics - Listen Now!

Taylor Swift: 'Out of the Woods' Full Song & Lyrics - Listen Now!

Check out your first listen of Taylor Swift‘s brand new song “Out of the Woods”!

The song will be featured on the 24-year-old singer’s upcoming album 1989 and it was just released on iTunes.

“#3HoursTilOutOfTheWoods #1989 PS: these forest shots have all just been pics I took while hiking,” Taylor wrote on Instagram before the song dropped.

“This was a relationship where I was kind of, living day to day, wondering where it was going, if it was going to go anywhere, if it was going to end the next day,” Taylor said about the song. “It was a relationship where you, kind of, never feel like you’re standing on solid ground.”

WHAT DO YOU THINK of Taylor Swift’s new song “Out of the Woods”?

Listen to a clip right here and hear the whole song on iTunes:

Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.

Click inside to read the lyrics for the song…

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  • Beth

    Great song, but does she have to write about the dumbest/worst relationship she had ever had. She seriously thought she had something special with a teenage kid? Wake up Taylor. You looked like an idiot.

  • I wish that her new songs had lyrics that were less redundant. The production of the song is nice, but the chorus is so repetitive that it’s annoying

  • StyleLover

    Love it! Go Taylor!

  • Hey Hey

    Why is she writing songs about a relationship that almost ended her career? The picture of her sitting on a boat by herself in the Caribbean is pretty comical. Tina Fey spoke the truth when it came to this girl.

  • mick

    I found the song to be kind of meh. Definitely not catchy like Shake It Off.

  • liz

    wow! I really like this. this might be the first taylor swift song I’ve ever genuinely liked (probably because it doesn’t sound like its her ha)… the chorus is really repetitive but still good

  • Dee

    Can she sell something that does not rely on a famous ex? creative.

  • Sophia G


  • Hilda T

    I think the song is lovely. The background audio (the fact that it’s so loud) is symbolic, it’s as if that’s how this sounds in her head–loud, repetitive and confrontational. The fact that the chorus is repetitive is also symbolic, part of the fact that she’s telling us through her music that the questions flooded her mind at least once. All her music is symbolic of a memory, a part of her and she’s sharing that with everyone. I’m in love with this, well done, Taylor for another amazing song! Can’t wait for #1989

  • Sophia G

    @Dee: Honey, have you even heard most of her music? For example: Shake it Off, Never Grow Up, Ronan, 22, Going Back to Nashville, Stranger in an All Night Diner, Dark Blue Tennessee, and WAY MORE. So next time, before commenting something super cliche’, come up with something that’s true and that’s more creative.

  • Sophia G

    @Hilda T: Agreed 200% :)

  • Kylie

    @: choruses are typically supposed to be repetitive….. Lololol. ANYWAYS, Taylor is fabulous. And regardless of how she gets her song inspiration, she’s still getting all of you to listen. Am I right?!

  • j

    That awkward moment when you write a song about a few week relationship with a gay man.
    still catchy though.

  • Deb

    @Beth: Beth you are an idiot, and female mysoginyst. If the guy was 22 and the girl was almost 19, no one would say a thing. Grow up.

  • Deb

    @: @j: Harry is not gay. Stop being delusional.
    You know nothing about music.

  • forrest gump

    mom is directing her steps, folks.

  • fe

    boring like herwhole persona



  • forrest gump


  • Pink

    Does she sit around and stress about relationships 24/7? She doesn’t date anyone more than 4 months. You would think the girl would grow up and see the light that maybe she is a little too clingy and way too desperate. This is the reason most of the dudes leave crazy @$$.

  • UGH!

    I like the song, however….when I think this song could be about a tween Tiger Beat band member, I vomit in my mouth a little. When she dated Harry, I lost a lot of respect for her. She was so much better than him and his teen bop fans. Now the whole world has to hear her whine about him like a love sick puppy. UGH!!!

  • Lily kma

    @Dee: that’s her inspiration for songs! Every girl can relate to her songs and her songs are how she gets her emotions out! Would you rather she ranted?

  • Kayla

    @Deb: delusional. hahahaha oh Deb. Care to share how you know what Harry’s sexual identity is? Or are you one of those that just assumes they know because of what the media says? Perhaps you can enlighten us all on your knowledge of Mr. Styles and his sexual identity? Call him up maybe? Text him? Either way, straight or gay, the fact that Taylor is releasing music 2 years after the end of a 4 month long relationship is sad. Make music and promote being a strong, independant woman. Stop with the melodramatic boo-hoo my boyfriends crap. She is a talented artist but this needs to stop. Be an example for your fans Taylor, not someone who has to drag out and rehash old relationships to make money.

  • zebra

    Haylor was the worst two weeks of my life and it wasn’t even my relationship.

  • Lisa

    My mom said I could buy a new song on iTunes with her phone and I was going to buy Carrie Underwood’s song ( something in the water ) as I did not know that Taylor had a new song out …. Now that I know …. Sorry Carrie but you are no Taylor Swift … I am going to go buy Taylor’s song right now :)

  • Brittanor

    This is about harry styles

  • http://anitaaasofiaa Ana Sofia

    I love the song. I think is better than Shake it Off, because is not as catchy. And I also think that these are her best songs (like All Too Well), the best Taylor songs are the ones that only the fans take time to appreciate and listen. Most people hear a couple of catchy songs and they think that’s all she can do, so I feel like this is such a spell-binding song. From the moment it started, it just gives you a sense of how this relationship was like for her. I think people need to stop seeing only as “Harry Styles song” and listen to what it stands for.

  • Amanda Styles

    C’mon Taylor, I know you can write other better catchier songs than writing about my “current boyfriend”
    Either ways I now she can do better. I’m not giving hate though.

    Harry Styles is mine Tay!

  • P

    I love Taylor, but this sounds a bit overproduced =/

  • Luke

    All 14 songs on her first album, superstar, fifteen, love story, the best day, better than revenge, long live, speak now, 22, starlight and shake it off. Just to name a few.

  • Brayden

    This song completely validates and celebrates the beauty and potential complication of relationships. After listening carefully to the lyrics, I realized they definitely have a deeper meaning than we may think. I suggest rather than focussing on who the song is about, focus on the message and sense of spirit that it brings.
    Well done, Taylor Swift.

  • Dan.

    What is this the early 90s? This is absolutely awful and not what I’ve come to expect from taylor. If this is any indication to what 1989 is like I’ll pass and just keep listening to Red.

  • Ana

    Why does everyone praise her songwriting abilities? She uses the same imagery in every song. And the chorus is essentially repeating the same phrase over and over. This song is laziness at it’s best to make money.

  • a genuine fan

    THIS IS INCREDIBLE. Could not be more excited for 1989!

  • erin

    lmao at everyone saying it’s about harry no one even knows if it’s about harry and pft it was probably a publicity stunt coming from a fan of both the boys and taylor so stop trying ?? also she’s allowed to write about her relationships who are you to care and who are you to judge literally why is it so hard for some of you guys to grasp that, you literally hear songs about relationships everyday, what the hell are you guys doing about that ? unless it’s taylor swift, you have to jump right on and whine about it. so grow up my god

  • Libby

    Alright to all the haters out there. I’ll address some of the more uneducated posts. As for being creative, have you ever written your own music, produced it and sang it? Because if not you have no idea the amount of creativity that takes. How one line can take, literally, WEEKS to feel and sound right. I know it’s definitely more creative than ripping off Sir Mix-a-Lot. Speaking of ‘Anaconda’ that leads me to my next point. As for her not being a strong independent role model, tell me how’s she isn’t a good role model for our youth? She isn’t singing about ‘anacondas’ and how they will only want you if you have a fat ass, or dancing around half naked. And last time I checked dating a lot of people doesn’t make you a bad person, it’s more closer to the idea that you shouldn’t stay in a relationship that doesn’t make you happy. Lastly to people complaining about her writing about an old relationship, where should I start? I’ll just say you are so incredibly LUCKY to have never been so infatuated with someone, no matter the time frame, to only have your heart broken. It does not heal over night, it’s not something you can talk about right after without feeling emotion, let alone talk about it in front of the whole world. She needed her time to heal and to sort out her thoughts before giving part of her life to the public. So anyways that’s my rant, aimed at no one in particular, however, I do think people are way, way too harsh on her. She is a (gasp!) person and she is not perfect. I think we all have been In relationships we that we knew better than to stay in, the only difference is that our lives are not showcased for others to chime in on and tell us how wrong we are living it. Just remember she is a 24 year old girl, trying to navigate as best as she can through this chaotic life, cut her some slack.

  • Ashley

    @Sophia G: However, 22 and Shake It Off are the only ones of those she released as singles. The majority of her singles are about her famous exes. So it’s not cliche, it’s just truth.

  • Ashley

    @Luke: Better Than Revenge is about Camilla Belle, who stole her famous ex, Joe Jonas.

  • jen

    @Beth: excuse me who are you again? oh wait a nobody?

  • jen

    @Dee: lets see shake it off, mine, WANEGBT, today was a fairytale, YBWM, love story. all hit singles not about famous exes. (-: just thought id help you

  • Millie Swift

    I love it SOOOOOOOOO X1000000000000000
    MUCH! You people who say that she is an idiot, seriously, wake up, this song is so intense and powerful and beautiful and I LOVE IT <3 GO TAY I LOVE YOU

  • jen

    @Ashley: false. you belong with me, love story, tim mcgraw, picture to burn, our song, today was a fairy tale, ALL singles NONE about exes. im sure there is more too. but i made my point. all of those single exceed ones about exes.

  • http://justin6789 Justin

    Why would you open with “Great song” and then complain? YOU look like an idiot.


  • Dondon


  • Kenny

    but youre more idiot babe. what else she’ll gonna write if not her own lifestory? you want her to write songs about your relationship? you want her to write song about what she eats everyday?

  • Matt

    For me, I just have to know if it’s good and I want to listen to it. This song for me is too repetitive, has an odd sound to it, and I won’t be including it on my playlist.
    Alternatively, I like the meaning behind it and how it follows the nagging doubts she had about the relationship(since it was so unstable given the quote from her) which I believe is why it was made so repetitive. I can definitely appreciate the art and symbolism behind the song though so I have to give her respect for that.
    Also given the song, I don’t think she wants the guy back. I think she is pretty much saying it was so unstable that they never stood a chance at working out. Just one of those reflective things. I’m friends with some of my exes and sometimes we laugh at how bad we were for each other so I think this might be one of those things.

  • Elsie

    @Beth: How shallow of you. It’s not your place to decide whether her relationships were stupid or not. Who cares if he was 18? Get over yourself. The fact that you base how “stupid” relationships on age is just sad.

  • Christine

    @Sophia G:
    Haha, unfortunately Going Back To Nashville isn’t her song, it’s just a cover she did live on the speak now tour.

  • Cecepew

    Just one word: !!!!!❤️AMAZING❤️!!!!

  • Taylor


    I don’t agree at all. Taylor has actually spent 2 years on this song and album, and that’s what you say? Really? She isn’t AT ALL an idiot, she wrote a song about her life, no harm done, okay?